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Off-topic (Locked) / Foul Bachelor Frog :-D
« on: June 13, 2010, 08:04:58 PM »

I love this meme!!

It always makes me laugh and somewhat feel a little nostalgic about the times when I was.. a Foul Bachelor Frog myself without realizing, hahah!

Some links: bachelor frog


Among the Advice Animal memes  popularized by 4chan and Meme Generator, Bachelor Frog (aka Foul Bachelor  Frog) occupies a unique "it's funny because it's true" space.

Whereas other advice animals (animal heads that give two-line directives), such as Advice Dog and Courage Wolf, emphasize over-the-top humor, Bachelor Frog relies on nuance familiar to anyone (especially dudes) who's ever lived alone. That naturally makes him the perfect internet mascot.

Bachelor Frog's first habit is losing track of the passage of time. When you haven't left your apartment in over a week and all your clocks are off, sometimes the best way to tell that it's time for dinner is that 'The Simpsons' is on. And if it isn't? Well, it's probably Saturday! Weekends aren't a big deal to Bachelor Frog, though. His whole life is the weekend!

See, Bachelor Frog doesn't ask for much out of life. His tolerance for monotony, discomfort and the barest of domestic situations is high. He's the kind of frog who will pull the blinds down on a beautiful sunny day to prevent glare on his computer screen. He is able to find enjoyment in the simpler things, like the race against time that occurs when he flushes the toilet before he's finished peeing, or building haute cuisine out of food purchased at a gas station. He's a minimalist, a freecycler, a visionary. Bachelor Frog doesn't just live like this out of necessity. He's practically an aesthete!

Bachelor Frog also seems to fall victim to the kind of crushing lethargy and self-loathing that befalls bachelors after weeks of joblessness. It's not just that Bachelor Frog is lazy, it's that he so prefers short-term comfort to long-term benefit. He'd rather brush off an old magazine for an impromptu plate than actually do the dishes. He's not big on hygiene, once declaring Axe bodyspray to be "a shower in a can." You might think that his net comfort level is lower this way, but that's just how Bachelor Frog likes it and who are you to judge?

One of Bachelor Frog's defining characteristics is his taste for experimental, dirt cheap cuisine. He loves to throw together what's lying around, whether it's a packet of Arby's sauce or the crumbly bits at the bottom of a box of croutons. Heck, he'll eat croutons straight out of the box if he's all out of chips.

Ultimately, we love Bachelor Frog because we are Bachelor Frog. Who among us hasn't blown his or her nose with printer paper now and again? Who hasn't sniffed the crotch of his or her pants to see if they're OK for another wear? Ye who haven't been shocked out of a marathon gaming session by the sound of your roommate's morning shower may cast the first stone.

Be warned: Not all Bachelor Frog memes are as safe for work as those we've culled for this post. Scatological jokes ("Someone didn't flush - Blast it with p*ss!" being a popular installment) and masturbation stories define the character as much as anything else. So be careful out there before you go wild with a Google image search.

USA foreign debt is raising a lot more than in the past.. just think about the fact that ten years ago it were 5 trillions and now it's about 12 trillion dollars.

What in your opinion could happen if America at some point can't pay off anymore its foreign debt?

Currently we see USA doing a lot of favours toward China (biggest creditor, almost 25%); import/export agreement, pollution conferences, etc.
But what will happen in 2014 when the estimated debt will be 18 trillion dollars.. and so on?

Some links:
Last but not least: :-)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn-based) / Frozen Depths: cool! :-)
« on: December 18, 2009, 10:53:31 PM »
Nice game!

I managed to arrive at dungeon level 13 with a dwarf warrior with all bonus points in vitality (and so lots of hp).

Is there a wiki somewhere? I would like to know what all the stuff prefixes/suffixes do (is a stanching bronze helm better than a normal bronze helm?).

Do you know any tricks/strategy?

How much stuff have to be sacrified to be helped by the goddess?

