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Announcements / Re: Caverns of Xaskazien II - Ver. 0.87.20 released
« on: November 23, 2019, 12:51:20 PM »

Sorry for the infrequency of updates of late.  I've been injured in such a way that computer use has become more difficult, and am still some ways out from being able to code for prolonged periods again.  When I can, rest assured, I will!

In the meantime, a couple of Caverns II gamers have uploaded their playthroughs!  In addition to finding this inordinately entertaining, I spotted several bugs in their games, and couldn't resist tackling some of these, and instituting some quick new ideas I had while watching their stuff, too.  Huge thanks to Dynast11 and cryptrat for the playthroughs, as well as Combatereak for calling my attention to them.  If anyone else has an urge to record their gameplay, I do find it very instructive, so just let me know in the comments section!

You can see their stuff here, by the way:

Thanks again, and here's what's new:

Minor Improvements:

- Made Absorb Life Energy spell and Drain Life spell completely ineffective against Undead, both for thematic purposes, and because the spells were slightly overpowered. Also made monster spellcasters not cast these spells against undead monsters.

- Made all monsters MUCH more hesitant to enter dangerous squares.

- Made monster intelligence further affect how likely monsters are to enter dangerous squares, with Animal and lower level intelligence monsters being more likely than normal intelligence monsters, and Genius level monsters being less likely.

- Made how nauseous a monster is affect its hesitancy to enter Stench squares - e.g. monsters who are already nauseous for 30 turns will not hesitate, and those are nauseous for only 1 remaining turn will still be quite hesitant, but not quite as hesitant if they weren’t nauseous at all.

- Made higher level monsters more hesitant than lower level ones to enter Ice squares, since they’re more likely to break through.

- Monster level no longer affects likelihood of a monster to enter dangerous squares that affect monsters of all levels similarly.

- Monsters who are Fire Resistant are now more likely to enter Lava, Hot Coals, Fire, Raging Fire or Fumaroles, with the increase in likelihood based on how high their Fire Resistance is.

- Monsters who are Acid Resistant are now more likely to enter Acid and Acid Vapour, with the increase in likelihood based on how high their Acid Resistance is.

- Monsters who are already poisoned are now more likely to risk entering Poison Gas squares, with the likelihood increase based on the severity of their poison. I.e. Mildly Poisoned monsters will be slightly more willing to risk entering Poison Gas squares, while Grievously Poisoned will be far more likely and Critically Poisoned won’t hesitate, since they have nothing to lose.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed bug causing Stench Cloud spell to create Fire instead of Stench if you used it to the West.

- Fixed error giving player the option to attack a sleeping monster even if their own character is asleep.

- Fixed error playing sound effect for Basilisk Snare at full volume, regardless of your chosen sound effects volume level.

- Fixed bug that would only assign 1 random resistance to Xaskazien instead of 2.

- Fixed loophole having Scroll Merchants sell Grease spells at a base price of 0 gold pieces.

- Fixed error warning player they’re about to potentially pick up more gold than they can carry, even when they have no option but to pick up the gold (like when succesfully praying at an Alluman Shrine, for instance).

- Fixed error mislabeling Drain Life spell in the spell list.

- Fixed bug that would always crash game when trying to generate a Phantom Lair.

- Fixed bug preventing Raised Drawbridges Over Ice from being graphically displayed in the viewscreen.

I noticed but have not yet been able to track down a bug that sometimes doesn't display water based monsters (fish, etc.) on the Map Screen, if they should be detected by ESP.  I'll work on it!


Hail Adventurers,

In the three months since the last public release there have been plenty of updates.

Pathos now has title music to set the mood and atmospheric music to tie the ambient sounds together.

Lances, polearms, spears and whips now have a reach attack. This means you can melee from one square further away, allowing for new combat strategies.

There is a new deafness mechanic with the corresponding earmuffs. When you meet the new banshee, you will wish that you cannot hear her wailing.

For utility and a bit of fun, the new porter bag can be used to capture a friend or foe. Later, you can release them from the bag but be warned that they are likely to mad at you.

Introducing two new player races: angel and demon. Angels are beautiful, otherworldly beings characterised by their signature halo and feathered wings. Strongly attuned to struggle between good and evil, they sense the divinity within anything they hold. Demons are perverse creatures of many aberrations but always with crimson skin and horns. Their mere presence compels others to act out their darkest, most violent desires.

