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Tangaria (multiplayer roguelike) MAJOR update -- "Account points & player’s houses":

Cya in-game and welcome to our discord:
Early Dev / Where One Citizen - sci-fi life simulation
« Last post by flowerthief on July 06, 2022, 11:35:32 PM »
I wonder if anyone would be interested in trying something different--a game not about combat but rather about building relationships with people through conversation. As far as I know, it's the first game ever to combine procedural generation with visual novel style character art.

I was surprised myself when I realized that it met the criteria to be considered a traditional roguelike as defined on this site. I guess the roguelike influence on me is so strong that even a game that I don't call a roguelike technically is one! (How's that for a contrast with all the developers calling their games roguelikes when they technically aren't?)

The project has actually been in development for years and I'm putting the first public release here on TotR. It's a beta so I'd very much like to hear your feedback. Downloads for Windows and MacOS below.

About the game

Earth City, the most prestigious new metropolis built in the 24th century, implements a protocol known as the "Social Imperative" whereby citizens must meet a weekly quota of new friends made and/or relationships deepened. Failure to meet one's quota means exile. As a new citizen you will work yourself up from dirt to increasingly nicer living conditions. While doing so perhaps you will discover the closely-guarded secrets of Earth City that the old generation "olgies" have kept hidden....

Where One Citizen is a hybrid that borrows from multiple genres resulting in a unique multi-faceted turn-based system. The game generates all of its characters procedurally. Their visual appearance, their personalities, their familial relationships, where they live, what they do each day, and so on are all unique to each new game started.

- A science fiction story with many surprises waiting.
- Conversation-based leveling. Collect and upgrade an arsenal of conversation topics.
- Work jobs, attend classes, rent homes, and invite your friends to move in with you.
- A city with a life of its own. NPCs, too, have jobs, homes, and relationships with other NPCs.
- Turn-based gameplay more challenging than it initially appears, particularly if you're after the best ending.
- An optional romance system that supports four orientations.
- Supply your own music from your hard drive and the game will randomly assign theme songs to NPCs.

Where One Citizen official site

Downloads available on the website
8-17-2022 - Current version is 2.3.2


Early Dev / Re: Auto Fire: A turn-based roguelike car combat RPG
« Last post by PatrickLipo on July 02, 2022, 10:51:16 PM »
It’s been a long time coming, but Auto Fire is back in action with a bunch of updates and improvements!

There has been a major UI revision for just about all of the supporting screens and menus. Consumable gear was added so you can manually heal up in the field if you have the right items. There is a significant and growing tutorial that pops up how to play the game as situations present themselves. (And yes, you can turn them off in the settings!) More is in the works, including the long-promised arenas, hope you enjoy!

As always, check it out at

  • Some garages and repair outlets have a limited amount of gas or ordnance they can sell you.
  • Consumable gear was created that can repair your internals, drop mines or smokescreens, or basically enact any normal equipment’s function.
  • You can also target yourself on specific sides for armor repair gear, and the UI reflects it on your armor display.
  • When you complete an encounter, the loot is generated immediately rather than waiting until you move.
  • Radar is now a dedicated equipment type and slot called “Sensors”.  All cars have a default radar sensors package, but this can do a lot of different things.

  • Desert encounters now include combat moments that will drive you into a fight.
  • AI Updated for more responsiveness when spotting the player.
  • AI consider facing when planning their navigation routes, meaning that vehicles will plot paths more naturally and loop around their targets.
  • The line flamethrower can now target the ground.

  • Starter car only has 1 plate of armor all around, and no minedropper.  You’ll have to buy your own upgrades to get the good stuff.
  • Equipment crates now drop more items (versus from normal vehicle drops)
  • First outpost in the starter sector now requires some vehicles to be killed before the boss emerges.
  • Old instant repair and armor pickups removed from drops in favor of the repair consumables.
  • Desert sectors should no longer have random encounters, only emplaced ones (that is, glints and smoke columns rather than just rolling dice)
  • Adjusted grip recharge rate to be a bit more generous.
  • Significantly more parts are awarded on the field.

  • Big cleanup to allow for gamepad control of menus without losing focus.
  • Made accelerating into a skid work better, should not infinitely skid if you thrust against it.
  • Acceleration now waits until the next move to reduce your move’s time slice, so as a player you cannot reach max speed in a single turn the way you previously could.

