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As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta4 !

OSX binaries will come hopefully tomorrow and the linux binaries are
suspended for now until I find a good way to make them.

Release highlights:

* Fix the random crashes that could happen, you should be safe now!
* Changed ALL musics, please give them a try, they are very much
worth it!
* Two new zones
* A new class
* Much balancing and fixes

Expanded changelist:

* insane mode cannot cheese stats
* fixed crash on some platforms when entering levels (or even just
* hostile encounters in the far east
* fix achievement \u201cthat was close\u201d
* fix savefile code on OSX
* Static map generator can use getMap() function inside maps to
access the Map object and change it directly
* the far east map central mountain is under a particle shield,
where the High Peek will be located
* staves are 2 handed
* cannot wield a 2handed weapon + 1 offhand
* new musics by Celestial Aeon Project
* music volume setting
* ego staves of wizardry and rarer and more expensive
* OpenGL shaders support (not used yet)
* changed the C map code to handle multiple textures (mainly used
for shaders)
* more orcs in the moria
* arcane power is a sustained effect and level 1
* manathurst is level 2
* mages now start with arcane power instead of manathrust and
lightning instead of corrosive vapour
* some monsters now have escorts
* new troll: the mountain troll thundered (elite)
* New class: Anorithil! We stand between the darkness and the light
* Rush & Blinding speed switched position to make rush easier to get
* New talent \u201cHeightened Senses\u201d in cunning/survival tree (2nd
* monsters now have lite(does not show)/infravision/
* stealth/invis now prevents the monsters from targetting you
* light makes it obvious where you are even if stealth/invis is
* stealth disables light automatically (invis does NOT)
* a warning pops up if a monster targets you while stealthed or
* stealth gives 1 invrafision
* stealth more powerful at level 1
* fix zone loading (does not recompute level)
* level decay works correctly
* tactical mode active from birth, stays on between saves
* changed trollshaws as the starting zone
* flyers are not seen unless seen
* most zones have a 5 level range now instead of 11
* New zone: Carn Dum, same tier as Old Forest, Maze, Sandworm Lair
* scrolls & potions have gradual chance of destruction based on
damage done
* money is now auto-picked up
* nerf angmar\u2019 fall a bit
* fix fire & cold breath to do more damage
* fire drake summon is immune to fire
* turtle summons now get a shell shield talent
* minotaur summon now uses its abilities more often and last longer
* jellies summon now have more life
* fix lightning breath for hydra summon
* resting/running is impossible if loosing air
* fix summoning targetting
* player does not get infinite energy while controlling a summon
* allow dual (or more) egos engine-side and in ToME
* knockback breaths/balls will not do multiple knockbacks
* mage quest can now accept rings/amulets too, if mages are
unlocked the staff of Angmar Fall will be enough too
* new zone: Unremarkable Cave (random encounter in a specific
location of the far east)
* Ego items powers are based on the material level of the base
object. A mithril weapon will get better bonuses than an iron one

Have fun!

The ruins are bugged in beta 2 I am afraid :/

The savefiles are in your home/.t-engine/ on linux or home/T-Engine/ on windows

As promised, here comes T-Engine4 & ToME4 beta 2!
Check out and

This releases fixes many little bugs, and some major ones, re-balances
some things here and there, improves the interface and CPU usage.

It also come with a very dirty example module which is much much smaller
than ToME that people can use as a base for their own modules.

The current endgame moved a bit with the addition of Moria but not much
further, in the next few betas I will implement a good part of the missing
zones for levels 20-50.

And this time, OSX binaries are available!

List of changes in no particular order:

* try to stop passage of time after death
* menu for sound & music disabling
* allow window to dynamic resize
* do not destroy objects when not able to equip them
* A* algorithm (engine.Astar)
* game pauses when it looses focus, no CPU used when paused
* modules can return true from their tick() to pause the ticking until the next SDL event, reducing CPU usage draastically
* mouse-right-click will now make the player either:
* - run to the clicked spot if a path can be found
* - run in the direct if no path is found
* - move one turn in the direction if hostiles are present or if the clicked spot is adjacent
* MiniMap ! default keybind: TAB
* move lua lane keeper to a lua file, to avoid 64bits problems
* all coroutine.resume calls no do good stacktrace
* Mac OSX support
* PlayerDisplay does not run every frame, better displaying performance
* fixed crash with no music found
* template example module
* bows & slings improve firing range
* fixed Berserk (wont loose attack)
* stats on levelup are bound without considering items
* keybinds used in Birther
* traps are correctly detected by the Sense spell
* new world map special encounter
* arcane combat is now sustained
* black mamba & anacondas are rarer and higher level
* adjust stats&life by rank
* Shadowblades now have "Shadow magic"
* nobody regens mana but mages
* id from inventory screen now updates correctly
* do not waste cooldown & ressource when canceling archery
* talents dont activate with the mouse by just draging over, requires a mouse up
* identify now works on equipment too
* black bear is greyer
* fixed all npcs to use auto_req for their stuff
* added moria and a reason to go there, the end is quite loose at this point
* Ukruk now has Rush
* Stone Wall actually works now
* added a_lomos_del_dragon_blanco music
* fixed chain lightning
* new display modes: ascii with color background
* slings are made of leather
* gradient lightning
* all players now start with 2 potions of cure poison
* reduced the size of the last level of elven ruins

Have fun!

Weird, very weird.

Yes you won, for now, each new release should add some moreof the next part of the game. Once it's all set itwont be beta anymore ;)
Still it is quite an accomplishment to have done that already when most people struggle to get past level 5 :)
With what race/class did you win ?
How hard/easy was it ?
Any special comments?

Eating hearts is fun ! :>

Mhh you have a point I think I guess I could lower it to 10.
Although players can get a "teaser" of the mages using arcane blades and shadowblades.
As for different playstyle, tried summoners ?

Yes the last level of amon sul will not always connect to the boss area, dunno why yet :/

If you play a bit it comes fast enough in my tests and you can always buy some more :)

There seems to be crashes related to music, if it continues in the next version taht should come out this week i'll start to worry :)

Yes the "dude" will give you a quest, finsih it and he will give you a background history about mages in the fourth age, why you couldnt play one from the start and some other nice things.
He will randomly popup (quite often) when you travel in the correct location, so just go walk a bit in the area where you met him before.

As for Bree-man, they gain exp a tad faster and well, it is a RPG :)
And it can provide additional chalenge

Yes a warrior needs to think too ;)
It is IMO much more interreting to have various combat techniques tahn just bump your way to the end.
All melee classes have an easily available stun on a short cooldown: use it :)

It's a dungeon, it feels like a dungeon ..

And I do not start in the wilderness because new people would not really know what to do on the wilderness map.
Though I might change the start location to the Trollshaws it is a tad easier because the whole level is lighted since it's an outdoor zone.

Testmod: yes that's planned :)

Thanks for the bug reports.

No you cannot rest for X turns, not sure I want that, it encourages boring grinding I feel.

As for too many monsters, yes, I tried to not do it. There are a few different worm, bears, ... for flavor but not many because it's not needed. The game adjusts the level of places you visit to your level (in some range) and it knows how to intelligently level monsters

I fixed dying time passing (in most cases).
I am still looking for taht white stuff :/
Music is not disablable until next release :/

'l'ooking around you can use shift+direction to move freely but yes it needs a tooltip to explain it ;)

Unlockable content and achievements are not savefile dependent. They are sllit from the player savefile.

You can look around with 'l'. It will popup the same tooltip as the mouse.

I see your point about the messages.
The main problem is what you said, the top line of message is not working all that well. I'll probably change it a bit in some next release.

Combining keys is IMO vital for new people, figuring out which key to press to use a potion instead of a scroll or wand is like a torture game which has really no need to exist. Actually even 'u'/'w'/'t'/'d' are optional since you can wear/takeoff/drop/use from the inventory screen itself.

THe weapon thing is fixed now.

ABout messages, what was more intuitive ? having to press [space] for ages on ?

Wow. Represent.

edit: though playing it reminds me why I stayed away from angband...

What would that be ?
I did not design it to be a *band, so I'm quite interrested in what you find annoying in both :)

Hi, I'm me, obviously! :)

Creator of T-Engine, ToME, Bone to be Wild and some other stuff.

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