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Traditional Roguelikes (Turn-based) / Re: Start at the deepest level
« Last post by AgingMinotaur on August 18, 2023, 06:51:19 AM »
I remember that Steamband start you on the bottom level, but in the sense of "inverted model", ie. monsters get harder and harder towards the surface. Starting on the hardest level is certainly an interesting idea. The player would probably have to start out with a lot of power that dwindle with time (maybe relying on consumables a lot, starting with a full inventory with hardly any way to get more, or some kind of exhaustion clock).

As always,
Early Dev / Re: Star Rogue :: Sci-Fi Roguelite Platformer
« Last post by gulden on August 16, 2023, 02:49:15 PM »
Hello everyone,

The game is now free to play and here is a new patch I was working on the last months. Have fun!

- see what collected items do in pause menu and game over menu
- progress after each game to unlock new items
- fast ground enemy
- item: destroyed enemies spawn blue gas which hurts enemies
- sparkle animation when collecting items
- sound for jump pads


- reduced active shield time of shield enemy
- increase lil buddy spawn probability from items
- increased lil buddy movement speed
- code optimization and cleanup

fixed bugs:
- enemies get stuck in jump through platforms
- ground enemy gets stuck on destroyable box
- double money item not working for 2nd player
- heart bottle item reducing max health
- crash on some items on 2 player mode
Temple of the Roguelike / Re: Maintenance tasks
« Last post by Slash on August 11, 2023, 09:12:42 PM »
HTTPS server renewed. Should probably switch to Let's Encrypt.
Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Path of Achra "Lapis Gate"
« Last post by getter77 on August 05, 2023, 11:43:02 AM »
Lapis Gate

This update implements some specifically requested features while going over some content and adding some too (trying to always add content (at least more prestige classes) every update as a rule). Wanted to add a unique ability-having starting item to all the classes to make them at least equivalent in that way too, so that's been done. Really appreciating the bug reports and deeply enjoying the many win and death screens. Thank you! As always this update does about half of what I wanted (this mentality is what slows it down to being with) but more is coming, steadily, down the path...


    starting items with abilities now have a purplish icon in the start menu
    you can now right click / hold down right click to automove in-game (in menus it still just closes the window)
    Familiars no longer take summons slots
    now also shows the sprite of each item to be found in the next land
    Achra now always provides at least 2 lands to choose from for your path (not enough items to do this in the Void yet)
    Added uncommon Lapis Gate, Brass Temple and Jeweled Crypt lands, lots of treasure, single floor, dangerous enemies from the void (tangential result: more total items are in the world)
    you can now view all powers and prestige classes in a window accessible from the start menu


    Ihra reworked, now simply limits enemy Hits to 75% of max life
    Druid summons are now all types of snake, staff deals 50 poison damage to closest enemy on summon
    Warlock Staff now summons 3 Bleeding Dead on entrance
    Mubarizun Hood grants evasion on attack
    Zealot now has a Hood and an AOE cudgel, Hood summons Fanatic familiars on entrance based on fully charged prayers
    Abdi's turban now cleanses Sickness, Corrosion and Doom on prayer
    Amir's pilum now increases the attack of all allies by 10 on-attack
    Gala now has a shield, staff deals Psychic damage to attackers equal to 5% of the attackers' max life
    the starting options in general need a larger pass and perhaps further expansion...


    Immolation removed, damage bonus from scorch added to Pyromancy
    Obedient Ice removed, damage bonus added to Cryomancy, Cryomancy no longer does damage but repeats Freeze application per level (like Morbumancy), cost reduced
    Morbumancy now applies fixed 10 sickness, still repeats per level, cost reduced
    Training reworked as Heavyweight, now only adds armor, adds some encumbrance, and deals encumbrance*level blunt damage to an adjacent unit on shrug off
    Guard reworked, now only adds block and provides +% block from wielded weapons, performs a 50 damage hit against an adjacent enemy on block, per level
    Master Doom now grants +1 armor per Doom stack