  • Rework of the HUD colors and aiming interface.
  • Shrank the HUD components (gear, armor, social) slightly to allow for more playable space.
  • Changed social feed to dark mode, because the bright display was distracting from the gameplay.
  • The boss is removed from the HUD once you wipe them from a location.
  • Event-based tutorial popups appear when the player experiences various events, from taking damage to skidding to picking up gear.
  • The player’s challenge is now expressed with skulls, which is conveyed in the travel/gas popup to tell you what you’re getting into.
  • Added a real date display that updates based on player turns.
  • AL has a new look.

  • Complete rework of the character and loadout screens.
  • Complete rework of the repair experience.
  • Complete rework of the vehicle stable, to show all stats for all vehicles.
  • Complete rework of inventory, buy and sell screens to add categories and better controls.
  • Complete rework of the loading dock experience to show a map where you must deliver your chosen item.
  • Automap re-envisioned to use a higher quality smooth shader.
  • Automap locations are now interactive and can be hovered for popup info, and they ping indicating where quests are directing you to go.
  • Quest display revised to display a map telling you where you must go.
  • Quest steps are now crossed off in the Quest character panel.
  • Faction and skills are now shown in the character panel.
  • Entirely new inventory icons, for a punchier and yet colorful look
  • All item UI buttons are have a new shiny shader.
  • Items now display with level badges, indicating the raw progression tier the item has.
  • The loadout view shows pips that indicate when a higher-level item is available to be slotted in that location.
  • The inventory view shows pips that indicate when an item is new and has not yet been examined.

  • Enemy shouts appear in bubbles both on the HUD and over the enemy vehicles in-world.
  • Agents no longer echo their encounter dialogue into the social feed (it was cluttering the experience too much).
  • Zoom in moments happen after the level fades in rather than zooming when you can’t see.
  • New power lines, cargo containers, and other assets
  • Adjusted lighting on tail lights.
  • Adjusted location labels for visual appeal
  • Made label ping show through world for visibility (hard to see the exits in canyons)
  • Location labels do not obscure your view when you enter a zone.

  • New explosion and fire VFX from toon explosion to a better stylized/realistic hybrid.  (It doesn’t block the player’s view as much)
  • Revised fire oil, burning objects and flamethrower VFX
  • Revised occupation VFX
  • Added decals on the ground from gunfire and explosions.
  • Fixed up flamethrowers on player as well as enemy flamers

  • Did some fixes to how I was handling settings for those of you with laptops and unusual screen limitations.
  • There is now a minimum allowed resolution (Horizontal at least 1024, Vertical at least 720)
  • Graphics Settings should properly record your selected resolution.
  • Music and audio should also set and record properly in the main menu.

  • Vehicle audio uses Realistic Engine Sounds package and adjusts and shifts gear based on speed.
  • Use audio mixer to duck car audio when waiting between turns.
  • A new stinger or tutorial popups and specific informational moments.
  • Revised boss music slightly to stutter less, and use a continuous loop sometimes for quality’s sake.
  • Audio is set properly on startup from the prefs now

  • Fixed several bugs with how bosses dole out their quests and get resolved at the end of a combat.
  • Fixed several screens where their text didn’t align properly.
  • When returning to a previously visited map, we handle the population correctly.
  • Fixed speedometer flashing visuals to properly flash at the end of a turn.
  • Made reverse skidding work better, it had some really bad behavior.
  • Entering combat in the field (via random encounter) now works properly.
  • Buying and selling at the citadel now properly supports stacks of items.
  • Repairs now work properly, you can’t get free repairs if you are near zero resources.
  • Small visual fixes and typos
  • Impassable outpost entrance now fixed (the outpost generator wants a larger palette to place protective walls)
Warsim (Warbeasts and Combat Complete, 79 features)

This is an exciting update for me, all factions are now covered by the combat update code, and we have WARBEASTS!


This massive chunk of work sees every single faction in game now use the new combat system, gone are the days of the ever scrolling death notification! Hurrah!