Major changes since the last public release:

    new player races: angel and demon.

    new talents: slippery, deafness.

    new artifacts: Drilanze, Masamune/Muramasa, Philosophers Stone, Ravenbow, Talaria.

    new items: earmuffs, can of grease, disencumbrance boots, brass knuckles, battle robe, fleet robe, elemental robe, hermit robe, horseshoe, magic horseshoe, porter.

    new entities: giant termite, snow golem, phase worm.

    new mechanic: polearms, lances, spears and whip can reach attack (melee combat but an extra square away).

    background music added with title track and ambient track.

    carrying capacity increased by 33% of your body weight.

    rest/search by N turns.

    import/export your custom tileset.

    device vibration on death.

Announcements / Re: Ternebrae et More (now at Alpha 3.0)
« on: November 06, 2019, 08:05:12 PM »
Alpha 3.0

Bug fixes, vendor changes, spawn changes, and a new tile set.

    Added a new tile set based on DawnLike. Press "F2" to switch to this in game.
    Added more tiles to the original tile set. Press "F1" to switch to this set.
    Added healing to Priest NPCs. Exchange Favor for health with this new dialog option.
    Added a holy water "potion" that strips any and all active effects
    Tweaked the player stat display in the top right of the game screen
    Tweaked the lighting effects a bit
    Fixed like a dozen bugs

    Added two new spells - Polymorph and Shape of Gata Carogna. Polymorph is a fantasy staple, and in this game it transforms your target into a new, randomly selected creature from the spawn list. Shape of Gata Carogna is a shape shifting spell that gives your character strength, dexterity, and bash bonuses.
    Added two new monsters - Spina de Mul and the iaculo. Spina de Mul is a mythical sorcerer from Ladin legends. He carries the gem Rajëta, which in this game has the ability to pacify any creature. The iaculo is a serpent that launches itself like a javelin to attack.
    Added a book of random spells, tweaked the spell book/scroll spawn rate

The Palace of the Fates is the new branch that spawns fairly deep into the dungeon. Notably this is a "static" branch, unlike all the rest, meaning that the floor layout will be the same every game. This let me try my hand at a different kind of dungeon designing, which I enjoyed quite a bit, and I think you may as well.

With a new branch comes some spawn reshuffling and new monsters. Fairies now only spawn in the new branch, and I've added a couple new fairy types as well: the Squasc and the Mazapegol. Like the more generic "fairy", these tricky creatures can drop artifacts and a ton of gold, but are also powerful magicians. The new branch also features a new boss, which if you don't know anything about the fabled Palace of the Fates, then I won't spoil anything.

I also added a new type of ghost, the Pandafeche, which actually takes the roll of the generic "ghost" enemy. The "ghost" monster is still around, but it's a bit more dangerous.

Finally, I've added a generic "demon" monster. These are late-game enemies that can cause all kinds of trouble. They can cast spells, spawn cursed items, attack you with their claws.. just generally nasty creatures.

    Added disable effect resistance mods. All those annoying effects like paralysis and cursed can now be resisted with the right equipment.
    Added a "blood" effect. Tiles will turn red in the vicinity of a fight.
    Added light sources and a "light" effect. Light sources increase your FOV and project a colored light on cells in the area.

Announcements / Re: Lost Labyrinth DX (now at v1.6.0 Djinni)
« on: November 05, 2019, 01:01:20 PM »

