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Announcements / Bloatcrawl 2 (now at v2.2)
« on: January 08, 2020, 12:54:12 PM »  Win/Mac/Online

Bloatcrawl 2 is a fork of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (github). If you aren't familiar with the base game this fork probably won't make any sense.

New Species

    Argon tile Argons are, unlike most other living beings, made of gas. They can only gain resistances by levelling up.
    Strange beings from beyond the stars, Astrals cannot gain resistances to magic or the elements. Their attacks inflict powerful debuffs on beings from this world.
    Bunyip tile Bunyips are strange, black, oily creatures that live in billabongs. They swim well but cannot call on divine powers or wear armour.
    Butterfly tile Cute Butterflies will stop at nothing to obtain the Orb. Monsters turn neutral when they first see you.
    Dab Dwarves have perfected the ancient art of dabbing. They can dab on multiple creatures at once and may even daze their foes with the power of their dab.
    Ember Elves have depleted magical reserves, but regenerate magical power quickly. As they develop, their magic becomes more powerful but harder to control.
    Faerie Dragon tile Faerie Dragons are attuned to magic and their spells cost fewer magic points. Their shimmering scales repel attacks and their wings let them fly.
    Flans are gelatinous and slightly corrosive beings. Their fluid shape lets them fit easily into any body armour, but they cannot wear other armour types.
    Fungoid tile Fungoids are mushroomy humanoids with roots instead of feet. They cannot move when monsters are around, but release confusing spores at enemies when they attack.
    Gnomes are small creatures who are highly attuned with the earth. They are skilled in the use of magical devices and ranged weaponry.
    Hedgehog tile Rolling around at the speed of sound, Hedgehogs have got places to go and gotta follow their rainbow.
    Hermit Crab tile Hermit Crabs: These clever crustaceans move into larger shells over time. If their shell is broken in an attack, they can usually escape and find a smaller replacement.
    Irits are magical, brutish one-eyed humanoids. They are adept at casting spells in heavy armour, although it costs them life force to do so.
    Kitsune are enthralling fox spirits that take on human shapes. They are poor at most skills and frailer than humans, but can charm their foes.
    Leprechaun tile Leprechauns are small and frail but versatile. Their intrinsic luck gives them a knack for finding better items.
    Mayflytaur tile Half insect, half human, Mayflytaurs have incredibly short lifespans but have evolved to be exceptionally overpowered in just about every imaginable way.
    Strange phantoms summoned from the mirror world, Mirror Eidola rapidly fade away. They must slay other creatures and take their energy to stay in this plane.
    Oni tile Oni are monstrous in nature with the rough appearance of Ogres, albeit smaller. They discover spells as they gain experience and ignore schools of magic.
    Deeper than a Deep Elf and twice as elven, Profound Elves are extremely frail magical experts.
    Protean tile Proteans are a race of vaguely humanoid amoebas. They grow in health and size as they mutate.
    Quill orcs love to read and hate close combat. They read books and scrolls at an uncanny pace.
    Ratlings are verminous humanoids that mature at an incredible pace, but learn very slowly. They have an affinity for poison magic.
    Robot tile Robots are metallic humanoids crafted by Dwarves. They break equipment when uninstalling it and have a poor grasp of religion, but can shoot lasers.
    Shapeshifter tile Shapeshifters imitate monsters around them to an uncanny degree. They cannot control their shifting, and are only rarely seen in their true form.
    Silent Spectre tile Silent Spectres are terrible spirits that bring an unearthly silence to the area around them, preventing spell casting, divine invocations and even reading scrolls.
    Slitherier Naga tile Slitherier Nagas are offbrand Nagas, and about twice as much everything. Extremely healthy, extremely stealthy, extremely big, and excruciatingly slow.
    Less dextrous than other elves, Squat Elves have mastered the art of the power squat. They use this ability to enhance their strength and intelligence.
    Turtle tile Turtles are hard-shelled warriors trained in the arts of ninjutsu. They fight evil wherever it can be found and follow a strict honour code.
    Deeper than deep, Unfathomable Dwarves cannot heal even through divine means. However, they have adapted to heal on kills and brew ambrosia potions from leftover life essence.
    Unipode tile Unipodes are distantly related to Octopodes, but have a single tentacle instead of eight. They can only wear one ring and cannot use two-handed weapons.
    The permanently baked Weed Elves aren't quite as smart or nimble as other elves, but they are still skilled at magic. They trail smoke wherever they go.
    Xeno Elves are strange insectoid elves from a distant land. Their magical efficiency is far better than most species, but their magic drains when moving near enemies.
    Yeti tile Yeti are large, seldom-seen creatures that live on frozen mountain peaks. Sufficiently mature Yeti passively freeze adjacent foes.
    Zodach tile Zodach are the burnt-out remnants of a decayed celestial species. Nearby monsters are drawn in by their immense gravitas.

