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Thanks for the kind words ! :)

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 1.0.0RC2 ! See
RC2! Soon ... soon we shall have V1!
Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !

And do not forget to vote on
Release highlights:
    Many many bugfixes & polishing
Expanded changelist:
    Yeek & Undead chronomancers do not start in Point Zero
    Can not farm monstreous losgoroth for XP
    Fixed Merkul's Second Eye speed
    Arcane Combat only tries to trigger spells off cooldown
    Changed crit color to blue instead of yellowish
    Fixed particles staying in the faded log
    Dead things wont leech life
    Randbosses cant get two golems
    Shield damage displays for classes that can bump attack with them
    Can drop parts of a stack
    Achievements list on death can scroll
    Fixed the giant health bar for chronomancer taking their first step into Eyal
    Dwarves also excluded from Point Zero. Bad dwarves! Evil dwarves!
    Can only transfer items to things with inventories
    Shard of Crystallized Time hasa neat description
    New option to not auto-bind activate items in the hotkeys
    Fixed knockbacks
    Fix arena when winning
    Nightmare mode level scaling is now 3 + 50%
    Insane mode level scaling is now 5 + 120%
    Alchemist rewards are listed as plot items
    Fixed encoding on some lore
    Shatter shouldnt give the damage achievements when used on critters
    Fix Backlash
    Fix swallow
    Glowing Chests can not pop over other evens
    Fixed bug with Aetherwalk
    Slight bonus to final stage of Spellhunt Remnants
    Elemental undead slightly more common to make up for Rak'Shor only (40 Rarity vs 50)
    Minor Fortune's Eye nerf
    Stores do not loose existing items when restocking
    Dark Sustenance and Shadows do learn the hate bar
    Reset arena data will also pop the store
    Shadows correctly use empathic hex and count as summons for the Blighted Summoning requirement
    Rampage Brutality is correctly checked for the bonus crit duration
    Fillarel does not anger easily
    New Actor:postUseTalent hook
    Added new hook Actor:getTalentFullDescription
    Gloves show attack speed
    Transfer item to party memebr can be cancelled
    Fearscape de-activates when reaching 0 vim
    Stats can only be reduced to their minimum
    Glimmerstone does not daze anymore, instead it randomly grants a chance to daze on the next attack
    Nightmare mode achievements
    Weaver Queen lost her heal
    Levelup dialog now has a button to learn new inscription slots
    Buffed a bit Aether Permeation
    Fixed the donations popup from showing far too often
    Fix alt-tabbing
    Shadow Combat adds a mana bar
    Use a more "work friendly" boot image
    Corrupted Strength does refund 8 vim when it kills something
    Fixed not being able to unlearn the correct amount of talents in some cases
    Aeryn is a bit more resilient
    When comparing items block value is green if there is more
    Lore is now stored by the party instead of the player
    Escorts that happen in tier1 zones now always appear in the first and second tier1 zones you do, no risk of missing them becasue of easy-tier1-zone-skip
    Fix getting the lumberjack event while being attacked
    Updated many talent descriptions
    Full ESP can not appear on rares
    New "video" option in the boot menu: Censor boot; (on by default), when disabled it allows to select between all boot images
    Buffed Deeprock
    Mergeback deosnt fail if one half is dead
    If Rockswallow kills a foe it will still cost a turn & ressources
    Fix Deeprock reqs
    Crystaline Dwarven Half earthen missiles will go through friendlies
    New Game:registerPersistentHook; this is most awesome! Now the server can push new talents, temp effects, ... !
    Fullscreen & resolution switching fixes

Have fun!

Indeed you should :)

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 1.0.0RC1 ! See
Yes you read it right, RC1! So this is mostly bug fixes, improvements, ... but a heck of a lot of t hem!
Oh and well I couldnt resist and still added some contents .. ;>

