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Happy to announce the Warsim Generator Toolbox, a free tool made up of all 61 in game generators in Warsim for external use for anyone (DND campaigns/worldbuild or fun)

It came up after a comment from a DND DM wanting to use some of the races in a Warsim screenshot for a campaign and I thought, why not take it a step further.

All these generators are available in the Warsim extras menu so anyone who has the full game doesn't need this tool, but thought I'd share it here anyway :)
Sorry I am late.

I much prefer a proper computer system myself. Most roguelikes nowadays are not coffee-break games. They are complex and require focus. It is much more comfortable to play them with a proper screen and keyboard.

That said, I have played some HyperRogue on Android - yeah, not exactly a traditional roguelike, but you get it. The games are playable but the experience is not the same.

The same thing I prefer too. PC is always a good option for gaming!
Development Process & non-technical / Plans for 2023?
« Last post by AgingMinotaur on January 17, 2023, 12:02:52 AM »
Greetings, hope you all have had a good start of the new year. Although the turn of the calendar year is really an arbitrary date, many pause around that time to reflect on where they're at and the path ahead … So I thought maybe someone would jump on a thread about plans and ideas for the upcoming year.

I'll go first, there's not so much time for RL dev these days, but I do get in a little bit; still tinkering on my cowboy fantasy rl Land of Strangers, where I've been rewriting a lot of the engine (cleaning up and porting to Python 3 and pygame-2, as well as adding native terminal support : ) It's been a while since the last release, so I hope to get a release or two out in 2023. Maybe even start a git repository.

Atm, I have a very stripped down version where I still haven't ported some of the more involved systems, like map generation and complex NPC behavior. To have a roadmap, I may essentially remake an earlier version of LoSt, that played out in a mine (you're a mine slave trying to escape). I can copy some of the old content and get basic map generation and AI. The scenario can also function as a sort of tutorial if I scale it well, and it can open up into the overworld through a literal exit if you beat the mission. There will also be the main option to start in the overworld, of course. Once systems are up and running, I'll be pulling in most of the content from the old version, and then start adding more new stuff again (more missions and encounter templates, though one of the things I still really don't know how I will design, is dialogue).

What about you? Post about yer games.

As always,
Tangaria (multiplayer roguelike) update -- "Bards and troglodytes":

Cya in-game and welcome to our discord:
Early Dev / Re: Soulblight
« Last post by abraksil on January 11, 2023, 01:10:07 AM »
Hey, everybody!

Kuba from My Next Games here. It’s been a while :). Almost 4 years have passed since I stopped writing these monthly updates. Why did I stop? Honestly - It’s because I didn’t have too much to talk about. Back then we were running out of money and we were unable to continue the regular Soulblight updates like we would have wanted. In order to survive we were forced to do contract work and we didn't have too much time to create our own content.

That didn't mean we gave up on creating our own games. Whenever we had some time we’ve been brainstorming ideas for our next title. After a while we finally came up with a one we wanted to pursue. There was a problem though - even though the idea was small it was rather ambitious. As it usually is with this kind of thing we needed funds to make it happen.

Luckily we live in Poland and this place has a lot of opportunities for small indie developers like us. We took our idea and applied for various government funding programs. We were lucky enough and our concept was deemed interesting enough to get two grants.

So… Here we are. Let’s make it official :) We’re working on a new game - Hank: Drowning on dry Land. It's going to be about a vigilante named Hank who has time travel super powers. Pretty useful for fighting badguys but it's maybe not the best for his mental health. It'll be free so don't forget to wishlist so you don't miss when we release it! Here's the link.

Hank: Drowning on dry Land Steam Page:

And here’s a shout out to the two institutions without witch any of this wouldn't be possible:

Until next time!
I apologize - I ended up working on this release a lot longer than expected. Life took some turns. I didn't have the steady week-to-week cadence I usually do.

So here's the biggest stuff in 1.5.2. Full info in version_info.txt, as always. There was a lot this time: randarts, randomized descriptions for hirelings and adventurers, shipwrecks, treasure hoards, being able to fly to open sky, being able to swim underwater, dolmens, smarter forest generation based on where you are on the map...anyway! Here's the full list:

Shadow of the Wyrm v1.5.2 "Satoh"
- Version started May 15, 2022.

- Deserts have a small chance to generate a spring.

- When removing items from the player (typically for fetch-type quests), the
  game now checks inventory first, then worn equipment.

- There are no longer climbing danger prompts at skill 100 (Josh Engdahl).
  At 100 climbing there are no longer exhaustion/etc checks: you will be
  safe to climb mountains indefinitely.

- More names.

- Exiting the codex or bestiary during tile selection no longer exits tile
  selection.  This behaviour is configurable in swyrm.ini (Josh Engdahl).

- You can no longer use the Music skill underwater.

- Updated mawgrawls to use "itself" (Josh Engdahl).  Set this flag as well on
  birds and animals.

- Hirelings and adventurers now have a good chance to have personalized
  bestiary entries.  When they don't, they'll continue to use the existing
  respective entry.

- When you drop an item a shopkeeper doesn't want, it's now added back to your
  pack (Josh Engdahl).  This also happens if the shopkeeper wants to buy it
  but can't afford it.