New Backgrounds

    Alchemist tile Alchemists bring some homebrewed potions and a very special hat on their dungeon adventure.
    Anarchist tile No Kings, No Rulers (maybe a god though). Anarchists are bent on dismantling the dungeon hierarchy with rocks and explosives.
    Archaeologist tile Thoroughly inept at fighting but well dressed, Archaeologists enter the dungeon looking to cast light over the origins of ancient relics.
    Aspirant tile Aspirants are novices at magic who have acquired books of powerful magic. They hope to one day master the spells within.
    Billionaire tile When the revolution comes, some Billionaires flee the surface and enter the dungeon with a fraction of their hoarded wealth.
    Blood Knight tile Servants of the demon god Makhleb, Blood Knights begin with moderate skill in combat and quickly learn to harness Makhleb's destructive power.
    Bound tile Bound serve Ashenzari, the god of curses, and begin their journey partially bound with cursed equipment.
    Caveperson tile Cavepeople start with exceptional strength but, unfortunately, neolithic weapons.
    Chaincaster tile Lots of people wish they could cast spells in heavy armour. Chaincasters do something about it.
    Dancer tile Dancers have left their friends behind and entered the dungeon in service of Uskayaw. They have few combat skills but are quite good at evading attacks.
    Death Bishop tile Pontiffs of Yredelemnul, Death Bishops carry an unholy staff and use the pain spell in service of their evil god.
    Deprived tile Deprived start with nothing but a ration and almost no skills. Survival may prove... difficult.
    Derserker tile Derserkers are ex-berserkers, who ran off with excellent weapons. Now, they must face Trog's terrible wrath.
    Disciple tile Disciples follow the Wu Jian Council and begin the game with a good weapon.
    Doctor tile Doctor: Medical professionals from the surface occasionally enter the dungeon. They follow the healer god Elyvilon.
    Entomologist tile Entomologists study insects and related creatures. They bring along a net and a sack of spiders, and can also summon butterflies.
    Fencer tile Incredibly dextrous, Fencers enter the dungeon with a rapier, fencer's gloves, and an amulet of the acrobat.
    Gambler tile Gambler: Followers of Nemelex Xobeh who have lost everything in a run of bad luck sometimes venture into the Dungeon. They'll need Nemelex's help to turn things around.
    Gardener tile Gardeners worship Fedhas Madash and enter the dungeon to grow shrooms.
    Gonger tile Gongers gong. They gong real loud.
    Hermit tile Followers of Ru, Hermits renounce the world and follow the path of asceticism.
    Inheritor tile Inheritors worship Hepliaklqana. The spirit of their ancestor follows them to the dungeon, and given their lack of skills they may need to rely on it.
    Kikumancer tile Kikumancers are like Necromancers, but they worship the god of necromancy instead of starting with a book of spells.
    Librarian tile Librarians come to the Dungeon in search of new books for their collection. They serve Sif Muna the Loreminder and bring a random book along with them.
    Merchant tile Merchants are followers of Gozag. Whether newly established or unsuccessful on the surface world, they enter the Dungeon desperate for a source of income.
    Meteorologist tile Meteorologists predict the weather and carry around some handy evocable items to make their predictions come true.
    Misfortunate tile The Misfortunate received an unlucky robe from some shady source. Perhaps the robe attracted them to the dungeon for some reason?
    Neckbeard tile Neckbeards come to the Dungeon from their moms' basements with a cape, a fedora, a rusty katana and the ability to teleport behind you (nothing personal, kid).
    Night Knight tile Night Knights follow the shadowy god Dithmenos. They begin lightly armoured but with good stealth.
    Overseer tile Overseers can summon lesser demonic slaves, and eventually even call forth a limb of their true patron. What they traded for this power is unknown.
    Paladin tile Paladin: Worshippers of The Shining One, these holy warriors fall down a lot.
    Philosophers tile Philosophers bring their thinking hat to the dungeon, but not much else in the way of useful items.
    Ronin tile Ronin are wandering warriors. They start with simple weapons and gain a little additional piety with the first god they worship.
    Slime Priest tile Slime Priests follow Jiyva, the slime god. They enter the dungeon already mutated by their deity's power but with only a small amount of divine favor.
    Sniper tile Highly accurate users of ranged weaponry, Snipers wear amulets of harm to boost their damage capabilities.
    Soothslayer tile Soothslayers are battlemages who begin with a variety of simple magic in addition to their weapon.
    Soothslayer tile Stalkers are assassins who have some aptitude in the use of poison magic.
    Storm Cleric tile Storm Clerics spread destruction in the name of Qazlal.
    Torpor Knight tile Torpor Knights follow Cheibriados and wear heavy, ponderous armour to gain their god's favour more quickly.
    Uncle tile Uncles search the dungeon for their lost nephews.
    Understudy tile It's opening night for "The Orb of Zot" and the hero is sick! The Understudy must learn their role quickly if they want to make it through the final act.
    Warrior tile Warriors are followers of Okawaru who bring a variety of equipment to the dungeon.
    Witness tile Have you heard the good news of Beogh? Witnesses have.
    Zinja tile Zinjas worship Zin and very stealthily recite the Aixoms of Law.

Other New Stuff

    Dab at any time with the p key.
    Game Modifiers: Select game modifiers when starting a new game. Play any species as a mummy. Remove rune locks. Etcetera.
    Air Horn tile Unleash the elemental power of sound with the Air Horn evocable.
    Be careful in Pandemonium lest you disturb THE GIAGGOSTUONO, a hecka big dinosaur thing that breathes fire and shoots lasers from its eyes. Its hard skin is nearly indestructible.


    Reduce piety for Zodach sacrificing love
    Improve messaging for Kitsun'e charm
    Add ghost undead type for Silent Spectre and Mirror Eidolon
    Forbid fencer background if you can't wear gloves

Bug Fixes

    Fix Mirror Eidolon fade out death message
    Correct transformation suppression for a lot of new Bloatcrawl mutations
    Add descriptions for Air Horn and archaeologist items
    Prevent Angel Ronin Monk
    Fix some species restrictions which weren't working


    Let tiny species wear robes
    Buff Bunyip

Bug fixes

    Don't equip Fencer's Gloves at game start for Fencers who are too small (eg Protean)
    Fix rune lock game modifier selection in webtiles
    Make Leprechauns actually lucky
    Stop making random new games shapeshifters
    Don't lose Ru sacrifice when shapeshifting
    Allow player zombies to always eat chunks

Announcements / Ternebrae et More (now at Alpha 3.0)
« on: August 13, 2019, 11:46:50 AM »  Win

A roguelike in the spirit of Nethack, explore the dungeon underneath an Italian villa in the 15th century. The condottiero Perin Nazana has gone mad, locking himself in his massive dungeon containing vast treasure and deadly foes.

Build your character and adventure through over 30 levels.
Who are you?

Live your character's life before your journey into the dungeon. Choose a background and stat, then live your character's life 5 years at a time. Follow the path of a peasant turned soldier, or choose a life of contemplation and prayer. Be a craftsman, an alchemist, a knight, an inquisitor. Your choices decide your skills, and your skills protect you through the dungeon!
What do you do?

Choose your approach. Kill any in your way, or charm your way through the dungeon. Craft deadly potions as an alchemist, convert hostile foes as a priest, or bribe those foes as a merchant. Gather a group of protectors or finish it solo. Use magic, might, charm, or money to reach Perin!
What's to come?

More monsters, more loot, more magic! In short, more content and challenges to overcome.

The current version of the game is an "alpha" version: beatable, nearly feature complete, somewhat untested. This is currently a Windows only game, though macOS and Linux are certainly possible in the future.
Hardware requirements

    A PC built in the last 20 years
    A keyboard and mouse

Announcements / Demon (Alpha 10/27/19)
« on: July 22, 2019, 12:20:45 PM »  Win/Mac/Linux


In Demon, you play as a Summoner who has donned one of several relics capable of binding and summoning demons. But in return, each relic compels its bearer to enter a mysterious tower from which no Summoners seem to return...

Starting with only a few meager powers and a weak demon ally bound to your relic, you must climb the tower, recruiting stronger demons and learning new skills in order to survive.

Though each relic is powerful, they still have limits: They only allow you to command - not directly control - the demons you encounter, and the powers you can acquire from these allies will never eclipse those of the mightiest demons within the tower. Without powerful, well-chosen allies and clever use of the abilities learned from them, there will be no chance of survival...


