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Design / Re: Design of game action systems/architecture
« on: November 21, 2016, 04:02:39 PM »
Have input modes for each screen. Keep them in a stack, so entering targeting adds targeting onto the stack, and canceling takes it off. Events are passed to the topmost mode, and optionally can be bubbled down through the rest of the input modes.

Sorry, I must have been unclear. That's a great idea for handling the UI (I think I do the stack part, but not the bubble part).

I was mostly curious about what it looks like after the UI stuff is all abstracted away - when it's just a matter of cancellations and other action results.

Design / Design of game action systems/architecture
« on: November 18, 2016, 03:28:36 AM »
(Disclaimer:  Simple action systems get the job done for most games. There's no need to make it more complicated than it needs to be.)

So, I've been taking a long look at game actions. Not the scheduling of future actions - just the actual execution of the actions taken by the player and enemies (and maybe other things).

I had a few goals:
- It should be easy to handle cancellation of actions, like when the player backs out from the targeting screen.
- It should be easy for an action to allow certain conditions to be overridden, like making an attack while ignoring all range limitations, or declaring that an attack will never result in a critical hit.
- It should not be fragile when things change, because things WILL change.

I have several pages full of text now, and I feel like I'm getting closer to something that'll work, but there are still some major design decisions to be made. Anyway, that's not what this post is about.

Those of you who have tried to handle action cancellations elegantly, how did it go?
What goals did you start with? I'm interested in exploring this space, to see whether some of these questions already have answers.
Thanks for reading.

Programming / Re: Rule libs for managing statuses & attributes?
« on: October 24, 2016, 06:03:28 PM »
This looks pretty nifty, thanks for sharing. I haven't done anything that complicated, but I tinkered a bit with miniKanren (wrote a little blog post about it too: It was much more simpler idea than yours, but could run rules to both directions (drinking this potion will slow me, does drinking this potion make me slow? what can I drink to be slowed? what does this potion do? and so on). Grand idea was to use it for AI stuff and goal finding, but I didn't quite get it to working as I wanted.

Ah, cool! Just what I was hoping to see -- this is definitely in the same spirit.

That AI stuff does sound challenging...very interesting.

Programming / Rule libs for managing statuses & attributes?
« on: October 22, 2016, 10:54:54 PM »
Hey, everyone.  I made this lib( and I've been wondering about similar projects (any lib that attempts to create relationships between simple values, I suppose.)

Have you created or used anything similar? If so, did it turn out to be useful?

7DRLs / Timegame [7DRL 2016] [Success]
« on: March 14, 2016, 06:00:08 AM »
""This base will self-destruct in thirty seconds."
Sometimes you think working as a Temporal Agent is more trouble than it's worth."

Finished! You can get the game at .

The timeline must remain self-consistent, so you can't do anything that contradicts what already happened, or you'll create a paradox!

7DRLs / Re: Question about 7DRL rules - previously written code?
« on: February 12, 2016, 09:46:15 PM »
Absolutely fine. Go for it!

Shame. my .net does appear to be the latest version.  The 0.7 version worked fine for me though.

Interesting. Does Forays.exe wait for a keypress before crashing?

As for ConsoleForays.exe, you could try opening the command prompt, resizing the window to at least 88 wide by 28 high (or a bit more for good luck?) and THEN starting ConsoleForays.exe from within the command prompt.

Having some issues getting this to run correctly. If I try to run the normal Forays file, the game crashes after showing the title screen briefly. If I run ConsoleForays, it will actually start and play. But, it will only play correctly in a window. A small window. It won't let me maximize the window to fit the screen.

I use Alt+Enter to go into full screen and the right edge of the screen is cut off slightly at the beginning. But then when I start to move or look at any menus, the display starts becoming jumbled. It starts kinda moving from left to right with every other key press and the info bar on the left becomes extremely jumbled to where it is unreadable.


I'm using an older win xp sp3 laptop.

The game looks really cool and would love to try it. but running in the small window is just not possible for me to play comfortably.

I don't have any information on whether it's possible to run this program on XP, and no way of testing - sorry about that.  My only guess at a solution is to make sure that your .NET version is as high as it'll go.

Hey, everybody! Forays 0.8.4 is available now!

This version focuses on interface polish, flavor, and on small changes that have big impacts on gameplay.

Here's a quick summary of the big changes:
* Health and status bars! You can now see health & status effect durations for both you and enemies.
* Dungeon descriptions! Flavor text for your surroundings now appears at the bottom of the screen.
* Shrines can now appear at any depth, not just odd-numbered depths. A full set of 5 will still exist on each pair of depths. (1 and 2,  3 and 4,  etc.)
* Monsters now tend to have slightly less health, but slightly more of them will appear.
* Added 2 new level types, and changed level type rarities - some are now more common than others.
* More font sizes, to better fit common screen resolutions while fullscreened.

Here are some screenshots that showcase some of the new features.

Minor changes and bugfixes:
* Confirmation before resting is now the default. No more accidental rests.
* The dungeon is now overall a noisier place. Sounds are more likely to draw the attention of monsters.
* Fixed a bug where input wasn't properly flushed after certain animations.
* Fixed a bug where Feel no pain didn't activate the first time if you were below 20HP when you learned it.
* Fixed a bug where you could close doors on monsters and items.
* Mouse UI improved in several little ways, especially with middle-clicks and scroll wheels.

