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Care of Feufochmar in the Early Dev board not everybody checks:

Animonstre is a roguelike in which you fight wild magical beasts with those you have caught. Your main goal is to catch the legendary rainbow peacock at the bottom of the dungeon and to exit the dungeon with it.
The game could be seen as a Pokémon-like played in a roguelike world.

Animonstre is coded in Scheme (guile), using libtcod for the user interface. To use libtcod from scheme, I wrote a guile module wrapping libtcod, guile-tcod. Currently, guile-tcod is an incomplete wrapper for libtcod : only functions related to user interface (colors, console, keyboard, mouse) are available.

See the README provided with Animonstres to know the key bindings.
In Animonstres, currently :
- the dungeon is one-way : on each level, there is only one (up/down)stairs to go to the next level
- the levels are generated upon entrance
- there are 10 different beast species : the legendary peacock and 3 base species (rat, dog, snake) combined with 3 magic colors (fire, thunder, poison).
- the player starts with one (non-legendary) beast randomly choosen
- there is no item to use, you only interact with the wild beasts on the map and those you have caught
- beasts possess abilities (move / spell). When you bump into a wild beast, a default ability dealing damages is used. You have access to the other abilities with the key [z]. The abilities have various effects (descriptions are provided for each abilities).
- the player character uses one beast as the "current beast" taking all damages dealt by wild beasts defining what abilities can be used (in fact, you play as the current beast, not the player character, apart when you try to catch beasts or when the current beast is dead)
- when your current beast is killed, you should switch the current beast unless you want to quickly end the game.
- switching beast is a free action (takes no turn)
- if you want, you can give a name to the beasts you have caught ([%] to show all the beasts you have, then [r] on the beast you want to give a name)
- scores are not recorded into an highscore list and only increase when you catch beasts.

You will find the two projects on gitorious :

Links to the tarballs :
Animonstres v0.1 :

guile-tcod v0.1 :

I only have an x86_64 ArchLinux on my computer and I don't know if guile-tcod (and thus Animonstres) works on other Linux distros or other OS. You may have to compile guile 2.0, libtcod 1.5.1 and guile-tcod to play Animonstres.
For those using ArchLinux, I have put on AUR the PKGBUILDs for guile-tcod and animonstres.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / RRRSRoguelike (Now at v0.5 ARRP)
« on: September 15, 2012, 01:31:55 AM »

RRRSRoguelike is a Roguelike game that has a really simple goal - pickup a sword and kill the monster(s). Of course if you don't pickup the sword you can guess what happens.

RRRSRoguelike is opensource and hosted at codeplex It's written in c# to target the .Net framework and currently only works on Windows. This project is looking for interested individuals to join and contribute in anyway they like.

- Added new creatures
- Added new weapons
- Added traps
- Added building walls and doors
- Added open command
- Added "monster spawner" to stairway after level cleared
- Improved custom data
- Improved menus
- various bug fixes
known bugs:

    old custom content needs to be deleted manually to get new features.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / UnBrogue (Now at v1.1.2)
« on: September 15, 2012, 01:29:25 AM »

UnBrogue is a Brogue 'variant' in the tradition of Angband variants, based on Brogue 1.6.4.
Spoiler free changes from Brogue

- Equipped armor now impacts your stealth, with no armor equivalent to a ring of Stealth +3, leather acts like a ring of Stealth +2 and so on, until Plate Armor is almost as bad as a cursed ring of Stealth -1 (which internally has a Stealth penalty of -4).
- Lighter weapons increase the multiplier to stealth attacks as they are enchanted. This typically does not exceed the actual damage output of the x3 multiplier of the heaviest weapons in the same class, although swords are more effective than Warhammers at very high enchantments.
- Made transference a weapon rune instead of a ring, and increased transference percentages for all weapons except axes.
- Lightning has to strike two targets, or it will reflect off walls, counting each reflection as one strike. If it does not hit any targets with the first two rebounds, it will bounce back towards the caster.
- Added staffs of Reflection, Sentries and Summoning, the latter two of which summon discordant monsters of a fixed type.
- Added potions of Winds and Water.
- Added rings of Accuracy, Might, Wizardry, Alchemy and Telepathy.
- Added scrolls of Duplication.
- Combined effects of scrolls of Remove Curse into scrolls of Negation, and removed scrolls of Remove Curse.
- Added Talismans. Talismans change the effect other items have on you while you have the talisman equipped.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / FTL (Now at v1.02.6)
« on: September 14, 2012, 06:26:32 PM »


What are the system requirements?