NEW FEATURE: New trait: Swiftness (1 CP: picking up items does not cost any energy)
    NEW FEATURE: New trait: Diehard (1 CP: Survive one extra turn when above 10 hp after receiving a killing blow)
    NEW FEATURE: New trait: Troll Blood (2 CP: 50% chance to heal 1 life at end of every turn and immune to Bleeding)
    NEW FEATURE: New trait: Geniekind (5 CP: Do not require food or water, +50 Lightning Resist and heal life in the Nexus)
    UPDATE: Characters with the Trap Lore trait can now attempt to auto-disarm detected traps
    UPDATE: The Combat Expertise trait no longer provides the benefit of Diehard trait
    UPDATE: Elf Blood is now exclusive from the No Magic trait
    UPDATE: God of Magic is now exclusive from the No Magic trait
    UPDATE: Reverting out of shapeshift form now ends the turn
    UPDATE: The Pickaxe can now be used to destroy Ice Blocks
    UPDATE: The spell Destroy Boulder (Earth Magic) can now be used to destroy Ice Blocks as well
    UPDATE: Added new bindable keyboard button to delay turn to after the next player character (e.g hot-seat or summons)
    UPDATE: Will o' Wisps can now cause Blindness
    UPDATE: The trait Trap Lore has been renamed to Trap Expertise to avoid confusion with the lore type for traps
    UPDATE: Traps will now appear from level 3 and below (previously level 4 and below)
    UPDATE: Breaking free from webbed tiles now show chance of success
    UPDATE: Traps are slightly more dangerous to be more like the original Lost Labyrinth
    UPDATE: Traps require now to be identified with Trap Lore when detected (avoiding or triggering a trap will identify it)
    UPDATE: Percent chance to avoid traps that are not detected are now limited by the Luck ability
    UPDATE: Players gain +30% chance to avoid traps that have been both detected and identified
    UPDATE: Conjured items can no longer be the target of the Sword to Ploughshare spell
    UPDATE: High Magic can no longer shape spells that require Mana Crystals or recharging
    UPDATE: Disintegrate (Air Magic) now costs about twice as much mana to cast
    UPDATE: Portal (Earth Magic) mana cost reduced from 12 to 8
    UPDATE: Shape Magic (High Magic) now costs 5 mana instead of 4
    UPDATE: Arch-Magic (High Magic) now costs 10 mana instead of 6
    UPDATE: Etheralness (Time Magic) now costs more mana, reduced duration and can only be cast once per level
    UPDATE: The Teleport spell (Time Magic) now has max range of 3 tile plus 1 per 8 spell power
    UPDATE: Damage from starvation and dehydration now scales exponentially as it gets worse
    UPDATE: Trait selection screen had some usability improvements
    UPDATE: Sense Earth now also reveals stone boulders
    UPDATE: Ice Ward (Water Magic) now lasts 10 turns longer
    UPDATE: Invulnerability (Warlock Magic) now truly reduces all physical damage taken to 0 (instead of 75% reduction)
    UPDATE: Magic Master (High Magic) mana cost reduced from 4 to 2
    FIX: Single use bonuses like Goddess of Healing should now properly work once per player instead of only once
    FIX: Blacksmithing added Mend Item spell instead of Repair Equipment skill to the quickbar
    FIX: Dispel Magic no longer removes toggle abilities like Stealth
    FIX: Merchant Room being generated with a blocked exit causing players to be trapped (thanks to kongxinga for reporting)
    FIX: The current active player is always rendered on top of other players
    FIX: Rare bug where dying in shapeshifted form could count as a game loss
    FIX: Activating Repair Equipment while no valid target would enter a loop of invalid target messages
    FIX: Fix some minor audiovisual bugs with magic effects
    FIX: The Scimitar of Venom was Mundane instead of Rare
    FIX: The Curse Rune trap would transport player back 2 levels at 85% chance instead of 15% chance
    FIX: The examine tile ability could reveal hidden traps, doors and treasure
    FIX: Trap removal can now only be done on traps that are actually detected
    FIX: Prevent casting Alternate Timeline inside the demi-plane
    FIX: Gem Blast (Earth Magic) now correctly costs 4 mana instead of 1
    FIX: Winning the game now properly removes the completed save file
    FIX: Accolade Death Knight (Black Magic) will no longer destroy two summoned Skeletons when cast
    FIX: Etheralness not always working as it should
    FIX: Some light effects not being updated at the end of spell effects
    FIX: Some issues with the scrollbar GUI component were resolved|
    FIX: Various distance calculation issues with levels with wrapping edges
    FIX: Zoom out button not working correctly
    FIX: Possible crash when generating a river
    FIX: Crash bug when looking at traits of a summoned creature with natural flight
    FIX: Crash bug on explosions with lighting effects near the edges of the map
    FIX: Rare crash bug on casting Alternate Timeline