(specifics on content amounts reflect current content as of 7/21/2019, not final goals)

    The 23 floor tower awaits you, its layout generated anew each game.
    Over 150 different demons to recruit and summon as allies.
    More than 700 different abilities you and your demon allies can learn.
    Rich, detailed in-game descriptions drawn from real world mythology for each demon.

Over 6 months in the making, the first release build featuring the new Soul Brand mechanic is out the door!

Soul Brands are a new type of item you can find in the Tower and connected dimensions, functioning similarly to equipment in other roguelikes. Once you find a Soul Brand, you may spend a small Credits to apply it to yourself or an ally. One Brand may be applied any number of times, provided you're willing to spend the Credits.

Brands always have at least a positive effect, but may also have negative effects, or conditions that restrict their usage. Even these penalties and conditions have an upside though: each one increases the power of the Brand's positive effects considerably!

You can refine your use of this new power with new Relic Upgrades that interact with Brands: Refine Brand can increase a Brand's level (and thus its power), Scan Brand will let you swipe a copy of a Brand an enemy is using, and Create Brand will let you sacrifice demons to create new, somewhat customized Brands.

But beware: your enemies have also received this new power. Even stray demons may have a Brand, and demons wielded by enemy summoners are certain to utilize them, to say nothing of the summoners themselves.

The Tower beckons once more, brimming with new power. Good luck to you all... you will need it more than ever, now.

( Thank you to Zyalin for providing the awesome fan art used in this post! )

Announcements / Pearls of Wisdom (now at v1.0.0)
« on: July 06, 2019, 11:21:13 AM »   Win/Mac/Linux/Source

You play an adventurer, exploring levels, fighting monsters, and collecting items. The goal is to collect the eight pearls of wisdom, each one guarded by a monster deep in a dungeon.

    Five character classes.
    You can have a pet, and either control it yourself, or let the computer auto-play it.
    Smart pickup and optimization of equipment.
    Socketed items allow you to customize your weapons and armor.
    Ranged weapons and spells.
    Stores (but they don't buy items, so you don't need to worry about keeping useless items for gold).
    Variety of level styles using different procedural generation algorithms.
    World layout and levels are different every game, but there are fixed bosses and artifacts.
    No permadeath; games are saved when resting in an inn.
    Graphical interface, can be resized and use different fonts.
    Keyboard control only. Keyset inspired by Angband, but simplified.
    In-game help.


Game changes

    groups of monsters
    smarter pet AI
    player can feed potions to pets
    have to return pearls to pearl room
    players have reasonable starting equipment
    tuning of spells, item pricing, stats

UI improvements

    more names for auto name generator
    auto equipment optimization/pickup
    smarter running
    updated instructions in readme

Window system refactored

    window UI is more consistent
    may be resized
    different fonts/sizes possible

Announcements / FreeLarn Now at SPIRIT NAGA
« on: May 25, 2019, 05:00:47 PM »   Win/mac/Linux/Source

FreeLarn was first released in 2017 by Gibbon.

FreeLarn was the culmination of over 2 years of work to rewrite Larn (12.4.4) sufficiently to re-license it under a free software license.

A few features which are unique to FreeLarn:

    The Great Lance of Death is replaced with the Great Sword of Death (because a Lance isn't a very fearsome weapon).
    Additions of a Prayer Book, a Ghani Statue, Candles and a Fire Tunic which each have their uses and to build upon the thin religious layer that wasn't developed in the original Larn (only altars, praying etc..).
    The Volcano is replaced with the Temple of Larn (because nobody slips into a trap door under a Volcano)
    The doors of the Temple of Larn will burn the player unless a Fire Tunic is equipped.
    Randomized mazes each time a player leaves and re-enters a level.
    Known mazes will become unknown upon loading a saved game (for difficulty and to prevent cheating).
    Hunger has been added to increase realism and difficulty but without irritating the player too much.

Platforms and versions

FreeLarn runs on most UNIX/UNIX-Like systems and on Windows. The game is architecture independent and can be compiled on ARM, x86 and x64 (and probably others).

After a 14 month hiatus, FreeLarn gets another release. Once again, full of improvements, stability and bug fixes:

    Removed showing spells when reading a Prayer Book and replaced with
    suitable alternative text and benefits.
    Fixed death text and integer for starving to death.
    Modified death texts to make sense after 'killed by' sentence.
    Removed more redundant C-style ints.
    Removed aur Makefile.
    Removed JsonCPP and replaced with an MIT ConfigReader
    Author credited and License is added in 'docs'.
    Removed 'json' folder and added config header in 'config'.
    Renamed fl_config.json to fl_config.cfg.
    Fixed a bug for the maze generation where the player would
    always spawn next to a mob room.
    Fixed a bug where the opening of the door text would overlap
    the 'LVL' field on the text drawing area.

This release comes on multiple architectures and operating systems, see below:

Choose this if you are on an original RaspberryPi (also RPI2/3) or another ARM system (it's backwards compatible).
Choose this if you're on a mac (10.10+).

Choose this if you are using the MIPS64 system.

Choose this if you are using a modern POWER8 or higher system (PowerPC64 little endian).

Choose this if you are on a 64bit GNU/Linux system (Ubuntu 19.04 for example).
Choose this if you are on 64bit Windows.

Except the Windows and macOS builds, if you are unsure, use 'file freelarn' on the binary to get the full details of the architecture it's built against.


Announcements / Lost Labyrinth DX (now at v1.6.0 Djinni)
« on: April 17, 2019, 09:08:54 PM »   Win/Linux

What is it?
Lost Labyrinth is a coffeebreak dungeon crawling game!

Compared to other games of its kind it has the following features:

    Relatively short gameplay (between 10-40 Minutes)
    Very high replayability because everything is created at random!
    Over 113 unique traits to choose from (every player needs another tactic!)
    More than 266 unique magical spells, skills and abilities
    No experience gain for killing monsters (only for reaching new levels!)
    Classic roguelike graphics agumented with modern xBRZ algorithms for high resolution rendering
    Smooth scrolling
    Control with mouse and keyboard
    Portable versions across Windows, Macintosh and Linux

Lost Labyrinth DX is a modern remake of the classic Lost Labyrinth dungeon-crawling roguelike. It aims to keep the unique feature rich mechanics of the original Lost Labyrinth game with new features and enhancements. The original game can be found at
Lost Labyrinth was originally written in BlitzBasic and then ported to PureBasic. Now the game is completely rewritten from scratch in C++ and uses SDL2 along with new algorithms like xBRZ to scale old pixel graphics for modern HD screens. The game is now optimized for modern operating systems and hardware whithout all the legacy issues of the old game.

