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316  3 years in the making, the last of which if fairly closed Overhauling from the last time there were public reckonings on it.

Teleglich is a roguelike top-down shooter with pixel graphics. The game takes place in procedurally generated military research & training complex that has a different map every time you play. Our mission is to give players like you a chance to walk in the dark corridors, gripping their gun and few last rounds of ammunition. To play with finger on the trigger, high on adrenaline. We want to give you the, paranoid, sweaty, and bloody hard kind of fun.
The Teleglitch universe:
See the future where humanity is controlled by cold, dark mega-corporations. One of them is Miliary Technology Incorporated (aka Militech), one of the world’s largest military research organizations, specializing in necrotic tissue reactivation and nonhuman combatants (zombies, cloned battle organisms, robots etc). Far out in the edge of colonized space lies Medusa 1-C, a cheap planet with lethal atmosphere. There is only one building on the entire planet – a huge military research & training complex. Unfortunately, something goes very wrong in that base. All you know is that most of the facility personnel have been killed, microchipped and reactivated as combatants by the central processing AI of the facility. Except for yourself, a scientist with an incredibly strong will to survive.

    -20+ types of various opponents
    -40+ types of weapons and items
    -10 levels that radically change their structure every time you play
    -10+ hours of play time (it gets harder the further you get, surprise)
    -Detailed Database with juicy back story and useful info of each monster
    -Option to combine all weapons and items into new awesome gear, such as the can gun (empty can + nails + explosive) or the high velocity light machinegun that shoots armor piercing depleted uranium bullets (result of modding the standard assault rifle).
    -A sinister narrative filled with greedy military corporations, risky experiments and will to survive.

Everything scientifically accurate, of course.

$13 USD dev direct via good old Fastspring for the full version, Windows only for now while the Linux version is getting situated.

Demo available:

The free demo gives you a good, rich taste of Teleglitch and the first four levels of the game. Expect hungry monsters and exploding microchipped brains while the dark secrets of military corporations will begin begin to unfold. Expect old school/retro in the best possible meaning of the word. Downloading & launching the game is super easy and should take just about 1 minute.

First four levels + short tutorial:

    -Short tutorial where you get to pilot an experimental battle robot
    -Outdoor training ground for nonhuman combatants
    -Military biology sector
    -Facility support systems
    -Necrotic tissue research

Rounds out with a spiffy new-and-improved trailer onsite and I'd reckon this indeed has much going for it and should turn out to be quite the spectacle.   8)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / 91 (now at Beta)
« on: November 24, 2012, 01:23:51 PM »

91 is a role-playing game in a modern-day setting. It uses today's design sensibilities in a retro roguelike-like format.

Hooray! After 3 years of development, the Beta release of 91 is now live! To celebrate, I ceremoniously changed the link above to say "Play Beta".

This means that now you can play all the way through the game, from start to finish. The ending is very dramatic :D

But development isn't over yet. As you play through the game, you may notice that the content gets more and more sparse as you go on. There is still plenty of content to fill in, dialog to write, numbers to tweak, skills to create, and more. These types of refinement will be my development tasks for 2013.

So check it out, and always get in touch if you have any ideas or find any bugs!

The world was forever changed after Ascent, a few years before 91 begins. On that day skyscraper-sized perfect-cylinders of black rock rose out of the ground in major cities around the world. The physical damage was great, but greater was the psychological toll taken by a confused and terrified humanity. No cause or purpose for these towers has ever been seen, and since their creation they have remained silent. Still, the cities they exist in have been thrown into turmoil. Some have been abandoned, others thrown into anarchy, while others still have found ways for life to go on.

The game takes place in a city called Flauston. Flauston is home to two towers, one in the city proper, and one rising out of the water in the city’s harbor. A largely-abandoned police force struggles to keep peace, but the city has become home to unprecedented levels of crime. The military has blocked off the city, allowing residents to come and go only after being detained for days at a time.

You are a resident of Flauston who has lived in the city your whole life. While many have fled, you’ve stayed behind in the city you’ve always known. Things were going just fine for you until one fateful night when you were enjoying a drink in Murphy’s Pub in Flauston’s West Side. You woke up the next day with a heavy headache and a light wallet. The events that follow unravel an intricate plot that you’re in the thick of, like it or not.

Played via the website, registering to it needed to save at this point---promising screens and a quickstart guide on there as well.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Yeekband (this exists)
« on: November 23, 2012, 06:21:58 PM »

Yeekband is a variant of the classic game Angband.

