Author Topic: T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta42 aka "Dreaming my dreams" unleashed  (Read 2820 times)


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T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta42 aka "Dreaming my dreams" unleashed
« on: August 18, 2012, 10:24:28 PM »
As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta42 ! See

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !

Release highlights:

New event/zone: the Dogroth Caldera and various associated subzones
New class: Psionic / Solipsist: The world is but a mere projection of your thoughts you are all powerful! Or are you?
Better levelup interface
Reaver improved
Rogues get a new Scoundrel tree
Archmages get a new Aether tree
New "minor" events; like special features in some zones
Better shield graphics ahoy !
Infinite Dungeon improvements
Many bugfixes & polishing

Expanded changelist:

Spinning beam trap has a max damage and will not trigger from pets
Spinning beam trap now does not increase damage when stepped upon but instead switches damage type. All possible damage types now have a special effect
Reavers's Corrupted Strength talent now also provides a free melee attack on spellcast
Fixed levelup screen
Teleport: Angolwen will not instantly teleport when cancelled
Stat tooltips in the levelup screen display their effects in realtime
If there is room on the screen a new pane will appear in the levelup dialog to replace the tooltip
Summoner's summons are now based on mindpower, can crit and melee ones have dexterity increases for accuracy
Overriding/removing/.. complex traps will correctly remove them
Rare items ultra high powers is harder to get
ESP on rares is more .. rare
New achievements for many events
New events
Crystal Focus & Heart can not be applied on rare items
Gems can not be put on rare items
Old battlefield event can not be re-entered
+all resist gems power reduced
News tiles for the new artifacts & creatures of b41
Fix the tier of alchemists lamp
Fearscape orbital invasion platform is redder
Events can not happen on stairs
Fearscape restores coords even to dead actors
Killing the Grand Corruptor after destroying Zigur is now correctly accounted for
Fixed gnaw
Fixed crosstier effects on gestures
Fixed unarmed mastery physical power
Many new musics
Closing/Opening is talent tree is correctly remembered
Fungal Growth will not trigger for small heal effects
The Maze corridors are now 2 wide
Lowered the size of the Maze a bit, but with the same number of foes
Ardhungol levels reduced in size
Targetting ignores map padding, making it betetr with an heavily loaded UI
Bone Shield cost and cooldown much reduced
Bone Shield number of charges increased a little
Fix flame/shock hands
Fixed scatter shot
Fixed gloves speed display for brawlers
Fixed sacrifice description
Tooltip properly moves out of view
Charsheet link is properly clickable
Fix an other UID issue, the last one I hope
Buffed Spellblaze Echoes, Feathersteel, Burning Star, Dragon-helm&Scale Mail of Kroltar, Temporal Augmentation Robe - Designed in Style, Zemekkys' Broken Hourglass, Trident of the Tides, Petrified Wood, Lifebinding Emerald, Lunar Shield, Duathdlen Heart, Pendant of Sun and Moons, Unsetting Sun
Mousing over an item in the log will show the tooltip
Ghouls exp penalty reduced to 25% from 40%
Unlearning partially a talent will not make it un-autocast
Levelup screen changed to have class & generic talents side by side
In the levelup screen talents will grey out when unlearnable
Pary frames now show if the party member can be leveled up
Fix corrupted strength
Fixes the 'Restart the same character' option in the death dialog from properly restarting your character if its name contains any non-alphanumeric characters.
Outdoor events can not happen in the halfling ruins
No traps will spawn on the last level of the halfling ruins
Resists of 0 will not be shown in the tooltips
Foo Masteries provide the correct amount of physical power
Made mind, temporal, arcane, and conversion effects much rarer on randartifacts and rare objects
Made mind conversion egos less common
Nightmare horrors are rarer now and spawn at higher levels
Sun Flare radius and description should line up
Fixed Shattering Impact and damage conversion interaction
Many new artifacts and a new unique horror
Added an 'add' parameter to combatPhysicalpower and combatSpellpower
Show correct talent level in inscription dialog
Display sliding rock trap after it is triggered
Remove blurring effect as soon as confusion is cured
