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Classic Roguelikes / Re: Rogue - let's beat it
« on: July 07, 2019, 07:25:33 PM »
Oops - meant to post a youtube link:

Classic Roguelikes / Rogue on Twitch and Youtube
« on: July 07, 2019, 07:24:57 PM »
Hey guys!

I love playing Rogue v5.4.  My favorite place to play is at our own elwin's website at  He has a bunch of old roguelikes as part of his roguelike restoration project.

I just started streaming it on Twitch and I plan to do so more in the future.  As luck would have it, I had one of my deepest runs ever in one of my first attempts.  You can see it here - skip forward to the 20 min mark if you don't want to see the failed run that precedes it.

If you're interested - follow me on Twitch.  I'm Squeeealer.  Or follow Rogue and the other roguelike (debatable) that's a blast to watch - Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals (Ancient Cave sidequest)

Feel free to chat about Rogue here or your experiences in streaming roguelikes!

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Rogue - let's beat it
« on: July 07, 2019, 07:18:01 PM »
Finally started streaming Rogue on Twitch.  I'll be doing it some here and there and you can also catch me running another Roguelike that's very entertaining.  I'm Squeeealer on Twitch - give me a follow... or Rogue, or Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

I had a DEEP run as one of my first runs!  check it out here on youtube.  If you don't want to watch the first run that fails, skip ahead 20 mins.  But there's lots of good commentary for beginners.

elwin - where are you, man?  I love your and I want to talk to you if you're up for it.

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Rogue - let's beat it
« on: June 05, 2019, 08:42:38 PM »
Had a really rare room yesterday.  It was 3x3 and of the nine spaces four of them had potions.  It was not a treasure room.

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Rogue - let's beat it
« on: June 03, 2019, 02:59:06 PM »
arrrrrgh!  I wasn't likely to complete anything, but I did have a chance at getting the amulet before dying.  i was on 20 with a scroll of scare monster and a couple other tricks up my sleeve.  I took one step as soon as I arrived on 20 and fell into a sleep trap at the exact moment a medusa emerges from the darkness. Considering how much I've played this game, death by sleep trap almost never happens for me.  The big strike against me in this run was no weapons upgrade and only one enchant on my base mace.

I also am finally understanding something (perhaps) and I have mentioned it before.  The base mace is +1, +1.  I believe this means that against lower level enemies like Hobgoblins and Rattlesnakes it can be, and probably is, a superior weapon than ANY +0, +x weapon. Getting that hit to connect is huge early as enemies are hard to hit and you have so little HP.  It's hard to know when is the right time to use the upgrade, though. Certainly once you get any enchantment, but what if you don't find one?  I guess after you achieve a certain experience level because then you don't need that first +1 quite as much.

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Rogue - let's beat it
« on: May 09, 2019, 05:46:50 PM »

Do you know how often I've ever actually died from starving or starving-related incidents?  Like maybe one out of 100 runs.

For the first time ever I had an armor class of 13.  I found a +3 plate, had two enchantments, then lo and behold the only unidentified scroll in my stash was waterproofing.  About 30 seconds later I find yet another enchantment. During this short sequence I'm weak and then starving.  Why oh why did it have to be this run?!  At least I didn't have a weapons upgrade or I would be hating life right now.

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Rogue - let's beat it
« on: March 19, 2019, 05:22:39 PM »
Hmm Rogue V5 is pretty interesting with the different ID scrolls. In a way it's a buff I feel like because since there are a lot more ID scrolls around you then you aren't forced to save the precious few in the IBM version just for rings/wands. Like I was identifying potions and even weapons/armor throughout my last game because what else am I supposed to do with an identify potion scroll besides identifying potions?

So are you always supposed to run away from trolls? I could kill them with my +1, +1 two handed sword but not two in a row which is what screwed my last game from being able to get to floor 18. If trolls are that tough how are you even supposed to manage griffins/medusas/dragons/etc? I'm guessing from floor 16 you need to just start running to the stairs ASAP? This was the case in Torneko no Daibouken, the first Mystery Dungeon game in Japan that is based heavily on Rogue. Also do medusa's confuse by melee attack or is it a beam?

On the topic of beams, are the wands of fire/lightning/cold/magic missile worth using? Do they reflect like Ice Monster ice beams in the Epyx version?

I would say it's way more valuable to have Scroll of Identify.  There's just not much value in identifying potions, scrolls, armor, and weapons most of the time because they are so easily use-ID'd. Of course that can get you into trouble or waste it, but that's worth it compared to the value of identifying game-changing wands and rings.

No, you aren't supposed to run from Trolls. But they are definitely a benchmark of how good your chances are at going any further. I definitely use my wands and other "get out of jail free cards" if I don't have a two-handed sword. +1, +1 is pretty good, but you're right, at about Depth 14 is where you need to start pumping it up with anything - enchants, xp levels, improve your STR, etc.

Yes, at some point it's time to run, and that point is 17.  That's where Medusae start to appear.  I don't know what you call it, but they can confuse you if you can see them I think is the rule I go by.  There's some way to get next to them without getting confused, but I don't understand exactly how that works.  Even if you duck into a room, then back into the hallway, they can confuse you the moment they step in. But at least with each move you'll either be moving away from them or attacking them.