In Yeekband, you play the role of an adventurer descending into the depths to find fame and fortune, and to eventually (should you become powerful enough) reach the 100th level of the dungeon and kill Morgoth. The game is similar to "Action RPGs" such as those in the Diablo and Torchlight series, except it replaces action with strategy and tactical play. Instead of being a real-time clicking frenzy with you dying because you failed to click the "Potion" button quickly enough, the game is turn based and you must plan and strategise your moves or die because you didn't manage your resources well enough.

Yeekband does not have flashy graphics or animation. Instead it uses ASCII characters in different colours to represent the player and their surroundings (see the screenshots below). While this may seem positively stone-age to the younger players, it does have its advantages. Firstly, it means that a large amount can be displayed on screen at once. Secondly, our brains are good at recognising letters quickly - so we can see what is what without having to peer at barely distinguishable graphics. And thirdly, it means there can be much more content. While modern Action RPGs may have anything up to a hundred different types of monster (Diablo 2 has about 60, for example) and must palette-swap them for more variety, Yeekband can have over 650 different monster types with unique abilities without needing to have loads of animation data, graphics, and sound effects for each of them. Similarly, it has 12 races and 8 classes for a total of 96 combinations; and over 120 spells without needing to have lots of graphical data and animations for any of those.

Yeekband has been specially modified to make it simpler for inexperienced and less tech-savvy players who might be overwhelmed by the amount of configuration and poorly documented options that Angband tends to have. Of course, while simpler means that the game is less fiddly to set up and play, it doesn't mean that the game is smaller or not that the game is any easier to complete!)

What this means is that while Yeekband contains the full game play of Angband (in fact it contains more since it has an extra race and extra classes with their own mechanics and gameplay styles), much of the configuration has been pre-defined. The dozens of options have been pre-set for you for an optimum (in the opinion of me, of course) playing experience; and it automatically has separate save-games for different Windows logins.

Although some variants of Angband include graphical and sound options, and multiple windows, Yeekband takes a "back to basics" approach and uses a single window with ASCII characters. This is partly to recreate the "classic" feel of older rogue-like games and partly, again, to make it simpler for the novice user who does not need to learn how to configure the graphical multi-window interface for their system.

Having said that, Yeekband can still be configured to best suit your screen resolution. Since it runs in a standard Command Window, you can change the font and size of the window to your liking using the standard method.

My veiled Roguelike Renaissance...doings/plotting...of late led me to this entirely by accident and indirectly---not listed anywhere save not where you'd think over on Oook despite apparently being done a fair bit of time on back.

319 $4.99

Lost Labyrinth is a coffeebreak dungeon crawling game!
Compared to other games of its kind it has the following features:

    Relatively short gameplay (between 10-40 Minutes)
    Very high replayability because everything is created at random!
    Many different skills to choose from (every player needs another tactic!)
    No experience gain for killing monsters (only for reaching new levels!)
    Zelda like graphics
    Smooth scrolling
    Up to 4 players at the same machine
    Control with mouse, keyboard and joystick
    Versions for Windows and Linux
    Online Highscore
    English, German, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Hungarian and Polish

An Extended Edition is also available with extra monsters, music, save game slots, skills, flaws, spells, and priority dev suppirt/feature requests for $4.99 USD.


The game now uses opengl as graphics mode
(In some cases this might cause problems in fullscreen mode)
New compiler gets rid of a lot of issues we had in older versions

- chinese version (special thanks to red wolf for the translation!)
- new icons for negative effects
- player to player trade screen
- better language selection screen
- button to hide the menu (more space for active spells)
- new option to disable screen flashes when player gets hurt
- grey out spells in quickbar if ususable (mana cost, cast limit)

- fixed various spells not working properly on the edges of the map
- fixed negative value items
- repaired old maze algorithm
- stopped extend spell extending effects from items
- added undead sub-type to most ghost monsters thus genocide won\'t work but exorcism will
- fixed a crash bug when using Caligraphy tools
- made genocide remove mimics properly
- fixed \"alternate timeline\" exploit
- fleeing monsters no longer run through closed doors, porticuluses or unexplored rooms
- crown of dragon use it\'s variable power rating

- Time Magic has been rebalanced
- Anchor Teleport has been completely reworked
- rebalanced enchanted arrows (no longer insanely valuable)
- made genocide spell stop working on angels, demons and constructs
- made hymn of death kill with only 50% chance
- gave animals like slugs, spiders and such immunity to spellsongs
- made break curse spell only reduce duration if caster is not white mage
- made cure poison spell only reduce amount if caster is not white mage
- made short sighted flaw still reduce radius with true light
- short sighted now also reduces max perception (changed CP)
- vampire nerf: outdoor debuff, blood = thirst, changed resistances
- prevented vampires eating food and mushrooms
- craft scroll can have critical success and failure now (success doubles scroll power)
- denied lore+god gain from ambush/backup and similar late spawed monsters
- fixed double bow equipping bug
- changed leylines into activated skill
- weakend song of life + regeneration spell
- adjusted number of runes and nail pits

Been quite some time since the last release, but it would appear their long march to v5.0 is indeed getting there.

