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Early Dev / Re: Ultima Ratio Regum (0.8 back in development!)
« Last post by UltimaRatioRegum on June 23, 2019, 05:07:55 PM »
Here’s June’s big update. The bugs and fixes continue to get smaller and smaller with each passing fix, and they’re generally taking less time, being more and more obscure, and often involving text or grammar for sentence generation rather than things which actually cause the game to crash. With that said, some new crash bugs around pathfinding have arisen, but – see below – I think they are now all fixed, and hopefully no more will appear as bug-fixing and tweaking continues. Without further ado:

– Fixed some more crash issues surrounding people not being able to tell you they are not currently wearing any jewelry.
– Monasteries can no longer spawn on rivers, thereby preventing some very strange generation of their local maps if the player decides to explore one.
– Fixed an issue where one of the guidebook entries was too long, and consequently “leaving” some of its text on screen even after the player navigated away.
– Non-religious NPCs can now definitely always correctly respond to religion-based questions.
– NPCs from a religion not based in the nation they currently live in no longer tell you their cathedral is in their current nation / city, rather than the place it genuinely is.
– NPCs without armour no longer sometimes tell you they have armour and then crash because they can’t find information about it, and NPCs with armour no longer sometimes tell you they don’t have armour. AND NPCs with armour no longer sometimes tell you they do, and then in the next sentence (from the same NPC) tell you they don’t.
– Asking certain NPCs for their perspectives on religious heresy no longer leads to a crash if they don’t really care about it.
– Fixed an issue with clerks who spawned at random in places like parliaments incorrectly thinking they were important, and thus behaving in a manner inappropriate to their station.
– Resolved another strange issue with banks at night and tellers appearing when they should be asleep, and similarly, an issue with tellers not appearing in the day time.
– A rare bug with NPCs attempting to leave the grid the player is on, while the player is also leaving the grid, has been solved… I think?
– Relatedly, fixed a very complex and strange issue where if two or more guards are moving off a grid at the same time, then sometimes they get confused about where to go because they look at each other as potential guard exchange partners (i.e. the guard they switch guard duty with), and then they freak out and don’t know what to do. Pretty sure this is fixed now.
– Fixed a timing bug which could trigger if you left a grid and then returned before the predicted time it would take, in the abstract, for an NPC to reach its next objective; this would cause the game to just lock up as it tried to figure out the NPC’s movement.
– Similar and related to the above, also resolved a problem where sometimes an NPC couldn’t make it to where they were supposed to be (hypothetically, in order to estimate how long a particular path would take), and now the game notices if they’ve got stuck one tile away from their target, and ends the counter there, just adding “1” to whatever the total was to represent what the final step would actually require (for example, if an NPC is currently blocking the way, but will not be in the future).
– Confirmed that a wide range of buildings – such as taverns, churches, cathedrals, jails, and others – do not crash when you spawn them in day then return at night, or in the next day.
– You can no longer travel into the ocean; I will shortly be adding quick alternatives for getting across the sea.
– Fixed a bug where an NPC already on their bed will try to find their bed, and without thinking to look underneath them, will cause the game to lock up as they search, desperately, for somewhere to sleep.
– Fixed a similar bug where sleeping people were sometimes being transported through walls; this must have been rather distressing.
– Talking to someone in a tribal civilization about religion, laws and money no longer leads to a crash.
– Fixed some name generation things which made certain items of clothing too long.
– NPCs now properly tell you what is special about their armour (which is to say, nothing, because I haven’t coded that yet).
– Added information about policies which haven’t previously had clear effects or impacts.
– Fixed a bug which I had not noticed until just a couple of days ago, but now I see it would have actually affected a huge number of religious buildings in city centres and potentially elsewhere as well: guards for archives are no longer selected at world generation if there is no archive beneath the cathedral, which is almost always the case, and so this bug would have applied to almost all cathedrals when the game later tries to find a place for this guard, only to discover there is nowhere for them to go…
– Removed a bunch of irrelevant chaff from the “Load Game” screen.
– Hunted down and resolved a pretty large bug where, again, guards might be sitting on top of each other and the one who was supposed to go home wasn’t sure what to do. I’m not sure why this bug was still sticking around, but I’ve put in some catch-all code in case this ever happens, and this should really never be a problem again.
– Fixed an issue where servants or slaves, in a mansion that had been spawned or previously visited at night, wouldn’t know quite how to get back to work in the daytime.
– Resolved a rather complicated issue, whose cause (again!) I don’t fully understand, where after walking around for a long period of time and then returning somewhere guards had previously been spawned, one of the guards was on the roof. Of a different building. I have absolutely no clue how this person got up there, but I’ve now implemented a system which checks for guards (or equivalents) who are on rooftops (???), and then looks at guard locations on that map grid, finds the empty one belonging to the appropriate civilisation, and moves the guard there before the player gets a look at their strange behaviour.
– Related to the above, the game can now notice any guard out of position and put them back in their rightful place, which should catch any potential future errors of this sort which I’ve never even observed (if they exist).
– Fixed a bug where certain conditions would try to remove a bed as an option for an NPC to move to, but if the bed wasn’t already in their list of valid movement targets, it would crash trying to remove it (since it wans’t there). Again, not entirely sure what caused this, but it has now been dealt with.
– Made sure that priests in castles which contains priests of multiple religions (with particularly open-minded rulers) all behave correctly at night and in the day.
– Servants or slaves in castles, when you have spawned the castle in the day but then return at night, now correctly spawn in / move to the appropriate beds instead of becoming paralysed with indecision on the ground floor.
– Handled issue with priests not turning up correctly in their beds in districts containing multiple religious buildings.
– Fixed a problem with buildings in hunter-gatherer settlements sometimes being spawned just a little too close to each other, and thus potentially blocking off an entrance.
– Handled an issue in religious districts with some random NPCs, at night, not really knowing how best to worship in the religious building they have selected.