In addition the enhanced edition of the game features numerous new traits, spells, items, monsters and a lot of other new game content. Including everything from the Extended Edition of the original game! Lost Labyrinth DX is created by one of the developers of the original game and is completely free.

New Feature: New trait: High Magic (2 CP: Unlocks spells from the High Magic school of magic)
    New Feature: New trait: Old Gods (1 CP: Gives +50 Cold Resistance and doubles Eye of Udjat bonus)
    New Feature: New trait: Paladin (2 CP: Gives +40 Undead Lore, Fear Immunity and regain 1 life and mana on killing undead)
    New Feature: New trait: Dragon Slayer (1 CP: Gives +40 Dragon Lore, Fear Immunity and awards gold on killing dragons)
    New Feature: New trait: Step-Up (2 CP: Destroying enemies in melee combat does not end the turn)
    New Feature: New trait: One-Eyed (-1 CP: Gives -5 Perception and halves ranged hit chance and ranged dodge)
    New Feature: New trait: Shield Bash (1 CP: Block Chance is added to Melee damage bonus and can push enemies with melee)
    New Feature: New trait: Blacksmithing (2 CP: Can repair weapons and armour plus enchant weapons with gems)
    New Feature: New trait: Arachnophobia (-1 CP: Halves hit chance vs spiders and cannot sneak past them)
    New Feature: New trait: Necrophobia (-2 CP: Halves hit chance vs undead and cannot sneak past them)
    New Feature: Added remaining health and armour bars for enemies who are injured
    New Feature: Added 10 new magical potion effects
    New Feature: Added new Water Magic spell: Conjure Water Elemental
    New Feature: Added 12 new unique magical effects for weapons (e.g glow in dark or dragon slaying)
    New Feature: Added 14 magical weapons with special abilities
    New Feature: Added 8 new randomizable weapons and 1 new magic robe
    New Feature: Added a new monster: The Spellforged Golem
    New Feature: Added a new room: The Forgotten Forge (repair items and Blacksmiths create a free weapon)
    UPDATE: Active buff/debuff icons on top of creatures is now only drawn on monsters
    UPDATE: Pick Pocket now displays visual cue of what item was stolen
    UPDATE: Improved tooltips of various traits and spells
    UPDATE: The Visions trait now gives +1 random Lore bonus on using the Sanctum (max once per level)
    UPDATE: Reworked how damage resistances worked (resistances above 50 give logarithmic damage reduction up to 90%)
    UPDATE: Spell Scrolls are now less likely to contain higher level magic
    UPDATE: New and improved icons for various spells and abilities
    UPDATE: The Fear spell will now also apply a debuff reducing attack, block and spell cast chance by 25%
    UPDATE: Paralysis and Blindness will now also severely reduce the block chance with shields
    UPDATE: Several monsters have now learned the Fear spell!
    UPDATE: Goblin Shamans are now less likely to drop rare treasure
    UPDATE: The Bravery spell now provides immunity against Fear
    UPDATE: Added animation when grabbing items lying around on the floor
    UPDATE: Players can now get stuck in Pit Traps without Climbing, Flying or Escape Artist (50% chance to escape)
    UPDATE: Thaumaturugy no longer starts with Ancient or Legendary Wands, Staves or Rods.
    UPDATE: Equipping items now costs 35 energy
    UPDATE: Reduced damage taken from monsters who explode on death
    UPDATE: Reduced damage taken from advanced pit traps
    UPDATE: Selling equipment to a merchant will now also repair the item
    UPDATE: Selling potions to a merchant will now identify what kind of potion you just sold
    UPDATE: Curse of Seth and Mana Void now also affects summoned creatures
    UPDATE: A message is now displayed if healing fails due to the Curse of Hex
    UPDATE: Any active effects end at the start of your next turn instead of the end of your previous turn
    UPDATE: Protection from Petrification can now be cast on friendlies and will also dispel any ongoing petrification
    UPDATE: Reworked Petrification: No longer instant-death effect but skips your turns and deals damage over time.
    UPDATE: Death Gaze is no longer an instant death effect, but instead deals 50% of max life in damage
    UPDATE: Fire Lance deals less damage but also costs less mana
    UPDATE: Ambushes will never happen more than once every 10 rounds
    UPDATE: The Sturdy trait no longer reduces bleed damage to 0
    UPDATE: Damage reduction now has a chance to reduce 1 damage to 0 (e.g 33% reduction has 1/3 chance to ignore damage)
    UPDATE: Aura of Fire will now burn away sticky webs
    UPDATE: Traits for current character is now displayed in the ability screen
    UPDATE: Poison Protection spell now costs 3 mana instead of 5
    UPDATE: Increased duration of various beneficial spells
    UPDATE: Waterdrops now restore 20 instead of 10 hydration
    UPDATE: Base carry capacity increased from 50 to 75
    UPDATE: Base spell casting chance increased from 25 to 50
    UPDATE: Weapons are now less likely to break
    UPDATE: Rebalanced various low-level monsters to have less attack
    FIX: Monsters spawning without full armour recovered
    FIX: Fear will now scare away from the casters location instead of from the current tile we are standing on
    FIX: Incorrect message displayed on Counter-Attack
    FIX: Item description tooltips will now automatically resize if needed
    FIX: Possible crash bug on exit
    FIX: Negative perception no longer reduces light radius by less than 1 square
    FIX: Some incorrect estimations for spell mana cost
    FIX: Bug causing shovels to always have only 1 durability
    FIX: Waterskin not losing durability when used
    FIX: Numerous monsters not using their ranged abilities or spells
    FIX: Transparency issues with various monster sprites
    FIX: Non-flying creatures are now properly rendered when submerged in water
    FIX: Rune traps having little or no effect when encountered at very low levels
    FIX: Possible crash bug on triggering a rune trap
    FIX: Crash bug on drinking a full mana restoration potion
    FIX: Web throw animation not working
    FIX: Fire Aura actually melts Ice Blocks now
    FIX: Incorrect sorting in high score
    FIX: Extra whitespace appearing on newlines
    FIX: Bleeding damage now correctly bypasses armour
    FIX: Summon Satyr destroying the tile it was cast on
    FIX: Stutter in Second Wind animation

Announcements / bcrawl (now at v1.17.1)
« on: December 13, 2018, 01:57:34 PM »

bcrawl is a fork of X-Crawl, which is a fork of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

Changes from Vanilla Crawl

    Traps are not placed in the first 3 floors of the Dungeon.
    Dungeon is shortened to 12 floors.
    Vaults does not require any runes to enter.
    Vaults is shortened to 3 floors.
    Lair Branches (Swamp, Spider, Snake, Shoals) are shortened to 3 floors.
    Crypt is shortened to 2 floors.
    Orc is shortened to 1 floor.