320     $5,000 USD target

Legend of Dungeon is a 4 Player Co-Op Roguelike-like Beat'em'up with dynamic lighting on awesome pixel art.

    Launched: Nov 20, 2012
    Funding ends: Dec 16, 2012

Legend of Dungeon is about looking for treasure in a dungeon full to the brim with monsters. Legend has it there is a massive treasure all the way down on the 26th floor. Your quest is to go down there, get the treasure, and make it back to the surface alive.

This is a limited time kickstarter demo of the incomplete game. Many features and some balancing are still in progress, but its already a lot of fun to play!

Also, be sure to like the game on Steam Greenlight!

It is part Beat'Em'Up, like those awesome old-school 4 player arcade games (it plays a little like TMNT and X-Men) and it's part RogueLike, in its setting and content generation.


    1 to 4 Player Cooperative Gameplay
    Real-Time Beat'em'up combat
     ...except with 2 or more players, you become a ghost, and have to collect spirit orbs to resurrect yourself. You'll come back with low health, but you'll be back in the game. Once you're all dead though, thats it, game over man.
    Dynamic Lighting and Real-Time Shadows
    Legend of Dungeon uses 3D Normal Mapping on low-res pixel art to create dynamically lit sprites.
    The Artwork
    Based on the character designs of Sebastiaan van Hijfte (svh440 of r/PixelArt fame). Each character is adapted and animated for use with the dynamic lighting.
    Dynamic Music
    The music generates from tracks composed by David Dirig, it dynamically assembles based on the types of enemies you are confronting.
    Randomized Content
    Dungeon Layout, Monsters and Item placement, Potion Colors and Devices are all randomized each playthrough.
    Online Score Board
    describing how you died and how much gold you collected.
    DRM Free because no one wants that.

    Windows Mac and Linux
    Legend of Dungeon is made with the Unity game engine.

What's left to Make:

    Online Score Board
    More Tile Sets - lots, crazy amounts
    Many more Monsters
    More Bosses - Vampire, The Devil, Bloated Zombie, Unicorn, etc...
    Tons more Melee Weapons
    Devices - Artifacts left in the dungeon that when activated help (or hurt) the players.
    Dynamic Music System


The Poster, it's pretty awesome.
(work in progress)(work in progress)

Drawn by the amazing Alix, goddess of chaos and kittens, etc.

The Soundtrack is the dynamic music from the game assembled by David Dirig into themed individual songs. Also Includes "The Ballad of Dungeon" sung by Alix.


Our kickstarter goal is really just the bare minimum of what Legend of Dungeon could be. If our goal is met, we will (hopefully) release in January  After that, work will begin on the met stretch goals. Each will be released on completion as free updates to the game.

$10k - Pet system

Tame pets in the dungeon. Train them to collect gold and attack monsters!


$20k - 4 Unlockable player classes!

    Wizard/Sorcerer - Because starting with Magic Missiles is AWESOME
    Doctor/Nurse - Support Class!
    Thief - Pickpocket and Invisibility!
    Knight - ...the Tank

$30k - 4 More Unlockable Classes!

    Hunter - Starts with a wolf!
    Cowboy/Girl - GUNS!
    Necromancer - Summon stuff!
    Bard - Has an Electric Guitar, Rocks Out!

$40k - More Pets\Companions!

    Dwarf (yes, the guy from the tavern!)

$50k - Dark Forest Expansion

Leave the Dungeon and explore the forest! Discover the secrets of the great spirit! All new Content! Hats, Monsters, Weapons!

$100k - Over World

A Complete RPG with storylines, quests, multiple dungeons to raid and a huge world to explore!

About Us:

Robot<3Kitty is a husband and wife team working full time to create awesome games. The developer, Calvin (Robot) spends almost every waking hour hacking out code and dreaming up new worlds, when not in front of the computer he's staring into space working in his head. His muse, Alix (Kitty) has been taking care of evil marketing and press releases, and other scary things Calvin doesn't like to think about... but lately she has been more active creating art assets for future games.