At this point there are only two “major”(ish) bugs I haven’t fixed: one involving multiple ambassadors trying to sleep in the same bed (although one imagines this would do wonders for diplomacy), and one involving mints still crashing if you go back into them later. These both seem to be fairly big tasks, but I aim to tackle them in the coming days; I believe the former will be easier to deal with than the latter, but we’ll see how it goes.

So, that’s everything for this month. The rest of June is pretty clear at this end, aside from one academic paper I need to finish writing (about Super Mario Maker: this has become a rather exciting side project I’ve been working on for a couple of months now, particularly focused on troll and “kaizo” levels and the communities of players who both design and play these monstrosities / masterpieces). At this point, however, I’m really trying to push URR 0.8 out. There’s so little left to do now, so little left to check: of course I’m going to miss some bugs, and I fear, maybe even a couple of crash bugs, but I’m doing my absolute utmost to make this as stable, complete, and finished a product as I possibly can. Next update hopefully soon!

Early Dev / Re: The Red Prison - roguelike based on 5th edition D&D
« Last post by getter77 on June 22, 2019, 06:50:14 PM »
Close enough   8)
I want to start by saying that this may be one of my favourite updates in a long time, not that I don't like monster trainers or the improved arena or anything like that, but as the developer of a video game it's very hard to find something new that you haven't seen before, I've made every aspect of this game myself so I know it like my own hand... Until now.

As of the last Warsim update we had 396'775 races in the game, which I'll admit is a lot still, more than anyone could hope to see in 10'000 warsim playthroughs, but I wanted to find a way to get this number higher with a plan to submit the final figure to guiness as a possible video game world record.

After a lot more beasts added, tons of race prefixes, and some new types of race modifications things were looking good, but the real twist was a new concept to combine some of the race prefixes by splitting them into two categories, I thought about the elder scrolls and how they have Dark Elves in the game just like you can find in Warsim, I thought you could also get Reaving Dark Elves and it wouldn't sound out of place, but you couldn't have Reaving Laughing Elves, that just sounds silly.

So I split all of the prefixes into two categories, ones that are more like states and others that are more like traits, this creates a huge combo system where some races will use to random but mergeable traits to create races that we can't imagine, so to follow my earlier point about being a dev, with this new system the races that come from it are completely beyond my imagination and are basically always a surprise for me despite the fact I made the game, meaning I can experience things like the players do!

I am so hyped to bring this update to you guys and I hope you find some weird and wonderful races as a result of this, feel free to share any really weird ones or funny ones!

Oh and with all the new content and the new system in place, the total number of possible races in Warsim as of this update are... 55'822'936! 55.8 Million races! Hopefully we'll hear back from the world record people and Warsim can potentially get a world record!