Operating system: Windows XP/2000/Vista/7, Mac OSX 10.5.8+, or Linux (x86 or x86_64)
Processor: 2 GHz
Hard drive space: 175 MB
Video: OpenGL 2.0, minimum resolution of 1280×720, dedicated card recommended

Important notes:

    The minimum resolution is a hard set requirement.
    Windows 8 is not officially supported. Graphics cards manufacturers are not supporting many of their cards, causing problems and an inability to update your drivers. It has been known to work though.
    Dedicated graphics cards are more reliable, but it’s been known to work on the Intel HD Integrated cards.

Is there a demo to test it?

We hope to release a demo shortly after release, but currently there is not one.

Fixes to common failures:

    Please make sure your drivers are up to date. This is especially important for integrated cards as laptop manufacturers will sometimes be supplying you with out of date / incorrect drivers.

    If you’re using the Steam version and Mac OS X, please make sure your Steam is fully updated (Steam->Check for Updates)

    If you’re using Windows 8, look for the Beta versions for your graphics drivers.

Where can I get technical support fastest?

Posting to will be the most effective way to contact us and get help. We’ll be working hard to get back to everyone as quickly as possible but please understand there’s only two of us.

Slow framerate or performance issues?

Updating drivers will be the most helpful thing. If you’re still having troubles, try to force vertical sync off for FTL. This can be done in Windows within the NVIDIA Control Panel / ATI Catalyst Control Center / Intel Control Panel. This option isn’t available on Mac OS X (but the game should force it off itself).

My Beacon Map is invisible!?

Windows ATI Catalyst Drivers 12.8 seems to cause this problem for a very small percentage of users. Uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, or rolling back to the previous version, has fixed it for most people.

Why is my mouse is floaty and unresponsive?

I’m looking into it, but in the meantime a driver update has fixed it for some people.


What is FTL?

FTL is a spaceship simulation roguelike-like. Its aim is to recreate the atmosphere of running a spaceship exploring the galaxy (like Firefly/Star Trek/BSG etc.) In any given episode of those classic shows, the captain is always yelling “Reroute power to shields!” or giving commands to the engineer now that their Warp Core is on fire.  We wanted that experience, as opposed to the “dog fighting in space” that most videogames focus on.  We wanted a game where we had to manage the crew, fix the engines, reroute power to shields, target the enemy life support, and then figure out how to repel the boarders that just transported over!

Where can I buy it?

Steam offers Windows and Mac builds: has a DRM free Windows version along with bonus content (some music tracks and concept art).

Our website gives you access to a Windows, Mac OSX , and Linux version, all DRM-free, as well as a Steam key.

What does it cost?

It costs $9.99 USD.  That price is worldwide on and through our website, but Steam will have the normal conversions of £6.99 / €9.99 / 249 rubles / $7.99 in CIS territories.

What is the gameplay like?

The game is split into two major parts: exploration and combat. You explore by travelling instantly with your FTL drive between discrete “Jump Beacons;” every location contains a text-based event that has a variety of choices and outcomes.  Your ship can be upgraded with advanced weaponry and equipment purchased with collected scrap metal, while your crew will improve with experience. Fighting enemy ships involves real-time management of crew, power distribution and weapons. It can be frantic with many problems thrown at you at once, but you can pause the game at any time to give orders to your crew (much like Baldur’s Gate). Check out the video on the front page to see it in action.

That’s too long, what’s a shorter description?

Tom Francis of Gunpoint described it as “Firefly by way of Spelunky.” It has also been compared to Weird Worlds and Battlestations.

How is that a roguelike?

