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Major Roguelikes / Re: Rogue - let's beat it
« Last post by ShawnPhipps on April 18, 2019, 08:13:50 PM »
there are many versions so that would be an important factor to know.

i play the versions i have installed here from time to time for testing them out and to make sure they work as expected for the version of rogomatic that i am working on.

some versions are much easier than others.  :)

Your ideas will be put into my current let's play of Streets of Rogue and I want an interesting and outright hilarious challenge to try to beat.
Early Dev / Re: curse of the scarab roguelite escape puzzle
« Last post by gameleaper on April 18, 2019, 12:29:36 AM »
I had to have 6 choices up down left right up down, so it was a choice on how to do that, thanks for the feedback
Announcements / Lost Labyrinth DX (now at v1.4.0 Gold Dragon)
« Last post by getter77 on April 17, 2019, 09:08:54 PM »   Win/Linux

What is it?
Lost Labyrinth is a coffeebreak dungeon crawling game!

Compared to other games of its kind it has the following features:

    Relatively short gameplay (between 10-40 Minutes)
    Very high replayability because everything is created at random!
    Over 113 unique traits to choose from (every player needs another tactic!)
    More than 266 unique magical spells, skills and abilities
    No experience gain for killing monsters (only for reaching new levels!)
    Classic roguelike graphics agumented with modern xBRZ algorithms for high resolution rendering
    Smooth scrolling
    Control with mouse and keyboard
    Portable versions across Windows, Macintosh and Linux

Lost Labyrinth DX is a modern remake of the classic Lost Labyrinth dungeon-crawling roguelike. It aims to keep the unique feature rich mechanics of the original Lost Labyrinth game with new features and enhancements. The original game can be found at
Lost Labyrinth was originally written in BlitzBasic and then ported to PureBasic. Now the game is completely rewritten from scratch in C++ and uses SDL2 along with new algorithms like xBRZ to scale old pixel graphics for modern HD screens. The game is now optimized for modern operating systems and hardware whithout all the legacy issues of the old game.

In addition the enhanced edition of the game features numerous new traits, spells, items, monsters and a lot of other new game content. Including everything from the Extended Edition of the original game! Lost Labyrinth DX is created by one of the developers of the original game and is completely free.

