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There's two sides about Krice for which he was criticized.
1. One is him treating newbies like crap and making the forum unhospitable for them. Same treatment was given to well known devs or community members. To which I agree Krice should have been reprimanded long time ago - perhaps not exhiled, just temporary bans and reminded of basic rules to keep good vibes in the community. I also didn't like him in the beginning; had to learn to tolerate him with time - but have to admit he would make interesting interventions in the forum from time to time.
2. The other is Krice not alligning with the current politically correct globohomo trend in videogames, for which he has also received a fair degree of criticism by some. Well, that shouldn't be an issue in my book. He had his views, whatever. There's already enough politically correctness in videogames. Thing is, Krice genuinely liked roguelikes. Was just a bit autistic, there was no reason to remove the off-topic section altogether.
There were plenty of good threads on non-roguelike videogames and now they are all gone forever?

Programming / How to hire roguelike devs?
« on: June 06, 2020, 07:47:38 AM »
Say I was looking to hire someone to develop an android roguelike for me, what would be a good place to look and how much would I expect to pay per hour?

Just wanted to share this link, good for spreading the word about roguelikes.

Design / Against the concept of balance
« on: April 21, 2019, 10:11:06 AM »
Balance is overrated.
I could easily argue that  good game design shall not be afraid of unfairness and unbalance but rather deal with them dynamically and reward players who are able to find order in chaos.

Have a look at what happened to an extremely varied and fun game, when the devs decided to pursue above all balance:
Or the various "level matching" enemies of all those mainstream games which feel really like movies rather than games (Witcher 3, Skyrim..).

As a roguelike lover, I like the deus ex machina, original crazy solutions to apparently unsolvable situations.
The scarecrow of an unbeatable tank-like PC shall be embraced and addressed with further degree of chaos, not by limiting the latter.

I've been hearing great things about Android Studio and looks like one can build games for Android quite easily.. was wondering if anyone tried developing a roguelite / roguelike with it.

Programming / PYTHON: pros and cons for rougelike development
« on: January 28, 2019, 03:39:35 AM »
I am aware some people here love Python, others such as Krice don't like it.
I just would like to form an idea about it and welcome any input. In particular, what makes you like it in the context of roguelike development.

I don't write enough in this sub-board but it is actually my favourite one.

I'd like to hear your views about those game design sins which we find too often in games, and actually frequently oin those "top notch" ones which roll millions in costs and profits.

I'll start with two of those which I despise the most, both of which come from poor game balancing.

I. Level scaling.
Example: Wizardry 8, Witcher 3
The whole thrill of levelling up gets diluted, and monsters which are supposed to be lower threats become unrealistically tough (e.g. kicking dragons asses and then being knocked out by a city guard on witcher 3).
Some ideas on how to fix:
1. instead of making the same enemy stronger as the game progresses, it's better to increase its quantity, or to make bigger enemies appear
2. make low threat enemies still potentially annoying (e.g. paralizing/confusing/leveldecreasing/statdecreasing/itemdestroying/itemcursing attacks); this way less powerful enemies can still and always remain threats.
3. Increase the breadth of variety of possible enemies which can spawn randomly. Yes, hobgoblins still can spawn when you are high level and this is great because by them being now no-challenge you actually feel high level. But their likelyhood to appear is decreased, whereas now that you reached level 37 there is a possibility you will encounter high level bandits, or swamp dragons, etc.

II. Level restrictions on equippable items
Example: Witcher 3, Diablo.
Such restriction can come in 2 ways. Either enemies just don't drop out of depth stuff, or you do find it but it's unequippable until you reach a certain level.
Again, something like this completely removes the thrill of winning against an out of depth enemy to find out of depth loot, and makes the whole game feel like a book or a movie rather than an interactive challenge.
Possible ideas on how to fix:
1. Equipment can become cursed, corroded, or can be destroyed or stolen or lose enchantments (e.g. Nethack).
2. Make battles non trivial even with superb equipment. Make multiple aspects of the "perfect build" to be needed, and no no-brainers.

I'll come out with more, feel free to add.

Not sure if anyone here has ever played Ethereum smart contract based games (like the infamous horrendous cryptokitties), but they are now getting popular as most of them offer players a way to earn some money (how many players can actually make it is another matter..).

There's a team of smart contract devs called Team Justo which recently released Fomo3D, sort of a pyramid / gambling / lottery thing which attracted several million $ of capitals in a few days.

Their new project apparently is going to be a roguelike called YouDie3D, still based on ethereum and smart contracts.

Team Justo is gaining worldwide attention with their games, and thus roguelikes will also get more.. possibly.

I'll update this thread once they release the game.

I just finished playing one very successful non-roguelike game, Witcher 3.
Great graphics and music, thousands of conversation lines, very polished under many aspects.
I only enjoy hard games and it was satisfying to manage to win the game in the hardest mode, "death march".
And that soundtrack.. magnificient! Felt like dancing with eurofolk music while mutilating ghouls with my beautiful long silver sword, dodging attacks with extraordinary agility, feeling the adrenaline.
The ending was so so but the story overall very good with several characters with their own personalities which I felt attached to (in particular Lambert, Vesemir, Keira Metz, and also minor characters such as Thaler, Dijkstra and general Morvran Vhooris or some sadistic villains like Whoreson Junior and his gang and that Nicolas Pastodi whoremonger priest). Let alone how beautiful were some of the cinematic sequences, such as when Ciri gets inside that cave to find the three Crones drinking random body parts soup whilst in form of absolutely gorgeous naked girls, just with blood all over them from their human meat feast. It was great to have choices affecting the game plot and the final ending of the game.
And I could happily disregard minor plot holes, issues and inconsitencies such as potatoes selling for 30 golds each, the freaking horse constantly getting stuck, the whole crafting thing being completely useless for exception of witcher gear, etc.