* Added new race prefix stack system for race generation allowing for some extended race prefixes
* Added tons of new beast races to the game
* Total races in Warsim now 55'822'936 (was 396'775 as of last update)


Some new races added, Fungus folk are kind of like mushroom men but green and with different troop trees, People are a new race of humanoids who differ to normal humans a little bit, and finally beast races now have additional modifiers that can get us some more weird and wonderful races like Demi-Pugs or Exo-Snails!

* Added new base race 'Fungus Folk' (Seedling, Living Fungus, Fungus Master) large population, really weak lower tier unit
* Added new type of animal race 'Exo' (Exo-Dogs, Exo-Tigers, Exo-Worms)
* Added new race type 'People' (Person, Warrior Person, Guardian Person)
* Added new type of animal race 'Demi' (Demi-Hawks, Demi-Wolves, Demi-Frogs)


I'm actually really happy with a lot of these prefixes, some of them are little more than race descriptions and have no bearing on how they act, but generally as a rule I like to make the prefixes have an effect if I can, this allows for different races to have completely differing effects and with the new update it's possible for some of these to stack in weird ways. My favourite of the new prefixes are Fragile which sets the race to such low strength it would be light fighting glass people, Crying which has them cry out if you attack their lands, and Deformed which removes a random part of the deformed creatures face creating all manner of weird looking people!

* Added new race prefix 'Sparse' slightly more savage, +5 battlescore, obsurdly low population
* Added new race prefix 'Breeding' 5x population -10 battlescore
* Added new race prefix 'Subterranian' +12 battlescore
* Added new race prefix 'Planes'
* Added new race prefix 'Fragile' immensely weaker
* Added new race prefix 'Violet' dark purple skin
* Added new race prefix 'Shrouded' +25 battlescore, half population, surrounded in grey smoke
* Added new race prefix 'Fog' +3 battlescore, surroudned in light grey fog
* Added new race prefix 'Marsh' +3 battlescore -5 population level (credit bookrage
* Added new race prefix 'Dreaded' +35 battlescore, always evil, -1 civilisation level (credit bookrage
* Added new race prefix 'Juvenile' childlike faces, half battlescore
* Added new race prefix 'Banished' -5 battlescore, half civilisation (Credit Ash)
* Added new race prefix 'Frozen' half population, -10 battlescore, inside a block of ice graphic
* Added new race prefix 'Laughing' +2 battlescore, before being attacked they do a warlaugh
* Added new race prefix 'Elite' +40 battlescore, most of their starting units will be higher tier units, half population
* Added new race prefix 'Ivory' white skin (credit Ash)
* Added new race prefix 'Chanting' +4 battlescore, +1 civ level, before being attacked they will chant (credit Ash)
* Added new race prefix 'Brooding' -8 battlescore, 4x Population (credit Ash)
* Added new race prefix 'Deformed' -5 battlescore, half population, -1 civ level, faces will have missing parts (credit Ash)
* Added new race prefix 'Disfigured' -10 battlecore, faces will have missing parts
* Added new race prefix 'Inbred' half battlescore, double population, -2 civ level, faces will have missing parts
* Added new race prefix 'Tropical'
* Added new race prefix 'Cackling' +5 battlescore, will let off creepy cackle before lands are attacked
* Added new race prefix 'Combat' +34 battlescore
* Added new race prefix 'Tideland'
* Added new race prefix 'Ravine'
* Added new race prefix 'Ditch' -4 battlescore      
* Added new race prefix 'Crying' -10 battlescore, cries before being attacked
* Added new race prefix 'Translucent' +1 battlescore, invisible without copy/paste or seer's stone artifact (credit Ash)
* Added new race prefix 'Colourful' +3 battlescore, random skin colour changes
* Added new race prefix 'Majestic' +1 battlescore (credit Ash)   
* Added new race prefix 'Action' +12 battlescore
* Added new race prefix 'Mud'
* Added new race prefix 'Feral' +7 Battlescore, automatically savage (lowest civilisation level, no diplomacy)
* Added new race prefix 'Tormented' -5 Battlescore
* Added new race prefix 'Minor' -9 Battlescore
* Added new race prefix 'Tomb'
* Added new race prefix 'Crater' +2 Battlescore
* Added new race prefix 'Underpass' Grey skin
* Added new race prefix 'Pond' -1 Battlescore
* Added new race prefix 'Lake'
* Added new race prefix 'Ocean' Blue skin
* Added new race prefix 'Dust'
* Added new race prefix 'Gorge' +13 Battlescore, half population
* Added new race prefix 'Cowardly' -15 Battlescore, wont attack people
* Added new race prefix 'Glacial' light blue skin
* Added new race prefix 'Surface'
* Added new race prefix 'Edge'