    Venom Mage, Arcane Marksman, and Warper are completely reworked.
    Reaver is a melee background that starts the game worshipping Vehumet.
    Archaeologists start with a crate and a dusty tome. The tome reveals itself to be a random skill manual at XL 3, and when the manual is finished, the crate unlocks and gives the player a related artifact.
    Necromancers start with Bolt of Draining.
    'Assassin' has been renamed to 'Rogue'.
    v1.1: Skalds have a reworked Ozocubu's Armour instead of Shroud of Golubria.


    All items are automatically identified if the player has a rune.
    v1.1.1: Like in mainline DCSS, all traps are revealed, but there are no trap effects from exploration.
    v1.3: To replace traps, when taking stairs there's a 4% chance of being teleported onto the lower floor.

Balance Changes

    The Paralyse spell duration is reduced to 2-4 turns.
    Long Blades now give +SH instead of a chance to riposte.

New Items

    The 'Ring of Insulation' gives rElec.
    Iron Dragons may drop 'Iron Dragon Scales' on death.
    The unrandarts the scimitar of Flaming Death and the dagger of Chilly Death have returned.
    The 'Fists of Thunder' unrandart gives electric-branded unarmed attacks.
    Scarf of Stasis

Changed Items

    Missiles are always lost when fired, and have a proportionately higher spawn rate.
    Morningstars and Eveningstars are 2-handed for small species.
    Potions of mutation are more common.
    Centaur and Naga bardings have been merged.
    Staves of Earth have a +3 AC bonus.
    v1.1: Players can use a Wand of Polymorph on themselves repeatedly.

Removed Items

    Amulets of Harm
    Needles of Sleeping
    Scrolls of Random Uselessness

New Species

    Fairy has great magic aptitudes, -1 MP costs on all spells, bonus defenses, and can't wear armour.
    Sand Dwarf is small, slow, and has no spellcasting penalty in armour.
    Oni can't learn spells from books, instead gaining random spells every 2 XL. All Oni spells only use the Spellcasting skill.
    Duskwalker gains the Nightstalker mutation, has draining melee attacks, and has half the stealth penalty from armour.
    Halflings have been merged into Kobolds.
    Deep Elves and Tengu have been merged into Avariel, winged elves with good aptitudes for magic.
    Hill Orcs now use Fighting as their skill for all weapons.

Species Changes

    Humans have +1 to most aptitudes.
    Mummies have Clarity, so they can't be confused.
    Formicids can wield giant clubs, but can't use a shield with them.
    Ogres have a +2 Maces & Flails aptitude.
    Vine Stalkers start with Regeneration 1.
    Demigod's XP modifier is -1.
    Felids and Octopodes can wear scarves.

New Spells

    Summon Scorpions summons one group of 1-4 scorpions.
    Shackle prevents enemy movement.
    False Image is a summon that blocks while you shoot through it.
    Blink Other blinks enemies.
    Piercing Shot adds the penetration brand to a ranged weapon.

Spell Changes

    At high spell power, transformations now last forever.
    Inner Flame doesn't check magic resistance.
    Corona has a higher accuracy bonus.
    Yara's Violent Unravelling is level 4.
    Summon Lightning Spire is level 5.
    Poisonous Vapours lasts longer at high power.
    Poison Arrow is more common and less resistible.
    Bolt of Cold and Throw Frost have +1 range.
    Lightning Bolt has better accuracy.
    v1.1: Ozocubu's Armour now works with any armour and freezes melee attackers, but only lasts a few turns and gives a smaller AC bonus.
    v1.3.1: Lee's Rapid Deconstruction can break rock and stone walls, but not metal walls.

Removed Spells

    Summon Guardian Golem
    Gell's Gravitas
    Excruciating Wounds


    Ashenzari now curses items for free, but uncursing items loses a large amount of piety.
    Qazlal's Upheaval has a much lower piety cost.
    Makhleb's Major Destruction is now more powerful.
    Lugonu appears in the Temple.
    Yredelemnul allows Statue Form and worship from Gargoyles.
    v1.1: Wu Jian is reworked: abilities require less piety, Serpent's Lash only costs drain (scaling down with piety), Whirlwind does full dmg but only pins with Serpent's Lash, and Heavenly Storm starts out weaker but costs much less piety.
    v1.2: Fedhas is reworked: piety is gained by killing natural and undead monsters, and abilities cost piety instead of rations.
    v1.3: Sif Muna has faster piety gain.


    Ijyb always has a Polymorph wand, and gets a sling and branded dagger.
    The monster spell 'Twisted Resurrection' has been removed. Deep Elf Death mages now get the spell 'Haunt'.
    Hornets don't Paralyse anymore.
    Naga Mages and Nagarajas have the 'Dimensional Anchor' spell that stops the player from Teleporting.
    Death Drakes may spawn in Swamp.
    The new 'Orb Demon' enemy appears in Zot.
    New monster spell: Freezing Blast, a cold equivalent to fireball that Frost Giants and Wizards can cast.
    Xtahua's breath now applies fire vulnerability.
    Xtahua now drops the +8 fire dragon scales of Xtahua {rF+++ rC- MR+} when he drops a corpse.
    v1.3.1: Harold has Bolt of Fire, Blink, a branded trident, and a shield.

Announcements / Brogue (now at v1.7.5)
« on: September 26, 2018, 12:07:24 PM »  Win/Mac/Linux Source

It is my pleasure to announce the release of Brogue v1.7.5. Downloads, screenshots, a forum and a wiki can be found at the Brogue website.

New with v1.7.5:

New content:

Added a new key room.

Gameplay changes:

Overhauled the searching system to eliminate unpleasant “search-walking.” Searching now requires five turns in a row, and when completed, will reveal all traps and secret doors in visible tiles up to 10 spaces away and some such secrets up to 20 spaces away. Like auto-resting, searching is interrupted by certain events, but can be resumed without penalty. Monsters can notice you from twice as far away during searching. Automatic searching that occurs with each turn (including when enhanced by the Ring of Awareness) will occur only once per location, so lingering on a space will not reveal additional secrets. Allies and wands of empowerment are much less common, and powerful allies (ogres, trolls and naga) appear on deeper depths. Maces and hammers knock your opponent backward one space when they hit, as do ogres and monsters with the juggernaut mutation. Spears and war pikes will attack from two spaces away. Allies will try to stay within four spaces of you except when you’re resting or searching, and they won’t try to flee out of combat with faster enemies. Wands of empowerment provide less of a boost to creatures’ health, defense, damage and accuracy, but creatures that regenerate at all will regenerate faster (to a limit of 1 health per two turns). Hunting monsters have a 3% chance to lose track of you for each turn they spend outside of your stealth range. Added some monster classes (used by armor of immunity and weapons of slaying), and completed some classes that were missing some thematically appropriate monsters. Captors won’t attack captive golems, nor will poisonous captors attack their captives. Phoenix eggs are immune to weapons. Lumenstones will stack with other lumenstones from the same depth without taking inventory space. Aggravate Monster scrolls and alarm traps will cause affected enemies to rush the player, even if they normally maintain distance or avoid corridors. “Pure mage” feat is not failed by attacking a monster that you can’t see (e.g. a phantom or a submerged eel, unless you are telepathic).