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !
Release highlights:
    Many many bugfixes & polishing
    New Chronomancers start: Point Zero, a "town" that "sits" at the beginning of all time threads
    Two bundled addons for donators: Items Vault & Stone Wardens class
    Big new great chunk of lore, go check it out in Elvala
Expanded changelist:
    New hook "mapGeneratorStatic:subgenRegister"
    Corrupted Strength can only trigger once per turn
    Make Elemental Surge more usable and obvious
    Reduced a bit Aether Breach damage
    Aether Permeation doesnt give +15% arcane resist by itself and sets all other resistances to 50% of arcane resist instead of 100%
    Telekinetic Core only hits actors once
    Fixed inspecting oozing horrors
    Fixed Overseer of the Nations description to not include lite radius
    Meteoric Crash will not damage the caster even without Spellcraft
    Seeing Meteor Rain cast also enabled Meteoric Crash prodigy
    New achievement in the temple of creation quest
    "You know who's to blame" achievement is actually doable
    Kill Bill achievement can only be gained by being level 1 as the player
    Weird Pedestals event fixed when not usingshockbolt tiles
    Detrimental status effects that are shrugged off will not stop running
    No more traps in escape from reknor
    Talkbox has no popup animation
    Reintroduced Nightmare mode as a step between normal and insane
    Insane mode is now unlocked by winning on Nightmare mode
    table.concatNice for .. nice formating
    Sher'tul Fortress rooms name is shown before the zone name
    Dwarves can be redhead too if you have the cosmetic unlock!
    Move to normal inventory is the first action when an item is in the transmo chest (unless unidentified)
    Artifacts can now be identified from the inventory if you have the orb/talent/.. to do so anyway
    Zigur patrols will be friendly if you know antimagic, even if you knew spells before (like a Shalore)
    Can not Shadow Simulacrum / Inner Demons time-summoned creatures
    Switch Place while using Onslaught wont clone creatures
    Crystal Focus applied on a staff will remove the ability to change its type
    Dialogs are slightly translucent
    Arcane Vortex now explodes in a ball when the affected creature dies before the end of the effect
    Epic new lore available (for a price) in Elvala: The Spellblaze Chronicles. Learn about the days of the spellblaze, the Shaloren leader and the rise of Linaniil!
    Three new achievements for finding major lore stories
    Gloom stun works like other stuns, it cant put instant talents on cooldown
    Fixed inscriptions in online chardumps
    Slavers control orb can not be used if attacking the slave master
    Fixed Spellblaze Remnants
    Golemancy is usable for Adventurer class
    Bligthed Summoning confers the alchemist golem with corrupted strength and the reaving combat tree
    Fix heroism infusion prices
    Learning a mindslayer talent will autolearn telekinetic graps, beyond the flesh and grant the psionic slot
    Buffed Atamathon, because I'm evil
    Tree of Life graphical effect fixed
    Removed teleport immune rares and randarts
    The appearance of the fortress shadow can be changed to something more .. appealing to all tastes for 60 energy once the rod of recall has been bound to the fortress
    Thalore's Nature's Pride buffed: cooldown reduction more effective, treants last 8 turns, gain resist all equal to the user's blight resistance, gain more accuracy, can taunt and get talent levels equel to the Nature's Pride talent level
    Thalore experience penalty reduced to 30%
    Thalore's Guardian of the Woods grants more disease resistance (up to 100%) and also grants a bit of resists all
    Armour Training reduced to 5 points
    Bellowing Roar only hits foes
    Summons can not be summoned through walls
    Automatic talent use when no foes in sight will not trigger when blind
    Reloading after diabling shaders should still work
    Manasurge runes will regen mana while resting even for those without natural manaregen
    Can not use items from the transmog chest popup on level change
    Mice dream now correctly has foes
    Fix the description of Gravitic Trap
    Pest Control achievement now checks for both multiply talent and clone_on_hit
    The 5 elemental undeads can appear in the ID
    Kryl-Feijan can appear in the ID
    Draconic Body prereqs are automet in the ID/Arena
    Escort talent tooltips are show with a 0.8 mastery if not known
    Counterstrike always has an integer duration
    Artifacts lore popups over store dialogs
    Corrupted Strength and Dual Weapon Training description fixed
    Arcane Blade lost the cooldown penalty on flame/lightning/earthen missiles
    Arcane Blade now has 2h-crippling, shield-offense and dualwield-offense trees locked at 1.0 mastery
    Blighted Summoning affects yeek wayists, thaloren treants and ghoul rot's ghouls
    Corona only targets as far as it can reach
    Buffed rare items
    Talent trees are sorted by known/unknown in the levelup screen
    Rod of Recall and Orb of Many Ways automatically setup in the hotkeys bar when picked up
    Shadow Feed now also increases physical & magical attack speed
    New marauder helm egos
    Dirty Fighting now only takes a turn if the stun lands (and is not shrugged off) otherwise it is free
    Cripple damage increased, now reduced spell, mind, melee speed instead of damage and attack
    Flying combat damage is now bigger and a different color for crits
    Giant Leap now deals 200% damage
    You shall be my weapon! now deals 350% damage
    Massive Blow now deals 150% + 350% damage
    Windblade now deals 220% damage
    Swift Hands removes the cooldown penalty from swapping items
    Steamroller now provides a stacking (up to 100%) +20% damage buff when killing a foe
    Restless Night now deals damage over five turns instead of all at once
    Inner Demon health will be lower when used on higher ranked targets
    Sleep effects now can be resisted with confusion or sleep immunity, which ever is higher
    Trap Handling merged into Heightened Senses
    Heightened Senses moved to first talent of the Survival tree
    New Charm Mastery talent as the second Survival talent, reduces the cooldown of all charms and usable items
    Meteoric Crash triggers of both spells and mind powers
    Roll With It now also grants a 200% movement speed buff
    Giant Leap requirement changed to 50000 damage with any weapon
    Windblade requirement changed to 50000 damage with dualweapons
    Massive Blow requirement changed to 50000 damage with a two handed weapon
    You Shall Be My Weapon! requirement changed to only check size
    Spectral Shield now requires having cast 100 spells
    Feather Wing provides fatigue reduction at level 5
    Adventurers start with more equipment and a manasurge rune
    Celestial/Glyph can now be placed as a hit instead of a bolt
    Armour of Shadows also unlits the tile the user is standing on
    Temporal Form now last 10 turns and also converts all damage done to temporal, sets your temporal damage bonus equal to your highest damage bonus + 30%
    Temporal Form requirement changed to visit out of time zone + having cast 1000 spells
    Redhead option for elves!
    Elves and Halflings can also be redheads
    Spell Feedback now also adds a 30% spell failure chance to the caster
    Gwai Burninator price increased
    Fixed ressource generating charms
    Fix Garkul helm price
    Buffed Rak'Shor, Gorbat, Grushnak and Vor
    Buffed Myssil
    Void shards now only start the explode countdown/trigger after 2 turns
    Sustained talents tooltip updates correctly
    Old battle field and Tombstones events now display graves opened when they were
    Allied Kingdoms patrols can be fought
    Anorithil and Sun Paladin patrols can be fought
    Mousewheel in the combat log removes the fade, as in the chat log
    For 25 fortress energy you can now have the transmogrification chest automatically extract gems (if you know the talent) to increase gold gain
    Arena quest npc appears up to level 13
    Derth attack starts at level 14
    Armour Training can not be unlearnt
    Emotes look and disappear nicer
    Rat Lich event stairs have a few rats near them