* Made all of Warsims minor factions use the new combat system
* Added alternate event if Wagon man dies in battle but his troops survive and win
* Fixed issue with Fort Kullak troop count not changing from 500 unless they are defeated completely
* Made Fort Kullak troop count gain +5 per year
* Added Malnourished vampire units if attacking Baiaa while they're low on Thralls
* Added special event for Koova the Nomad King in battle
* Added special ending if you beat the nomads but not koova in battle
* Added special event for Demonic Koova in battle
* Added special ending if you beat the dark nomads but not demonic koova in battle

MONSTERS IN BATTLE (27 features)

This has been heavily requested for a long time and as I was about to release this update I decided... Why not and spent the entire night and much of the following morning adding and testing this! Now monsters can be sent to battle alongside your brave warriors!

* Added new 'Warbeast Harnesses' upgrade buyable for 2000 gold at your monster pit
* Added ability to send your monsters to battle
* Added ability to send monsters to fight in a last stand at the end of battle or call them back
* Added special screen if you send only monsters on an attack
* Added special screen if you send only a single monster on an attack
* Added 'assault the lines but fail' monster battle event
* Added 'assault with ferocity' monster battle event
* Added 'eats an enemy whole' monster battle event
* Added 'chaotic fury' monster battle event
* Added 'fights like a beast' monster battle event
* Added 'surprise attack' monster battle event
* Added 'slips and falls' monster battle event
* Added 'ferocious fight until stabbed' monster death event
* Added 'charge lines cut down' monster death event
* Added 'fight in frenzy' monster death event
* Added 'sliced up' monster death event
* Added 'flurry of arrows' monster death event
* Added 'heat of battle' monster death event
* Added 'arrow to the head' monster death event
* Added 'beheaded' monster death event
* Added 'critical stabbing' monster death event
* Added 'flurry of arrows fight on' monster death event
* Added 'ripped to pieces' last stand monster event
* Added 'hacked up' last stand monster event
* Added 'left as a corpse' last stand monster event
* Added 'slain and left to rot' last stand monster event
* Added 'slain swiftly' last stand monster event


After adding the above monsters in battle update I decided I couldn't just leave them without any additional upgrades, so I created a system of varied armours that can be given to your monsters!

* Added ability to buy scrap armour (50 gold) (+10% Strength)
* Added ability to buy Iron armour (100 gold) (+25% Strength)
* Added ability to buy Bone-Iron armour (150 gold) (+50% Strength)
* Added ability to buy Steel armour (250 gold) (2x Strength)
* Added ability to buy Bronze armour (500 gold) (3x Strength)
* Added ability to buy Obsidian armour (1000 gold) (4x Strength)
* Added armourer pays for the scraps of any currently equipped armour when upgrading
* Added +10 Gold payment for scrapping scrap armour
* Added +20 Gold payment for scrapping Iron armour
* Added +30 Gold payment for scrapping Bone Iron armour
* Added +50 Gold payment for scrapping Steel armour
* Added +100 Gold payment for scrapping Bronze armour
* Added +200 Gold payment for scrapping Obsidian armour
* Added notification for the armour a monster is wearing in the pre-battle monster sending screen
* Added armour information when viewing monster information in the monster dungeon

NEW MONSTERS (14 features)

Seeing as we're expanding the monster system and making them more used in game, it made sense to add more of them! Previously the game could generated 27840 of them, now where at a whopping 42875 with the newly added parts all combining together... God I love combinatrix.

* Added 'bumpy spike' monster head top part
* Added 'brittle set of antennae' monster head top part
* Added 'large spiky ears' monster head top part
* Added 'small spike bump' monster head top part
* Added 'strange plant growth' monster head top part
* Added 'lumpy stubby' monster body part
* Added 'slinky and curved' monster body part
* Added 'double arms body' monster body part
* Added 'pincer head' monster head part
* Added 'spikey head tooth mouth' monster head part
* Added 'v shaped eye head' monster head part
* Added 'long pincer head' monster head part
* Added 'tiny tooth head' monster head part
* Added 'big circle eyes and fat mouth' monster head part

BUGFIXES (8 features)

More bugfixes including a strange one that made all mercs 25x weaker... Can't have that! As always thanks for all the reports guys, and sorry about the bugs haha.