Interface changes:

Auto-rest is interrupted if harmful or obstructive terrain appears or disappears in any of the four spaces next to the player. For example, the auto-rest command can be used to wait until adjacent fire extinguishes, or adjacent gas dissipates, or adjacent obstruction crystals dissolve. Items will keep the same inventory letter when picked up a second time, unless the letter has been taken. Lumenstones stack only with other lumenstones from the same depth. Confirmation is required before voluntarily entering paralysis or confusion gas. Charms of shattering describe their radius. Staffs whose max charges but not current charges have been identified will describe their recharge rate.


Converted all floating point math that can substantively affect gameplay into fixed point to increase portability of saved games and recordings between platforms. Fixed a bug that prevented monsters and allies from casting discord unless the target would also have been a valid negation target. Fixed inaccuracy in the description of transference rings. Fixed a longstanding bug that would rarely cause items to generate inside of walls. Fixed a bug that unsettlingly caused resurrected allies to keep burning if they were burning when they died. Fixed a bug that allowed a seizing monster (krakens or bog monsters) to maintain their grip around a corner that obstructed melee attacks. Fixed a bug that caused allies in the grip of a seizing monster to stop attacking and give up when the player was more than 11 spaces away. Fixed a bug that permitted monsters to be polymorphed into phoenixes (which would not drop eggs when they died) or mangrove dryads (which would be unable to attack the player effectively). Fixed a bug that permitted salamanders’ whip-like attack pattern to be negated. Fixed a bug that caused enchanted whips to be disproportionately likely to be runic relative to comparable weapons. Fixed items and creatures burning up when they land on a temporary hole in a lava field created by descent or pit bloat. Fixed creatures fleeing over sanctuary glyphs. Fixed more causes of “out of sync” errors. Fixed a bug that let monsters drop items on steam vents. Fixed a bug that would prevent auto-ID of commuted rings of known enchantment level but unknown type. Fixed a bug that allowed some good runic weapons to be commuted to +0 or lower without losing the runic ability. Fixed a bug that prevented allied krakens from learning from flying enemies.

Events and News / ARRP 2018 achieved stealth mastery
« on: September 16, 2018, 12:11:31 PM »
Last year was a harbinger, but it would seem this year may well indeed truly mark it being wholly usurped by 7DRL.   :-\

Announcements / Pocket Realms (now at v1.0) $
« on: April 08, 2018, 12:28:41 PM »  $1  Win/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android    Demo available

Inspired by classics in the Roguelike genre, Pocket Realms is a game that will test your cunning and determination as you battle hordes of monsters, evade deadly traps, and make your way to the heart of the randomly-generated Dungeon of Doom. Only the bravest will be able to reach the untold treasures at the bottom...

The full versions of the game also come with all 40 character classes unlocked from the start.


    40 quirky character classes, each with their own special abilities and play-styles
    Over 260 unique enemy types to battle
    Over 800 items with which to hone your creativity
    200 magical spells allowing deep character customization
    Over 20 secret dungeon floors to explore
    Weapon crafting, armor crafting, item crafting and food crafting
    You can even marry a medusa!

Seems to be a promising new entrant unto the fray~   8)

Announcements / FrogComposband (now at v7.1.liquorice)
« on: March 12, 2018, 01:19:21 PM »   Source/Win

Note that the Windows-specific file only contains the .exe, so Windows players still need to download the source code for the library files; they just won't have to compile anything.

Changes in FrogComposband 7.0.strawberry (compared to ComPosband 7.0.3):

* Rebalanced artifact reforging. The goal was to prevent silly-powerful items while still allowing very strong items (so a character can reasonably expect to use reforged items in the endgame and final fights). The importance of fame in reforging was reduced slightly to make early/mid-game reforging more appealing, though realistically reforging will likely remain mostly a late-game thing. Slot weights were also adjusted slightly, with effects on both reforging and randart creation. The hard cap of 90000 on the source artifact's power was removed, although stronger artifacts will still be treated as if they had a power of 90000, or even less for less weighty slots. This prevents situations in which a very strong item is effectively worse than a weaker item because it doesn't fit the player's needs directly and cannot ever be reforged. Reforging is now also slightly cheaper

* Rebalanced shop shuffling. The cheap shuffling introduced in ComPosband allowed characters to acquire silly piles of extremely powerful consumables very easily, as long as they found a dungeon shop and had enough money. The cheap shuffling has been retained, but many of the most powerful items (like !Healing, !*Healing*, !Life, stat potions, ?Genocide, ?MassGenocide and !NewLife) can no longer be generated on a shuffle. Also, Black Market shuffling is more expensive now

* Moved Thalos, and added a new town (Anambar) where Thalos used to be. Prettied up the Thalos map (and edited t_pref to include additional terrain types). Mt. Olympus is now slightly more accessible since Thalos is closer to it than any town was before (originally, I moved Thalos even closer to Mt. Olympus, but then I decided I didn't hate you players enough). There's an option to allow teleporting to Thalos as soon as any two other towns (including Outpost) have been visited (because I decided I didn't want you players to hate me either...!)

* Fixed an old PosChengband bug where quest seeds were lost on save/load, meaning players who exited the game after requesting a quest would receive a seed of 0 for that quest and consequently always get the first item from a list of supposedly random rewards

* Fixed another old PosChengband bug whereby uniques seen through fuzzy telepathy would sometimes acquire a stray "the" in front of their name (e.g. "The Gertrude dies.")