From my experience, magic missile is pretty weak, but like a lot of projectiles, I assume your xp level and especially your STR can affect it(?) I just use up the charges on whatever I'd use arrows against. I'm not sure where you're playing, but on elwin fixed the elemental wands and now they actually do good damage (as was intended) when they hit. I think there are very few instances where monsters are protected against an element. You named one and the other might be Dragons vs fire.

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Rogue - let's beat it
« on: March 05, 2019, 09:05:44 PM »
I've had a good run recently where I'm getting the two handed sword.

I had one run where I found three wands of polymorph.  That almost by itself was enough to get me one floor away from the amulet.

Then I had a run where I had the two handed sword and 20 strength.  This was not nearly enough for me to go deep because I did not have anything really to get me out of trouble.  It also did not help that my sword was +0, +1, so when I had some bad rolls there was no way to get out of it.  No heals, no poly, no slow, no teleport, no nothing.

I just had a wild run where I used the starting mace nearly the whole time.  Finally I found a couple enchantments making my long sword +1, +1. I had three potions of strength saved up, but ended up finding not a single restore strength potion the entire run.  Despite all this, I died on Floor 22 with just three strength.  Ugh.

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Rogue - let's beat it
« on: March 04, 2019, 12:43:25 AM »
What is Rogue Clone IV and what version of Rogue does it most closely match?

Hey elwin - our scores aren't posting since like October.  I'll try to reach out to ya.

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Rogue - let's beat it
« on: February 06, 2019, 03:48:41 PM »
So I'm just now understanding this... if you get an early unenchanted long sword or even two-handed sword, is it still superior to wield your starting enchanted mace due to the increased hit% until you get a couple xp levels under you?

Today I found an early long sword and could hit anything.  Died.  Next run, same thing.  Next run, early two-handed sword.  I was able to survive.  But this time I had the WORST xp lvl gains I've ever had.  I have to admit, the game is more generous usually than stingy, but not in this particular game.  I had gains of one HP FOUR TIMES.  At xp lvl 7 I was still at something like 26 or 28 HP.  Unreal.

What a waste of a two-handed sword. I had even identified a +2 ring of dexterity.

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Rogue - let's beat it
« on: January 04, 2019, 04:40:28 PM »
I never try to mess around with identifying scare monster like that either.  This time it just happened to be positioned in front of a doorway.

What version of Rogue are you playing and where?  For me, zapping works as it should.  It's just like throwing arrows only with Z.

I'm playing version 5.5 on

What I like about that version is I can play super fast because I can hold down control to move around lighting quick.

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Rogue - let's beat it
« on: December 14, 2018, 02:42:08 PM »
Two handed sword drought over, but it was after I had already sunk two enchants into a long sword. Ran into a troll and hit him several times... before he killed me.

I just had a first - I found FOUR scroll of scare monster and even had them identified early as a hobgoblin refused to step on it.  The super sad part is that I had to use them all before the trolls.  I got absolutely zero help anywhere else - no weapon upgrade, no wands, and by xp level 6 I was at 31 HP.  Not good.  I did find a bunch of food, so I was able to hang out a few times and level up, but when I was going to do that on 12, I fell down a trapdoor before I could level up on the scroll of scare I'd already dropped.  As soon as I ran into my first phantom it was over.

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Rogue - let's beat it
« on: December 11, 2018, 12:25:59 AM »
Oh yeah, I remember!  It made me very proud when I heard that LOL

I have been in a MAJOR two handed sword drought recently.  :(

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Rogue - let's beat it
« on: October 05, 2018, 06:42:32 PM »
What is the IS_RUN bug and the held bug?

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Rogue - let's beat it
« on: September 14, 2018, 12:43:38 PM »
I wasn't able to get as far as my last update, but items-wise, I have probably had one of the best games of Rogue.
But was done in on level 22 by a xorn/stalker sandwich. This plateau at LV 18 I've started to call the "xorn wall" is becoming a real thorn in my side.
It just seems like a total crapshoot compared to everything else, and is actually impossible with a mace. But maybe with some more experience I might crack it.
Anyway, I had armor for days, regeneration, a long sword, a two-handed sword later, genocided umber hulks, and a decent source of healing...
No great escapes though, which was a big problem, and my HP was absolutely pathetic at 44.
I might have gotten away with draining the life of a dragon I barely escaped for some EXP, but didn't think to try.
I think it noticed some gold on the ground when I was running away and ran toward it. Might be a good idea to leave gold alone on those levels.

The main reason I am posting though is because I encountered a bug like I've never seen before.
This happened on elwins site, which has become a great convenience for me. I don't know if it's on his end, or the games code, or what.
But what happened is I started the game with 18/92 strength, equal to +2 damage in V3, and maybe ~5 potions of gain strength.
I can't get the recording so I can't find out if it happened when I actually started or just very early on.

Also it looks like wands of polymorph don't work in V3, go figure.
A lot of the offensive wands are unpredictable. Either that or I am using them wrong.

Troubler - where you at?  Still Rogue-ing?

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