    Updated main menu background anim with the new golden shield and lightning particle effects
    Pale Drake learnt Elemental Surge
    Summoners range on summons reduced to 5
    Twilight now has a passive effect, it will set the default value of positive and negative energies. Each turn the energies will raise or lower towars this value instead of 0
    Circle of Warding projectile slow increased fivefolds
    Halfed the cost of all Circles
    Buffed Champions of Urh'Rok
    Buffed Endless Woes procs and it also handles Temporal and Mind elements
    Wind's Whisper now has an additional 25% chance to deflect projectiles to a nearby spot
    High level Sun Infusions can dispel magical darknes
    Arcane Destruction gained a visual effect
    Limmir shouts for help when attacked
    Fix amethys damage bonus
    Buffed Absorb Life
    Fix graphical weirdness like ice going over moutains and such
    Bloodspring now heals for 50% of the damage done
    Wearing an activable item place it in your hotkey bar automatically (and as for talents it remembers where)
    fixed checkbox sizes a bit
    Fixed dex requirement on Spellblaze Shard
    Buffed Militant Mind and Luck of the Little Folk
    Ctrl+v works in all textboxes
    URLs in the chat are parsed and clickable
    Summoner's Detonate doesnt hit friends
    Nagas drop tridents again
    Legacy of the Naloren talent allows you to speak with Slasul to get a big nasty trident artifact
    Buffed Telos Spire of Power
    Poison Breath applies poison with mindpower
    Left/Middle click bound talents must be known to be used
    Fixed the flickering of the tip on the loadscreen
    Rares/randboss/.. can not be Solipsists
    temp effects ids are textual, should help save compat a bit
    Draconic Will does not prevent status effects of type "other"
    Malslek the Accursed's Hat now has a talent on mindpower effect too
    Fixed Lay Web
    Loading screen of ToME will display a random "fun fact" in the top right corner: number of total deaths, playtime, ten killers, ... taken from the vault
    Clarified the activation of Spellblaze Remnants
    Unforunate end can only trigger if the player qualifies
    When minimap is hidden it wont react to clicks
    Adventurer parties and Ziguranth patrols move slower on the worldmap
    Adventurer parties and Ziguranth patrols encounter maps are a tad bigger
    High Peak first levels are more caverny
    Daze changed to not make skip turns; instead it reduces damage, defense and saves to 50%; prevents movement and still breaks on damage
    Each high peak level (except the last) has a zone wide aura changing some things
    Lichform quest is granted when first activating the talent Blurred Mortality
    Fixed the <50 infinite dungeon achievements
    Fixed Leaves Tide to make the bleeding correctly attributed to the caster
    for dekar, with love
    Store levels is not bound to player level anymore, it depends on the number of restocks and the town it is in. So can visit at level 1 without fearing lower items
    Coming up from sublevels should not put players in mountains
    It is impossible to teleport to Celia's room until she opens all the coffins
    Clarified how to get a random name on the birth screen
    Blighted Ruins are only 3 levels
    Can not Time Skip the Fragmented Essence of Harkor'Zun
    Reduced timer on the Charred Scar a bit
    Fixed psionic Backlash from looping forever
    Rod of Recall gets a notification when picked up
    Buffed Frozen Ground and Shatter
    Fixed Timeless not removing effects if it brang them to 0 duration
    Replaced Water's 4th tier talent with Shivgoroth Form
    Creatures in vaults will not be able to act (nor be damaged) until the vault is opened
    Eye of the Wyrm updated to venom drakes
    Eye of the Storm is less spammy
    Dreaming Horrors have a scaling Dreamscape talent instead of a fixed high level one
    Fixed the Selfless win not registering on the vault
    All achievements from winning appear above the death dialog
    The ruined dungeon now has all orbs put near the gate, but they are inactive. In their old places lies 6 guardians which must be defeated to allow interraction with them
    Angolwen NPCs hate antimagic people
    Removed off-guard effect from accuracy vs defense checks
    Dont assign talents on birth does not break tutorial
    Sped up a bit ice shards
    Rampaging into a wall does not anger you that much
    Fix Ak'gishil's Animated Swords tiles
    Draconic Will is available in the ID
    Game log now has a nice little icon for the source of damage kills & tooltips
    Message log now also has entity icons, tooltips and for actors you can right click them to fully inspect
    Message log is now bound to 'h' by default
    Fixed crystaline set on gloves
    Added a right click menu on chat users in the message log
    Added a "report user for bad behavior" option to the message log and chat log; use it with care
    Forbid dreamscape/fearscape on summons
    Randomized music in the ID
    Smoke Bomb affects a radius at higher levels
    Foes affected by smoke bomb do not prevent stealthing (event at close range)
    Hide In Plain Sight chance is now checked once instead of once per foes
    Can not switch place with the Guardians Totem
    New achievement for saving all escorts
    Mindslayer shields now follow the same level&wil requirement as other trees
    Mindslayer shields now gain new elements they protect against as you levelup Absorption Mastery
    Chromatic Harness updated with venom drake aspect
    Nerfed Brotoq ... poor Brotoq
    New hook UISet:Minimalist:Resources to display a new resource
    Added a hasLOS check to aiSeeTargetPos which will cause the actual target position to be obfuscated if it is not in LOS
    Added range checks to Actor:hasLOS in the engine as well as ToME
    Flee_dmap AI now flees from aiSeeTargetPos and not the actual target position when required
    NPCs that receive damage from an unseen target will temporarily gain A* pathing (not temporary effect damage, though)
    Added blocked A* pathing to the engine's move_dmap
    Added NPC shoving to ToME, so simple chokepoints cannot be held as easily
    Adding a forgotten sustain_at_birth for forge-giants
    Fixed a long-standing bug in ToME's tactical AI canFleeDmapKeepLOS and added the ability for ai_tactic.safe_range to take wide corners to avoid player ambushes
    Hate regens to full on death
    Fixed Curse of Death description
    Change the default FOV algorithm for ToME and TE4 to be fully symmetric
    An empty line is inserted in the game log when player turn begins
    Big Arena improvments, including UI
    When more than one party member has access to inventory you get the option to transfer an item in the inventory
    Preventthe Grand Corruptor from being stuck in your own fearscape
    Adding A* pathing to ToME's move_anchor.
    Letting A* pathing use simple if it cannot move along the path (blocked by ACTOR for example).
    Fixing staff projection throwing errors when disarmed.
    Added alchemy bomb gem stats to the tooltips for base gems if the player knows the create alchemy gems talent
    Added a new function to engine.Map to more accurately compute a compass direction (north, southeast, etc) from coordinate differences and updated the slightly misleading escort emotes to use it.
    improve money in arena
    Can not die the same turn as winning in the derth arena
    Can not die at the same turn as winning in the chrono-twins event
    The special farportal event is a bit less rare
    New town: Point Zero, it stands at the begining of all time threads
    New zone: Unhallowed Morass, near Point Zero
    Chronomancers now start in Point Zero
    Escape from Reknor and Blighted Ruins are excluded from rares, whatever the level
    AutoExplore go to "special" terrain (like glowing chests) once like it does items. Tries to ignore them afterwards, but will still stop at them if "block_move" tests to true.
    AutoExplore only go to vault doors once
    AutoExplore don't stop exploring because of losing air until less than 75% max air capacity.
    AutoExplore don't repeatedly stop at escort portals
    AutoExplore specify the direction of seen hostile
    Brawlers start with gloves in inventory
    Meteor will not destroy recall portal

Have fun!