We use the term loosely, mostly just as a representation for some of the main thematic elements of the genre. This includes permadeath, randomly generated game worlds, relatively short play sessions (5-90 minutes), and a single-player focus.

What keeps me coming back for more space adventures?

There are already over 25,000 lines of text in the events in the game (and we’re still not done). Many events have secret options that can only be unlocked with special equipment, and  most of the events have multiple possible outcomes to keep them fresh. In addition to the events, the huge variety of weapon types and strategies ensures that no game will be the same.

Who are the developers?

We are Justin Ma (artist/designer) and Matthew Davis (programmer/designer).  This two person development team is based out of Shanghai, China.

Who did the lovely music?

All of the music and sound is done by our talented sound designer across the Pacific, Ben Prunty.

Anyone else involved?

After the Kickstarter, we started working with Tom Jubert (a writer of Penumbra fame), who has done a brilliant job fleshing out the multiple alien races in the galaxy.

What are your plans for player created content / modding?

It’s something we’d love to have, but will likely be outside of our initial scope. We’re open to considering it post release.

Can I help you translate the game into other languages?

We may take you up on that offer in the future, but we’re focused on the English version for now. Localization will be an ambitious project since there are tens of thousands of lines of text in the game.

Fantastic to see this early Roguelike bounty from the Kickstarter craze at last manifesting in full for all!   8)

Best price currently is for $8.99 on GoG on the temp, normal price right at $10 across the board:

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Angband (Now at v4.2.0!)
« on: September 14, 2012, 05:33:36 PM »

Angband is a free, single-player dungeon exploration game. You play an adventurer: seeking riches, fighting monsters, and preparing for a final battle with Morgoth, the Lord of Darkness.

Angband started life as a game called Moria in the 1980s in a programming language called VMS Pascal, later made the transition to C, as UMoria, and eventually become Angband some twenty years ago in 1994. To be honest, it's amazing that it's still going, and part of that is because there is an active and vibrant community of players and an always-changing set of active variants, or modified versions, many of which play very differently to Angband.

Angband itself is currently maintained by a rather loose-knit development team, who follow on from a long line of maintainers, hackers and other coders. Its code is available either under the GPLv2 or the now-archaic Angband licence, which was written before the idea of open source had gained much currency.

The Angband Dev-team is pleased to announce the release of 3.4.0 The new version can be downloaded from Rephial. (If you still see 3.3.2, you may need to refresh your browser.) The source can also be downloaded directly from the github release page.

Here are some of the most notable gameplay changes in the new version.

    -A new 64x64 tile set (by Shockbolt)
    -Many new monster pits and nests
    -Fuzzy detection
    -Upgrade to UTF-8
    -Angels have been replaced with Ainu
    -Removal of all weakly cursed items
    -Torches are radius 1 light
    -Changes to how monster summoning is handled
    -Deep descent scrolls now transport a character 5 levels deeper with a delay
    -Various tweaks to prices, monsters, allocation probabilities

A more detailed description of these changes can be accessed from the in-game help menus lib/help/340.txt, or can be viewed at the github repository. The full list of changes, including numerous bugfixes is far too long to include in this post, but can be found in the changes.txt file in the main directory, or can also be viewed at github.

We really hope you enjoy this latest version. While we have done our best to ensure that this version is free of major bugs, sometimes bugs have eluded us in the past. So please post any bugs you find in this thread.

Happy banding from the Angband 3.4 dev-team:

Fantastic to see them finally break through the various technical hurdles that had it so long since the last release---to say nothing of Shockbolt's fine tileset works yet again entering unto the fray.   8)

Other Announcements / Sword of Fargoal 2 Kickstarter Campaign (made it!)
« on: September 13, 2012, 10:51:04 PM »

They are aiming for $50K and at long last hitting PC this time, along with several others, instead of just iOS.

With your help, here’s what Sword of Fargoal 2 will be:

    -Mac/PC/Linux plus iOS versions: Sword of Fargoal 2 in all its glory on multiple platforms.
    -Everything rebuilt from the ground up!
    -Over 100 procedural dungeon levels: Different challenges and rewards every time you play.
    -New character types: Fighter, Ranger, Thief, Magic User, plus male and female versions of both.