Early Dev / Re: The Red Prison - roguelike based on 5th edition D&D
« on: October 31, 2019, 11:51:41 AM »
I think it just grants more of the cutting edge v5.1 than the more "basic" OGL on top of giving a bit of an approving, knowing nod even if not outright endorsement---it still isn't an official WotC joint jaunt like BG III where they can interact with pretty much anything iconic, but it creates a higher tier essentially.  May also factor in to Solasta being a very much public facing commercial project, as opposed to an incidental one that is predominantly a homebrew affair.  The whole DM Guild thing wasn't a thing back when the original OGL kicked up, and they skipped the lot of it entirely for 4e, so it is out there.  WotC outright just bought a game development studio that was working on yet another 5e game, so perhaps the tiers will become more meaningful as this forthcoming era seems to constitute them getting serious about their gamespace for the first time since the Capcom and such era back in the 90's/

Early Dev / Re: The Red Prison - roguelike based on 5th edition D&D
« on: October 30, 2019, 11:36:38 AM »
Aiming to endeavor joining Solasta in the freshly minted SRD v5.1 designation that they managed to wrangle for themselves partway through their successful Kickstarter as the spot just under Baldur's Gate III in terms of having much of the spread to draw from or generally just sticking to general OGL as it does?

Announcements / Re: Demon (Alpha 10/27/19)
« on: October 29, 2019, 12:25:05 PM »

    Revamped Relic Upgrade system: Relic Upgrades now are purchased using Upgrade points rather than the previous one-size-fits-all approach. Most upgrades cost between 5-15 points, and summoners gain 1 Upgrade point per level.
    Two new starter demons have been added: the Familiar, which uses ranged magic attacks, and the Tulpa, which applies accuracy debuffs to enemies. Both share the Homunculi's ability to heal the summoner's HP and SP.
    The starting Upgrades for the Titan's Fist Relic have been significantly changed: the Titan's Fist's Upgrades are now oriented towards a no or low summoning playstyle, with Aux Guard III and Aux Power III providing great power to summoners who have less than 3 allies summoned (the fewer the better!)
    Also includes some small quality of life improvements to UI, including Consume automatically being activated when available and when it makes sense to do so.

Announcements / Re: The Ground Gives Way (now at Release v2.5.1)
« on: October 16, 2019, 12:13:20 PM »

    Greatswords are renamed to claymores and now has the greatsword as an upgrade.
    Halberds are removed for now (may return redesigned)
    Removed “of subdual” enchantment since it doesn’t work, while waiting for a proper fix. [savagehill]
    Removed slimy boots for now (interacted badly with new slime mechanics, may return). [czzzz]


    The game won’t let you attack if you for some reason have a 0% chance to hit:
        for example if you are overburdened or can’t use your martial attack.
        This also don’t take a turn
    All silver weapons are now considered non-sharp and are valid for healers/meditations


    You now get stronger warnings when you are fatally poisoned.
    You now get a rest-warning when a coat is disappearing from an equipped item.
    The game no longer prompts if you want to abandon a dead character [avzinElkain]
    All monsters now have descriptions [jiyvajelly, Blue]


    You can now use stairs even when you’re flying.
    Golden doors now prompts you before opening them.
    The dungeon is now guaranteed to not contain *any* disconnected area on any map .
    You now get a proper message when resting on a bedroll
    Meditations on equipment are now cancelled correctly just like the ones from cencers.
    You can no longer use portals or ladders when overburdened
    Mutation unequipping now works correctly again. Fixed a lot of issues relating to this.
    The game no longer crashes if you buy several items from the same stack from an NPC
    Pixies’ tiny arrow now reduces energy instead of giving energy.
    Putting a monster to sleep is no longer considered cruel. [kdlkkdlk]
    The game no longer prompts you to use a rod or spell if it is not cruel .
    Bumping trees will now also close doors.
    Wear-id of enchanted items now correctly identify them. [jiyvarjelly, Blue]
    Upgrading an enchanted item no longer makes it unknown.
    You can no longer swap in a weapon if you were unable to unequip the weapon you swapped for.
        This makes it impossible to unequip spellbound items etc, as intended.
    Warning of coated items in inventory no longer looks weird
    All polearms and spears now (correctly) counts as sharp/cruel (unless made of silver)
    Retaliating with spikes on an unconscious monster no longer crashes the game.
    Iron gates are no longer called portculis when open.
    Fixed crash when selling multiple items to an NPC and ending up “outside” the selling menu
    Misleading text “easily catches fire” description in shimmering staff removed.
    Various language fixes
    Chocolate gives 10 ep instead of 15.
    The execute and contagion spells no longer gives the victim 1 mp
    Fixed monk ring upgrade chain [gza, Blue]
    Equipment with spells that are force-unequipped by a mutation are now correctly cancelled.
    There is now a log message when you pick up gold/valuables.
    There is now a log message when you add an item to your ammo slot from the ground.
    Fixed crash when interacting with hooded woman [Peter, Blue]
    Fixed bug where items found in containers could be taken by aliens even when “aliens are uninterested in this item”.
    Enchanters no longer claim to be able to enchant crowns or masks (because they can’t) [Blue, GnollSet]
    Removed text artifact that could show up in inventory when items with long names were “[used]”.
    Melee/block status now updates immediately whenever overburdened status is gained or lost.
    Ammo stacks now never sell for less than 1g a piece to prevent selling back and repeat for profit. [Anon]
    Sleeping on a bedroll now gives a correct message on the rest screen .
    Probably fixed rare cases where an empty camp notes/event screen shows up even when not sleeping on a bedroll.