- Boating now has an initial implementation, and allows faster movement over
  water when not flying.

- When digging via non-magical means in a shop, the player is now prompted
  to continue (Grond).

- Wandcraft now affects to-hit when evoking a wand (Josh Engdahl).

- The in-game start date and current date are now shown in the character dump,
  and the date message formats in-game have been tweaked to also show the
  numerical month.

- Random artifact (randart) generation.

- The terrain lore skills (Desert Lore, Forest Lore, Marsh Lore, Mountain Lore)
  will now help you find treasure hidden across the world. These treasure
  caches contain a variety of useful items, the centrepiece being either a
  huge sum of ivory or a randart.  Dungeoneering can also help improve the
  quality of the cache.

- Ocean Lore lets you find sunken shipwrecks.  These are located on the ocean
  floor near coastlines - you'll need to dive down to find them.

- Mountains can now be generated with southern and eastern clifflines that
  drop off into nothing.  Mountains may now also have streams and springs.

- There are now different messages for using > and < on springs, open sea,
  and the cosmos.

- Bargaining reduces the cost of hirelings (RelicWraith).

- Pelicans have a better sprite.

- The Forest of Yew is a reasonably well-known place and its tile message has
  been updated to be slightly more specific about what's there.

- If you now have a way of flying, you can move up to open sky.  Losing the
  ability to fly in such cases is not recommended, and deadly. If you have
  some swimming, you can go underwater, assuming you're in shallow water,
  though you can only hold your breath so long.

- Carcassia now has "sky maps" above the ground-level maps, that can be
  accessed either via stairs from the appropriate place, or ascending while

- Set the flying flag on creatures where it made sense, so long as they didn't
  get it already from their race.

- There is now a skill trainer located by the fighting pits in Carcassia.  He
  will let you train any of your skills - for a price.

- The inner teleporter in Carcassia A1 now has unlimited uses, so you won't
  get stuck in an exitless room (JovanM).

- Character dumps now show the date and time when you started your character,
  as well as the current time.

- The Fletchery skill now influences how many items get created when using
  Fletchery.  A similar calculation is applied to the creation of clay shot,
  with the key skill being Crafting.

- More weeds.

- Dolmens can be generated in the hills.

- Oceanography has been renamed to Ocean Lore, and given to goblins.
  Snakelings will now also start with Desert Lore, in addition to Marsh Lore.

- Forests at the northern and southern extremes are now rockier, their
  appearance closer to something like the Canadian shield. Fields and
  scrublands, too.

- Mountaineering as a separate skill has been eliminated, and has been folded
  into Mountain Lore (RelicWraith).

- Added some additional Lua functions for modding: set_creature_size,
  get_creature_size, get_nutrition.

- Updated the spell ending descriptions to "Ending after" instead of "Ending
  at", to better indicate that the spell doesn't end at exactly that time.

- Autopickup now excludes unpaid items by default. This is configurable in
  swyrm.ini and in-game via '!'.

- Wrote a Python script for checking the blank resource strings against the
  English ones, to ensure everything from the latter is in the former.
  Updated the blank strings to add a few dozen missing resource strings.

- Killing The Sorceror transports you back from Telari, and prevents you from

- New items: amulet of the sky, conch.

- New creatures: Pern, stylite, ancient sage, Carcassian magistrate, hermit

- Stanzas for "Tel and Floridel".

- Bug fixes:

  - Some of the Nine's special creatures were unable to spawn in the rift in
    the cosmos.

  - Removed some wand enchantment code that was causing stack issues.
  - Setting age via swyrm.ini was also overriding the maximum, leading to
    death after one year (Josh Engdahl).

  - When sentries were considering allies, they weren't considering their own
    ID, leading to e.g. Carcassian guards attacking each other.

  - After paying off shopkeepers, hostility was removed from the shopkeeper
    but not the player.

  - The NPC Callara was too close to "Calara", used in Lish's quest.  Callara
    is now called Callisa (YARD).

  - The buy-in message for Blackjack wasn't clearing properly before starting
    the game.

  - Turned off an SDL hint that was causing sprite blurriness on high
    resolutions/large monitors.

  - Wand speed was using the magical speed calculator, so wand speed would
    unintentionally vary based on the last spell cast.  If you had never cast
    a spell, the wand speed would be very fast.  Wand speed has been updated
    to use its own calculations, with Wandcraft positively affecting the speed
    at which you can evoke wands.

  - Creatures with ranged weapons would sometimes attack you even when that
    didn't make sense (Josh Engdahl).

  - Fixed an issue with elements not being cleared from the Lua stack after
    a call into the Lua code from the engine.

  - Wintersea Tower is now properly connected/situated to the main Wintersea
    map, allowing you to either take the stairs or fly up to the top level.

  - Wild orchards and mountains weren't generating coastlines like fields,
    forests, etc.

  - A bug with death-causing statuses was causing crashes in narrative mode,
    where the player is immediately revived.


A secret in Warsim that most don't know about, always makes me chuckle when it's discovered
Tangaria (MMO-roguelike) BARD from Israel

Cya in-game and welcome to our discord:
Nookrium made a new video of Warsim -

And the release is going amazingly! :)

Thanks to all the new people who've picked the game up recently!
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