    -New combat and ranged weapons, armor, magic, and effects.
    -More goodies: Potions, wands, rods, spells, rings, amulets, traps, treasures, and poisons.
    -Everything new about monsters throughout the dungeon: All new intelligent monster behavior, new monster types, and graphics.
    -New quests and side-explorations: You can explore in brand new ways throughout all-new dungeon levels and types.

    -New interactive dungeon environments: You’ll be able to pick locks, break containers, unlock items, burn items, create chain reaction explosions, ‘tinker’ to make your own traps, and change your environment in other cool ways.
    -New unlockable “Ruins of Fargoal” mode: If you manage to free the Sword and win the game, you will be able to return to the dungeon and see how it has changed. Hint: it will be even more dangerous and unstable, with new riches to be found.
    -New “Action Cards”: Cut scene cards to show you when you’ve achieved different elements of the game. You will have the ability to save, export, and re-watch you adventure like a slide show with music.

    -Plushies (Stretch Goal): What will they be? The Hero? The Sword? Ogre? Werebear? Dire Wolf? Wyvern? It’s up to you.
    -Super Secret Fargoal “Project X” (Stretch Goal): We can’t tell you about this — yet, but if we hit this stretch goal, we’re building a [REDACTED]. All we can say is that the “X” stands for extra-awesome.

Stretch goals if things go amazingly well:

Over $50K Stretch Goals:

At anything over our $50K base goal, additional funding will give us the ability to hire a second pixel artist for more dungeon tile types; to have Charlie create more “Action Cards” to add to the story-capturing (we currently have 40 “Action Cards” and can continue to add more as we get additional Kickstarter support); add additional new music tracks (we already have more than ten, but we want to add more for greater variety on different dungeon level types).

Over $87K Stretch Goals:

If we fund over the $87K level we are going to create plushies. Yes, plushies! You will vote for whether we should make the Hero? The Orgre? The Werebear? Maybe the Sword of Fargoal itself as a plushie? You will decide!

Plus — for the more serious Fargoal gamer — we will be creating primo deluxe “making of” game book, which will also contain a full-color illustrated version of the Sword of Fargoal legend that inspired the game! We will also be able to add at least two additional quests and/or game modes, including a “Retro” mode in which will emulate the original C64 graphics. By helping us meet our Kickstarter Stretch Goals, you will give us the resources to add even more advanced monster intelligence, additional traps, treasures, potions, rings, wands, rods, weapon types, monsters, foe, etc.

Over $110K Stretch Goal:

Over $110K we will finally be able to afford the resources to create the Android version of the game which we’ve wanted to do for a while.

Over $140K Stretch Goal:

For funding over $140K we have an amazing, knock your chainmail off, super secret Fargoal “Project X” that we can’t even talk about. Yet. (But there’s a hint in the video).

And Beyond?

If we *really* overfund, maybe I can convince Paul to add up to five-player, shared-quest multiplayer!*

*Paul will kill me for leaving this comment in...

$8-15 pledge range gets you the eventual game---$10,000 then, logically of course, gets you an actual Sword of Fargoal, a working C64, and all sorts of other mad benefits.

Really hope this makes it for yet another instance of a classic dev and team making it happen here in the present.   8)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / AliensRL (now at 0.8.2)
« on: September 08, 2012, 01:31:05 AM »
AliensRL or Aliens, the roguelike is a tactical coffee-break roguelike inspired by the Aliens movie, and Alien Breed: Tower Assault computer game.

    full color display
    point based skill system (no character levels!)
    plenty high-tech weapons
    7 different connected towers to explore
    sound, music and speech
    dark and scary atmosphere
    unique slot-based inventory system
    streamlined interface

Programming / libtcod 1.5.1 released
« on: August 30, 2012, 12:29:31 PM »

More than 30 months after the 1.5.0, the stable 1.5.1 is finally available for all official platforms :

    Linux 32 bits
    Linux 64 bits
    Windows / Visual Studio 2010
    Windows / Mingw
    Haiku a3

Grab it on the download page.