* Fixed issue with mercs being 25x weaker than they should have been due to a bug (credit Gabe the Ghostman DeGrossi)
* Fixed merc camp destruction notifications for groups 2-5 not having the +1 land indicator
* Fixed Smallhaven bug forcing you to revisit the ruined village instantly after looting it
* Fixed ransacking smallhaven no graphic screen bug
* Fixed screen missing when losing to smallhaven in a raid or a ransacking
* Fixed screen missing when losing to Rihhm in a raid or a ransacking
* Fixed ransacking Rihhm no graphic screen bug
* Fixed indepednent kingdoms warning of revolt when they aren't your vassals (credit IdleFan)


A couple of changes and fixes... and the casual removal of the long outdated minor goblin clans (sorry Gobbos)

* Added missing screen for losing demon battle inside the demon realm
* Added missing screen for exiting demon realm by your own choice
* Removed minor goblin clans from the game
* Made any trade routes or alliances with minor goblin clans auto cancel
* Made minor goblin clan menu visible by entering 77 on the diplomacy menu (if diplomat skill high enough and goblins aren;'t disabled)
* Cleared obsolete unused code for duplicate smallhaven village


I am going to turn my attention to adventurer groups as soon as I can and hopefully get to work on a big update!

Viva Warsim

Love you guys


See the changelog with screenshots here on steam -
Tangaria (multiplayer roguelike) got latest version of PWMAngband!

Cya in-game and welcome to our discord:

Also please note that Tangaria now have new system of Account Progress: you can get account points for getting levels and defeating unique monsters. There points do not disappear when you character dies; also they will preserve even after server wipes. Account points allows to buy bigger houses, increase storage space, give access to more races/classes and provide other advantages (will be implemented soon). Most of these advantages do not directly affect  gameplay, so roguelikish aspect won't suffer ;) System is already live on server; I'll post more information about it in the next post!
Warsim (Mercenary Overhaul Update, 48 features)

Hello everyone!

While this might not seem like a massive update the work that's gone in to it is pretty huge! A massive update to mercenaries and how they function as well as a number of smaller side features!


For some time mercenary attacks have used Warsims old combat system, now it's being updated and coming with it's own extensions to the combat system!

* Made mercenary battle use the new combat system
* Added 10 new variants of battle intro events for mercenaries
* Made 5 new intro events for goblin mercenaries
* Made 3 new intro events for demon mercenaries
* Made 5 new intro events for militia mercenaries
* Added 3 alternate texts for mercenary skirmish victory
* Added merc successes and failures to the end of turn battle reports
* Added new graphic for demon mercs post battle
* Added new graphic for goblin mercs post battle
* Added new cheer sfx for demon mercs post battle
* Added new cheer sfx for goblin mercs post battle
* Added 3 alternate texts for mercenary skirmish loss
* Added indicator if merc group is destroyed in battle
* Added 3 alternate texts for mercenary raid loss
* Added 3 alternate texts for mercenary raid victory
* Added merc raids include loot chests
* Added raid loot chest max reduced by 1 as mercs keep some for themselves
* Fixed spyreport retreats from merc battles no longer deplete one attack move from mercs
* Added 3 alternate texts for mercenary invasion loss
* Added 3 alternate texts for mercenary invasion victory

Your merc army marching forward

Goblin mercs winning

End of turn report after a ton of player merc use


After a while wrestling with and even partially coding a multi attack system for the player and AI it ended up not being feasable, this was unfortunate but as an alternate source of multiple per turn attacks increasing to help with the exponentially growing kingdoms when discovering new lands I opted for this system, and additionally to not make it one sided in the players favour I spent some time creating a system that allows enemies to use mercs too!

* Added new notification when discovering new lands
* Made discovering new lands increase all merc groups current and max yearly attacks by 1
* Made discovering new lands increase all future merc groups max yearly attacks by 1

MERCS OF THE ENEMY (17 features)

This has always been something that should have been a thing, but now enemy kingdoms can hire mercenaries and use them to fight you and their enemies! There are some rules and structure to it but otherwise you'll see the mercs getting a lot more use. Want your favourite group safe from being used? Hire them permanently instead of for one off attacks.