    The “flash” spell has longer range
    Bedrolls are a bit more likely to wear out when you sleep on them.
    Slightly increased average stack size of hot rocks.
    Plate boots now grants knockback resistance and are slightly more expensive.

Spoilers (the following fixes contain end-game spoilers)

    Statues now wake up in the castle as well
    Picking up the artifact now gives a better message

Announcements / Re: bcrawl (now at v1.17.1)
« on: October 13, 2019, 11:24:06 AM »

Instead of adjusting player attributes automatically, Jiyva gives players an ability that swaps 2 attribute values.
    The Staff of Battle is a lajatang that makes a spectral weapon.
    merges some fixes from DCSS

    Jiyva is reworked: a Jiyva altar always appears near the entrance to Slime; Jiyva gives piety for killing monsters; Slimify creates friendly slimes and can act on multiple enemies, but only has a chance (based on damage done vs enemy HP) to work, and loses duration when it works; jellies do not randomly spawn; off-level items are not eaten; jellies eating items does not give piety or restore player HP or MP or satiation; Jiyva grants bonus AC for having mutations, equal to max(mutation_count - natural_AC, mutation_count/2).
    Black Draconians have a better Fighting aptitude. (+1 -> +3)

Pain has a higher power cap. (25 -> 50)
Death Channel is now Charms/Necromancy.

Iron trolls drop iron troll leather armour. (8 AC, 16 encumbrance, rF+ rC+ Regen)
Vampiric Draining has lower base damage but scales more with spell power; above 19 power it will now be better. Also, it can now do more damage than the missing HP of the player, and has a 10% chance of draining 1 strength.
Ghouls start with a chunk instead of a ration.
The Robe of Folly is reworked.
several monsters are reworked

Giant clubs and giant spiked clubs now cleave.
Guaranteed damage reduction now affects player damage from spells with non-elemental damage.

    Steam Barrier (L6 Charms/Fire) creates steam clouds around the player, gives rF+ and rC-, reduces player spell power (-1 enhancer level), and gives an AC bonus proportional to its remaining duration.
    Demigods can walk through plants at lower (** -> *) piety.
    Liches and ancient liches have reworked spell sets.
    Fire Elementalists start with 40 stones.
    Ice Elementalists start with 1 charge of Iceblast.
    Conjurers start with a potion of magic.
    Air Elementalists start with a potion of flight.

Announcements / Re: IVAN (release 0.57!)
« on: September 25, 2019, 12:14:37 PM »

    NEW Black Market, an end-game shop to spend all excess gold in!
    Added game lore and fiction to the Doc folder.
    Magic helmets spawn with random materials.
    Some helmets switched from full helmet to normal.
    Keys now very rarely break when used.


    New "expansive terrain" can help prevent blocking important entrances.
    Improved item search algorithm.
    Fixed ring detection to work same as scrolls.
    Enable wishes for empty containers, make empty cans and empty bottles wishable.
    No rotated pictures for equipments and newly-spawned items.
    Do not aggressively upgrade dependencies for mac build.
    Mirrored items cannot be dismantled into permanent lump of material.
    Stop weapon swap from auto-stealing items in shops.
    NPCs will sometimes talk to you on their own.
    Possibly fixed the window context glitch in Windows.