Having said this, the good parts I have highlighted are all components which I normally could appreciate also in books and movies - it is the artistic part of the game.

However in terms of the "gaming" part of the game, I can't say it was a particularly remarkable experience.
For instance there's stuff like "level loot" which ruins everything.

It completely ruins the free roaming aspect of the game.
It is never interesting to go back to location with low level enemies because only low level enemies will spawn there, which constitute no challenge nor reward to the player.
On the other end, it would be interesting to explore areas where the player knows they are likely to find out of depth enemies, but the problem is that it ends up being unrealistically tough boars or wild dogs which are 100 times stronger than a lower level arch griffin or dragon, and on top of this the loot is capped to the level of the player. There's also minimal experience gain to slay those enemies.

This sucks.
So much effort in polishing all the smallest technical visual and audio details of the game, and such poor design.
It feels like you are locked in a story and all the rpg component is merely a facade.

It made me think that the following components need to always be present together in order to obtain an ultimate gaming experience:

- possibility to find out of depth enemies (possibly alongside free roaming)
- uncapped loot
- no level restrictions for equippable items
- no monsters levels (ok with legendary ones to be tougher but that's about it)

The question is how to then manage to keep the game interesting after an out of depth item is found and equipped.
Well we all know how cool it is to find an eternium double sword of devastation in the small cave in Adom with your level 1 character, or start a Caverns of Qud game and find out that  you have in your backpack an Electro Crossbow or some other ultra powerful technological device.
It feels freaking good!
But does it spoil the game? No way! Because there's always the possibility that either
- that item could break or be stolen or destroyed by some trap, monster, etc
- the pc could develop some sort of corruption, or illness, or anything that could then make being strong in combat go on a second scale of importance
- permadeath is worth mentioning but ok, I understand a 100 hours game such as Witcher 3 would need to find ways around that
- the pc could become cocky and then find himself surrounded by randomly spawned enemies which happen to be not particularly susceptible by that equipment

And more and more could be done! But that is the way to go. "Level loot", equipment level restriction, non randomness of spawns and all of that are very lazy way to circumvent the potential risks of giving freedom to the player, and in my opinion they make that freedom disappear when it comes to gaming experience.
This is a great game for what concerns what should be the quintessential property of it: the actual gaming experience.

Then there's other things I like about roguelikes such as the minimalistic graphic interface, turn based tactics, etc - but the random and freedom components I have discussed above are what I really love the most and unfortunately I have yet to find in a non-roguelike game as of 2017.

Any thoughts?

I am in the process of funding a developer to program the game I am designing. I was just wondering how does it work in terms of digital rights. I mean, if hypotetically I put the app on the google play store and it starts getting some visibility, what could prevent this person to put it in the google play store as well, or maybe re-sale the game source to somebody else? How does it usually work when you give the commission to an external programmer, to have full ownership of the game? Would I have them to send me a signed contract from their country, or anything complicated?

Programming / Any programs like Game Maker to create Android games?
« on: February 20, 2016, 10:36:42 PM »
I tried to learn some basics of Java but I think coding just isn't my thing. Ideally I would be happy to pay for a developer to do that for me but couldn't work anything out in that regard. So, inspired of the fact good games such as Spelunky and Triangle Wizard were made with Game Maker, I wanted to look into something similar but to create Android games. What are the best options out there?

Temple of the Roguelike / I miss the old RogueTemple theme
« on: October 02, 2013, 01:13:46 PM »
I don't know.. this new blue and white theme doesn't feel "roguelike".. I loved the white on black theme with the logo on top we had before.
And there's no avatars.. why this?
Slash, will the old graphics be restored?

Hi Slash,

This is not a critique against you, we are all grateful to you for keeping up this awesome forum and having paid for the hosting through all these years, but if there was a way to get rid of the google ad you put at the bottom of the logo that would be great. I am not asking how much you receive from them or how much you need annually to mantain the website, just an amount of donations you would consider enough in order to remove it for 12 months.

This is because - at least for me - all those targeted ads constantly remind me about other part of my life whenever I enter the forum or open a thread.. and one reason why I love roguelike is the possibility they give me to abstract myself separating from everything else and just immerse myself in that reality.. having to see ads of tennis equipment and asian dating websites deconcentrate me and removes part of the pleasure I had browsing this forum.

I understand this request is a bit weird, let me know what you think.

Programming / Any programs/tool to convert images into pixel art?
« on: December 16, 2012, 08:05:30 AM »
I am looking for a "pixellator".. something to easily create pixel art. Is there something like this around?

What are in your opinion roguelikes' biggest turn-offs?

I think such a thread could be useful for developers to know what things could keep away potential players from giving a try to their games.

Let's rate them from 1 to 3.
1- Just a little annoying
2- Big turn-off; unless there are other potentially interesting aspects to balance this factor, I'll not try it
3- I'm very likely not playing a game because of this

First things that come to my mind:

- no screenshots on the website (2)
I like to try new games but I need at least a glimpse on what I'm downloading.

- development still at the very beginning (3)
I'm not saying that I don't play alpha relases, but unless the game architecture is *very* innovative, there should be at least some complexity and features, otherwise I don't want to immerge myself in something like that hoping that the work will go on.

- libraries to install (2)
I really don't like to install all those libraries, .net stuff, compilers and so on to play a roguelike.. but sometimes the game is worth the effort

- java (2)
I think no explanation is needed here haha.

- bad controls (1)
Unintuitive key configuration, ankward controls and maybe no txt controls file (so I can print it) can be a real pain.

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