Our previous work, Neverdaunt:8bit was an IGF finalist in 2011. Our studio and home is a treehouse, in the woods (in the summer) where we happily make videogames all day ...and play with kittens.

We are kickstarting the game to pay the composer, purchase Unity Pro, buy a new dev machine, and of course, more coffee.
Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Balancing, this is tough in any game of complexity. We need to make sure the flow of the game feels just right.

The Dynamic Music is still just in the conceptual stages, it's going to be tricky to pull off without getting in the way of gameplay.

Our ability to handle these risks and challenges comes from an unending perseverance and love for our work. Making great games is what we want to do.

I would hope the low initial threshold works out well....and that's certainly a far reaching series of stretch goals, especially the 100K mark.   8)  Demo is in the Unity web player.


So...this is a bit different being more text-based for now at least, but seems to be fairly lively and moving on along---should jump out to some folks here I'd think:   Win/Mac/Linux

A simulation and role playing game of exploration, warfare, adventure and romance in a low fantasy, colonial, interwar environment.

The Game

Anamnesis attempts to recreate a Pen and Paper role playing experience in a single player videogame.

The game is driven through narrative and offers at all times a high level of freedom of action.

The elements of the game, such as plot elements, characters and locations, are manually developed, but their selection is randomized for each gameplay to guarantee replayability

In the colony in which the players are dropped, they are free to play a grand role as governors, a humble one as adventurers, or something in between as explorers. Once the game starts, it is solely the player's choice to develop militarily, economically, personally, romantically or in any way he or she chooses.


    -A different, randomly generated world to explore in every game.
    -162 different units and locations (and counting).
    -Player character's gender and sexuality options with optional romantic content.
    -Adventure on your own or hire units to do the job for you.
     -Highly documented simulation of colonial early 20th century life, warfare and diplomacy, adding monsters, beastfolk and conjuration to the mixture.
    -Extensive use of the best graphic rendering tool yet developed, the player's imagination.

The Setting

The game takes place in a fictional cyclic world somewhat inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos, although not directly drawing from them.

In this world, two loose entities known as "The Court of All Humans" and "The Outer Lands' Influence" are battling each other in a cold war. The Court advocates the prolongation of the existing meritocratic, anthropocentric government by an elected aristocracy.  The Influence, on the other hand, is a driving force behind certain individuals that seek the destruction of the meritocracy and the creation of a new society following the dictates of ancient, outer beings.

But these entities' cyclic squabbles are rather diminutive in scope compared to those of the Renascents. These individuals are imperfect immortals that can die of any cause other than age, but immediately reappear elsewhere retaining their eternal aspect, simply erased from non-renascent memories.

The player takes the role of a renascent aristocrat loyal to any of the two allegiances.

Latest changelogs:

Change Log:

    -Basic questing system.
    -52 semi-random quests to go along the actual terrains.
    -There are now standard and relic-related endgames, with 4 relics tossed in for now, although they have little effect in the game yet.
    -Unsuccessful characters now get permadeath.
    -Successful characters are now allowed to live for another journey.
    -Implemented the basics for colony population and its influence, the value now replaces the late Global Tension.
    -The player now gets a starting renascent at the beginning of each journey.
    -Renascents' capacities are now also shown for contests and challenges, just like in quests.
    -The usual bug fixing and tweaking.

     -2 new units and 1 new terrain.
    -Outside help cost in quests is now a little more expensive.
     -Fixed some minor bugs.

    -Fixed font issues on mac version.
    -Fixed crash when trying to Extract Arkhe with Captured units.
    -Fixed a few random crashes.
    -Fixed a few wrong values.

    -Replaced the largest font with a more readable one.
    -Duplicated terrains are now very rare, they will be rarer in the future once there is enough variety.
    -Completely removed duplicated enemy renascents.
    -Added a numerical display in the lower bars.
    -Removed a few unnecessary clicks here and there.
    -Arkhe collection now adjust to terrain reserves when extracting.
    -The new background on the main dialogue screen should improve readability.
    -Each unit's information can be reached more easily in the Forces menu.
    -Retrieve Piece is now an independent action accessible from the main territory's screen.
    -The player character starts a little stronger, has an excuse of a weapon, is more unlikely to lose stats, and more likely to gain them.
    -2 new units and 1 new terrain.
    -Lowered unit and land purchase costs by a fifth or so.
    -Several bugfixes, most prominently concerning sudden insta-endgames and wrongly displayed starting influenced renascents.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Project gnh20 (now done!)
« on: November 14, 2012, 01:19:17 PM »

Hello, kind gentlemen! First of all, please forgive me for my bad English.