Fix the wrong "block" and "attack speed" compare color
Change talent info when current talent level is 0 (not learned)
Fix Spit Blight description
Levelup screen shows both base & current stats
Added temporal resistance to the Girdle of Preservation
Paradox will no longer increases when anomalies can't occur
Fixed confusion immunities effect reducing confusion power
Fix Tornado casted on a target with Gloom/Sanctuary
4 new achievements for killing certain bosses first
Fixed a bug where some parts of the UI could disappear out of screen
Particle effects will always appear on top of actors, even for moddable tiles actors or for tall actors
Particles can have shaders attached
New shader-enabled damage shield effect
Fix levelup tooltips
Charge Leech description will not include random crits
Added 3 hooks (Object:descCombat, Object:descWielder, Object:descMisc)
All Last Hope weapon merchants can train martial combat
Fix farportals lightnings
Lichform quest is now considered completed in Infinite Dungeon & Arena campaigns
Lichform also grants Celestial/Star Fury at various power
When Mind damage is saved against it still deals half of it
New artifact available only in the Infinite Dungeon: the Potion of Martial Prowess which can teach shoot & the combat training tree
Arcane Eye level 5 correctly sees throught stealth & invis
Fix scrollbar positioning
Tooltips will autoscroll when too big
Tooltip can be "locked" by pressing shift+l
Scrolling is "smoother" in long textzones or lists
Various misc UI improvments
New artifact in the Infinite Dungeon to learn antimagic
New psionic class Solipsist - Create and destroy with your thoughts, manipulate and enter the dreams of others, overcome the world with the power of your mind
Ressource bar shaders will only load as needed, speeding up game load
Disruption Shield uses the new shield shader effect
Aegis works on Disruption Shield
Demon/Naga invasions can not happen in Reknor
Fearscape/Dreamscape can not be used on the sorcerors in the charred scar
Fearscape/Dreamscape correctly restore minimap
Fatigue is correctly not factored in for sustains
New rogue tree: cunning/scoundrel
Two new high level artifact daggers
Complex traps are never auto-activated, they all need a trigger
No traps on the last level of the High Peak
Removed many traps from vaults that had too much
Mindslayer shields upgraded to the new shader
Level 20 mindslayer tress brought back to level 10
Psi-archery removed
Fearscape Invasion zone will look better on map borders
Hourglass counter now has a description depending on the counter
Improved the look of wildfire/tempset/uttercold/crystaline focus visual effects
Eel-Skin lightning scales with mindpower and triggers on wild-gifts
Summertide phial does not grant arcane stuff anymore
'Building' generator is now working
Prevent temporary terrains from overriding one an other or "loosing" the default terrain
Master Summoner now has a particle effect
Archmages, Mindslayers, Necromancers and Summoners birth screen particles updated
New jungle ambient sounds
Desert sounds & ambience for some zones
Faster auto-explore
Dungeon ambient sounds to some zones
New event: the Dogroth Caldera will sometime appear on the worldmap. What do you dream of finding inside ?
Many new creature sounds
Defense reduction from Block will not let off-guard effect trigger
Many new "minor" events. A minor event is a simple feature on a level, usualy with a field of effect. Like a font of life in the trollmire that increases life/stamina/equi/psi regen around it
If a foe fails to appear in the antimagic arena, it will try again
Infinite Dungeon will now also have events
Death message is now shown after the damage message
Fix Shadows in the shadow crupt
*Perhaps* fix the particle error log spam
New archmage high level tree: Aether, an advanced arcane tree. Lock by default but given to all archmages
Version scheme changed for the tome module, now uses the same version as the engine (aka 0.9.42 instead of 3.9.42)
Golem picking up gold is given to the alchemist
Reavers free melee blow only works on active talents, not sustains
Fix black entity icon in tooltips

Have fun!


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Re: T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta42 aka "Dreaming my dreams" unleashed
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2012, 12:50:44 AM »
Congrats on yet another substantial, long-wrought release.   :)
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