The main changes since 1.5.0 :

    new generic event API to handle both keyboard and mouse events
    OpenGL and GLSL renderer (they don’t support all the features of the SDL renderer. See this)
    all major versions of python now work (2.5, 2.6.x, 2.7.x, 3.2.x) on linux32, linux64 and windows. Python still doesn’t work on Haiku.
    support for colored tiles (except for the GLSL renderer)
    experimental support for AsciiPaint files import/export
    [update] : I almost forgot, I get +30% frames per seconds on SDL renderer on 1.5.1 compared to 1.5.0 ^^

I’ll try to get a compiled version for the other platforms as soon as possible :

    libtcod-net (C#)

The future :

    I’ll possibly release a 1.5.2 with bugfixes
    1.6.0 main goal will be the port to Android and a refactoring of the system module

Other Announcements / Roguebasin down!?
« on: August 22, 2012, 09:13:33 PM »
Välkommen till Binero Linux/Litespeed Cluster 01

Denna sida visas för domännamn som inte ännu konfigurerats upp i alla webbservrar i klustret.
Om du nyligen skapat din webbplats i kontrollpanelen så kommer den synas på adressen inom kort

This page is shown for requests to domainnames that have not yet been configured by all of the webservers in the cluster. If you added your website recently it will show up here shortly.

What in the world....

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Cladun X2 now available on Steam!
« on: August 14, 2012, 08:42:19 PM »

The original never ended up making it beyond the PSP ecosystem, but now the heavily souped-up sequel has arrived on PC out from nowhere!   8)

Cladun X2 is a hack n' slash dungeon crawler with a retro RPG finish and a nearly infinite level of character customization. From stats to equipment to character classes to creating your own hero, Cladun X2 promises an addicting experience that gamers new and old will fully enjoy.

    -Randomly generated dungeon maps
    -Fully customizable characters using an in-game paint app
    -Classic platformer-style action RPG

$20 full price and just now on a temp promotion at $15.99

Who knows, perhaps the original and any other number of other similar projects will also make the jump if this does well?  We can only hope...

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Harmonia Kickstarter
« on: August 13, 2012, 12:41:32 PM »

An online tactical RPG with a healthy dose of Roguelike and MUD sensibilities.

What is Harmonia?

Harmonia is an online tactical RPG, a fusion of the real-time strategy and roguelike genres. Think Shining Force + Warcraft + Nethack. Players command forces of one or more heroes and collaborate (or clash) as they battle, conquer, and explore.
Control a Band of Characters

Blending the social engagement of an MMO with the strategic interplay of a turn-based strategy game is no simple task, but that is the goal of the Harmonious engine. Gameplay will have the feel of an RTS like Starcraft but with greater emphasis on effective maneuvering and use of of individual units' skills. Though it is possible for players to adventure alone, they will quickly find that many areas cannot be traversed with a mere handful of units, and they must join forces to overcome the enemies that await them.
Eight Playable Classes

A force consists of characters composed from eight classes or mercenaries awarded during quests. To defeat their opponents, players must position their forces wisely when engaging in battle - protect the Archers, keep the Warriors on guard, use Knights to disrupt enemy front lines, attack the back ranks with mobile Birdsoldiers, and successfully manage the chaos on the battlefield while the opponent does the same. Complete quests, earn money, gather equipment, and gain experience to bolster your force. Unlock new player classes like the Dragon, Robot, or Lich by completing large zones.
Fully Moddable

Though there will be an official server with a unique storyline, setting, and characters, the Harmonious engine is designed for modding and players and developers alike will have the ability to run their own servers with completely different elements thanks to Harmonia's built-in scripting language.

Win/Linux initial demo available with Mac inbound ASAP when it can get wrangled, wide range of crazy platforms possible as per SDL's inherent sorcery, $15K initial goal.

Looks promising!   8)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / @Star Wars (now at v0.6a)
« on: August 09, 2012, 01:52:47 AM »

@Star Wars (alternatively, @Star Wars RL) is a roguelike set in the Star Wars galaxy. Windows downloads are regularly posted on the development blog. The source code is not currently publicly available. Development currently comes in large sweeps. Most version updates include over twenty significant changes.