* Fixed an old bug with file handling on Windows

* Fixed several minor old bugs related to weapon slays (chaos weapons were getting massive extra damage against good monsters from the KILL_EVIL flag instead of the KILL_GOOD flag; the displayed damage for a KILL_HUMAN missile didn't match the actual damage; in the character sheet, the *Human* slay's statistics were displayed for weapons with KILL_LIVING rather than weapons with KILL_HUMAN)

* Updated the rumor list and silly name list

* Added a new realm (Law) and two new classes (Lawyer and Ninja-Lawyer)

* Added new monsters (and restored the deleted Egyptian gods)

* Added a few artifacts (and brought back the GHB's T-shirt)

* Added new random artifact names

* Added new quests (I actually feel like there may be too many early-game quests now; feedback on the number of quests, and quests [whether new or old] that players like or don't like, would be particularly welcome; of course, there is no need to attempt to do every quest in the game at depth)

* In ComPosband, if a quest level was buggy and didn't generate properly, the game would crash and the player would be forced to fail it on resuming play. In FrogComposband, while the game will still crash, the player can continue normally on resumption and can retake the quest after it has been fixed. This should make life easier for both developers and test-players

* Gave eldraks a significant buff, they are now stronger than ettins (consequently, swapped ettin and eldrak in the troll evolution sequence; however, player trolls still evolve into ettins rather than eldraks)

* A small number of monsters can now initiate melee attacks from 2 squares away. (Fair's fair - player samurai, dragons and archaeologists with whips can do this!) Currently the only monsters with this ability are large dinosaurs, novice archaeologists, balrogs, samurai, Godzilla and Jormungand. (Jormungand, who was a soft guardian for its depth, also received a number of other buffs; most notably, it now has the CAN_SWIM flag instead of the AQUATIC flag.)

* Made ninjas slightly less outrageous by nerfing Bunshin (which now gives a 1-in-3 chance of evading attacks, not 1-in-2) and Swap Position (which now requires perfectly clear line of sight) and changing their weight limit equation. The Swap Position nerf also affects the relevant mutation and wild talent (the weight limit change should not affect other classes with a weight limit, apart from ninja-lawyers)

* Restored the option of playing without virtues

* Fixed some typos here and there. (I know this will offend some people! But they can take solace in that there are still plenty left.)

* Buffed Lucifer and made him dungeon boss of Hell

* The name of Sultan the Midget was reverted back to Snafu the Midget (because of the one-Sultan rule - there's a sultan in Thalos)

* Players are now less likely to be ambushed by dangerous high-level sea monsters in coastal towns

* Added some alternatives for non-English keyboards to support play on Y and Z for [ and {, Ctrl+Y for Ctrl+W, Ctrl+E for @ and Ctrl+O for ]

* Made free action stronger because Chris's system was somewhat confusing and unpopular, though the change here is not as big as what Gwarl did in ComPosband 7.0.4. 1 source of free action works the same in FrogComposband as in ComPosband 7.0.3 (and the last versions of PosChengband). 2 sources are slightly stronger in FrogComposband (and give total paralysis immunity against low-level monsters), and 3 sources give total immunity against all monsters, except in special cases like ty_curse

* Changed how cur SP is calculated after a change to max SP

* Restored the old non-fuzzy telepathy as an option. Chris's fuzzy telepathy is still the default

* Added an option (off by default) to force a -more- prompt on device/spell fails

* Attempts to charm a monster with the hidden NOPET flag now give the message "X is immune", rather than "X resists"; the NOPET flag is unpopular enough without it making players guess whether the monster has it or not. (It's also now slightly harder for monsters to acquire the NOPET flag.)

* Commented out the Windows pref file (font-win.prf). Windows users will notice this as a change to the default appearance of walls and mountains

* Various minor tweaks and code improvements

Changes copied or adapted from ComPosband 7.0.4:

* Added Gwarl's new quests and adopted some of his changes to existing quests

* The entrance to Hideout is now in Outpost, and the entrance to Icky Cave is now in Thalos

* Adapted the new acid floor

* Magic shop now sells offensive wands

* Moved Tidal Cave

* Battlefield's entrance guardian is now a black wraith instead of a grave wight

* Visual change to the appearance of Crystal Castle's glass floor

* Added Gwarl's buff to non-specialist riding

* Tweaked the depth and rarity of a number of items, especially dragon scale mails (but not quite to the same extent as in ComPosband 7.0.4)

* Tweaked a number of monsters

Announcements / Vagante (now at v1.0!) $
« on: February 22, 2018, 12:57:49 PM »  $17.99 Win/Mac/Linux

Vagante is an adventure set in a dark fantasy world filled with monsters, demons, and crooks. Despite these dangers, adventurers commonly travel these unforgiving lands questing for fame, riches, and power.

A recent rumor has it that a certain cave at the edge of the woods guards an unfathomable treasure. While a handful of intrepid adventurers have ventured into the cave already, none have returned. Undeterred by the potential danger, you set out by caravan to investigate...
Key Features

    Local and Online Co-op - Adventure cooperatively with up to four players, either locally or online through Steam!
    Procedural Generation - With procedurally generated levels, no two runs are ever the same, allowing for countless hours of gameplay.
    Choose How You Play - Choose a unique class, skin, and background, then customize your character further as you play with your choice of unique class skills at each level.
    Enchanted Items - Discover magic items that bestow powerful enchantments and game changing abilities.
    Discover Secrets - Keep track of unlocked classes, backgrounds, music, and more in the Book of Secrets.
    Explore a Rich World - Explore five unique areas each with their own set of dangers such as monsters, unique bosses, and traps.
    Tough, but Fair - Play a game designed for players looking for a challenging but rewarding experience.

It’s been a long road (over four years!), but we’re super happy to present version 1.0 of Vagante. It wouldn’t have been possible to make it this far if it weren’t for all the people who supported us. Thank you all for sticking with us throughout Steam Early Access!

What’s in store for the future of Vagante you might ask? We plan on continuing development as we have throughout Early Access, with bug fixes and new content, as well as adding localization and porting to other platforms. We’ll also start looking into support for modding and adding user-generated content to the game.

Vagante will retain its Early Access price until February 25 2018, after which we’ll be increasing the price to $17.99. However, if you miss this window of opportunity you can look forward to Vagante participating in future Steam sales.

If you like the music of Vagante, Sam English has released the full Vagante OST on bandcamp[]. We’ll also be making the OST available on Steam in a couple days, if you prefer getting it here.

Without further ado, you can read the full changelog below.