Off-topic (Locked) / Remember Super Mario Bros? Try this :D
« on: November 06, 2009, 08:45:25 PM »

Off-topic (Locked) / Ginormo sword :-)
« on: October 31, 2009, 09:42:15 PM »
It's an action-rpg parody.. worth trying :)

I love roguelikes and I like to play them, not only the major ones but also the smaller, uncompleted, abandoned ones. I think it's very satisfying to learn how to immers and adapt to new world logics and create tactics to compete with a new challenge every time I start to play a new roguelike.

The only problem that sometimes keeps me away to start to play a new game is control keys: every roguelike seems to have a different key set!
So everytime I know I have to print a page with all the keys and then learn again how to interact with a keyboard in a new world (but performing the same actions).
And if this is a little-medium problem for me (a roguelike lover), this is a bigger problem for people who know and like only one major roguelike; those persons may be fully unincentivied by this problem and consequently kept away from other games. Even from other major roguelikes, because if you take for example Doom Rl, Ivan, Adom and Angband you'll notice that they all have very different keyset. Two friends of mine love, love, love adom but never played other roguelikes, and I think it's just for this problem.

In my opinion, a very important thing for the whole roguelike community could be to create a general standard about control keys for the commands present in almost every roguelike (take stairs, get item, equip, inventory, attack ranged, pass turn, dip item, skills..).

A sort of "esperanto" between the major games keyset.
Not something to follow strictly (even because some roguelike has some actions that don't exist in others), just something to know and can be really, really useful for the gamers, the developers, and the roguelike community itself.

Off-topic (Locked) / Monster's den
« on: October 28, 2009, 08:57:29 AM »

A coffebreak tactical rpg where you create a party of 4 heroes to explore dungeons.
There are 5 classes: warrior (good armor/weapon), cleric (heal, good armor), mage (bad armor, powerful ranged and close attacks), rogue (average fighter but some nice skills), ranger (strong ranged and close attacks).
Levelling up, every class can raise attributes and select a new skill/spell.

What's your strategy?
My best parties are (I'm obviously talking about the extreme difficult level ;)):

- Three wizards (intelligence at level up) casting incinerate and a cleric (intelligence at level up) behind them healing, reviving, casting holy light in big battles and smite against undeads.
Pros: three incinerate attacks per turn deal a huge amount of damage, and even if wizards have the worst armor, there are three of them to dissipate frontal attacks so it's not a big problem and against boss they can cast magic armor
Cons: incinerate needs a good staff to be effective, and with three wizards you'll probably never have them with a staff with the level they currently are;  furthermore the cleric is also not at full activity; his armor is useless and ofter he has to pass turn
edit: I just realized incinerate doesn't need a good staff, but it needs intelligence! hahaah, I'll try to put those points there next time

- One cleric (endurance) absorbing all damage, healing party and attacking with fervor and three rangers (strengh/dexterity) behind attacking with crossbows/bows (pin, rain of arrows) and spears (force of nature)
Pros: the cleric armor and ability is really useful, and three rangers have a great power attack (and also tactical due to the very handy pin attack); creature levels are also very easy with the hunter prowness ranger skill
Cons: I don't know, this is a very effective party

- Two rogues (endurance) attacking with create opening and instakilling enemies (with coup de grace) stunned by the pin attacks shot by the two bow/crossbow rangers (dexterity) behind them.
Pros: pin + coup de grace combo is really cool
Cons: two rogues in the front line are often not hard enough to resist enemies attacks; bosses are immune to instakill; most important, no cleric so the only heal spells are the ranger's balms and mediocre heal

A cool trick I usually try to use is to equip mass damagers (Wizards - electric bolts; Rangers - hail of arrows and somewhat Warriors - cleave) with poisoning weapons; poison damage add over time, and for example after a first turn when the level boss party take 3 hail of poisoned arrows, it will take a lot of damages at the start of every other turn.

I live in Italy, and here a channel (Rai Tre) has some of the hottest ladies announcing news.

The first one is Maria Cuffaro.
I think she's absolutely wonderful.