    -D6 system.
    -Diverse species.
    -Skills that integrate well into the D6 system.
    -Coming 0.3b: backgrounds, more skills, natural skill progression, and more!

   -New skills: Carbines, Rifles, Unarmed Combat, and Sneak. Note that Blasters and Melee no longer provide general support to all ranged and melee weapons, respectively. Blasters skill now supports blaster pistols and Melee skill now supports every melee weapon that isn't your fist or fist-type weapons.
    -Made the experience system less convoluted.
    -All of the weapon skills (Unarmed Combat included) have a special effect now. The chance of this occurring increases with your weapon skill.
    -Armor on items is now properly displayed in the D6 format.
    -Attributes are now considerably higher at the beginning of the game. An average attribute is now 3D+0. Enemies have had their stats raised for balance.
    -Strength once again reduces the armor penalty.
    -All attributes now increase maximum HP by 2 per pip. Base hit points have been reduced to compensate.
    -The damage of all ranged weapons has been roughly doubled to account for all characters having much higher Strength than before.
    -Stimpacks heal for more.
    -There are now starting backgrounds. These are not the same as classes from previous editions of the game. Backgrounds determine your starting items and give you between 2 and 4 pips worth of skills. For example: the Smuggler background might start you out with a pistol, a stimpack, and a skill setup like 0D+2 Blasters and 0D+1 Dodge. The purpose of backgrounds is two-fold: it makes the game a tiny bit more Star War-sy and also makes the beginning of the game less random.
    -Skills no longer go up when you level up. Instead they follow their own progression path. If you want to get a high Dodge skill, you are going to need to get hit. If you want to earn Rifle skill, you'll need to kill stuff with a rifle.
    -One new item.
    -One new enemy that has more than one special ability.
    -Fixed a bug that made it so "weak point" damage didn't properly show up if you have combat information enabled. Related: slightly increased the amount of excess required to trigger a "weak point" bonus.
    -Set the inventory back to 26 total items. This might change again in the future, but for now it will help reduce inventory management.
    -Added some color to the skills page.
    -Sneaking and detection are now on the D6 system.

Well, it is an Alpha project----but talk about one with an especially meaty skeleton in places out from seemingly nowhere!   8)  The prior changelogs definitely sets the table for a great many things done thus far.

The dev also states:

All feedback is good feedback for the continued development of this project, but there's a couple things I'm really interested in right now:

    -Bugs! Please report any crashes and/or bugs ASAP!
    -How the D6 system "feels". How does it compare to the old "whatever the heck I felt like" system?
    -How the skill system "feels". It isn't done yet, but it is a good example of what you can expect future skills to be like. I'm also interested in ideas on how to make skill increasing feel "better" or more natural. I'm not a huge fan of it being based off of level-ups.
    -What does the balance feel like for you? Is there a species or item that is really overpowering? How about underpowered? The game is still in the alpha stage, so expect big balancing changes to come later on in beta. Still, if there's a few things that really stick out as problematic, I can adjust them now.

Definitely be interesting to see how this continues as apparently it was in planning and dev for over a year now and really began to hit a stride this past July---perhaps a Darkhorse candidate for ARRP 2012?

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / RogueTroid (now at
« on: August 03, 2012, 03:57:25 PM »

Placeholder name, but yeah.

Current partnership between Zack Bell and Sarge (Ryan Swarner).

Imagine Isaac and Metroid had a baby, this baby was then raised by people who think Spelunky is too hard.

We have been working on this project for 6 weeks, and planned it for two months before that.

Typical Metroidvania fare, but procedurally generated.  The game currently only has a small amount of enemies which aren't very exciting and one boss which you fight four times (each progressively harder than the last).

Future Features
- 100 zillion more badguys (or 20, whichever comes first)
- badguys that do stuff
- more bosses
- assortment of deadly weapons
- mini boss treasure rooms
- ambush locations
- environmental hazards
- quirky crew to belittle you when you can't jump so good
- and, you know, graphics and sounds and stuff
It is recommended that you use a controller if you have one.  We haven't refined our keyboard layout quite yet and are open to suggestions and feedback on the subject.