In 11 of March I started a game project. The game is planned as something near to 2d Minecraft, and sometimes near to a roguelike.


Realized game features:

1. A large and mysterious world that lives not around the main character, but by itself. And the hero must investigate, explore the world, to understand his life and to survive in it.

Each game step calculated entire whole world map, not just an area around the hero.

The whole world lives regardless of the protagonist. Trees grow and dies, floods, breeding and dying animals, in the depths of the earth erupt volcanoes, earthquakes shifting layers of earth, pressure and temperature are produced minerals, underground creatures built the treasury, and mined ores.

All of this is already in the game, but should be even greater.

2. The gameplay is basically "the search and survive". The player goes through the caves and searching, searching. And sometimes it runs on who found it.

Crafting and blocks set are present in game, but these features is not the main gameplay features.

The dev log is long and packed with more clarifications, there's quests afoot, etc----tested to work under WINE.   Looks like quite an effort indeed!   8)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / UgaritRL (Now at Build 75)
« on: November 13, 2012, 02:02:40 AM »
Formerly the WIP Angelband, and now something far removed----it is alive but in slow dev.

UgaritRL will be a rogue-like inspired by a variety of different games and programmed in Java by one person. The game is both free and open source but is more of a pointless demo than an actual game at this time.

The zip file contains source code and resource files only, most of which are also included in the Windows setup file. I will sporadically upload new builds, and any feedback will be appreciated. Email feedback to cowgod14[at] ([at] = @, but it confuses spam bots this way) or post it on our Facebook page.

Current Game Features

    -The game engine currently consists of a character that can move around the screen, read signs, open a door, talk to an npc, use a teleporter, and travel to the world map.
    -A small amount of miscellaneous artwork of varying quality. No music or sound yet.
    -A spiffy map editor that can handle the limited capabilities the game engine has at this time.
    -A character assembler program for assembling character images from images of each body part.

Here are some features that will make UgaritRL unique among rogue-likes:

    -More mental than Binding of Isaac.
    -Fully graphical (though with minimal graphics) - no ASCII mode
    -Unique 3-option character development system inspired by Breath of Death VII
    -A crafting system modeled upon Terraria's, but with less detail
    -RTS-like buildings
    -Easy resource gathering
    -Ally creation, much like in Geneforge, but possibly customizable like army units in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
    -Includes a map editor for creating new scenarios
    -Based loosely upon ancient middle eastern myth (particularly Canaanite myth)
    -Humans are livestock!

Next Updates

    -Add aspect selection screen
    -Add inventory system and openable containers
    -Add crafting
    -Allow multiple items per tile of the map (maybe)
    -Update dialogue screen to include HTML (maybe)
    -Add more items to item list

Release Date: 2023/08/11 (Tentative)

Latest changelog of the giant list onsite:

gui: WPViews are now replaced by SwingLogicCards, which store JComponents instead of WContainers
gui: WPViewList classes are now VSwingCardList classes
gui: SwingWidgetPanelLogicCard wraps a JWidgetPanel (with a WTopLayerContainer) around a WContainer
gui: JPseudodesktop now allows switching JComponents for the main view using SwingLogicCards
refactor: created oc.swing.event package for ActionListeners and so forth
refactor: created oc.swing.lookandfeel package for Layout classes
rename: oc.widget.view -> oc.swing.logic
gui: moved keyboard reactor adding code to the main game panel
gui: map editor is decorated when it's in a windowed mode
gui: eliminated overlay renderers
refactor: eliminated WTopLayerContainer, and included the ability to set a top-layer container in JWidgetPanel
warnings: java version is output at beginning of program
refactor: eliminated cursor classes
gui: moved cursor-setting code into SwingWidgetPanelLogicCard so that it sets the cursor for its JWidgetPanel
rename: ArrayKeyReactor "wasXPressed" methods are now "isXPressed"
refactor: moved key state changes to ControllerButtonState
gui: updated ClickMouseReactor to handle button releases
bug fix: .exe files are no longer broken
java: upgraded to java 7 update 6

bug fix: game's TileDisplayArea checks for left release events instead of click events
(this isn't affected by the button use of other cards any more because everything's in Swing panels)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Malastro (now at v1.1)
« on: November 03, 2012, 12:52:01 PM »

Malastro aims to be an action/tactical roguelike which can be played through entirely in a relatively short time period. Your goal is to survive ten levels of monster-filled, post-apocalyptic anarchy in your search for rescue. On each level you must find your way to the next safe house and then close the door (without any monsters inside).