    Added final area + credits to the game
    Added new progression and unlocks system
    Reworked Shadow Knight Boss
    Reworked Necromancer Boss
    Multiple Rock Worm Boss can now be hit with the same swing
    Items stolen from Shops now have a new property that identifies them as Stolen
    Reduced monster health scaling per player from 33% to 25%
    Reduced Mechanical Soldier vertical spinning speed
    Polished title screen
    Polished game over menu
    Changed default keyboard controls
    Added input presets
    Reworked emote menu
    Reworked Tutorial
    Removed starting affinity point
        Leveling up now occurs at Bonfires, rather than on entering an intermission
    Increased Bonfire healing hp (10 -> 20)
    Fish Man now has a chase leash range
    All characters can now aim up and down with bows
        Bow aim persists between shots, until you attack with another weapon or press Melee while aiming
    Reworked Archery affinity
    Changed exiting of levels to use holding Up instead of Interact
    Increased lighting persistedness
    Increased Summon Monster spell tier, and slightly reworked the levels
    Reduced bat instability 1.9 -> 1.0
    Increased starting Int of non mage classes
    Polished a number of weapon sprites
    Added some new backgrounds

    Fixed Rock Worm Boss sometimes getting stuck in walls
    Fixed multiple bugs with the Thief sidequest
    Fixed speech bubbles sometimes not being drawn
    Fixed Factory monsters not being frozen properly, and sometimes dealing damage while frozen
    Fixed Icebolt and other projectiles not hitting monsters that it spawns on
    Fix wallmeat spawning in tiles that serve as platforms
    Fix boulders being pushed by Vine Lord’s poison clouds
    Fix players being able to phase through non-level geometry
    Fixed Mushroom Golem Boss’s boulder attacks teleporting through walls.
    Fixed Spikes sometimes spawning in Breakable Walls
    Fixed Shopkeepers not spawning when loading a saved game
    Fixed some units not having a visible sprite until they have a target
    Fixed Piranhas freezing at bottom of water
    Fixed frozen imps falling through walls
    Fixed arrows sticking to Wisps after their death
    Fixed intermissions not being indestructible
    Fixed Wisp Queen aggroing from non-player damage
    Fixed a handful of untraversable room types
    Fixed being able to hurt self when using Lion’s Roar while standing on a crate
    Fixed being able to roll while casting spells
    Fixed being able to roll through Tower gates
    Fixed being able to get underneath Tower Serpent boss without triggering boss fight
    Fixed charged sword’s sprites wandering off when the game is paused
    Fixed Man-eating Plant eating doodads other than crates/barrels
    OMP: Fixed tile updates not being synced sometimes for new levels
    OMP: Fixed a number of issues with Platforms and their sync.
    OMP: Fixed Demon Armor attacks being desynced sometimes
    OMP: Fixed bug where shop inventory becomes desynced
    OMP: Fixed rod charges being set to zero upon starting a new game
    OMP: Fixed being able to use an item while moving it, resulting in an inventory desync

Such a long road, but at last one of the particularly big projects in this vein has gotten there.   8)

Announcements / Once upon a Dungeon (now available)
« on: February 17, 2018, 01:33:15 PM »  $4.99 Win/Mac

Once upon a Dungeon is a roguelike game with a dense atmosphere and challenging gameplay. Explore dark dungeons full of dreadful foes. Defeat them using physical power or mighty spells. Craft magic items, collect unique ones, enhance your attributes and face the main antagonist – Fallen One.

The game has following features:

    turn based
    procedurally generated levels
    permanent death (optionally)
    hack/slash oriented
    tons of loot (ordinary, magic, enchantable, unique)
    spells system
    trading system
    interesting quests
    cool crafting system
    door/key/lever mechanics
    different monsters (ordinary, champions, bosses)

Weapons have different capabilities depending on their type:

    Bashing – enhanced chance for stunning
    Axes – enhanced chance for tear apart
    Daggers – enhanced chance for bleeding
    Swords – enhanced chance for hit

Spells can cause different effect depending on their type:

    Fire – burning
    Ice – freezing
    Poison – poisoning

Announcements / Delver (now available)
« on: February 01, 2018, 08:36:07 PM »
At long last   :)  $14.99 Win/Mac/Linux

Delve into the shifting dungeons on your hunt for the Yithidian orb, but getting it might just be the easy part. Delver is a single player first-person action roguelike dungeon crawler, just like you wished they used to make.

Slay monsters, blast wands, hoard potions, and loot everything.

A silky smooth mix of 90s FPS combat with classic RPG mechanics.
In these dungeons once you're dead you stay dead. Permadeath means that when you die, you begin each run into the dungeon anew.
Tough as nails gameplay will test your skills, no grinding will save you here.
A procedural dungeon that will keep you on your toes, no two runs will ever be the same.
Delicious chunky pixels!

Easy to pick up gameplay, but difficult to master. The dungeon has been waiting for you.

Announcements / Tangledeep (now at Legend of Shara Expansion DLC!)
« on: February 01, 2018, 06:05:26 PM »

$14.99 Win/Mac/Linux

Tangledeep combines the 16-bit graphics and polish of classic SNES-era RPGs with elements from roguelikes and dungeon crawlers to create a magical experience for players of all skill levels. Trapped in underground villages with no memory of the world at the surface, you must survive an ever-changing labyrinth to discover what lies above. Experience rich, tactical, turn-based gameplay as you explore a sprawling dungeon that’s different each time you play. Tangledeep features a customizable job system and hundreds of collectible items that allow you to approach each playthrough in a totally new way!

The Setting
For hundreds of years, people have lived in the safety of underground settlements and villages – where the only route to the surface is “Tangledeep,” a mysterious and ever-changing labyrinth. With memories of the surface world long forgotten, you set out for the labyrinth to discover what lies above. With each floor – full of magical beasts, ancient automatons, bizarre environments and hybrid biomes – the mystery grows ever deeper…

Key Features
Experience finely-tuned, procedurally-generated and handcrafted gameplay as you fight challenging monsters, complete quests, and collect rare items.
Master deep, tactical turn-based combat across 12 unique jobs with over 100 skills.
Choose between three game modes – including Adventure Mode, which removes the pain of permadeath.
Share some of your progress between characters by using the banking system, planting magic trees, or capturing and raising monsters in town.
Explore ITEM DREAMS, randomized mini-dungeons where anything goes, and power up your gear!
Take in the scenery – comprised of beautiful 16-bit graphics and carefully handcrafted maps!
Relax to a beautiful soundtrack inspired by the most legendary RPGs of the SNES era, composed by award-winning composer Andrew Aversa – joined by Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana), Grant Kirkhope (GoldenEye 007, Civilization: Beyond Earth), and Norihiko Hibino (Metal Gear Solid 3, Bayonetta)

Full support for Steam cloud saves, trading cards, and crafting with lovely badges, emoticons and profile backgrounds
Multiple Platforms and Control Methods
Runs on PC, Mac, and Linux!
Play with virtually any controller, and remap any control, binding, or shortcut
Old-school keyboard-only support (numpad movement) as well as WASD preset bindings available
Full mouse support - can even be played with ONLY the mouse!


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