PS: svn 6112

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta43 ! See
This is the last "big" beta, the next one/ones will focus on polish and then onto V1 !
Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !
Release highlights:
    New progression path for high level characters: prodigies talents
    Removal of traps in most zones, uness it's a vault
    Many new artifacts & uniques
    New quest zone for Cursed
    Nerf of Solipists
    Engine supports tile animations and movement "twitching"
    Removal, addition and rebalancing of many egos.
    Buff of Wyrmics
    New minor even in many zones: glowing chests
    Graphical updates
    Many bugfixes & polishing

Expanded changelist:
    Antimagic arena should really not stop
    Dream actors can not access inventory
    Sane keyboard navigtion in the levelup screen
    Fix aether beam being disarmed at the same time as expiring
    Some new donator tiles, mostly yeeks and undeads
    Points buttons have description in the levelup screen
    Transmo popup happens before level switch instead of after
    Focus Whip visual effect doesnt overreach
    Fixed possible bug with fearscape when the cster had not enough vim to sustain it one turn
    Fixed blade of distorted time
    Fix explosion expert in rare cases
    Sped up the profiles protocol, reducing/eliminating the "profile disabled" bug
    Sex choice is remembered
    After killing 3 tier1 bosses you simply stroll through other tier1 zones, getting directly to the last level
    Fixed naga portal particles and worldmap unvisited glow
    Golem can levelup past level 50 in the ID
    Fixed chat/charsheet/inventory actor display not showing special tiles
    More pace for price in shops
    Some classes are "rare" and will appear less often on rares / randomboss
    Shadows will not scale beyond level 50
    Fix the lost wife dream when using no shaders
    Fixed thought form reloading
    Fix stone shader
    Deactivating sustains no longer breaks psionic channels
    Fix feedback tooltip
    Mind damage from the summoner no longer damages thought-forms
    Fixed ooze horrors slime wave talent
    Distortion bolt no longer rolls crit twice, damage calculations for explosion changed
    Dreamforge no longer brainlocks every turn but has a chance to brainlock instead
    Thought-forms can now spawn with technnique based egos (hopefully reducing the chance they'll spawn without an item)
    Thought-forms in ascii are now easier to distinguish
    Secondary bonuses from thought form unity moved to over mind, over mind range increase removed
    Fixed restless night and nightmare interaction
    Disruption Shield is not deactivated when switching items
    Yeeks winners should correctly be noted in the vault
    Fixed backlash loops
    Fixed corrupted strength procing off non-spells
    Distortion will now last two turns instead of 1
    Distortion bolt now makes distortion effects ignore friendly targets at tl 5
    Reduced values on many dream-forge talents
    Insomnia now stacks up to 10 turns
    Inomnia now ticks up while the target is asleep, preventing overlapping sleep abuse
    Nightmare aoe increased
    Distortion wave aoe increased
    Inner demons can no longer summon
    Inner demons and waking nightmare now ignore fear immunity if the target is asleep
    Sustaining a thought-form will now put other thought-form talents on cooldown
    Reduced sleep power bonus on insomnia, increased insomnia power reduction
    Dismissal now only blocks 50% damage on a non-crit and 75% on a crit
    Projections spawn more often in the dreamscape
    Dreamscape now ends if enough projections are killed to kill the target
    Reduced worm that walks talent levels
    Dreaming horrors spawn fewer dream seeds
    Fixed timeskip/rune of the rift sometimes leveling up targets
    New Unique: Void Spectre.
    New Artifact: Void Orb, the Arcane Ring.
    Slight buff to fists of the desert scorpion.
    Mindpower on Nexus of Way nerfed for yeeks and buffed for non yeeks.
    Eye of the Wyrm infinite power fixed.
    Surefire nerfed
    Mindpower on focus whip nerfed, but it now counts as a gem for mindslayers. As well, damage, level range, and material level increased.
    Mindpower on Serpent's Glare nerfed, but it now activates for spit poison.
    on_takeoff removed from Inner Eye due to uselessness.
    Corpus' Vilespawn weakened.
    Hydra's Bite damage increased.
    Ward removed from spellhunt remnants.
    Dawn's Blade given old summertide features :)
    New zone for Cursed only, around level 20 revealing some backstory
    Rush switched placs with precise strikes
    Suicide on the eidolon plane is duely noted
    Kill count in tooltips works
    Right click on the map dialog will scroll
    Disengage and Hack'n'Back can not be used when immobile
    Correctly falgged many npcs as not bleeding
    Eating the sandworm queen heart when knowing the category properly gives +0.2 mastery
    Random rares/bosses should not be able to learn shell shield/call of amakthel/...
    Paradox resource bar indicates a bit better that it gets high
    Equilibrium resource bar changes color when getting too high
    New escort type, temporal which teaches chornomancy; replaced by a psionic reward for antimagic
    'p' is now a binding to the levelup interface, no more silly shift+letter
    Introducing a new evolution path for high level characters: Prodigies. They are a bunch of talents tied to having high stat (>= 50) and some other requirement. They are only one level, you may learn one at 40 and one at 50. They can do anything and are *not* class bound.
    Some bosses have been upgraded with prodigies
    Fyrk buffed to a correct power level
    Paradox failures etc. now have sound effects and more visible combat log entries
    Fixed Precognition (hopefully)
    Fixed steady mind defense bonus
    Reduced duration of dreamscape
    Dream prison drain is now based on a percentage of maximum psi
    Max scroll distance increased to 30
    Reduced ultrashield particles on fallback display for some minor events
    Fixed some tooltips
    New hooks to add escorts
    Arcane escorts can always be sent to zigur even without antimagic. After all they ARE filthy magic users, they must burn. Everybody knows that!
    Confusion maximum power capped at 50%
    Stuns no longer reduce healing
    Bellowing Roar now does physical damage
    Bill quest only requires the lore from Prox
    Shadows do no trigger traps
    Ritches on the island of Rel now drop ingredients
    Marauders are unlockable using rogues or shadowblades
    The caldera will awlays be available to yeeks
    Shadowstep max daze duration limited, cooldown increased to 6 (from 5) and damage increased
    Healing Nexus is correctly classified as a debuff
    Earth's Eyes now reveals a bigger area but always centered on the player. Also when meditating if you know earth's eyes you gain ESP
    Drag/droping an item to wear will only takeoff items from the correct slot
    Merchant artifact can not be arcane for antimagic characters anymore
    Bearscape reward will actaully change your tile to a bear ;>
    Solipsism damage to psi made less spammy
    Mind Storm damage reduced and feedback cost increased
    Mind Storm bolts now pass through friendly targets
    Nightmare damage reduced
    Reduced range on most solipsist talents to 7
    Antimagic disruption made more obvious in the combat log
    Changed the power source on many artifacts to more appropriate ones
    Purging egos now give a saving throw
    Amulets and Ring egos reworked; all otehr egos will not give effect immunities but them; but they will have much higher values
    Tab will cycle between minimap, full map, no minimap
    Autoexplore will rest before starting, disable-able by an option
    Electric eels and Rel's flamespiter ritches have lite radius of 1
    Wear option from the transmo chest
    Talent config is @ instead of * in the use talent menu
    Shift+tab works in equipment window to switch betwen controls
    New status effects will flash green/red when they appear
    Fixed ctrl-compare in stores
    Reduced particles of the whistling vortex
    Fixed cheezing golem power
    Fixed sustains staying on when unlearning them in some corner cases
    Escort quests mastery bumped to 0.8
    New archery hooks
    Godslayer weapons can not be cursed
    Quick switch weapon is bound to q by default
    All npc talents should correctly show up in charsheet
    New 'cosmetic unlock' redhead humans
    Added mindstar stores to Zigur and Shatur
    Graves in the last hope graveyard are predeterminted, chronomancy can peek inside
    Fixed enemies sometimes not targeting the player when the player is blinded
    Fixed cloning enemies in the fearscape/dreamscape
    ixed cloning enemies in the fearscape/dreamscape
    Buffed threads of fate, broken hour glass, and temporal augmentation robe power usage
    Maybe fixed the particles crash-to-desktop bug
    Fix double-hitting projectiles when moving into them
    Many new artifacts
    Added support in the core for tile animations
    Core now supports movement 'twitch', small bumps while moving
    ToME now uses movement twitch (option to disable it) for both movement and attacks
    Golem rushing skills provide visual feedback
    Recalling from sub-zones works
    Prodigies with special requirements are autovalidated in the arena or the ID
    Exploratory Farportal uses 45 energy
    Entrance to the charred scar bowels is a little more obvious
    Fixed the unresponsive keypress/mouse bug
    Saving will not uselessly clone particles & suchs
    Atamathon Ruby Eye buffed
    Bloodrage tooltip fixed
    Bloodrage duration based on talent level
    Zigur sacrifce is now a birth unlock
    Weirdling Beast lost its poison resistance
    Stun can not put Reload on cooldown
    Moved 'super unique undead' into rak'shor only (no more rotting titan in dreadfell)
    Reduced drop rates on greater egos in tier one and two dungeons
    Rewrote and rebalanced many egos
    Removed many redundant egos
    Added many new egos
    Maybe fix the non-redrawing screen. After a few tens of seconds it should force back to display
    Resources regen is faster and more efficient, we can now add new resources without fear!
    Savefiles are now bound to the addons that created them, they forceload only those, and cant load if they do not exist
    Automatic talents taht take a turn will not trigger in sight of foes
    New corrosive venom drakes
    New corrosive venom drake category for wyrmics
    New high level drake category for wyrmics
    Heroism infusions now let you survive at negative HP
    Golem wnt start with ego items
    Blighted Maul correctly specifies it hits both friends and foes
    Autoexplore tries vault doors last
    Lava Island "vault" in Eruan changed, and rewards a clean voratun ring!
    New minor event available in many zones: glowing chests. Can contain nice stuff. But beware.
    Worm that Walks no longer has a casting speed bonus
    Dreaming Horrors no longer know the talents Slumber and Restless Night
    Fixed a bug that caused Night Terrors to create an infinite loop when spawned by Hammer Toss
    Money 'vaults' are correctly restricted to OOD of the zone
    New FOV algorithms available
    Automatic talent use can now be set to fire when no actors in sight, when actors in sight, when actors in melee range or always
    Adjusted the description of weapon mastery talents to mention they only work when using said weapon
    Enable the Adventurer bonus class when winning the game. It allows you to select any of the possible talent trees in the game. Beware this is not balanced nor even sure all combos are working. Use at your own risk, and fun
    Profile login integrated on the main menu
    Zigur is on the move, new patrols on the world map
    Autoexploring into a seen_by actor will work
    Explosion expert will not make throw bomb crash when targetting darkness grids
    The Master can summon his minions once again
    Can not sacrifice to Zigur if you are a filthy magic user. Bouh to you ! BOUH !
    Minor events should correctly appear in ASCII mode
    Quake will only work on growable or diggable terrain
    Autoexplore will try to avoid bad minor events effects
    New particle engine capability: line mode
    Using the new particle system the lightning effects have been improved!
    New lore when entering the Dreamscape
    Two new loading screens
    New option to only popup lore once per profile
    Fixed scrolling in the levelup dialog
    Lost merchant quest can not pop near the iron council
    Event portals & such can not be moved around
    Summertide has defense & armour
    In an unpredictable move all traps are gone from most normal zones! Traps can still happen in vaults and a few special areas
    Hateful torques correctly grant hate instead of removing it
    Fungal Growth correctly triggers from summoner's turtle grand arrival
    Item can not be used from the transmo chest
    Psionic Pull doesnt damage the caster
    Patrols should not give rare errors anymore
    Fixed coral spray
    Fixed inner demons spawning with extra lives
    Fixed restless night dealing damage twice when inner demons spawn
    Fixed night terrors spawning from friendly targets
    Psiblades APR can nto go down
    Wild Gift's Detonate now can crit
    Detonate will also reset a random summon talent
    Fixed clicking on talents on the worldmap in Classic UI mode
    New 'GameOptions:HUDs' hook to add new HUDs
    New achievement for headbanging 20 bosses to death
    Fix a race condiion in display&realtime timers, should remove random soft freezes
    To alleviate problems with silly OSX and right clicks; alt+left click will function everywhere as a right click
    Life Drinker is classified as arcane powered
    Mummy wrappings fire penalty reduced to -25%
    Bindings of Eternal Night fire penalty reduced to -20%
    Burning Star is not wieldable anymore
    Fixed duration of rune of reflection
    Mind wards correctly work
    Overseer of Nations correctly increases infravision and heigthened senses
    Piercing Sight bonus appears in the charsheet
    Fix haymaker when targetting things bellow 0 hp (like a blurred mortality creature)
    Evasion does not prevent self-hits (so you can break your own iceblocks)
    Stone Wall and Ice Wall will not override some important event terrains
    StaticMap generator can handle special list for actors, objects and traps too
    Death diablog now shows the new achievements you gained and unlocks you made
    New vault in the old forest
    Two new greater vaults
    Prevent the debug console from erroring out when intorspecting objects with strings over 100chars long
    Loot cant drop outside of the derth arena
    Thunderstorm correctly works with Spell Shaping
    Frozen Spear rune projectile travel time removed
    Changed hyms, chants and moonbeam particle effects
    Celetial Glyphs and Circles talents can now crit and take no turn to use
    Changed Blighted Soil to reduce diseases resistance and grant all attacks made by the creature has a 40% chance to infect the target with a random disease

