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I was giving it a go and I think the quartermaster quest is bugged. I delivered a package to summerdale, then returned. The quartermaster asked me if I had done what he asked, but I'm only left with the option to "return". Am I missing a step?

Works for me, I delivered all three packages and it worked.

that's why I asked if I am missing something. I deliver summerdale package first. then when I go back to the guy who gave me the quest, my quest item is gone, but he just asks me if I finished. The other packages are no longer on the floor. How am I supposed to finish it?

Thanks for the menu alternative.

I was giving it a go and I think the quartermaster quest is bugged. I delivered a package to summerdale, then returned. The quartermaster asked me if I had done what he asked, but I'm only left with the option to "return". Am I missing a step?

Also, how do I manage my party members? can i equip them, heal them, give orders, etc? How so? It seems like they don't heal when I rest if my character is at full health.

Where do I find the king?

The towns are still kinda getting in the way of my enjoyment of the game. navigating them is quite tedious and they seem needlessly large for the amount of content within.

Any chance of adding an alternate mouse based control method for scrolling/choosing menu options other than using a scroll wheel? Like maybe just clicking on the options in menus or right clicking to cycle through them?

Believe it or not, I don't have a scroll wheel so it makes trying to play with the mouse kinda fumbly.

This is pretty cool. I like how it looks. One request would be if you could be taken back to a main menu after death in order to start a new game rather than having the game automatically terminate after death and having to restart the program again.

Also, numlock has to be turned off in order to use the number pad which is the opposite of normal and doesnt register pressing the enter key on the number pad.

I gotta say that I am extremely happy to see Infra Arcana still being worked on. Especially when it seemed that NON was going to shelve it a while back. This is an extremely interesting, intricate, and tough roguelike that takes the best elements from some classics, a couple newer ones, and it's own innovative aspects to boot with a great yet under-used theme in roguelikes.

It is still my most played and enjoyed roguelike today since I first discovered it.\

I think this game is a prime candidate for a second visit on roguelike radio since it has taken many changes, strides, and advancements  since the initial roguelike radio episode on it.

Thank you very much for the new release NON.

(P.S. I'm sorry, but I have to... Spiked Mace?)

quite ambitious project but I don't like the time limit thing.

I like the idea of a time limit myself. It worked for Larn, which I still enjoy playing. And the food systems in Rogue and other games are more or less just a variation on the concept of a time limit.

Early Dev / Re: Souls Rescue
« on: June 30, 2016, 07:28:40 AM »
looks and sounds cool. Any chance of getting a winxp version though? I downloaded the alpha, but it wouldn't run because it was "not a win32 executable". Would be cool if it ran on winxp. For me at least.  :P

Looks cool. I'll definitely check it out if it ever ends up on gog.

One thing that is a little irksome is that a lot of the game commands require capitol letter presses that seem needless since they are the only commands using that particular letter key.  Such as (K)ick, (L)ook, (C)hat, and i(N)scribe. All of these commands are the only commands which use those particular letter key to be pressed, yet they require Shift+Key to be pressed rather than just the regular lower case version of the key to be pressed.

Also, when there are multiple items on the ground, is there a way of picking up everything? If so, I couldn't figure it out. If not, it would be nice.

On a related note, when there is a stack of several of the same item, it would be nice to be able to specify how many of said item instead of picking them all up. I came across a stack of 49 javelins weighing 147 pounds. I didn't realize it was actually 49 javelins at first. Took me a minute to figure out that I had to pick up the whole sbundle, then drop 48 of them just to keep one of them.

any chance of a full screen mode?

looking on the dev's website, I wonder what happened to these tiles that were originally being used?  They look pretty cool. Almost reminds me of zx spectrum.

Leaving towns can kinda be a a bit of a chore. Most seem to be rather large and kinda empty. So far anyways. It would be nice if there was some sort of command to allow exiting towns quickly rather than having to back track and find the way back out.  Or at least have multiple exits out of the towns.

This one would be great as an android game. Nice for short coffee break sized play sessions.

Player's Plaza / Re: Good Android roguelikes?
« on: April 23, 2016, 04:35:25 AM »
Just wanted to post a few good ones I have found since my original post.

Cardinal Quest 2 is my current favorite. Beware though, there is no cloud save.

Wayward Souls is a really great one. Kinda steep at $7 though. But I would say it was worth it.

Caves is a really cool newer rl still being updated. It's quite interesting and fun.

Red Rogue is on android now too and plays pretty well. Not on the app store though.  Gotta get it on the devs site.

Gravebound turned out surprisingly cool with great graphics and interesting theme.

There is a really cool Retro first person dungeon crawler called questlord that comes with a roguelike mode. Pretty cool.

Card Dungeon is a pretty cool roguelike with great visuals and rather interesting mechanics.

Tales of  Viking: Volume one is a really cool hoplite-like.

Warrior heart is a simple yet prtetty fun arcade roguelike.

Crowntakers is an excellent mix of roguelike and strategy rpg.

Deadly Dungeons is a pretty fun first person roguelike though not too in depth.

Aaagh! is rather peculiar first person roguelike that has a good bit of humor and charm. Totally free too.   

Most of these are not free, but worth it in my opinion. Most are reasonably priced too. Sorry for the lack of links.

I've never seen most of these mentioned either. 

Infra Arcana and Slimy Lich Mummy are two very good roguelikes with a big focus on ranged combat as well. My favorites.

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