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A madlad on Warsim's reddit crunched a lot of numbers and made a big guide with a lot of data, some of which even I wouldn't have known!

Looks like someone found one of Warsim's secret menu options!
Early Dev / Re: Settle Gliese
« Last post by haggismcbean on February 17, 2023, 05:19:49 PM »
Is there any way to post images or links? I have a trailer on youtube that I'd like to share :)
Early Dev / Settle Gliese
« Last post by haggismcbean on February 17, 2023, 05:16:12 PM »
Hi everyone, I've been working on a game which is a mix between a text based roleplaying game and an old school roguelike.

The premise is that you and a bunch of friends and/or strangers are dropped on an alien planet as part of a hit new reality tv show. Will your group buckle under the pressure of surviving this strange new world, or will you flourish into a beautiful little community?

The game has old school roguelike elements, but I'm hoping it will be the text based rp that really makes it stand out. People will form close bonds as they face strange struggles together. They'll have to agree on laws, develop their own unique customs and fashions, and decide which one of them will have to risk going down the mines. And who knows what will happen when they discover the other group of settlers a few miles downriver?

The game will hopefully launch this summer time but I'm looking for some talented world builders to help build up and populate the starter cities in the coming days. If it sounds interesting to you sign up to the newsletter and join the discord!

I'll be happy to answer any questions you have


Programming / Re: How to hire roguelike devs?
« Last post by lokeshjoshi on February 16, 2023, 06:06:31 PM »
Hiring roguelike developers can be challenging as it requires specific skills and knowledge. Here are some steps you can follow to hire roguelike developers:

1: Understand the job requirements: Before hiring roguelike developers, you should clearly understand the job requirements. A roguelike developer should have experience in game development, particularly in the roguelike genre. They should be familiar with game mechanics, procedural generation, and artificial intelligence.

2: Advertise the job: Advertise the job opening on online job boards and forums focused on game development, particularly in the roguelike genre. You can also reach out to game development communities like Reddit's /r/roguelikedev subreddit.

3: Review resumes and portfolios: Review the resumes and portfolios of the candidates to identify the ones with relevant experience and skills. Look for candidates with experience in game development, particularly in the roguelike genre, and with experience in procedural generation and artificial intelligence.

4: Conduct interviews to assess the candidates' technical skills, knowledge, and experience. Ask questions related to game mechanics, procedural generation, and artificial intelligence.

5: Test their skills: You can give the candidates a programming test or a sample project to assess their programming skills and problem-solving abilities. This can help you to evaluate the candidates' abilities and ensure they have the necessary technical skills for the job.
Design / Re: Online captcha solver on python?
« Last post by gulshan212 on February 15, 2023, 11:35:31 AM »
Hello this is Gulshan Negi
Well, I will recommend you use Pytesseract. It is a Python wrapper for the Tesseract OCR engine. It can be used to recognize text in images, including captcha images. To use Pytesseract, you will need to install Tesseract on your system and then install the Pytesseract Python package.
Player's Plaza / Re: Roguelike definition survey
« Last post by MarenKleist on February 14, 2023, 01:42:17 PM »
Hi, I'm a high school student in AP Research, and I'm studying people's thoughts on the definition of the roguelike genre. I would greatly appreciate if you could take my survey, it will only take about 15 minutes.

Here's the link, I can't post external links so just copy and paste the link without the threes: ht3333tps://

It seems very interesting to me.
Do share the survey repost with us.
Design / The best innovative gameplay mechanics ever noticed in 7DRL games
« Last post by Skeletor on February 07, 2023, 06:45:00 PM »
7DRL is great also because it provides an opportunity to expertiment completely new gameplay mechanics.
What are your favourites?
Some awesome ones I remember:

- Darkness
The fact that darkness gradually turns you mad.. you start hallucinating stuff.. and mind becomes matter.. truly metaphysical, innovative, and also fun to play.

- A Quest Too Far
Instead of grinding your way to minmaxxing your character, you start already strong and well equipped, and your strenght vanishes the more time you spend in the dungeon. Innovative and fun.

- Kobolds
Fight your way through a horde of kobolds.. who keeps throwing small missiles at you, insulting, and evade you. Very fun.
Programming / Re: How to hire roguelike devs?
« Last post by gulshan212 on February 07, 2023, 09:54:41 AM »
Hello this is Gulshan Negi
Well, hiring a roguelike developer can be a bit challenging, as it requires finding someone who has specific skills in game development and a good understanding of the roguelike genre. Secondly also remember, hiring a developer is a significant investment, so take your time and be thorough in your search to find the right person for the job.
Programming / Re: How to drag and drop create a roguelike with Scratch from MIT
« Last post by Holders on February 06, 2023, 02:58:55 PM »
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