Just a few new monster parts (adding a total of 2213 more monsters) but for real if anyone wants to hop into the ingame monster part generator and make some of their own, feel free to do that and send them to me, happy to get more monster content into the game!

* Added 3 new monster parts (adds 2213 new monsters)


A few small fixes found mostly in [this video]( also thanks /u/vylcount!

* Fixed a red skinned man text bug (two occurances)
* Fixed 'spent' instead of 'spend' text bug
* Fixed grammar issue with farmer visitor to monster pit
* Fixed underworld creatures not evil by default
* Fixed bug in eagle description text and eagle-humanoid battlescore
* Fixed final score of timed games not including gold in the bank (credit u/Vylcount)


Some tweaks to some of the race prefixes, a few new giant names (like Bigfoot, Boulder, and Cloudtoucher) A new book, a nice little add on to mercenaries assessment screen and a new screen when attacking the rebel captial!

* Made swamp races now slightly less numerous (as swamplands are harder to populate)
* Made pygmy races now have smaller faces
* Added 8 new giant names
* Added new book to guildrow library 'Koova and the Half-Giant King'
* Added battlescore info to assesment of mercenaries (credit Bookrage
* Added screen to attacking rebel capital


Thanks for the support and the feedback I've been getting! I really appreciate you guys :)

Also if anyone doesn't have the game yet or you know someone who might want it, has a 50% summer sale on and Warsim is significantly reduced!

See you in the next changelog!
Early Dev / Re: The Red Prison - roguelike based on 5th edition D&D
« Last post by pat on June 22, 2019, 12:57:03 PM »
Haha, I don’t think the infamous spiked chains will be making an appearance in this game. I think they’re a homebrew thing only in 5e and while two-weapon fighting will be coming soon, I haven’t gotten into grappling and tripping as combat options yet. Using two whips at once might be as close I come to that one.
Early Dev / Re: The Red Prison - roguelike based on 5th edition D&D
« Last post by getter77 on June 22, 2019, 12:21:01 PM »
It may be arbitrary and/or no longer a thing in 5e basic or otherwise and more about classic flavour than practicality, but not unlike how Zorbus got the Hoopak in recent times out of nowhere, does the reach gains as least theoretically mean hope is alive for dual-wielding spiked chains somewhere in the future as per the hilarious infamy of it back in Incursion?   8)
Early Dev / Re: Zorbus
« Last post by getter77 on June 22, 2019, 12:17:13 PM »
I like the Ascension mechanic's direction---probably the first project that comes to mind in ages that is trying to leverage such in an interesting way since Triangle Wizard and whatever madness Wouter has cooking on the sequel now.   8)
Early Dev / Re: The Red Prison - roguelike based on 5th edition D&D
« Last post by pat on June 22, 2019, 07:46:15 AM »
Some pretty significant changes took place this week:

Made reach weapons work. This was something which didn't really occur to me as being a core part of the game but it's something that a few players have gone looking for almost immediately so it needed to get done.

They work via the ranged combat menus by pressing 'f' or 'F' with a limited range. You can select a target within range manually or just use 'F' to auto-target within range. It works alongside thrown weapons as well so that if you're at range, those commands will throw at the target and if you're closer then they will default to a ranged melee attack.

Reworked entire encounter and monster generation system. Single monsters are still generated depending on dungeon level and CR of the individual monster.

Mob generation was reworked from scratch with new classes for Encounters and Monsters within that encounter so that special types can be defined and mobs can be specified easily with combinations of monsters along with spell users and ranged fighters. It should prove to be easily extensible in terms of special features and new mobs.

Full change list (apart from the above):

* Updated menu options for ranged/reach attacks.

* Updated display to show when wielding a reach weapon.

* Redid the following mobs in the new system: bandits with captain; mix of low level undead; kobolds with mages, shamans and slingers; orcs with mages, shamans and chuckers.