The game is written in C# and requires Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0 (included with recent versions of Windows).

Feedback is much appreciated! Balancing is difficult as just one player - without a lot of data it's hard to differentiate poor balance from statistical anomalies. But the balance is good enough now, IMO, for some other players to take a stab at it. As the description implies, this game is a departure from my previous one (Cryptband) in that it's not a fantasy setting. Some of the traits may seem familiar, though, and I went back to a system of awarding XP for monster kills. Make no mistake, this is a game about killin' the monsters

Finally, I haven't made the source code available yet mostly because I'm very self-conscious about the state of my code (i.e. it's never as good as I'd like it to be) and because I ran out of web space over at Verizon But if you're interested in the source just let me know - I'm happy to provide it.


Peril has struck the 'Forge and we need your help! The ChaosForge development PC had a hardware failure and does not boot reliably any more -- time to buy a new PC, and do upgrades. I'd like to humbly ask you for a donation. If the free ChaosForge games have given you a good time, now is the best moment to give something back to help out!

This time, however, I want to do things a little differently -- I want to give you, the donator, something back. Inspired by Kickstarter reward tiers, I decided to do something similar, and to see if it provides an incentive, and to see if it is the right way to go :). The prizes below are for donations done during this Donation Drive only and will be unavailable once it ends!

All of the rewards are digital, because due to the urgent and unexpected nature of this situation, we didn't have time to prepare any physical ones :/.

Also, while the chance of going much over the goal is not big, I promise to have some strech goals planned if it does!

    -$16 - Beta Access to all current ChaosForge projects, Supporter status on forum, my deepest thanks, and your name/nick on the next DoomRL version supporter list (startup screen). Unlike a normal donation, your name/nick will be featured on a supporters section on the revamped DoomRL website (before the year ends), with an optional link and/or comment (nothing offensive).
    -$32 - The above + your name/nick (or fictional name/surname as long as it is not too silly) will be added to the list of random names (the ones that are picked when the player doesn't enter a name), only if you want to of course!
    -$64 - All of the above and co-design a unique for DoomRL (it needs to be balanced though) that can be named after you (as long as it's not downright silly) -- an example is Malek's Armor. They will be rare to spawn *OR* be used in AliensRL with restrictions in the nature of the weapon for the latter. Additionally, you can choose for us to use your name (or fictional non-silly name) in the plot of AliensRL.
    -$128 - All of the above + design/co-design (you give the idea, we handle the coding) a special level that may randomly spawn in DoomRL when playing Angel of 100. The level cannot have any new types of enemies but can feature your item *OR* your chosen name may be a major villain/character in the plot of AliensRL.
    -$256 - All of the above + Supporter of Chaos rank on the forum. Including access to the Temple of Chaos where future projects are decided and early access (TBA) to the Next Project (TM) -- shape it from where it begins! Also, your name/nick will be permanently on the startup screen as special thanks.
    -$512 - All of the above + we'll do a DoomRL mod by your design to be available using the upcoming mod server. It can be even a Total Conversion (support will appear with the next version) as long as it won't take more than a few days to complete. Unfortunately, graphics cannot be included :/. You will be listed as the author.
    -$1024 - (just for completeness' sake) All of the above + special PERMANENT rank on forum (your choice of title) + a single version of the ChaosForge roguelike of your choice done and dedicated in your name.
    -$2048 - (just because it's fun :P) All of the above + and I'll take part in the next 7-day rogue-like competition realizing your idea (with as much design input as you want to give).

So please, help the ChaosForge survive! And spread the word among fellow ChaosForge players -- we need all the help we can get!

Head to the donation page and help out!

Oops, answers were generally found a page deeper I think....perhaps that should be moved up a bit?

Campaign Goal: $2048.00
Due Date: Nov 24


OnlyLuck Interactive is pleased to announce that Dungeons of Desolation has been submitted and approved to Xbox Live Indie Games.  The release date has been set for Friday October 26th, 2012 selling for 80 Microsoft Points (roughly $1 CND/USD).

Dungeons of Desolation is a dungeon crawling RPG that draws from roguelikes with randomly generated levels, items descriptions changing with every new game, over 100 items, over 80 monsters and four different skill trees with dozens of different skills.

What is the plot?