* Added 50% chance factions will consider hiring mercs to fight for them at the end of each turn
* Made Krut and Erak only able to use goblin mercenaries
* Made merc groups unhirable if already hired by the player or if all of their yearly attacks are used
* Made it so that only goblin mercs can be hired by savage kingdoms
* Made it so that factions will only hire mercs if they have twice the gold they need
* Added 5 variant intro text for when merc group attacks player
* Added 5 variant intro text for when merc group attack other kingdom and players spymaster finds it
* Added 3 alternate texts for report of AI vs AI merc group fight noticed by your spymaster
* Added 3 alternate texts for post battle screen when enemy mercs fail to invade the player
* Added 3 alternate texts for post battle screen when enemy mercs successfully invade the player
* Added 3 alternate texts for post battle screen when enemy mercs fail to raid the player
* Added 3 alternate texts for post battle screen when enemy mercs successfully raid the player
* Added 3 alternate texts for post battle screen when enemy mercs fail to skirmish the player
* Added 3 alternate texts for post battle screen when enemy mercs successfully skirmish the player
* Added new end of turn report pop ups for all merc battles
* Added new battle notifications of merc troops
* Added slightly alternate post battle report after merc battles

A merc battle spy interception

A kingdoms personal battle logs including their recent merc hire

Some merc attacks reported at the end of turn

Some merc attacks at the end of turn but with advanced spy reports

Player being attacked by mercs


A steam user pointed out that if you choose random race packs you can sometimes end up with a pretty bad batch and just have to either roll with it or restart the game, It didn't take long to put this in and now you can keep rerolling till you find that batch that suits you and your world!

* Added ability to re-roll races from random racepacks (credit Willow Ufgood)


After a steam discussion I decided to add this system to the game allowing the background colour to be changed to a number of pre-sets!

* Added new option in in-game settings menu to adjust screen colour (credit Kawasaky)
* Added white background screen pre-set
* Added light grey background screen pre-set (credit diplomametolius)
* Added dark grey background screen pre-set (credit diplomametolius)
* Added ability for player to make a custom colour set
* Made each colour option link to the players save so you can have different settings for different saves

One of the screens

And in a different colour

And more...

BUGFIXES (6 features)

A few bug fixes entirely thanks to player reports, as always thanks guys!

* Fixed adventurer group text bug (credit watchdog_2003)
* Fixed steward intro text bug (credit watchdog_2003)
* Fixed text bug in tower coronation (Credit ZedZed)
* Fixed no gold indicator when gibbering monk gives you gold (Credit pup)
* Fixed no +peasant indicator when gibbering monk gives you peasant (Credit pup)
* Fixed issue when setting theme music that game doesn't recognise any other choices once you've chosen no music (credit Pup)


An australian friend of mine enlightened me to an aussie word for the poo you take the night after drinking, I thought it sounded like a goblin warchief!

* Added new goblin name 'Grog-Bog' (credit Vhester)


This update has been tested thoroughly but Warsim is a wild beast and many things may have slipped by. I'll be trying my best to keep on top of this while I continue forward trying to finish the remaining combat update work and pushing towards the long awaited Warsim release!

Viva Warsim
7DRLs / Re: Poachers Will Be Decapitated: 7DRL progress reports
« Last post by DanielleFredericksn on June 06, 2022, 08:07:33 AM »
Hi I too am working on a generic and reusable turn based RL engine, based on what I did for last year's 7DRL.I think everyone does after awhile.
Player's Plaza / Re: 2 player roguelites?
« Last post by Azalea 09 on June 04, 2022, 12:47:01 PM »
Any updates about recent tournament?
Early Dev / Re: Auto Fire: A turn-based roguelike car combat RPG
« Last post by PatrickLipo on May 29, 2022, 07:31:28 PM »
Been a long time but the game is still in the works.  Trying to a get a long-delayed release out with massive visual and UI cleanup, consumable use and a deeper set of equipment.
Traditional Roguelikes (Turn-based) / Re: Roguelikes with focus on ranged combat?
« Last post by mouser on May 29, 2022, 02:00:51 PM »

Are there some good roguelikes, preferably with a sci-fi theme, in which you shoot at your enemies rather than clubbing them to death? I've seen X@COM, but I was looking for something where you just control one character, not an entire squad.

No Sci-fi themes, but in Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup it is viable to play characters speciallized in ranged combat. Just play a Halfling with a sling and there you go.

I know, probablky not what you were looking for.
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