* Created new mob types: lizardfolk with a large number of weak lizards; single ogre with goblin followers; solo ogre mage.

* Turned off seperate factions being generated for different mobs of monsters to experiment with no in-fighting.

* Added extra customisation of monster types in mobs. Now individual stats can be specified along with character level so that casting levels can be simulated. Applied upgraded stats to all spellcasters already implemented.

* Fixed bug where doors could appear on the outer boundary which let the player walk out of bounds.

* Doubled food ration spawn rate.

* Fixed issue where fighter's second wind ability took a turn when it should be a bonus action.

* Added two different starting kits for fighters. If strength is higher or equal to dexterity, you start with one of longsword, battleaxe and spear and ring mail. If dexterity is higher, you start with one of scimitar, shortsword or whip and leather armour.
Early Dev / Re: Zorbus
« Last post by Joonas on June 21, 2019, 11:02:14 PM »
Release 16
  • Adjustments to playable races.
  • Tamed animals get their Health, Stamina and skills boosted when your character levels up.
  • New room content and monsters.
  • New item: Flask of Poison. Can be used to coat the active melee weapon or active ammunition with poison. Poison coating on a melee weapon wears off after 10-20 hits. Change to a weapon set that contains a ranged weapon if you want to coat ammunition. One flask is enough for coating 20 arrows / bullets. If you have more ammunition equipped then the rest of the ammunition is put in backpack.
  • Some typos fixed.

S P O I L E R S ===== S P O I L E R S ===== S P O I L E R S ===== S P O I L E R S ===== S P O I L E R S ===== S P O I L E R S

Don't know if anyone has noticed but if you manage to get your character to the Zorbus level and ascend to a demigod/god then the character data is saved. A new character that enters the endgame level should see the old character there with the name slightly changed. Now if you challenge any of the gods then the old character will help you in the combat. You can try talking to your former character (well, you just get one reply but anyway).

The plan is to set the ultimate ending difficulty so high that you need to ascend a few characters to demigods/gods before having a chance against the ultimate boss. The "ascended characters" save file is deleted if you challenge the ultimate boss so you'll get just one try.

S P O I L E R S ===== S P O I L E R S ===== S P O I L E R S ===== S P O I L E R S ===== S P O I L E R S ===== S P O I L E R S

2.The wording is strange when an enemy tries to hit you but misses. It's something like "The Orc bashes you with the hammer but misses"
You mean this should be something like "tries to bash you with the hammer but misses"?

Thanks for those pastebins.
Announcements / Re: Lost Labyrinth DX (now at v1.4.2 Vampire)
« Last post by getter77 on June 21, 2019, 07:30:57 PM »

NEW FEATURE: New trait: Vampirism (4 CP: Drink blood instead of food and water, batshape and adjusts resistances)
    NEW FEATURE: Added game hints to introduce new players to the game
    NEW FEATURE: Now possible to change input controls in the options screen
    UPDATE: Damage from magical effects created by monsters reduced by 30%
    UPDATE: Game will now remember last used character name and auto-fill it for you
    UPDATE: Various minor UI usability improvements
    UPDATE: The Frail trait now gives -50 Physical Resistance instead of halving max life
    UPDATE: The first 4 levels is more likely to contain items that are very useful early in the game
    UPDATE: Mundane chests are now more likely to contain tool items
    UPDATE: Reduced monster melee and ranged damage by about 1 on average
    UPDATE: Increase starting life points from 12 to 20
    FIX: Characters with No Magic trait can no longer activate the Nexus
    FIX: Avoid crash when invalid language name was selected in the configuration file
    FIX: Rare bug in level generation that could cause the exit to disappear
Player's Plaza / Re: So the wikipedia page lists roguelites as roguelikes
« Last post by Krice on June 19, 2019, 12:24:37 PM »
Why waste your time. Wikipedia isn't a reliable source of information anyway, I think most people (should) understand it. I've seen articles that in the same page contradict themselves. Also, I'm beginning to think that let everyone call their game what they want, players will decide what they like or what they consider a roguelike. Even more so, we as developers should show a good example by creating games that are in fact roguelikes. Let's not stop at 7DRLs or smaller games but continue development and try to reach the roguelike standard. It's difficult, but it can be done.
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