Another one I really like (also from TG3, Rai Tre news program) is Maria Rosaria De Medici.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn-based) / Doom Roguelike 0.9.9 released :)
« on: October 18, 2009, 09:50:26 PM »
One of my favourite roguelikes!
Take a look:,2279.0.html

Other Announcements / To learn or not to learn (help me decide)
« on: October 17, 2009, 10:30:17 PM »
My dream is to make my roguelike game and then put it online (for free) and keeping updating it maybe adding fans suggestions.
I planned and writed lots of stuff for it, about mechanics, gameplay, and story as well. It would be a very huge game with arcade gameplay and retro style graphics.
My problems are the lack of time and knowledge (about how to code).
I have two main doubts, but before I'll tell you my current situation.

When I was a teenager (and even before) I used to be an hardcore videogamer. I really, really like videogame - expecially rpg, and expecially expecially roguelike.
But after high school I started getting a degree, a girlfriend, sport and all kind of social "time sinks" so I didn't managed to spend at videogames as much time as I would. I graduated and within a couple of years I will be even more busy because of my job, so my situation will never gave me the free time I had before. At this point of my life, I have a sort of mental block about learning how to code.. but I think still not enough money to pay a programmer and a graphic to do all the coding (I will in 3 years). Furthermore, my eyes have become less tolerant to the monitor and I can't stand behind a pc for more than some hours. The good thing is that at high school I studied something and now I know some of the coding logics ("if" processes, recursiveness, etc).

Now my doubts:
#1- If I decide to take the work all for myself, can I learn a program language in my situation? How many hours will this take? And then, how much time could require a project let's say with an ADOMish depht but also graphics and stuff?

#2- I fear that when I'll have learnt how to code, all my passion and game related creativity will disappear. Maybe it's a stupid irrational feeling, but who knows.
(I remember many years ago, I discovered an engine (RPG maker) and started developing a game.. and then experienced this. Maybe it was because the engine sucked and didn't allowed me to do anything. Whatever.)
What do you think? I must admit this second doubt is strong.

I'm kinda new to this game, and in my best game so far I reached dungeon level 25 with an Angel Elementalist (I was lucky, I got Holy magic and started with Crusade, Summon spirit of light, Spirit Wraith @ level 3 and soon got Crusade regeneration and stuff; stupid death btw).

My general strategy is to start with at least one good attack spell (possibly one that doesn't need a good aim) at level 2 or more, and a summon spell (three brute force pets are often - if not always - a great help; and they make you gain xp).
My goal is to get a minimal level/regeneration/storage to those spells:
- Haste spell (must have)
- Evaporate wall (for tactics and speeding up dungeoning)
- Raise wall (for tactics)
- Watcher (for invisible enemies)
- a high level/regeneration/storage for a good circle 4 attack spell
- a high level for a good circle 4 summoning

I always kill all the enemies in every dungeon and never pick up spells not included in my goal list.

For the moment my fav characters are:
- Angel Geomancer -> Angels are great; they move fast and they fly for a little malus in hp and damage. Geomancer is a really cool class because it starts with Evaporate Walls (tactic), Summon boar (summoning), Stoning (missile). Slow also comes in handy with bosses.
- Gnome + any class with the Haste spell -> Gnomes' +1 level to every spell is something great, their only big disadvantage is their low speed, but this can be fixed with a permanent haste spell.
- random spells classes (Elementalist, Wild mage, Sorcerer), because sometime they get great combinations.
- Ice Mage and Sun Mage are also cool

What's your strategy? What are your favourite race-class combinations?

PS- do you know if you can sell equipment in shops?
PPS- is there a way to deactivate traps?

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn-based) / IVAN: some questions
« on: October 10, 2009, 10:34:44 PM »
1- do my equipment make enemies get bigger? and how does it works? here are my doubts:
a- only the weapon bonus (+1, +2..) or also the material?
b- only my weapon or every piece of equipment?
c- only my equipped stuff or also the stuff in my backpack?
d- only my weapon + stuff in my backpack or also the stuff I leave on the floor or closed in chests (carried with me)?

2- what are some good things to wish? usually I go for "vermis" and "dragon cuirass", or "belt of levitation" if I haven't managed to beat the sumo wrestler.

and, if you are into variants:
3- since the developers abandoned the project, there have been made some variants:
What are the main differences between IvanT, IvanX and Livan? What is your favourite?


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