New Feature: New trait: High Magic (2 CP: Unlocks spells from the High Magic school of magic)
    New Feature: New trait: Old Gods (1 CP: Gives +50 Cold Resistance and doubles Eye of Udjat bonus)
    New Feature: New trait: Paladin (2 CP: Gives +40 Undead Lore, Fear Immunity and regain 1 life and mana on killing undead)
    New Feature: New trait: Dragon Slayer (1 CP: Gives +40 Dragon Lore, Fear Immunity and awards gold on killing dragons)
    New Feature: New trait: Step-Up (2 CP: Destroying enemies in melee combat does not end the turn)
    New Feature: New trait: One-Eyed (-1 CP: Gives -5 Perception and halves ranged hit chance and ranged dodge)
    New Feature: New trait: Shield Bash (1 CP: Block Chance is added to Melee damage bonus and can push enemies with melee)
    New Feature: New trait: Blacksmithing (2 CP: Can repair weapons and armour plus enchant weapons with gems)
    New Feature: New trait: Arachnophobia (-1 CP: Halves hit chance vs spiders and cannot sneak past them)
    New Feature: New trait: Necrophobia (-2 CP: Halves hit chance vs undead and cannot sneak past them)
    New Feature: Added remaining health and armour bars for enemies who are injured
    New Feature: Added 10 new magical potion effects
    New Feature: Added new Water Magic spell: Conjure Water Elemental
    New Feature: Added 12 new unique magical effects for weapons (e.g glow in dark or dragon slaying)
    New Feature: Added 14 magical weapons with special abilities
    New Feature: Added 8 new randomizable weapons and 1 new magic robe
    New Feature: Added a new monster: The Spellforged Golem
    New Feature: Added a new room: The Forgotten Forge (repair items and Blacksmiths create a free weapon)
    UPDATE: Active buff/debuff icons on top of creatures is now only drawn on monsters
    UPDATE: Pick Pocket now displays visual cue of what item was stolen
    UPDATE: Improved tooltips of various traits and spells
    UPDATE: The Visions trait now gives +1 random Lore bonus on using the Sanctum (max once per level)
    UPDATE: Reworked how damage resistances worked (resistances above 50 give logarithmic damage reduction up to 90%)
    UPDATE: Spell Scrolls are now less likely to contain higher level magic
    UPDATE: New and improved icons for various spells and abilities
    UPDATE: The Fear spell will now also apply a debuff reducing attack, block and spell cast chance by 25%
    UPDATE: Paralysis and Blindness will now also severely reduce the block chance with shields
    UPDATE: Several monsters have now learned the Fear spell!
    UPDATE: Goblin Shamans are now less likely to drop rare treasure
    UPDATE: The Bravery spell now provides immunity against Fear
    UPDATE: Added animation when grabbing items lying around on the floor
    UPDATE: Players can now get stuck in Pit Traps without Climbing, Flying or Escape Artist (50% chance to escape)
    UPDATE: Thaumaturugy no longer starts with Ancient or Legendary Wands, Staves or Rods.
    UPDATE: Equipping items now costs 35 energy
    UPDATE: Reduced damage taken from monsters who explode on death
    UPDATE: Reduced damage taken from advanced pit traps
    UPDATE: Selling equipment to a merchant will now also repair the item
    UPDATE: Selling potions to a merchant will now identify what kind of potion you just sold
    UPDATE: Curse of Seth and Mana Void now also affects summoned creatures
    UPDATE: A message is now displayed if healing fails due to the Curse of Hex
    UPDATE: Any active effects end at the start of your next turn instead of the end of your previous turn
    UPDATE: Protection from Petrification can now be cast on friendlies and will also dispel any ongoing petrification
    UPDATE: Reworked Petrification: No longer instant-death effect but skips your turns and deals damage over time.
    UPDATE: Death Gaze is no longer an instant death effect, but instead deals 50% of max life in damage
    UPDATE: Fire Lance deals less damage but also costs less mana
    UPDATE: Ambushes will never happen more than once every 10 rounds
    UPDATE: The Sturdy trait no longer reduces bleed damage to 0
    UPDATE: Damage reduction now has a chance to reduce 1 damage to 0 (e.g 33% reduction has 1/3 chance to ignore damage)
    UPDATE: Aura of Fire will now burn away sticky webs
    UPDATE: Traits for current character is now displayed in the ability screen
    UPDATE: Poison Protection spell now costs 3 mana instead of 5
    UPDATE: Increased duration of various beneficial spells
    UPDATE: Waterdrops now restore 20 instead of 10 hydration
    UPDATE: Base carry capacity increased from 50 to 75
    UPDATE: Base spell casting chance increased from 25 to 50
    UPDATE: Weapons are now less likely to break
    UPDATE: Rebalanced various low-level monsters to have less attack
    FIX: Monsters spawning without full armour recovered
    FIX: Fear will now scare away from the casters location instead of from the current tile we are standing on
    FIX: Incorrect message displayed on Counter-Attack
    FIX: Item description tooltips will now automatically resize if needed
    FIX: Possible crash bug on exit
    FIX: Negative perception no longer reduces light radius by less than 1 square
    FIX: Some incorrect estimations for spell mana cost
    FIX: Bug causing shovels to always have only 1 durability
    FIX: Waterskin not losing durability when used
    FIX: Numerous monsters not using their ranged abilities or spells
    FIX: Transparency issues with various monster sprites
    FIX: Non-flying creatures are now properly rendered when submerged in water
    FIX: Rune traps having little or no effect when encountered at very low levels
    FIX: Possible crash bug on triggering a rune trap
    FIX: Crash bug on drinking a full mana restoration potion
    FIX: Web throw animation not working
    FIX: Fire Aura actually melts Ice Blocks now
    FIX: Incorrect sorting in high score
    FIX: Extra whitespace appearing on newlines
    FIX: Bleeding damage now correctly bypasses armour
    FIX: Summon Satyr destroying the tile it was cast on
    FIX: Stutter in Second Wind animation
Early Dev / Re: Ultima Ratio Regum (0.8 back in development!)
« Last post by UltimaRatioRegum on April 17, 2019, 05:40:52 PM »
Continuing to chop down the list of URR stuff to be checked before 0.8’s release! Here’s what has happened in the last couple of weeks:

– Resolved some strange issues with churches, especially if you approach them at night. Priests weren’t sure where to spawn or where to sleep, and random worshippers kept appearing off the map and finding no way to path in to the map, rather than being where they should be. I’m not entirely sure what the cause was – and, indeed, I feel this was working fine a while ago – but these strange behaviours have all now been fixed.
– Fixed a number of conversation options not working correctly when talking to nomadic speakers.
– Fixed a number of conversation options not working correctly when talking to speakers from tribal civilisations.
– Merchants were not always spawning correctly in their shops in town; this has been fixed.
– Merchants also could not always describe to the player what kind of product they sold – the problem was different for merchants in cities, towns, and fortresses, but all three kinds can now correctly tell you about their wares.
– When you insult or compliment someone several times, they no longer say you “asked me that” several times, but instead say “you told me that” (or some close equivalent).
– Asking about laws on violence has distinctive answers now for nomadic and hunter-gatherer civilisations, with particular kinds of concerns and laws relevant to them.
– Asking about laws on trade has different outcomes for nomadic and tribal civilisations.
– Asking about laws on religion has different outcomes for nomadic and tribal civilisations.
– Helmets do not appear correctly when you select someone who is wearing a helmet (no picture yet, but relevant text).
– Tribal people respond correctly to questions about money; all peoples respond correctly to religious questions, especially if they don’t have a specific religious belief; and NPCs correctly state when they aren’t wearing a necklace, rather than trying to tell the player about a necklace that doesn’t actually exist.
– Starting to ask an NPC stuff before saying hello will get them to say something like “Oh, hello there”, or “Oh, good morning”, before they give you the full response.
– All guards (there are at least twenty sorts of places a guard might guard) definitely now correctly talk about their respective charges correctly.
– Fixed obscure bug with some feudal NPCs being unable to remember the correct punishment for certain religious crimes.
– Resolved an equally obscure bug where game would sometimes choose “Monastery” as the word to describe the church of a certain culture (a la “Church”, or “Pagoda”, or “Priory”, etc), thereby potentially generating confusion with actual monasteries.
– Farmers no longer sometimes possess access to teleporters when they really, really, want to get to bed quickly.
– Fixed a number of issues with random NPCs in buildings (other than religious buildings) sometimes spawning at -1,-1, and therefore being unable to path or do anything.
– Fixed a problem with some church generation algorithms which didn’t produce interiors containing sufficient options for NPCs to always work out where to go.
– Improved the generation of insults, greetings, farewell and compliments by removing a number of weird grammatical mistakes (still more to do here).
– Fixed a strange bug where unseen NPCs very very rarely fail to complete their scheduled tasks at the right time in another part of the world map and instead crash the game – this is another where I don’t understand the cause, but it has definitely been resolved.

So, the list continues to shrink, and I’m now basically just checking out schedules and fixing bugs in the conversation system. I must say, though, that it is a little dispiriting that I keep encountering new bugs while trying to fix the old ones, but I take a lot of reassurance from the fact that the speech system has gone from “almost every possible question might lead to the game crashing” (a month ago) to “no question causes a crash, and just a handful of questions are still a bit inaccurate or strange in their responses” (now). Progress is continuing to happen at a pace I’m very comfortable and very pleased with, and I should have more to show in, again, some time later in April. I’ve been travelling a ton for work lately (week back in the UK, week in Sydney, and soon another week travelling in Canada), which has stretched this update out a little, but things are still moving at a nice speed. Thank you all for reading, and see you all soon!
Early Dev / Re: The Red Prison - roguelike based on 5th edition D&D
« Last post by pat on April 17, 2019, 10:30:37 AM »
Players now get a choice of 50 graphical avatars. You can select one on character generation or you can change at anytime throughout the game via F3.

Off-topic / Re: Songs from your country
« Last post by jacqueline on April 17, 2019, 05:06:59 AM »
Avengers Infinity War Spider Logo Varsity Jacket is a superheroic motion picture where we can see all the superheroes on one stage, and as a group, to prevent their foe Thanos from getting the interminability stones. Spiderman is found in another and changed ensemble in this motion picture and is refreshing obviously.
Early Dev / Re: curse of the scarab roguelite escape puzzle
« Last post by Troubler on April 16, 2019, 02:23:04 AM »
Sounds like an interesting concept, but the mouse interface is way too cumbersome.
Was going to give it a serious attempt, but this is driving me crazy.
Early Dev / curse of the scarab roguelite escape puzzle
« Last post by gameleaper on April 15, 2019, 03:34:08 PM »

curse of the scarab roguelite escape puzzle

Due to the interest I had, I decided to update it, I have done a big update, it now has turn-based & Real-time 3D cockpit, or a mix of the two. it has space objects, and has a lot of stuff improved, I have finished now, it was before but so many people showed interest I thought I would give it a final touch, the source code is included.
here are some pics

Off-topic / Check out - How I Enjoy Online Wild Dating with 2 Women
« Last post by seniordating on April 15, 2019, 08:37:57 AM »
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