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Where to get ClassicRogue? I can only find the Flash port ( ), which looks exactly like Rogue except that it is smaller, and I am able to make it almost full screen.

Unfortunately, it seems like he discontinued classic rogue. I can't remember where I found it last. If I do though, I will post a link.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Hydra Slayer version 8.0
« on: January 21, 2011, 07:45:25 AM »
Is there a full manual somewhere? I didn't see one in the download of 8.2. The in game help screen only lists the keyboard commands. Not actually how to play. I read the web page for it, but it doesn't specifically say how to play. Also, what does the information that is printed on the hydra info screen when the player presses "f"? Did I miss instructions somewhere? The game looks really cool, but just not sure how to play correctly yet. I only just tried it for the first time tonight.

Other Announcements / Re: Do you listen to music when playing Roguelikes?
« on: January 21, 2011, 03:48:50 AM »
The Rogue Bard has a few nice songs that fit well with playing roguelikes.

I also second the original Doom soundtrack for games other than doomrl.

The main theme and dungeon songs for Mordor Depths of Dejenol is also nice as well as a few others like the Theme to Puppet Master and and this awesome instrumental cover of W.A.S.P.'s Animal (I F*ck Like A Beast):

Some of those 8-bit remixes and midi versions of metal songs also work well.

The hard to fid Wizardry soundtracks are ok too. Some tracks are hit and miss though.

Off-topic (Locked) / Re: Lost Labyrinth - always opens website on exit
« on: January 20, 2011, 10:21:53 PM »
Maybe true, but it would be better if they got some character graphics that weren't ripped from various older games.

What games? I never realized that they were ripped from other games. I did notice that a few of the character sprites don't quite seem to match with each other though.

If they are ripped sprites that are not free to use, then that makes the attitude towards expecting money from people wishy washy since it would be making money partly from someone else's intellectual property.

but I'm just pointing out that such an attitude is not assisting in his goals to make some money. I respect individualism completely, but you don't get paid for being an ass.

I completely agree.

You catch more flies/bees with honey than vinegar after all.

Off-topic (Locked) / Re: Anyone play DND, Telengard, Zyll, or MAG?
« on: January 20, 2011, 07:30:39 AM »
The Telengard remake was pretty spiffily done by Travis Baldtree, who later went on to head up Torchlight and such---but the site is now throwing up malicious software warnings on FF and such.   Cry

Yeah I get the same warning when trying to go to the site. I hope they fix it or host a sae version of the game files somewhere else. I remember the remake being pretty good. Although, I kinda prefer the graphics in the dos version.

Off-topic (Locked) / Hack and HackLite help
« on: January 20, 2011, 07:24:54 AM »
I wanted ti try giving Hack and Hack Lite a try but having a couple problems. When I use the "?" command in Hack, it tells me that it "can't open help file!". I'm using Hack 121 that I got from here:

I also tried Hack Lite, but I can't get it to run at all.

Anyone know how to get the in game help working for Hack and how to get Hack Lite working at all?

Also curious about how to name your character in Hack and if there is a way to change the controls so I can use the arrow keys or number pad?


Traditional Roguelikes (Turn-based) / Re: Frozen Depths: cool! :-)
« on: January 20, 2011, 06:24:22 AM »
I'd also like to see a wiki page or something with more information on the items, monsters, and how certain mechanics of the game works.

Anyone know how the shortcut for frozen depths works? Would it be possible to edit that shortcut for use with other roguelikes like crawl?

I tried Z's utilities, and they are very nice, but seems to work a bit buggy for me. Especially with Rogue and MAG.

I hope Necklace of the Eye continues to get developed though. It's very promising and a fantastic idea.

Off-topic (Locked) / Re: Lost Labyrinth - always opens website on exit
« on: January 20, 2011, 04:33:13 AM »
if the main focus of the project was to make money, then they oughtn't have made a roguelike game in the first place.  Roguelikes have a community and a LONG-established culture that fairly well presumes these games are free.