Prestige Classes

    Alizeh reworked, no longer deals on entrance damage, now deals lightning / astral damage to 2 random enemies on step
    Ice Shah reworked, now summon 8 Living Ice on prayer, deal 200 Ice damage when an ally hits an enemy, apply 2 entangle when you deal Ice damage
    Angiok now instead deals Ice damage in a path on apply freeze, WIL * 10
    Mind Knight now gains +1% block chance per Willpower
    added Mesmer, applies extra Repulsion, applies Repulsion on stand still and on dodge, Repulsion grants +10 dodge per stack and deals its damage in a path
    added Flame Knight, deals +20% fire damage per STR if two-handing, deals fire damage on adjacent attack, gaint Inflame on shrug off, Inflame grants +10 armor per stack
    added Gallus, deals Blunt damage in a 4 tile range on game turn and shrug off equal to encumbrance, +50 encumbrance
    added Destroyer, deals Astral and Death damage in a 10 tile range on game turn, gains Meditate on kill


    Zasadzka Claw now performs an hit for every enemy
    Kaza Whip now performs a hit for every ally
    Mask of Blood now instead applies Bleed to the damaging enemy equal to your DEX
    the robes (dream etc) now correctly only remove their effects at 50 or more damage
    more changes to come for other low-powered treasures


    added Firebird, an emanation of the goddess Pheonix, roams the void
    added Hamidrake, and acid drake of the green tower, early taste of corrosion
    added Robak, writhes through the tall shadows of the Obelisk
Hey cavitiessolution, you're certainly more than welcome to explore the dataset up til 2019 when I was still actively collecting the data. I haven't been able to find time to update it since but it would mostly require going in and writing a scheduled script that runs. If anyone has experience in python doing web scraping I'd love some help.
I appreciate you sharing it. I plan to use it as a jumping-off place to explore some of this year's crown jewels.
​Announcing the new 'Lands beyond' update coming in the next few weeks ideally :)

The announcement includes a little ride along of some of the locations we have at the moment, though the update is 30ish% complete I'd say so much more to come!


Greetings, one and all!

I'm Max Ingram (NovusOperandi), indie developer of the text-based adult game Sanctuary in Time. There's a Free Edition available for download, plus a Complete Edition w/ extra bells & whistles. You can find them both on the Itch storefront (or via the link in my signature & profile). Check out the details below. Thank you for reading!

Sanctuary in Time is a text-based, adult game with sci-fi & RPG elements!​
Your father's just been murdered. He was the God of Time. Now, it's your turn! Save damsels from dark corners of history; train them as warriors, courtesans, or workers. Build your forces. Expand & upgrade your citadel. And survive the enemies that seek your death!

m/f, voyeurism, incest, female muscle, player as god

  • A text-based, narrative driven experience.​ Features both a hand-crafted main story campaign as well as procedurally generated side story content that occurs randomly.
  • Turn-based action.​ Inspect and manage your followers, give them duty assignments to perform, then advance time to see the results of your choices.
  • Customize & romance your followers.​ The more devoted and loving your followers become, the more options you have for interacting with them. Unlock new choices for customization and intimacy as your followers advance in your service.
  • Choose the path of strength, persuasion, or both!​ Train your followers to be well-muscled warriors who fight to defend your life, or guide them down the paths of diplomacy and the loving arts so they can serve as peace-making priestesses instead. It's entirely up to you!
  • Be the new God of Time.​ Use the technology of your Celestial forebears to pluck women in distress from the darkest recesses of Earth's history. Save them from fates worse than death and earn their eternal gratitude!
The Roguebasin / Re: Roguebasin Featured Roguelikes Thread
« Last post by Slash on August 01, 2023, 02:01:38 PM »
"Portralis", the Angband Variant, is roguebasin's featured traditional roguelike for August 2023! Last updated in 2012, it takes Angband closer to the RPG realm with NPC dialogs and detailed quests, and also features an interesting multiclass system.

The Roguebasin / Roguebasin Featured Roguelikes Thread
« Last post by Slash on August 01, 2023, 01:57:29 PM »
Every month, I pick up a game to highlight at roguebasin's homepage.
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