Have fun!

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / [ARRP] Fylish Island
« on: September 16, 2012, 09:51:21 PM »
For this year's ARRP (Annual Roguelike Release Party) I have decided to not do a ToME release, but instead release a new content for it, without requiring users to even download something!

Every 30 minutes for the one week the server will push a new zone, Fylish Island, automatically to all characters.
It is a level 20/25+ zone, with 3 levels, a custom lore and chat and a very very very special reward!

Have fun, and be sure to be logged in to get it!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta42 ! See

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !

Release highlights:

New event/zone: the Dogroth Caldera and various associated subzones
New class: Psionic / Solipsist: The world is but a mere projection of your thoughts you are all powerful! Or are you?
Better levelup interface
Reaver improved
Rogues get a new Scoundrel tree
Archmages get a new Aether tree
New "minor" events; like special features in some zones
Better shield graphics ahoy !
Infinite Dungeon improvements
Many bugfixes & polishing

Expanded changelist:

Spinning beam trap has a max damage and will not trigger from pets
Spinning beam trap now does not increase damage when stepped upon but instead switches damage type. All possible damage types now have a special effect
Reavers's Corrupted Strength talent now also provides a free melee attack on spellcast
Fixed levelup screen
Teleport: Angolwen will not instantly teleport when cancelled
Stat tooltips in the levelup screen display their effects in realtime
If there is room on the screen a new pane will appear in the levelup dialog to replace the tooltip
Summoner's summons are now based on mindpower, can crit and melee ones have dexterity increases for accuracy
Overriding/removing/.. complex traps will correctly remove them
Rare items ultra high powers is harder to get
ESP on rares is more .. rare
New achievements for many events
New events
Crystal Focus & Heart can not be applied on rare items
Gems can not be put on rare items
Old battlefield event can not be re-entered
+all resist gems power reduced
News tiles for the new artifacts & creatures of b41
Fix the tier of alchemists lamp
Fearscape orbital invasion platform is redder
Events can not happen on stairs
Fearscape restores coords even to dead actors
Killing the Grand Corruptor after destroying Zigur is now correctly accounted for
Fixed gnaw
Fixed crosstier effects on gestures
Fixed unarmed mastery physical power
Many new musics
Closing/Opening is talent tree is correctly remembered
Fungal Growth will not trigger for small heal effects
The Maze corridors are now 2 wide
Lowered the size of the Maze a bit, but with the same number of foes
Ardhungol levels reduced in size
Targetting ignores map padding, making it betetr with an heavily loaded UI
Bone Shield cost and cooldown much reduced
Bone Shield number of charges increased a little
Fix flame/shock hands
Fixed scatter shot
Fixed gloves speed display for brawlers
Fixed sacrifice description
Tooltip properly moves out of view
Charsheet link is properly clickable
Fix an other UID issue, the last one I hope
Buffed Spellblaze Echoes, Feathersteel, Burning Star, Dragon-helm&Scale Mail of Kroltar, Temporal Augmentation Robe - Designed in Style, Zemekkys' Broken Hourglass, Trident of the Tides, Petrified Wood, Lifebinding Emerald, Lunar Shield, Duathdlen Heart, Pendant of Sun and Moons, Unsetting Sun
Mousing over an item in the log will show the tooltip
Ghouls exp penalty reduced to 25% from 40%
Unlearning partially a talent will not make it un-autocast
Levelup screen changed to have class & generic talents side by side
In the levelup screen talents will grey out when unlearnable
Pary frames now show if the party member can be leveled up
Fix corrupted strength
Fixes the 'Restart the same character' option in the death dialog from properly restarting your character if its name contains any non-alphanumeric characters.
Outdoor events can not happen in the halfling ruins
No traps will spawn on the last level of the halfling ruins
Resists of 0 will not be shown in the tooltips
Foo Masteries provide the correct amount of physical power
Made mind, temporal, arcane, and conversion effects much rarer on randartifacts and rare objects
Made mind conversion egos less common
Nightmare horrors are rarer now and spawn at higher levels
Sun Flare radius and description should line up
Fixed Shattering Impact and damage conversion interaction
Many new artifacts and a new unique horror
Added an 'add' parameter to combatPhysicalpower and combatSpellpower
Show correct talent level in inscription dialog
Display sliding rock trap after it is triggered
Remove blurring effect as soon as confusion is cured
Fix the wrong "block" and "attack speed" compare color
Change talent info when current talent level is 0 (not learned)
Fix Spit Blight description
Levelup screen shows both base & current stats
Added temporal resistance to the Girdle of Preservation
Paradox will no longer increases when anomalies can't occur
Fixed confusion immunities effect reducing confusion power
Fix Tornado casted on a target with Gloom/Sanctuary
4 new achievements for killing certain bosses first
Fixed a bug where some parts of the UI could disappear out of screen
Particle effects will always appear on top of actors, even for moddable tiles actors or for tall actors
Particles can have shaders attached
New shader-enabled damage shield effect
Fix levelup tooltips
Charge Leech description will not include random crits
Added 3 hooks (Object:descCombat, Object:descWielder, Object:descMisc)
All Last Hope weapon merchants can train martial combat
Fix farportals lightnings
Lichform quest is now considered completed in Infinite Dungeon & Arena campaigns
Lichform also grants Celestial/Star Fury at various power
When Mind damage is saved against it still deals half of it
New artifact available only in the Infinite Dungeon: the Potion of Martial Prowess which can teach shoot & the combat training tree
Arcane Eye level 5 correctly sees throught stealth & invis
Fix scrollbar positioning
Tooltips will autoscroll when too big
Tooltip can be "locked" by pressing shift+l
Scrolling is "smoother" in long textzones or lists
Various misc UI improvments
New artifact in the Infinite Dungeon to learn antimagic
New psionic class Solipsist - Create and destroy with your thoughts, manipulate and enter the dreams of others, overcome the world with the power of your mind
Ressource bar shaders will only load as needed, speeding up game load
Disruption Shield uses the new shield shader effect
Aegis works on Disruption Shield
Demon/Naga invasions can not happen in Reknor
Fearscape/Dreamscape can not be used on the sorcerors in the charred scar
Fearscape/Dreamscape correctly restore minimap
Fatigue is correctly not factored in for sustains
New rogue tree: cunning/scoundrel
Two new high level artifact daggers
Complex traps are never auto-activated, they all need a trigger
No traps on the last level of the High Peak
Removed many traps from vaults that had too much
Mindslayer shields upgraded to the new shader
Level 20 mindslayer tress brought back to level 10
Psi-archery removed
Fearscape Invasion zone will look better on map borders
Hourglass counter now has a description depending on the counter
Improved the look of wildfire/tempset/uttercold/crystaline focus visual effects
Eel-Skin lightning scales with mindpower and triggers on wild-gifts
Summertide phial does not grant arcane stuff anymore
'Building' generator is now working
Prevent temporary terrains from overriding one an other or "loosing" the default terrain
Master Summoner now has a particle effect
Archmages, Mindslayers, Necromancers and Summoners birth screen particles updated
New jungle ambient sounds
Desert sounds & ambience for some zones
Faster auto-explore
Dungeon ambient sounds to some zones
New event: the Dogroth Caldera will sometime appear on the worldmap. What do you dream of finding inside ?
Many new creature sounds
Defense reduction from Block will not let off-guard effect trigger
Many new "minor" events. A minor event is a simple feature on a level, usualy with a field of effect. Like a font of life in the trollmire that increases life/stamina/equi/psi regen around it
If a foe fails to appear in the antimagic arena, it will try again
Infinite Dungeon will now also have events
Death message is now shown after the damage message
Fix Shadows in the shadow crupt
*Perhaps* fix the particle error log spam
New archmage high level tree: Aether, an advanced arcane tree. Lock by default but given to all archmages
Version scheme changed for the tome module, now uses the same version as the engine (aka 0.9.42 instead of 3.9.42)
Golem picking up gold is given to the alchemist
Reavers free melee blow only works on active talents, not sustains
Fix black entity icon in tooltips

Have fun!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta40 ! See
Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !

Important bugfixes inside!

Release highlights:
    Important bugfixes
    Small improvments to Archamge Time & Disruption shields

Expanded changelist:
    Slightly decreased random elite chance
    Random elites must now respect talent levels (roughtly)
    Implode is not usable by NPCs
    Removed Manaflow
    Disruption Shield is now affected By Aegis/Shielding
    Disruption Shield changed; only usable when <25% mana; each hit will regen mana. When at full it will explode as before. So either you get it at one point for a new mana regen or you get it to max for a less nice but still nice mana regen and a shield
    New arcane talent: Arcane Vortex; an arcane DOT that fires random manathrusts
    Time Shield backfire now leaves a dot on the ground
    Animal random elites should not be archers
    Fixed Cyst Burst after Epidemic
    Dark Surprise second hit is correctly a crit
    Various fixes
    Overkill can trigger only once per turn
    Reduced Brotoq all damage output by 40%
    Buffed Corpsebow
    When all resources are full, all talents are up, resting will try to wait for recall
    Rares should have a special tactical border in ASCII
    Fixed a bad bug that could make objects disappear
    Blood Vengeance has a sustain cost

Have fun!

PS: svn 5123

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta39 ! See
Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !

A big release, get it while it's hot!
Release highlights:
    Full rework of wands system; now split in wands, totems and torques; collectively known as charms
    New weapon kind: mindstars. Akin to staves but for wilders, psionics and afflicted. Designed to be dual-wielded, a new talent tree can even make psionic blade from them
    Many balance & quality of life tweaks
    Many antimagic buffs
    New trees: Corruptions/Torment; Wild Gift/Fungus; Wild Gift/Mindstar Mastery
    Random elites are now wandering the game, beware!
    Dommed rework/buff
    Reavers buff
    Shields grant a Block talent
    New "ingredient" system; you start collecting ingredients before needing to take the brotherhood of alchemists quest