Announcements / Re: bcrawl (now at v1.14.2!)
« on: September 20, 2019, 09:22:55 PM »

Flaming Arrows (L2 Charms/Fire) adds bonus damage to ranged attacks.
    Regeneration ends when at max HP.
    Spellforged Servitors created by players have one spell, which is the spell from its list of possible spells that the player has the highest spell power for.
    Monsters stepping on visible alarm traps will mark the player.
    Thrown stones have a lower base delay (1.1 -> 1) and min delay (0.7 -> 0.5).

    Merges some bug fixes.
    Infestation is now a level 6 Hexes/Poison/Transmutation spell that creates Hornets or Spark Wasps depending on spell power.
    Freezing Cloud is now Ice/Air.
    Potions of flight give a Swiftness effect in addition to flight.

    Blowguns use Fighting skill instead of Throwing skill.
    Hepliaklqana's Transference ability costs much less piety, but doesn't gain the effect of draining enemies.
    Hepliaklqana's Knight ancestor's first level gets a war axe of flaming instead of a flail.
    Hepliaklqana's Idealise ability is replaced by Incarnate, which gives +20% max HP, healing and/or mana, and increases some skills to at least your Invocations skill. Knights give HP, Fighting, Armour, Shields, and Axes; Battlemages give HP, MP, Conjurations, Earth Magic, Fire Magic, and Staves; Hexers give MP, Spellcasting, Hexes, Charms, and Evocations.

    Monsters can use iceblast wands, but low-HD monsters won't use strong wands.
    Fedhas no longer gives piety for kills by oklobs or mushrooms.

    The Lair entrance is on D:7-9 instead of D:7-10.
    Kobolds have some better aptitudes, better stat gain, and the Talons 1 mutation.
    Lugonu's Banish ability costs less (3-4 -> 2-3) piety.
    Ogres and Trolls can worship Beogh, but can only convert at an altar.
    TSO gives ammo gifts.
    Gozag shop costs don't increase with number. Instead, shop and potion costs increase with time taken.

    Lugonu gives armour and ammo gifts.
    Trog no longer gifts ammo.
    Jory and Frederick have reworked spell sets.

Great swords have higher (15 -> 16) base damage.
The Sword of Power has an enchantment level of (your strength - 10).
Jory has Summon Undead instead of Crystal Spear.

    Djinni get Wild Magic, Berserkitis, Blurry Vision, and Blink mutations. After their berserk rages end, they never pass out and get a few turns of Brilliance.
    Nemelex card changes: Pain casts Torment instead of summoning a Flayed Ghost, and Clouds creates a cloud under each enemy instead of clouds around enemies.

    new playable species: Skeletons have -20% HP, but have good aptitudes, guardian spirit, and heal when casting spells. They also gain reduced encumbrance from armour and health regeneration from kills.
    Each time you enter the Abyss increases the depth of your next entry.

Announcements / Re: Ternebrae et More (now at Alpha 2.7)
« on: September 12, 2019, 12:14:15 PM »
Alpha 2.7

Cut the main dungeon floor count from 30 to 20. Overall the total floor count will remain the same because...
    Added a new branch: Kobold Cavern and increased floor count on all the other existing branches. Going forward this will be the strategy for adding more levels and level variety. Look for more themed branches in the future.
    Diversified Kobolds a bit. They can spawn as workers, soldiers, scouts, and veterans.
    Added a new boss to the end of Kobold Cavern
    Tweaked the spawn tables to correspond with the new floor counts
    Added new throwing weapons: war darts and throwing axes.
    Various bug fixes for traps, potions, vault spawning, item dropping...

Weapons can now spawn as low, normal, or high quality. The low and high quality weapons will have prefixes, and their power and penetration will be modified.

Memorized spells now cost half their casting cost and ignore the "read/write" check when casting. Casting a spell by reading it from a book requires a literacy check because you're, well, reading it. This gives memorization a real reason to exist!

    Implemented a trap system and added a couple trap types to the map generator. The current traps a pretty basic: an arrow trap and a "sealed room" trap, where the room gets partially sealed off. The "mechanics" skill is now used for detecting traps in addition to lock picking.
    Added a new tool, the mattock. Use this tool to remove walls.
    Added a new "infighter" behavior, which has monsters wanting to fight other monsters in addition to fighting you. A new "knight" monster has this behavior, and the new "raging" monster mod adds this behavior to monsters, too.
    Added a bunch of monster modifiers, similar to item modifiers. You should now occasionally see monsters with prefixes like "oversized", "lame", "devout", etc. These modify monster stats, skills, and behaviors.