Left Stick -  Move Hero
A - Jump or Double Jump (if unlocked)
X - Travel Power (if unlocked) or back to starting zone from the Map Screen
Y - Screen Shot (will save screen shot in the same folder as game)
Right Trigger -  Shoot (up, down, left, right in direction of Left Stick)
Left Trigger - Fire Missile (if unlocked, 4 directions same as normal shot)
Back - Toggle Map Screen

arrows -  Move Hero
Z - Jump
X - Shoot (4 directional)
C - Fire Missile (4 directional)
V - Travel Power (if unlocked)
F9 - Screen Shot
M - Map Screen
F4 - Toggle Full Screen

359  Dev log thread

Hey guys, this game has been my pet project since early April now. It's a roguelike and it's loosely inspired by Demon's Souls and Dark Souls as well Brogue and DoomRL. The focus is on tactical combat. The central mechanic is the stamina system used for things like attacking, blocking and running.

The current version is intended as a sort of teaser and features 12 dungeon levels. Instructions can be found in the manual.txt inside the zip file. A custom tileset as well as mouse controls are planned for the final version.


-New healing system: dropped and purchased health flasks have been removed. instead you now have 1 health flask that can be used 4 times and gets refilled at every altar

-You can now return to the title screen from the character select menu
-Added yes/no question when quitting the game

-Fixed a crash bug related to monster level scaling
-Fixed several typos in the data files

That's a fine list of things to be inspired by----here's hoping dev remains lively and potent!   8)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Dark Gates (now at Release v1.1) $
« on: August 02, 2012, 11:09:23 PM »   $9.99 Alpha funding  Win/Mac/Linux and Linux64

Shadow ... it came so suddenly. Fear found his home and pour sadness to peoples hearts. It is a time where peoples forgot how the clear blue sky looks like. Those who did never spoke about it. They feared to offend an evil and mysterious force which found a home in darkness of underground tunnels. Peoples waited for a someone to challenge Dark Gates hidden deep within labyrinth of death.

If you ever played paper RPG Death Maze, Citadel of Blood or Labirynt Śmierci then you already know this game. DG is a tribute to this RPG (three names but game the same). In Dark Gates you lead your team of 6 heroes into dungeon where they will fight their way through in order to destroy Dark Gates and evil mage who is the master of the dungeon. Main feature of the game is dungeon itself. This is no predefined layout and every time you play, map is always different. Dungeon creates itself as you play. In your quest you will find monsters, magical items, trap, puzzles and treasures. Glory awaits one who destroys Dark Gates and evil mage. Game is in alpha stage, lot's of stuff missing or not working as intended.

Free demo of this same version also available, but it won't be updated per se in terms of if you actually buy into it.

0.2.0 Changelog

New: Art for Skeleton, Black Knight, Sorcerer, Phantom, Medusa, Gargoyle
New: Defensive spells while in fight (Heal, Blessing, Magic Armour, Strength, Magic Shield)
New: Spells for Monsters (Unnamed, Sorcerer)
New: Background music for menu, main game & battle
New: Sound effects
New: In fight phase indicator(text)
Change: Credits menu.
Bugfix: Damage animation taken from traps is more constant.
Bugfix: Selection in team stats menu is being cleared on re-entry.
Bugfix: Screen is not being redrawn after a fight with a 'friendly' monster
Bugfix: Game now will finally play without a sound card or when sound somehow is broken in the system

Alpha funding is there to make sure that Dark Gates can be finally released and provide a quality content. So what to expect in near future from DG ?

    -I have planned a "save system", static maps support and with static maps support maybe some online leaderboards,
    -Map editor for fully and semi static maps, "save team" - where you can choose previously assembled teams and more,
    -Support for more languages
    -Finishing, refining all the missing art and animations.

Bare in mind that those are plans and please don't take them for granted but still this is the stuff that i want to include in this game either as a part of the official release or some post release DLC.

Video communicates the gist of it OK---essentially various Roguelike sensibilities with a grid combat system that works something like the Lufia games and other tactical classics.

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