Expanded changelist:
    Fix Arcane Supremacy set
    Fix log lines option
    Fix drag&dropping Prox Halfling Foot in the hotkeys
    Middle-click on the big map will make it disappear
    New artifacts
    Amulets of Mastery now always provide bonus to a tree the player has/can learn
    Fixed quest description of the apprentice mage
    Talent errors are more explicit
    Fixed the "getTarget" bug after a talent bugs
    New weapon kind: mindstars. They are raw natural gems infused with the power of nature, kind of like staves. They are one-handed and can be dual-wielded. Offhand mindstar is not subject to normal offhand penalty
    Replaced Body of Stone's physical and knockback resistance with acid and stun resistance.
    Slightly increased Earthquake's damage.
    New talent: Earth/Mudslide
    Doubled the cooldown of Earthen Missiles to make it less abusable. The damage was increased
    Headless horrors will properly lose elemental resists when the eyes are killed
    Heart of the sandworm queen no longer tells undead they've learned the harmony tree
    Rewrote, rebalanced, and added many weapon egos
    Two-handed wepaons now have a small eqo multiplier
    Daggers now have a small ego penalty
    Gaping maw is now anti-magic
    Withering orbs and allettas diadem now psionic
    Halfling foot now arcane, hareskin sling now nature
    Stop talent now properly accounts for paradox level
    Foresight now properly senses actors
    Greater weapon egos generally less powerful
    Lesser weapon egos generally more powerful
    New anti-magic egos
    Resolve equilebrium and stamina regen more in line with other forms of regen for these resource types
    Added costs to ranged egos
    Set many artifact material levels to be more in line with their level range (should improve drops)
    Buffed many artifacts
    Reduced infravision given by many items
    Infravision and heightened senses no longer stack
    Fixed cease to exist double paradox cost
    Resist penetration no longer affects targets with negative resists
    Reloading will auto-trigger when auto-explore is activated
    Spacetime tuning and gather the threads will now only break on spell cast
    Blood lich rarity is now more in line with other liches
    Fixed anti-magic tree description
    Fixed quivers & pouches rarity
    Fixed killing NPCs with special death scripts on the fearscape
    Combat:attackTargetWith hook passes a dam parameter to know how much damage was dealt
    Using an artifact digger should work again
    The Room of Death should not be empty even for low level chars
    Waitbars should look better on windows
    Time Prison mana cost reduced by 20
    Time Shield is now instant cast, the dot duration increases with talent level and while active all newly applied status effects are reduced by a %
    Error repor window has a close all buton, can be closed with Esc and tells if the error is new
    Rewrote, added, and rebalanced many staff egos
    Fade From Time now reduces all status effect durations (good or bad)
    Voice of Telos has new effects (check it out!)
    Increased Quiver of the Sun capacity to 12
    Wards (activatable staff ego that protects against damage)
    Staff's now give a bonus to elemental damage equal to their combat damage
    Most staves now allow the wearer to switch elemental properties using the command staff talent
    Base staff spellpower increased
    Increased base archery projectile speed
    Travel speed in general is now additive (making it in line with the tooltip)
    Travel speed on bows now works
    Fixed ranged project on bows
    Added ranged project to Withering Orbs
    Epoch's level is now in line with the rest of Daikara
    Epoch's Curve is now a guaranteed drop
    Epoch's clones can no longer multiply
    Epoch's cooldown on Multiply increased, making the second clone come much later in the fight then the first
    Changed how Teluvorta's handle teleport; should make getting stuck in the Temporal Rift less likely
    Weapon of Light, Shield of Light, and Hymn of Moonlight no longer deactivate when they don't have enough energy to trigger
    Fix Poison Gas Trap
    Fix flickering black screen bug
    Summoning (Advanced) correctly learnable at level 10
    Weaponset2: Quiver will not provide worn benefits
    If enough lumberjacks are saved they also provide a digger as a reward
    Reloading after saving on the eidolon plane will work correctly when returning to the previous level
    Right click on the resources move handle lets you configure resources visibility
    Plot & Quest items are also auto-pickedup now
    Reverted Quantum Feed and Strength of Purpose to b37 values
    Damage Smearing no longer takes a turn to activate
    Invigorate reworked; stamina regen reduced but it causes talents to refresh faster while active
    When appropriate, the target of the reward of a quest is selectable (like for escort rewards)
    The Alchemist Golem can not learn Harmony
    Quests that add a location to the map now reveal the location on the map
    Crit chance is bound to 0-100% range
    Flamespit description fixed
    Failing to wear an item will not consume a turn
    Negative health is correctly hidden in the new UI
    Surge of Undeath correctly adds to accuracy
    Summon talent now forces a max 2 level OOD
    New option in the main menu: reset interface positions
    The Grand Corruptor will speak to the main player
    Randbosses talent scaling should not get out of hands anymore
    On spell, on melee and on ranged talent procs can only happen once per turn
    Doomed cunning at birth now matches the description
    Mindslayers have one more cunning at birth (bringing total bonuses in line with other classes)
    Mindslayer knockback abilities can no longer hit twice
    Fixed many mindslayer talent descriptions (they scale off mindpower)
    Mindslayer gem bonuses now apply to mindstars as well
    Greater telekenetic grasp now applies it's level five bonus at talent levels beyond 5 (only matters in the Infinite Dungeon)
    Mindslayer auras now scale better at higher levels, deal less spike damage at low levels, have a cooldown of 10, and cost less psi to spike
    New artifact: Blood-Edge
    Four new random undead uniques
    Burning Hex now also increases the talents cooldowns
    Epidemic is a very potent disease and so is not affected by disease immunity. It also lwoers disease immunity on the targets
    Meditation can not lower equilibrium bellow the sustain values
    Static Field now shows how much damage was done
    Probability Travel now applies a debuff when used to pass a wall that will prevent an other wall passing for X turns (based on distance and talent level)
    Shady Cornac man going away wont fail the achievement for saving derth inhabitants
    New generic tree for Reavers & Corruptors: Torment
    New Wild Gifts/Fungus generic tree. Kind of like a nature based Aegis tree. Available to wyrmics
    Fix bug with the Eternal Night set
    Hydra summoning eldritch eyes can no longer spawn more then one hydra at a time
    Autocasting talents will not trigger when confused/terrified
    Toggle movement mode bound to shift+b instead of just b
    Enabling/disabling stealth will activate the visual effect right away
    Shadowstrike now works as a crit damage bonus
    Sacrifice at the endgame will really kill the main player, not a copy
    Fixed arrows speed
    New achievement: Fear me not!
    Fixed mouse-over for chat frame
    Aura of Silence do not apply on the user, to prevent brainlock
    Shielding talent now only increases shield strength. Shield duration only ever increasaes by max 1 at level 5
    Aegis/Heal renamed to Aegis/Arcane Reconstruction
    Fix Repulsion
    Randarts correctly use the same arcane/antimagic rules as egos
    Fix Outmaneveured
    Orc babies & youth in the breeding pits can be female or male
    Virulent Disease now tries to choose smartly which disease to apply (one that is not on the targe yet and that will reduce a stat that is high. So an
    archer type target will always ge the dex disease first).
    Virulentt Disease damage & stat reducion buffed
    Darkfire cost and cooldown reduced
    Many corruption spells are now able to crit, including diseases.
    Corrupter metaclass renamed to Defiler
    Cyst Burst now spreads all plague tree diseases at once (rotting, decrepitude, weakness and epidemic)
    Mana Clash and Resolve can now crit (mind)
    One With Nature is now instant cast
    Virulent Disease is now instant cast
    Many wild gift powers can now crit (mind); including breathes
    Removed animal encounters in the west
    New "wall" projection type
    Fixed a display issue with Psi cost and fatigue
    Rebalanced luminous horrors
    Dying at the endgame should still let your read the endgame text
    Thalore will not get escorts on Old Forest 5, since it does not exists anymore
    Wands have been redesigned into a new cooldown, chargeless system. All wands are now on the same cooldown, when activating one all are on cooldown for X turns
    Darkness (and other block_sight objects) now prevent projected attacks. (LOS check in Actor.canProject and Actor.on_project)
    Various tweeks (shortened ranges, lowered hate costs, altered damage, etc)
    Added a number of secondary buff/debuff effects to talents: Gesture of
    Malice lowers resistance, Madness increases Mind damage, Darkness allows faster movement, Force of Will increases crit damage, etc.
    Replaced Unnatural Body's Seeth and Repression with two talents that boost power as you take damage.
    Fixed criticals, they work and are applied to all affects.
    Gestures allow use of mindstars and provide some bonuses from them.
    Shadows scale better with leveling and don't rely on defense/evasion (they have a new fade ability that prevents damage for a turn when they are first hit)
    All activable egos use the new charm system with a global cooldown. Artifacts keep their own cooldown.
    Blank wands can be no more
    New "charms" category of items. Wands are arcane charms, Totems are natural charms and Torques are psionic charms
    Entity:addTemporaryValue can use "highest" and "lowest" merge algorithms
    Pausing the level loop for player input correctly pauses & restarts at the right position in the actors list
    DualWield/Precision is now instant and takes less stamina / cooldown
    Weapon & shield/Last Stand now takes less stamina / cooldown and the life bonus is increased
    Pinning Shot limited to 5 turns at most
    Buff Spell Shield
    Buffed Shadow Cunning
    Shadow Ambush also dazes 2 turns
    Corrosive Vapour changed to Glacial Vapour, mana cost reduced
    Illuminate blind durations fixed to 3/4, at level 4 it starts dealing damage
    Phantasmal Shield cost severely reduced
    Fixed stats inherit between base template and npcs
    New hook in Actor:actBase called "Actor:actBase:Effects", to hook on stuff like thunderstorm, ..
    Gestures are now generic points
    Doomed start with two mindstars equipped
    Random elites are in! Each level (except the very first one) can contain random elites. Less powerful than random bosses, should spice things up!
    Reavers now get access to Vim tree. Allowing them to get Vimsense & Leech for vimregen
    Fungus tree is now offered by Myssil after finishing a quest for her
    Antimagic escort rewards chagned to many different (and otherwise unlearnable) generic trees
    New generic talent tree: Wild Gift/Mindstar Mastery. Available from random zigur escorts and summoners start with it locked
    New "ingredients" system. When you do an action (like killing a monster) you can gain a special ingredient which is automatically added to you ingredients list. Ingredients are now part of the normal inventory and are weightless.
    The Brotherhood of Alchemists quest has been updated to use ingredients system; this means you will start collecting needed parts before taking the quests, without risk of loosing some.
    Death in explorer mode will not be reported in chat
    Shields now possess block value. Wielding a shield grants the Block talent that will block the next attack and allows for a counterstrike.
    Riposte talent doesnt provide a free attack, instead it boosts counterstikes
    Little buff to Kryl-Feijan

Have fun!