That is a very good point.

I know there are a few roguelike developers who take donations and use bounty systems as a way of getting some extra income to compensate for their time spent developing their games. But none of them seem to get upset if they don't receive a large amount of donations and feel the need to add something annoying like the pop up browser window like the Lost Labyrinth guy does.

I like Lost labyrinth cause it fills a bit of a niche for having a very quick roguelike experience. They also have some unique features that are not seen in most other roguelikes. The graphical representation is also better than most other tile based roguelikes. I think so anyways. But it's still not a very good excuse for the attitude the developer has about donations. On the other hand, it is their game and their prerogative to have that attitude.

DOS config contains no graphical information, so it cannot do tiles nor minimap. For Frozen Depths you should use the Frozen configuration (but I don't know why full screen and directions are not working for you). For others, the generic config might work or it might need some editing.

I did use the frozen configuration file. Everytime I start a game it opens the game in 2 windows. The console and the sdl_app window. I can make frozen depths go fullscreen in the console window, but not in the sdl window. The direction keys work for regular play, but not when trying to play in the first person mode.

I tried using generic for frozen depths too, but still no luck with getting the sdl window to go full screen or even max screen.

The problem with not being able to use any keys or movement only happens so far with Rogue 1.1 and MAG.

So the first person mode only works with tiles enabled?

I think the issue with the Epyx version of Rogue might have to do with the Title screen since it is a cga picture file that is loaded from a separate file from the main program instead of an ascii text  title screen like most other roguelikes. You can find the Epyx Rogue game here:
In case you want to try it out and see for yourself what I've been talking about.

Whenever I start anything with dos configuration, there is a blinking dos cursor stuck on the screen during the whole game.  

I was slightly mistaken. The issue with the blinking cursor appears in the sdl_app window. Not the console window. And it happens with dos, generic, and the other configurations.

I wish I could do a better job of explaining the issues I'm having. I'm using windows xp by the way on a gateway laptop if that makes a difference.

Are there any other versions of Rogue that use the extended ascii character set and color besides Rogue 1.1 and the Epyx version of Rogue? All the other versions that I have found are all black and white using only the regular console characters like angband.

Also, anyone notice that the default character name in Rogue 1.1 is Rodney and the default name for the Epyx version is Bodger? Just interesting I thought.

Off-topic (Locked) / Re: Lost Labyrinth - always opens website on exit
« on: January 19, 2011, 07:49:37 PM »
Some days ago, I read that the Lost Labyrinth devs were a little pissed that so few people donate for their game.

I don't really see how they can be upset about lack of donations. Donations are not obligatory. People donate because they feel like it out of the goodness of their heart, not because they are required to. Plus, not everyone can afford to donate especially these days when dollars need to be pinched where they can like myself.

If the main focus on the project is to make money, then they may as well make it shareware by providing a free version of the game with limited features, and people who register for a fee of $5 or so, will get the full version with more features, levels, options, etc.  It's still no guarantee that they will make the amount of money that they hope to, but I'm sure it will be a bit more likely. If they do go that route, then the website pop up should still definitely be removed from both versions.

They might take a look at how DoomRL handles donations. People who donate get access to newer versions of the game before they go public and they also have the bounty board for in game features and requests. I don't know how many donations Kornel gets, but he never seems to complain about lack of donations.

I would probably spare $5 dollars to donate if I could spare it and I knew for a fact that it would remove the website pop up. If they wanted donations so much, there should at least be some sort of incentive like those mentioned above. I'me sure they would get more that may. More flies with honey.

Thanks for the help. I got the Configs and bat files working.

I think there is not enough interest in NotEye, and I have too many other work and roguelike projects to do, so it seems that it will stay in the current not very developed state for a long time.