You can grab it now at .
Also, the old (empty) forum has been replaced with a subreddit: /r/foraysforum


Early Dev / Re: JRogue - my first roguelike
« on: August 07, 2015, 11:03:04 PM »
Welcome to the Temple!

Overall, nice work so far. Now some specific things:
-The important info is easy to find. Hover for description is great.
-Browser games are just fine but I wouldn't play long without a keyboard interface. (Moving with the mouse is too slow and imprecise for me.)
-Weapons with different abilities are great.
-No speed issues, which is nice because my comp is kind of slow.
-I agree that the core mechanics seem solid here.

I died on level 5 to a rat (I think it was behind a snake), but it was a reckless death because I still had healing.

Anyway, good luck!

Hey, all. Lately I've noticed a few people coming to #rgrd wanting to make an ASCII RL in C#, and found that I didn't have anything to recommend - especially for a new dev who isn't going to want to compile a lib with strange build tools, or use C/C++ native DLLs.

So, I made this!

It's very simple in scope, perfect when you just want to get something on the screen. It does input, too, because it's made with OpenTK (and as a bonus, it draws very quickly).

Here's a direct download link, but the simplest option is probably to use NuGet if you use Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio, or MonoDevelop.


Classic Roguelikes / Re: [ADOM] Alignment
« on: March 31, 2015, 01:07:43 AM »
Hello everyone.

I'm novice in ADOM and I have no find my alignment in character informations, how does it to see alignment please ?

At the bottom right of the screen you should see it. Alignment is represented by one of these:
L+   L   LN   NL   N+   N   N-   NC   CN   C   C-

Hope that helps.

Hey, everybody! I've got a new Forays for you, available at !

Major gameplay changes:

-The rate at which you learn new feats has been evened out:  Every other dungeon level, when shrines appear, one shrine will grant you a feat in addition to increasing your skill.  This means you won't go several levels without learning any new feats, and it also means you can learn more than 2 feats belonging to a single skill!

-Wands have been added! There are seven different ones, including the wand of dust storm and the wand of flesh to fire.

-More new items! In addition to the wands, there are several new potions, scrolls, and orbs to use.

-Several feats have become stronger: Drive back now increases crit chance against cornered enemies; Arcane interference now stuns enemy spellcasters in addition to cancelling their spells; Conviction gives a better bonus to Combat skill; and Deflect attack can now cause enemies to hit one another even if they're not adjacent.

-Monster changes! Several monsters are more interesting opponents now, for an extra tactical challenge. (Several monsters can now dodge attacks. A few monsters are now tanky opponents, while a few became glass cannons.)

-Spell learning and failure has been changed:  You can now be much more exhausted before your spells will start to fail, bringing spells & exhaustion more in line with armor & exhaustion. You'll now choose from 5 random spells each time you increase your Magic skill.

-Dungeon improvements! Cave levels and mine levels use new algorithms, for much better-looking results.

Other gameplay changes:

-Burning deals less damage per turn but lasts longer, which makes flammable terrain and water more important.
-Wandering monsters will eventually spawn once enough time has passed on a dungeon level.
-The mace now knocks enemies back 3 spaces, from 2.
-The bow can now become low on ammo, eventually running out. This is a form of equipment damage and is repaired when you rest.
-Firing an arrow through fire will now ignite it, burning your enemies.
-AI handles hazardous terrain more consistently now.
-Poppy fields now put you to sleep directly instead of causing a drowsiness effect.
-Unstable teleportals will now transport items away, too - make that exploding blast fungus someone else's problem!
-Blast fungus will now ignite and start its fuse when picked up.
-Different types of gas will no longer mix - the new gas now replaces the old.
-Enemies no longer devastate the player when their sneak attack scores a critical hit. (This is now a player-exclusive ability.)

UI improvements:

-Confirmation prompts for stepping into dangerous gases and for stepping too close to fire while covered in oil.
-Right click now opens the inventory on the map screen.
-Message log expanded to hold the last 1000 lines.


-Fixed a bug where monsters could sometimes find an invisible player too easily.
-Fixed a bug where you were unable to tumble through fog.
-Fixed a bug where sleeping monsters weren't as helpless as they should have been.
-Fixed a bug that could cause console mode to slow down while drawing.
-Fixed a bug where font scaling or custom DPI settings could cause display and mouse input problems.
-Fixed a bug where attacking with the staff could swap places when and where it shouldn't have.
-Fixed a bug where missing or empty highscore and option files could crash the game.
-Fixed a bug where dodging a free attack could result in a permanent doubling of speed.


Back with more:

-You can abuse The Last Stand mode to get a top score: You can hover over fire, put something heavy on the umbrella key, and wait for the score you want. I didn't submit my score after trying this, of course. Minus the fire, this mode is pretty cool, though.

-Found a silver whistle. Didn't do anything. If there was a wiki, this is when I'd be looking for spoilers. (I had some sort of ice shield aura too, but didn't try running into fire or anything.)

-Stan idol levels sometimes take a much longer time to generate than others. After noticing that it seemed to always be the idols, I had a level that took about 20 seconds to generate. I thought "this must be the idols." It was.

I think that's all for now.

BEKEKBKBKCKAKBKCIFDGLBHHHDEDHF  is the code. (I didn't know that Win7 would actually save files that couldn't be written this way)

What I didn't understand is why Choose Act requires a story code if it's just starting you off on a more advanced stage. (But, if Choose Act is really more like Load Game, then it all makes sense.)

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