Early Dev / Re: Zorbus
« on: August 26, 2019, 12:16:04 PM »
Saurial is definitely a deep and juicy cut on the racial gains---nice.   8)  Keep delving deeply!

Announcements / Re: Ternebrae et More (now at Alpha 2)
« on: August 24, 2019, 11:54:19 AM »
Alpha 2
Reworked map generation. You're less likely to see the larger, cave like maps on higher levels, and the maps are generally smaller now.

    Reworked monster spawning. I adjusted some spawn tables and rates to increase the bad guy count.

    More variety in human NPC equipment

    Tweaks to hunger/rate of hungriness.

    Minor bug fixes

expanded ossuary and library branches, which were previously one level deep. I also added a handful of "mythical" weapons. These are dropped at the end of the vault branches and are quite powerful, but previously they were mostly "slash" type weapons. I added more "bash" and "polearms" weapons to this mix.

Announcements / Re: Dungeons of Everchange (now at Alpha v9.7.5)
« on: August 22, 2019, 12:25:02 PM »
One of the most important changes Alpha 9.7.5 brought is a new inventory UI, which will enable much more cleaner look at surroundings while browsing the inventory. Here is the complete changelog:

    NEW: Inventory UI
    NEW: Actions UI
    NEW: Looting UI
    NEW: Accuracy will decrease if target is not close
    NEW: Added Weakling class in case player is too weak in power
    NEW: You can admire treasure now
    NEW: Player will have text above his head on each start of the game.
    NEW: player will be reminded to fill waterskins if they are near water
    NEW: cursed items can be removed when item's durability is reduced to 0
    MOD: Changed level calculations of player
    MOD: Unified logging of game data into file
    MOD: Changed from REX to Maptographer file format
    MOD: Triggers count toward calculating of the player class
    MOD: Renamed Fighter class to Warrior
    MOD: Learning existing powers will increase power level by 1 instead setting power to some level (preventing for example to learn Hack & Slash on depth 1)
    MOD: Modified a bit durability and weight. It will be not so obvious which items are cursed and which blessed by simply looking at the numbers.
    FIX: Main menu shortcuts works normally
    FIX: Fixed spell failure to display minimum default spell failure to 5% (was 0%)
    FIX: Spell failure was displayed wrong: it should be 100%-Spell Failure
    FIX: Fixed not to activate 'Slide away' trigger when monster circles around player
    FIX: Fixed not to enable player to slide outside of 'Slide Away' trigger range when trigger is activated
    FIX: Fixed rare incomplete level generations
    FIX: Fixed issue with enemies who were not encountered and died for some reason, would not be visible on map even after being seen for the first time.
    FIX: Clicking on minimize on Powers, Effects & Triggers pane works again
    FIX: bug when player could point to unexplored/non visible space and if there was a monster it would show you that you cannot recognize monster in dark
    FIX: monsters that die while being telepathically bound will be shown on map as ? if they were not encountered yet
    FIX: monsters that die while not being encountered will not show up on map
    FIX: Item will not be dropped anymore by pressing 'a' if it has quantity 1
    FIX: Fixed anomalies that affected comparison of some items and displayed wrong values
    FIX: Fixed bug which enabled you to drop worn cursed items  (effectively removing it)
    FIX: Fixed bug which enabled you to put worn cursed items in container (effectively removing it)
    FIX: Regressive fix of non working debuff damagers (i.e. Bee toxins didn't damaged you)
    FIX: Fixed Honey splash debuff that was sometimes cast multiple times from a same creature.
    FIX: Bee's sometimes goes mad, killing player in a blink of eye (need still testing was this fixed)
    FIX: Fixed Eye paralytic attack to work properly
    FIX: Fixed bug in power leveling of 'Sacral Weapon'.
    FIX: After camping if no powers are selected, game will select one for you
    FIX: If camping was disturbed and you tried to bind power over another, old power was still bound to your key
    FIX: While moving on path if player hits chest, it was impossible to close the inventory window.
    FIX: If you have split stack of arrows, and one you have wearing is identified, after you pickup non-identified arrows they will be identified, and properly stacked with other arrows.
    FIX: After picking up items from piles, hovering mouse over the pile's place shown wrong message
    FIX: Dropping worn magical item will remove magical effect properly
    FIX: Manually uploaded sessions work properly
    FIX: Avatar name cannot be anymore empty

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