Maybe it just hasn't been around and quite long enough. I think more active development with updates would probably help it to get more attention. I'm sure eventual different ports would also help to get more attention too

Tried it with a few more games. I tried it with MAG, Rogue 1.1, and Frozen Depths.
Seems none of them will use the fpp mode or use mini map with the dos configuration. Did I miss a setting that must be put in the config file?

Those features did work with frozen depths when I used the frozen configuration, but it would not run full screen.  Cannot seem to get the movement to work correctly in the fpp mode. Can't switch the tiles off in fpp mode either.

Running Frozen Depths in dos configuration does not let me hold the movement keys down to move several spaces/turns. I have to continually tap the directional keys to move one space at a time.

MAG and Rogue 1.1 had the same problem of none of the keys besides the arrow keys would not work. I have to alt tab out of the sdl app window and into the console window in order to get the keys to work. Switching windows negates the benefit of having the nicer colors.

Whenever I start anything with dos configuration, there is a blinking dos cursor stuck on the screen during the whole game.  

I hope you do decide to continue development. It seems to have great potential. I think sounds and music would be a great feature and one that would gather it a bit more attention. Like a console version of falcon's eye that works for any roguelike.

Programming / Re: Rdc's wikibook "Let's Build a Roguelike"
« on: January 19, 2011, 11:52:09 AM »
This looks really cool. I hope to have a good look through it and play around next time I get a couple of days of free time. I've had an idea for a roguelike for a while.

Couple of thing I really hope it will cover are special levels, an overworld, keys/doors, static levels that are always the same, and adding sound/music.

So, if I made a config file for Rogue, it would simply be a txt file renamed noe and in that file, it would say exactly:

PATH c:\games\roguelikes\rogue
CMD Rogue.exe


And that's it? Just those two lines?

I'm not sure what you mean here. A bat file contains a sequence of DOS commands you want to execute. This would be probably "cd [path]" and the name of the game executable. No NotEye (you don't want to call NotEye inside of NotEye). If you have such a bat file, you can just enter its name instead of typing these commands. You can also add "CMD xxx" (where xxx is the name of the bat file) to the config so that the batch file is run automatically.

I thought a bat file executed several commands, so I figured the bat file had to run noteye.exe as the very first command.

Is there a command line that I could use to make a shortcut that automatically loads the config file like "noteye.exe -Rogue.noe" Something like that so I would simply have to click on ince file that would automatically open noteye with the specified game loaded up? So I could just make different shortcuts for each game?

Thank you very much for all the help and patience.

Are you still working on this? I had a couple feature requests/ideas if it's ok to share them.

Since you were able to make a generic tile set, I was wondering if it would also be able to make a generic sound set to use for games that ordinarily don't have sounds. Some generic sounds for things like wands zapping, getting hit, slashing, throwing/shooting, picking up coins and items, going down stairs, maybe a death cry, etc. I think simple sounds like that would be a really nice feature. I love the very few roguelikes that have sound, but still use console style interface like doomrl.

Also wondering if it would be possible to make it load and play music files? It would be nice to load up a set of songs in a config file and have the game play them in a random order everytime you enter a new level.  As in play one song on a loop during the level, but each time you switch levels, the the song changes.

The last idea was to enable a console background pic, but I think that might kinda go against the main idea of being more pure console like I think you are trying to do. Always though it would be kinda cool to play Rogue with console graphics but with something like a scroll or parchment as the background.

Also a readme/help txt file in the download package with documentation on how to use the program and commands. A little more detailed and thorough too. I had to guess to use "Exit" to figure out how to close the program.

Hope I'm not being rude by sharing these ideas.

Thank you again.


Also curious, I haven't tried it yet, but will this work with the Epyx version of Rogue?
I have not tried...

Just tried it. It works. But has a few issues. Pressing ALT+F doesn't work to try the first person mode. I just get the "Unknown command /x" message in game. Neither does the mini map.

It doesn't seem to want to start in dos configuration. It just hangs and I have to alt+tab out of it for it to start. It doesn't seem to want to start in the sdl app window and it skips the intro screen.

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