Many years ago in the middle of town of “Desolation” a mysterious stairway was discovered that leads down to a huge labyrinth.  Since then adventures from across the Seven Kingdoms have come to seek fame and fortune by braving the dangerous dungeons beneath Desolation.  None have ever reached the bottom and returned to tell of it.  Some say that there is no bottom, that the dungeons goes on forever and you would eventually go mad if you could survive long enough to keep descending.

It is said that the no two adventures arrive at the same place when the travel down the stairs in Desolation, making it impossible to make a map of the dungeons.  The few that have made it out alive from the depths have returned with untold riches and artifacts.  You an inexperienced adventurer have come to Desolation with a little coin and big dreams.  How will you fare in the “Dungeons of Desolation”?

How many players does it support?

As of right now it is just a single player game.  I really like the turn based system as it allows for very strategic gameplay.  If you get in a tough spot you can sift through your inventory/skills looking for a something might help you out.  However, this is might change as I think multiplayer would be really good and I have couple ideas how do it without making the players wait on each other for constantly.

How many classes are in "Dungeons of Desolation"?

None!  You create your character by selecting skills/spells from four different skill trees.  The trees are:

    Combat - Physical combat skills and abilities
    Black Magic - Offensive spells
    White Magic - Defense spells
    Grey Magic - Utility spells

How many skills/spells are there?

As of right now there are around 97 skills/spells that the player can choose from as they level up there character.   Skills come in three different categories: passive, active and sustained.  Passive skills increase stats or the effect of a skill.  Active skills are ones that require Concenration Points (CP) to use and will take a turn.  Sustain skills are buffs that use up a portion of the player's maximum CP to increase stats or provide effects.

How many items are there?

As of right now there are 154 items in the game each with their own art work.  That includes weapons, armor, potions and scrolls.  However, since the weapons and armor can have dozens of different enchants on them it increases the number of unique items that can be found.

What platforms is it going to be released for?

Initially Dungeons of Desolation is going to be released on Xbox Live Indie Games.  Afterwards I will be releasing for Windows PC (distribution method not set as of yet).  If the reception is good on Xbox/PC I will look into porting it to iPad/Android as the touch interface would work well with it.

What is the estimated release date?

Dungeons of Desolation is currently in beta, so if everything stays on track I hope to release in August 2012 for Xbox.  Then October for PC.

How much is it going to cost?

As of right now I am planning to release for 80 MSP on XBLIG, but that is subject to change (depending on the awesomeness of the game).   PC will be roughly the same.

How many people worked on creating it?

Just one:  Paul Donald did all the game design, art, programming, music and sound effects.

Trailer there onsite as well, interesting to see some skill trees afoot and whatnot and hopefully the PC version makes it in fine form when it does. 

Care of the ever handy  :  Win/Linux $4.99

Battlepaths is an addictive 2D-RPG featuring neat monster hacking, an excellent loot system, and great variety in character development. Learn skills, use powerfull potions, and hunt down the Chaos Overlord.

Battlepaths offers a sophisticated drop system that generates countless different items along with more than 50 unique items. The character customization allows you to create a unique hero with its own strengths and weaknesses. You can build a heavy, damage dealing tank, a deadly ninja that utilizes high speed and agility to attack his victims from out of nowhere, a true master of mind who crushes his foes with powerful combinations of special abilities, or something in between.

You can choose to play in different realms that each have their own landscape and their own set of creatures. The many superior items you will find can be exchanged between different characters, one of which will eventually become the first powerful enough to face the Chaos Overlord.

Prepare yourself for Battlepaths!

Key Features

    Loot (so much loot...)
    Highly customizable character development
    Turn-Based, strategic combat
        summon creatures to fight on your side
        subtle use of special skills and powerful potions required
        fast paced hacking in easier battles
        challenging boss fights
    Roguelike gameplay, simple and absorbing
    Three big realms to explore, plus an additional challenge realm
    25+ hours of gameplay
    High replay value
    Unique graphics
    Unique soundtrack
    Over 50 unique items   Trailer

Currently trying for Greenlight and available on Gamersgate DRM-free for  $2.99....has been out on the xbox 360 for the past little while it seems.


Because strange things happen apparently, also take note that this is FLEX FUNDING----so whatever is pledged gets sent even if the goal sadly doesn't get met!  Seeking $60K with 27 days remaining.   Yes, this is Kerberos doings this officially.

Tell Me More About...THE PIT!