PS: svn rev 5104

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta38 ! See
Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !

A big release, get it while it's hot!

Release highlights:
    A whole new UI!
    Shortened some long zones
    New artifacts/npcs/lore
    A slew of bugfixes & improvements to many parts of the game
    Addons configuration screen
    Reworked ammo

Expanded changelist:
    New command: Show map, default binding to "tab"
    Toggle creatures list default binding set to "ctrl+tab"
    Wearing an item with charges/cooldown will reset them to 0 to prevent abuse
    Quick-switch will not reset cooldown of items
    New achievement
    New lore: Declaration of the Unification of the Allied Kingdoms
    Fixing a display bug in T_GOLEM_POWER and a seriously screwy bug in T_GOLEM_RESILIENCE (thanks SomeGirl and tekrunner).
    Fixed the unavailable preUseTalent check from actually checking equilibrium, etc. (thanks edge2054).
    Fixed the transmog chest not picking up some items (thanks tiger_eye).
    Fixed a bug where Volcano would remove the Temporal Rift portals.
    Fixed Dwarf hometown disappearing (thanks tiger_eye).
    Fixed T_SWITCH_PLACE cloning the player (thanks tiger_eye).
    Fixed magicMap stopping auto-explore from doing its business (thanks tiger_eye).
    Hopefully fixed the majority of the ice block bugs (thanks tiger_eye).
    Fixed the order of quest and death at the end-game.
    Allowing DamageType.POISON to receive a table with dam and apply_power. Now T_POISON_GAS_TRAP uses the source actor's combatAttack, the Hydra's on_arrival uses the summoner's combatMindpower, and T_POISON_STORM uses the actor's combatSpellpower.
    Fixed T_RELENTLESS_PURSUIT and T_SPIN_FATE interaction.
    Changed 'encased_in_ice' to still target, but change the range to zero (thanks tiger_eye).
    Hopefully fixing invis/stealth not properly protecting the actor from some talents (thanks tiger_eye).
    Changing T_POISON_GAS_TRAP fix to resemble other traps (using check_hit).
    Fixed Rune of the Rift's description (thanks edge2054).
    Disabled Insatiable ego until it can be balanced
    Weapon Folding damage reduced and armor penetration removed
    Weapon Folding now reduces paradox by a small amount when a weapon hits
    Temporal Warden Archery and Dual-Weapon mastery levels reduced
    Turn Back the Clock damage reduced
    Temporal Fugue and Swap confusion power reduced
    Precognition no longer kills the player if he dies during a vision
    Moment of Prescience rewritten
    Spin Fate no longer increases defense, maximum bonus reduced
    Energy Absorption power level reduced
    Diminsional Step range reduced
    Wormhole exit location is a bit less accurate
    Quantum Feed and Strength of Purpose no longer grant saving throws and
    have a stamina cost to sustain (in addition to paradox)
    Rethread's cooldown reduced
    Clarified a few Wilder tooltips
    Bulwarks, Berserkers and Marauders now have access to the conditioning tree
    Bloodbath now gives stacking life and stamina regen rather then multiplying existing values
    Warrior escorts can now teach the conditioning tree and a few talents from that tree instead of combat accuracy or weapon mastery (they still teach exotic weapon mastery)
    Deleting a premade now asks for confirmation
    Confusion resistance now reduces confusion power (up to 10% min)
    Fixed Cursed Sentry
    Clarify Wintertide Phial activation
    Nerfed defence of the half-finished bone giant
    Clarified Spellcraft talent
    Replaced Necromancer's Liches dark tendrils & creeping darkness by bone spead and bone grab
    Lichform necromancers can not use infusions
    Fixed barrow wight tile for Necromancers
    Saving throws now reduce duration based on a percentage (5% per difference)
    Saving throws with a minimum duration can now be 'shrugged off'
    Accuracy now has it's own cross tier effect, Off-Guard, that increases critical strike chance and critical power by 10%
    Off-Balance now reduces global speed by 15%
    Slime slow effect reduced to 15%
    Hit rolls now cap out at a 20 point difference rather then 10 increasing or decreasing hit chance in 2.5% increments
    Scrolling the chatlog will remove fading
    Trap Detection & Trap Disarm talents merged into a new Trap Handling talent
    New Cunning/Survival talent: Piercing Sight, granting a boost to see stealth/invis
    Power is Money provides somewhat less huge benefits
    Alchemists do not start with Combat Training tree anymore (it was locked anyway)
    Transmogrification Chest can now be activated to trasmo everything in it, or if empty, on the floor
    Adrenaline Surge no longer takes a turn to use
    Daunting Presnce no longer causes a cross-tier effect. Debuff effect slightly improved.
    Reduced the accuracy of many starting enemies
    Reduced a few corrupted horror talent levels in the deep bellow
    Meditation changed to a sustain that grants equilibrium regen, mental save, healing mod but halves all damage done
    Hate: Now ranges from 0 to 100 instead of 0 to 10 to be more consistent with other resources.
    Hate: Instead of falling to 0, hate falls to a baseline value. The baseline value is set to 50% of your current hate when you take damage, inflict damage or kill something.
    Hate: Is now affected by fatigue Cursed Form / Unnatural Body: now scales healing factor from 40% at 0 hate to 80% at 10+ hate. No longer affects damage resistance and no longer improves with cursed equipment.
    Cursed Form / Seethe: Allows you to stop hate loss but recieve other penalties
    Cursed Form / Repression: now trades up healing factor for loss of hate per kill.
    Gloom / All: Mindpower based (% chance to "hit", chance to save v Mindpower)
    Gloom / Weakness: Changed to reduce damage inflicted, attacking weakened foes adds hate.
    Gloom / Dismay: Replaces Torment; 3 turn gloom effect that guarantees 1 critical hit.
    Gloom / Sanctuary: Reduces damage that originates from outside of the gloom Slaughter / Slash: Insidious Poison effect has been changed to Cursed Wound (stackable damage reduction)
    Slaughter / Reckless Charge: Number of attacks is now limited by talent level.
    Endless Hunt / Beckon: Save v Mindpower reduces chance to move by half.
    Taking damage can dispell it (the chance to dispel is cumulative damage / maximum life).
    Strife / Dominate: Now mindpower based, Fixed range checking
    Cursed Aura: Dialog to take or reject it should only open once.
    Cursed Aura / Curse of Shrouds: should no longer cancel rest/autoexplore
    Cursed Aura / Cursed Sentry: Fixed (was completely broken)
    Dark Figure: Removed
    New Rampage/Predator/Fears afflicted trees
    Perfect Strikes now ignores the miss chance caused by attacking an unseen foe
    Crooked Club confusion duration reduced to 4
    Vision Runes now grant See Stealth in addition to See Invisible
    Sun Infusions no longer break stealth but instead apply a debuff that reduces stealth power for a few turns
    Meditation now also have a passive effect: when resting it grants an equilibrium regen
    Meditation does not take any turn to activate/deactiavte
    Reduced damage from Void Shards
    Reduced healing modifier on Vitality
    Reduced chance of removing debuffs on Unflinching Resolve
    Reduced spike damage from Time Elementals
    Time Elementals are now negative effect immune
    Buffed Harkor'Zun (not the fragments)
    Buffed Brandish and Retribution (Guardian Tree)
    Better smooth movement
    Frenzy now correctly debuffs at level 3
    Mimic now resets stats on next kill
    Preternatural Senses now rounds the range value.
    Fixed a Rampage talent on an arena NPC
    Outmanuever now gives a physical resistance reduction
    Mimic now gives stat bonuses relative to the target's stats instead of relative to player's stats minus target's stats.
    Reckless Change now scales range beyond 4.
    Rune of the Rift paradox reduction reduced to 60
    Rune of the Rift should no longer occasionally heal actors
    Time Skip once again removes actors from the map rather then time prisoning them
    Fix immunities on the Eternal Night set
    Always-center on player is set by default for new players
    Debug console: Cursor positioning (left/right arrows, home/end to move to beginning/end of line)
    Debug console: Copy to system clipboard support, bound to Ctrl+C and matches Ctrl+V paste support
    Debug console: Tab-autocompletion of table entries
    Fixed description of Tormented effect
    Fixed description of Panicked effect
    Fixed moving the player in panicked effect
    Added support for fear resistance to Fears/Panic
    Reduced damage of Slaughter/Reckless Charge
    Amushcade Shadow will no longer autopick up gold, gems, or gear
    Temporal and Eldricth horror files split
    Temporal Horrors will now spawn on levels 2 and 3 of the Rift instead of Time Elementals
    Buffed horror stats
    Reduced talent use frequency of Luminous Horrors
    Increased talent use frequency of Devourers
    Tactical Expert defense bonuses reworked
    Reduced Inner Demon max life
    Waking Nightmare is now resisted with Mental Save
    Three new uniques added to Dreadfell (Borfast, Filio, and Aletta) that can randomly appear in he zone
    Four new artifacts (Borfast's Cage, Aletta's Diadem, Hareskin Sling, and Withering Orbs)
    Increased rarity of Boots of Spellbinding and Staff of Channeling
    New Dreadfell Lore
    Orc breeding pits: reduced the total size
    Daikara: only 4 levels now
    Maze: only 2 levels now (one is huge)
    Eruan: only 4 levels now
    Old forest: only 4 levels now
    Sandowrm lair: only 4 levels now
    Ardhungol: only 3 levels now
    The four orc prides are now 3 levels
    Limir dying now instantly marks the quest failed
    Added a small speak bubble to creatures that can talk
    NPC & Player portrait will appear in chat boxes
    Fix multiple addons in .teaa form using overload
    New hook "Entity:loadList" to bind on any entities file load, altering the loaded data or loading more of your own
    New artifact: Prox's Lucky Halfling Foot
    Reduced the number of lore notes in many zones that got shrinked
    Added a popup warning when entering the mausoleum in Last Hope graveyard
    When using auto-reloading quivers/pouches resting will wait for full reload
    When the transmo chest pops up at the end of a level the inventory tabs setting is not lost
    Trollmire is nowa 65x40 zone instead of 50x50
    Equipment window now has a switch to select main/off weapons set
    Letter keys work again in inventory/equipment screen
    Learning lore stops running
    Necrotic minions are worht 0 exp
    Recall/Angolwen Teleport only works when the main player is alive
    Hydra's Grand Arrival does not also applies ritch's one
    Spiders from the egg-sac do not grant exp
    Levelup screen shows rounded stats
    Lore randomly found has a different tile than set lore
    Fix Tornado
    Fix for Frenzy
    Beckon, Panic and Paranoia should be less annoying to deal with
    Hex-mode support added to the engine; a simple 'core.fov.set_algorithm("hex")' in your module's load.lua and you are in hex mode!
    Directly computing directions is deprecated; instead use util.adjacentCoords and all the new coord functions
    Map borders should look better
    New UI!
    UI elements are now locked by default, with a small padlock on the toolbar to unlock them
    Move tooltips in inventory and stores to not obstruct the list currently being watched
    Added some missing musics to some zones, including new tracks
    Fearscape is usable in more zones
    Trees should have a bit less veritcal randomness
    font:draw() can take a new parameter to prevent displaying entities with an internal FBO and instead returns a table of entities to draw and their positions in the texture string
    New lore: "Gifts of Nature"
    New artifact set: Staff of Arcane Supremacy and Hat of Arcane Understanding
    Boots of Spellbinding and Staff of Channeling reworked
    Corona no longer deactivates when there's no energy to fire
    Added Spell Cooldown, Mind Crit, and Crit Reduction to the character sheet
    Darkest Light can no longer give back negative energy (for real this time)
    Talent paradox cost no longer factored into paradox failure(etc) rates
    Spacetime Tuning reworked now a sustain that reduces paradox over time
    Haste values reduced
    Static History values reduced
    Talent equilibrium cost no longer factored into failure rates
    Fixed Ruined Earth radius
    Fixed "weakness" damage type
    Mage apprentice quest changed, he wont collect rings/.. anymore, he just needs one arcane powered artifact
    Disruption Shield can never cost negative mana
    Classes may have an inherited method that gets called after module init
    Air warning indicator, like the hp warning indicator (corners become bluer)
    Reworked ammo. Now ammo comes in quivers or pouches that have charges. There is a new "Reload" talent and some new egos can auto-reload.
    Antimagic infused objects are usable without knowing antimagic, but they will incur heavy penalties on spellcasting (failure chances, reduced spellpower)
    Ego generator will forbid an arcane/antimagic item and an arcane/nature one will be rarer (but still possible)
    Nerf Witch-bane and Guidance for non antimagic users, buff them for antimagic users
    NPCs do not cheat with vim regen, instead they are smart
    Resting will auto-activate Reload
    Mana Clash cooldown reduced and damage altered
    Wearing an antimagic item also will incur a chance for spell sustain to be disrupted every turns
    New addons configuration screen, to select/unselect which addons will load; can be used to enable addons with version mismatches too, at your own risk
    Wearing the bindings of eternal night will prevent the use of infusions and wild-gifts
    Bindings of eternal night now reduces light and fire resists and grants blight and darkness resist
    Undead can no longer learn the harmony tree
    New game option to select either the new or old UI
    Some game options disappear when using the new UI; they are useless
    Antimagic quest gives more info ahead of time
    Aura of Silence now uses full mindpower to apply
    Rope Belt of the Thaloren is no longer arcane powered
    Dark Surprise now uses physical power to apply
    Improved the DebugConsole with suggestions by tiger_eye, edge2054 and Canderel, and implemented by yufra.
    Resizing the game does not require a (automatic) save & reload
    Developers are marked in red in the chat
    Reduced the effectiveness of Golem Power and Golem Resilience.
    Life regen display in the minimalist display now takes into account healing mod
    Weapon folding bonuses doubled for archery
    Fixed Shooting when encased in ice
    Improved Jelly description
    A copy of the party is now uploaded to the server on a save (a real savefile of it, not a dump). For later fun uses!
    Moment of Prescience now increases accuracy too
    Spin Fate now buffs all saves each time it's applied
    Swap and Temporal Wake ranges adjusted
    Dimensional Step no longer lets you break line of sight but takes no time to cast
    Wormhole now takes time to cast and the exit radius adjusted
    Celerity improved
    Strength of Purpose and Quantum Feed values adjusted

