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Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Deep Deadly Dungeons v1.0
« on: January 10, 2009, 11:57:25 AM »

From misc.  Looks spiffy.

Yet again---not this person.  But still....

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Goblinhack v1.17
« on: January 06, 2009, 01:45:11 AM »

Mostly bug fixes:

More trolls and goblin types
Shop bugfixes
Installer fixes
No teleport for shopkeeper
Excalibur easily damaged fixed
Broad sword and other swords downgraded to they get damaged by stone
Yellow ghosts could not move
Org generators not attacking
New orc class
More troll types
More goblin types
Fewer imps
Fewer spawning goblins
Faster centipedes
Moving walls more dangerous
Amulets and armour not being listed on itinery
Edge of level impentrable
Sleeping mines

Yet again, I'm not this person---but still.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Mines of Morgoth v0.76
« on: December 31, 2008, 01:59:10 AM »
"v0.76 released.

New stuff : better AI, a whole range of spells with proper balancing of damage for the more clever monsters.
All monsters up to level 10 are now in the game.
I have also moved over to the open source installer program from Nullsoft."

I'm not this guy, but I should think he would be quite welcome here if not already lurking---assuming he knows we exist here.   This game is shaping up rather nicely it seems and now has me all curious about Moria and such....

Other Announcements / Kamyran's Eye 2. Thoughts?
« on: October 11, 2008, 02:12:17 AM »

I'm strongly thinking of purchasing this game as I am a tremendous Roguelike enthusiast but I'd like to see what people here have to say about it before I take the plunge. Is it fully stable or something that still gets patched? Impressions on the game systems it implements? Trustworthy online merchant to purchase through----not heard of Manifesto prior to this?

Please help to dispel my unfortunate and unwieldy ignorance.

Nifitier still, the first game in this apparent series is available for free from the devs by following a link or so on that site.

In each game, 2nd one especially, seems to have some nifty aspects going for potion creation, and this whole concept of roving armies actually destroying the cities and towns and the chance you'd have to affect that.

Other Announcements / JauntTrooper series: A call to arms.
« on: October 10, 2008, 02:42:16 AM »

Hi folks.  I'm Brian.  I aim to become much more involved in the Roguelike community in a variety of strange and majestic ways in the times ahead, so at the suggestion of a certain Roguelike fan I'm beseeching you lot as I harassed him last night.

Prior or a day or so ago, I'd not ever heard of JauntTrooper or anything of that ilk.  I was randomly pouring through the list of stables in the first link and voraciously downloading and saving faves whenever I came across what I thought to be a piece of graphical and/or tiled goodness.

After much digging around, I came across this JauntTrooper that has 3 games to it with all 3 being impossible to find thus far.  As I missed out on them through all these years, so too would it seem the outstanding majority of the Roguelike community missed out on them as well.

In this modern, silver age of Roguelikes...where there is more dev activity and vibrant projects being made and improved out there across the world thanks to so many talented enthusiasts that have come into the scene within the last several years---this can't stand.  These games, from what limited info is contained within these links, their cups overfloweth with sheer GENIUS.  To this day, some of these features are ones I've not encountered in any other prior or proceeding Roguelike---that is insane.

I shot off an email on a single longshot lead to a site that conducted an email interview some time ago with one of the people responsible for the series in terms of design and development.  While I wait for that to amount to what it will, I put out the call:

-There must be somewhere left to download at least the first 2 games.  HOTU apparently had them, at some point, but these days they seem all but gone and the links are void.  I want to think the 3rd game is out there somewhere as well out of a shuddering fear that it may well be lost forever if that is not the case barring some incredible personal stash a few people in this world might still have sitting around.

-If it can be found, it needs to get in the hands of as many fans as possible---ideally somehow with the source code.  Nothing I have come across thus far, and especially all that ISN'T mentioned, leads me to stongly suspect that the game would have a place among Rogue, Crawl, NetHack, ADOM, etc as a Major.  We're talking a full fledged graphical Roguelike here people...retail that went horribly under the radar...that is lauded for incredible depth on the one hand and also that most of the secrets still remain for it as a consequence of the latter---just THINK about that for a second...let it sink in.  Imagine one of the "known" Watershed Roguelikes we all know and love suddenly being out there...yet despite everything there's no Spoilers, big time gudebooks, nada----for lack of players and oppourtunity.

-Take all this good, and by hack or open sourcing, imagine how it could be built upon, exapanded, fixed up, tweaked as was the case with Rogue, 'Bands, and so on all through these last several years especially with our leaps in technology and proliferation of knowledge.  The potential here is finding a rare mythic ore deep in a forgotten mountain.  If luck and wit holds, this could be a "Rogue" springboard of sorts to join with the other great, fresh upcoming Roguelikes that future generations will have available to them for further expression.

Sorry for the rant, but this whole episode has stuck a rather unexpected chord with me---lit a fire if you will.  An entire Roguelike SERIES so niche that the Roguelike niche itself largely seems to have missed it and/or forgotten about it---while the gestalt of all 3 games in it seems to meet or even at times exceed the best that is currently and has been out there for years on the frontlines of the scene.

I can't be the only one with wheels turning, perhaps ever so slowly, in my head now with all this said in the above links and hopefully communicated earnestly in my typings.  We can surely do something about this if we can just manage to be in time to snatch this away from the oblivion of time and esoteric machinery.

Only thing I can think left at the moment is this thought:  Imagine 5-10 years from now you can only occasionally tell people about Crawl: Stone Soup or Nethack...but none further shall be able to play and enjoy it due to "something" going horribly awry perhaps on the level of the worst of luck that can be found at times in many a game of any given Roguelike.  With all we now know THOSE games to be, that would be a travesty upon human achievement in the virtual realm.

I'll shut up now...hopefully this can at least spark some discussion.

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