Sword of the Stars: The Pit is a fun, fast, light-hearted action RPG, in the tradition of Rogue and other old school dungeon-diving games.

We've been working on it for a few months, and the game is presently at the Alpha phase. The goal of this campaign is to push the game forward to its Beta state.

With your support, we'd like to make this game our first self-published title.

What Is The Pit?

The Pit is short for The Pit of the Bloodweaver. In this game, you play a brave Human soldier exploring a multi-level underground lab facility. The place was built and abandoned years ago by the Bloodweaver, an alien super-genius with delusions of godhood. He was the ultimate mad scientist, and The Pit was his favorite box of tinker toys.

As you break through locked doors, open storage containers, dodge traps and evade security systems, you'll also have to contend a variety of crazy foes. The Pit is full of the mutants, monsters and minions that the enemy left behind.

They're hungry, and you look like lunch.

Why Make This Game?

The Pit came out of our love of dungeon-diving and retro-style games. Rogue-Alikes are the low hanging fruit of the “small game” market at the moment, but any genre can be made new and fun if you give it the right spin.

The Pit will take the usual Kerberos approach to the classics: we'll pay tribute to the great games of the past, without actually cloning them.  Instead, we want to reimagine the Good Old Days through the lens of modern gameplay.

With The Pit, we'll deliver retro graphics, but give you the levelling, ammo, crafting and skills of a true dungeon dive. And of course, we set the action in our favourite playground, the SotSVerse!

And so The Pit is born.

The Pit is currently in Alpha stage and is scheduled for its Beta release in November of 2012. The finished game should be available for download in early 2013. Feature list on release will include:

    -3 Characters to choose from…Marine, Pilot and Engineer!Marines Keep In Shape
    -Go up levels and improve your skills as you try and find a way to survive the depths.
    -30 Levels of ancient evil science between you and the cure!Oh noes Proteans!
    -Dozens of enemies drawn from the SotSverse!
    -Over 30 weapons and armors with a variety of special effects including flamethrowers, rocket launchers, plasma cannons and powered Brawler armor!
    -Randomized augmentation effects to make each game unique.
    -Crafting lets you make special items from bits and pieces of your enemies.
    -Over 60 items to discover, ranging from the familiar to the ancient exotic tech.
    -Dozens of room types containing a host of exotic devices to help and hinder the player.
    -Many fiendish ways to die including poisoning, disease, traps, radiation, starvation and of course…MONSTERS.

I'd say it looks promising!   8)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / BOSS (now at v2.5)
« on: October 16, 2012, 04:48:09 PM »

"If Moria was meant to be easy, it would be called BOSS." - from

Just what *is* BOSS anyway?

    If you've played Moria in any of its incarnations, then BOSS will seem inherently familiar to you.
    BOSS is what you get when you take Moria, modernize it (magic becomes science, monsters become more
    realistic beasts, items get updated, etc.), add a lot of new features (different dungeon types,
    monsters, lots of new items, multiple towns, etc.) and give it a twisted sense of humor.

    BOSS is also easier than moria.  You're all familiar with people posting to things
    like "I *finally* won!!!" and "five years and only one winner so far." The idea behind BOSS is to
    make it the sort of game you can win in a weekend, instead of in a few weeks. I know BOSS is less
    serious than Moria, hopefully it's as much or more fun.

Linux/Windows Binaries + Source

 - Introduced FOV.  This should make exploring much more fun.

Very nice to see this rise up once again!   8)

Perhaps the greatest of FreeBasic Roguelike goodness,  though incredibly damned difficult:   The initial, polished release:

Deep Deadly Dungeons is an excellent rogue-like game where you explore random dungeons battling evil creatures and building up your character as you gain experience.

The game offers many hours of play time with 25 huge levels to explore, countless items to find and use, and equally many creatures to battle. Solid and well executed graphics, very good sound effects, and if I’m not mistaked, non-original but well picked music.

The ASCII edition with the sound and music removed:

The Isometric view edition:

Finally, a guy that really enjoyed the game just released a mod edition for it:


MyDDDungeonsGL is a free 3D openGL version of Deep Death Dungeons, Search for The Crown of alegare (free open source freebasic roguelike game) i have made from a game by  Richard Clark.

Added : 16->32 pixels sprites, window resized, animations, joystick,switchable 3D openGL view + textures

A grand follow-up project is in the works by the original developer on the mega-scale ala ADOM I/II and such, with a test version arriving at some point in the future as time allows----The Crown of Alegare.

So yeah, spiffy stuff here, especially surprising to see that mod crop up.   8)

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