Have fun!

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: A Fan Type Analysis of Roguelikes
« on: December 28, 2011, 06:02:21 PM »
What has a good UI to do with being a hard game ???

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: A Fan Type Analysis of Roguelikes
« on: December 28, 2011, 08:58:23 AM »

The key phrase is "players play to have fun"

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: A Fan Type Analysis of Roguelikes
« on: December 27, 2011, 11:57:42 AM »
It's not about gfx yes, it's about not annoying the player. The player is there to play & have fun, not learn obscure UIs

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: A Fan Type Analysis of Roguelikes
« on: December 27, 2011, 10:39:58 AM »
A good UI IMO should be operable entirely with keyboard, entirely with mouse or a combo of both.

Some actions might be easier with some control, but the point is that in 2012 people expect a game to react to both. When I try a new RPG I instinctively look for the inventory, levleup, ... keys, while an other player might see the icons and click them. In the end my way may be faster, but if there was no icons to click, a good percentage of players would be lost without them even trying the keyboard commands.

Loosing players is never good.

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta37 ! See
Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !

This is a bugfix release to fix some important b36 bugs and it also is a celebration for winning the roguelike of the year poll!
Release highlights:
    Many important bugfixes
    Disappearing zones should be fixed, at last!

Expanded changelist:
    Fixed dying at the orc ambush
    Made the end of the lichform quest more obvious
    New "unavailable" category in the use talent menu
    Fixed staff of absorption quest when loosing the ambush
    Grand Arrival: Stone Golem correctly checks for stun immunity
    Grand Arrival: Flamespitter now correctly affects foes
    Stealth bonus correctly shows in the character sheet
    When killing foes in walls the object drops will try to move into a clean space nearby
    Perhaps fixed actor duplication on level change
    A NPC using switch place while dying will not duplicate the player
    Displacement Shield cast correctly respects maximun range
    Wearing an item directly from the transmo chest will correctly remove it from the chest
    Learning spells wil a shadowblade or an arcane blade will not provide mana regen
    Necrotic minions will not spawn Will'o'Wisp upon death if their master is already dead
    Necrotic Aura will be present even for necromancers starting with no talents
    Smaller initial resolution
    Golem/Arcane tree talents are now considered spells & can be silenced
    Lichform can not be unlearnt
    Fixed the disappearing zones bug. I'm quite sure this time! :)
    Time Prison now prevents the application of any timed effects
    The transmo chest will only start to provide energy once you have talked to the butler
    Grand Corruptor correctly triggers the quest even in the fearscape if spawned in the mark of the spellblaze
    Sunder Arms/Armour does not check for stun resistance anymore
    Grab/Crush/Constrict check for pin resistance instead of stun resistance
    Switching control of your character will not prevent respecing talents
    Removed speed rune from the Weirdling Beast; gave him a new one to compensate
    When 'l'ooking around if you press enter you get a map menu just like when right clicking
    Darkness & Shadows trees are not spells
    Bone Grab correctly deals damage
    Fixed when Fillarel is dies in the unremarkable cave
    Disruption Shield now takes effect *after* damage shield, time shield, displacement shield
    Talent icons stay greyed out even when cooling down when the talent is unusable (but the countdown is still shown)
    Disperse magic now respects range

Have fun!

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