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The Roguebasin / Re: Weird happenings on Roguebasin?
« Last post by Slash on Today at 06:43:10 PM »
It's probably just spambots. Which sucks pretty bad, I'd love to only have legit accounts so we could have a better measure of the size of our community there.
Hi Paul,

's'earch is the best way to burn turns in this situation.

'a'pply doesn't really disable traps as such - but it does apply (triggers) them. the trap might then eventually be depleted due to lack of uses.
The Roguebasin / Weird happenings on Roguebasin?
« Last post by PaulBlay on October 22, 2020, 08:25:19 PM »
So, it might just be me but it seems very odd that there are dozens of new user accounts being opened on Roguebasin every day that don't actually do anything. Generally you only need to open an account if you want to edit a page or ask a question in a talk page or something, but all these accounts are doing nothing but spamming up the recent changes special page.

Is it always like that in wikis for some reason, or is it suspect?
Tangaria @ Azog's vengeance (Human Archer)
Small usability note:
When you are immobilized, and hostile creatures are in sight, there is no easy way to waste time. Trying to move doesn't take a turn, so I resorted to dropping an item, picking it up, dropping it again, etc.

Odd message:
When you use 'a'pply to disable a trap you get the message "You are standing too far away to apply that" and it doesn't tell you whether you succeed in disabling the trap or not. At least I assume 'a'pply is supposed to be able to disable traps? Because it disables traps. :P
Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Zorbus
« Last post by Joonas on October 17, 2020, 04:24:04 AM »

Release 42   (17-Oct-2020)
  • Fixed a bug where you would not get experience points from a creature (that you have damaged) dying outside of your view. A log entry is now also made in the style of "x dies elsewhere. (n XP)". (thanks to Robsoie for finding the bug)
  • Autoattack now functions on blocked areas if you and the target are already on that blocked area.
  • Two charm effect related bugs fixed.
  • Added mass loot function to level loot. When you press CTRL + ENTER on an item, all items of that same type are picked up. Autopilot automatically pilots you through the items and picks them up. Mass loot can be used with ammunition, devices other than books (potions etc.), keys, and trapkits. Most of these items are normally autopicked, but autopick isn't used when hostile creatures are seen. It's best used after the level is cleared of hostile creatures, and you want to collect the remaining coins, potions, etc. Remember that you can use "0" on level loot to filter coins, special or unique items and devices (potions, wands etc.).
  • Level loot now shows the distance to the item directly in the list.
  • New setting: Always bright Health bars. Normally Health bars under creatures are dimmed depending on the light amount of the tile. If this setting is checked, health bars are always drawn at full brightness. (off by default) (thanks to BenightedAlizar for the idea)
  • Added Archer and Leader quickstart archetypes to character creation.
  • You can now change the gender of archetype / random / past characters by pressing G in the first character creation screen.
  • Small fixes and tweaks.
Human Archer.. Waht (waaaht!) a typical combo.. BUT. No in roguelike game :) It was pretty unusual gameplay:

Summon? Polymorph?! Summon!
Tangaria got latest version of PWMAngband 1.4.0 build 4:

Also we moved to new hosting, more stable :)
Hey guys,

So I just wanted to say a big thank you to the Warsim community, I certainly never expected to be working full time making a text-based kingdom management game in 2020.

Game development has been a dream job since early childhood and I never figured it actually possible just a nice idea. Now seeing all the comments, the reviews, the great ideas and reported bugs, I'm always humbled by it.

For the longest time I couldn't believe people were interested in the game, it was released on for free in 2016 and a small number of people downloaded and played it. Occasionally I'd even get the odd donation from players which always blew my mind. Warsim was a much more primitive and unpolished game back then (You can play the 2015 version by going to your Warsim directory and finding the Extras folder and then the Warsim Classic Edition (2015) folder)

After a few years it ended up on steam, since then the game has grown far beyond mine or probably anyone else's expectation with us recently passing 22'000 copies sold since late 2017 when the game was released.

I can't thank you guys enough, I've put my heart and soul into this game but it's so filled with the help, feedback, and talent of many others who I owe a lot of gratitude to.

So in summary, Thank you everyone. I love you guys and I will keep working to make this game the best it possibly can be as we approach a possible early access release in 2021. The game is selling enough copies that I can more or less sustain myself while I develop so I'm not rushing anything.

Cheers everyone <3

**Warsim (Tournament Control Update, 15 features)**

Hey everyone,

So this is just a small update while I'm settling in to my new place, we've got a rework of tournaments, a few new possible intro menus, and some fixes and changes.


A lot of people have requested this, most recently u/Snipe5000 and rightly so, previously tournaments with 32 fighters took absolutely ages to watch as you HAD to watch every single fight, every single gate rising intro. It's not fun if you're not very interested in all of the fights taking place. Now new controls have been added that allow you to skip anything you don't want to see, from wanting to watch only what you've bet on, to skipping entire phases of the tournaments just to see the semi-finals and final battle. Several other bugs and tweaks are also included!

* Added new graphic for larger tournaments second phases
* Fixed Grand tournaments being referred to as 32-man tournaments in most phases
* Fixed semi finals in large tournaments being incorrectly referred to as third stage
* Fixed grand tournament not counting as tournament done and allowing more tournaments to be done
* Added ability to skip fights during tournaments
* Added ability to skip entire phases of the tournament
* Added ability to only watch fights you have a stake in
* Added ability to watch all fights as usual

- The new menu before a fight in a tournament -

AETHYRSIX'S MENU (2 features)

For those who don't know, u/aethyrsix as he's known on reddit is the creator of the original Satyr face in game and a very accomplished Ascii artist. He's recently come up with some new menu concepts that are too great not too include in the game, now there's a 1 in 5 chance you'll see his designs on the main menu.

* Added 1/5 chance of Aethyrsix's larger menu design appearing on Warsim main menu (credit u/Aethyrsix)
* Added 1/5 chance of Aethyrsix's smaller menu design appearing on Warsim main menu (credit u/Aethyrsix)

- One of the new menu concepts that can appear -

BUGFIXES (X features)

Thanks for the bug reports guys! Always appreciated :)

* Fixed Crown of Mai rebel text when slave origin chosen (credit Maboy)
* Fixed refusing to hire a champion found when exploring doesn't work (credit wuhugm)
* Fixed court musician replacing already existent musician sends you back to wrong menu (credit wuhugm)


Some new gnome names and a funny mini event involving Biggleroll in the Gnome Village.

* Added 1 in 15 chance of funny random event when playing Biggleroll in tavern (Bongleroll) (credit Cat)
* Added 5 new gnome names 'Zoggy, Toop, Friggle, Peep, Neeb'


I'm still getting sorted out moving in but next week I hope to get working on the end of turn report, I've got some things planned for a rework and an extra feature I'm hoping to add to it.

Hope everyone's doing alright :)


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