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-Finally, I encountered a strange bug, or pair of bugs. I found a chest generated directly above a pipe, so I couldn't use that entrance at all. I wanted to look for another entrance and see what would happen if I exited from that pipe. I found another pipe. (It had 3 skulls on it, if that matters.)  I went down the pipe and the screen started scrolling, all the way to the bottom of the screen. When I reached the bottom of the level, I died.

Ah, now this is definitely some kind of bug! :P

If you could provide me with the Story Code for the level in question, that would be helpful (the game stores logs of all your adventures in the "Adventure Logs" folder, which list the Story Codes for all of the levels you've played - good for replaying levels, but also quite handy for me in tracking down these kinds of undesirable features in the generation algorithms!)

No story codes, because the game installs to Program Files and I don't run it as administrator, so there's no write access there.

(Is a story code a savefile? When I first saw the "Choose stage" stuff, I expected it would let me start on a stage that appears after one I had "mastered", probably with no items like the normal start.)

-Is it by design that you lose all your jumps when hit by an enemy?

Yep - once you've been hit, you need to land before making any further actions, which does sometimes lead to nasty situations (such as being knocked off the edge of something and then falling far enough to take fall damage as well!)

That makes sense. It's pretty harsh to remove the ability to grab ladders too, though.

The one thing (besides the gold tally) that I'm missing is the ability to wrap to Look Around.

Ah, yes - I ended up deciding to leave it as it is after playing with it. The reason is that I quite like the fact that it feels like a natural disadvantage of carrying lots of equipment that it's slightly more awkward to change weapons quickly in the heat of combat. I imagine Rickard rapidly trying to rifle through a backpack looking for a timebomb as he dodges incoming fire. :)

And this is also the reason for...

-I think the "no secret passages" message box suffers from a combination of being too big and lasting too long. Sometimes a monster flies in suddenly and you can't see where you are.

...This. I think that "looking around" is something that would sensibly only be done when not surrounded by enemies, as carefully examining nearby walls would naturally take Rickard's attention away from possible threats. The box covers a large part of the middle of the screen, which is a little like Rickard being temporarily limited to peripheral vision while his attention is focused elsewhere. ;)

This...actually makes sense. If the game paused while you were doing these things, I would be absolutely against it - it would just be UI cost - but since the game doesn't pause, it works.

I've been playing more this morning:

-Time bonus seems to vary a lot. Is it based on the estimated difficulty or level size? I completed a level in under 45 seconds and the bonus was only 30, while I often get 90-120 for taking 2-2.5 minutes.

-I don't think I mentioned this before, but the particles being drawn to the portal is just perfect. No explanation needed, no blinking arrow on the HUD.

-On a tactical note, I finally figured out how to beat White Wraith Stan. I didn't figure out how to beat it without losing my balloon, yet.

-I unlocked the target tower and finally got to one of the world leaderboards. (5th place!)  The music is great.

-Finally, I encountered a strange bug, or pair of bugs. I found a chest generated directly above a pipe, so I couldn't use that entrance at all. I wanted to look for another entrance and see what would happen if I exited from that pipe. I found another pipe. (It had 3 skulls on it, if that matters.)  I went down the pipe and the screen started scrolling, all the way to the bottom of the screen. When I reached the bottom of the level, I died.

I think that's all for now. I'm still playing without the balloon most of the time (since I'm so bad at fighting in it) but I've started looking for situations where it's safe to use. Thanks again!

Nice! I had an hour or so to play this version tonight, and here's what I jotted down as I was playing:

-Escape might work for the end-of-adventure count, but it doesn't work for the much slower end-of-level count.
-I realized that holding down enter (instead of tapping) bypasses the pre-level screens very quickly, so I'm no longer bothered by that.
-I like the new shop and earlier access. It'd be nice if your current gold updated onscreen after each purchase.
-Is it by design that you lose all your jumps when hit by an enemy? (I could be wrong, and it only removes bonus jumps during a multiplier, but it has the same result, usually a 2nd point of damage as you hit the bottom. I'm pretty sure this is by design anyway.)
-I wonder if any of the hidden items or abilities lets you re-deploy the umbrella to float after closing it. (like mario's cape)
-It's a heck of a change list, much of which I didn't understand (because I haven't been to those parts of the game). The one thing (besides the gold tally) that I'm missing is the ability to wrap to Look Around.
-I think the "no secret passages" message box suffers from a combination of being too big and lasting too long. Sometimes a monster flies in suddenly and you can't see where you are.
-I think I'm glad for the slight speed reduction. Those wraiths still move plenty fast for me.

Early spikeballs and catapult might let me finally reach the 3rd stage. Anyway, thanks! I'll probably play more sometime this week.

Hey, everyone. I'm here with a new version of Forays - and I've moved to Bitbucket because Google Code no longer allows new downloads.

You can download the new version here:

There's a major change to how the game runs - I've changed the default from terminal to OpenGL mode! Don't worry, console mode is still available - start ConsoleForays.exe if you want to run it in the terminal.

Major changes:

-Mouse support! Now that I'm using OpenTK, I was able to add a mouse interface to the game.

-Improved the list of commands on the sidebar. You can now [v]iew more to see the entire command list.

-Packs of monsters can now appear on appropriate level types - zombies in crypts, for instance. These packs get bigger as you go deeper into the dungeon.

-Boiling blood feat improved: Now grants immunity to fire at 5 stacks.

-Potion of silence improved: Now grants an aura of silence instead of only affecting the user.

-More tutorial tips have been added, and you can now see the list of known item types on the game over screen.

Other changes:
-Players will get a reminder if they try to take the stairs and leave an unused shrine behind.
-Scrolls can no longer be read while blind.
-The weakest enemies can no longer score devastating critical sneak attacks on you.
-Enemy arrows can now score critical hits to pin.
-Flying enemies that become pinned will trigger traps beneath them.
-Improved enemy AI near hazardous terrain.
-Improved autoexplore: It'll no longer try to move you over traps unless there is no other path.
-Added an option to ask for confirmation before resting, to prevent accidental use. (This option is off by default.)
-You can no longer be grabbed while encased in ice.

-The game can now be started without highscore.txt or options.txt.
-Fixed a bug where sliding wall traps could generate very out-of-depth monsters.
-Fixed a bug where skulking killers could throw their bolas through walls.
-Improved entrancer AI to be smarter with its use of teleportation.
-Fixed a rare bug where level generation could hang the game.
-Fixed a bug where you couldn't cast Telekinesis on barrels.
-Fixed a bug where a dimmed light could last too long.
-Fixed a bug where ghosts could generate too many messages about noticing the player.
-Fixed a bug where [more] could be displayed incorrectly at the side of the screen.
-Fixed a bug where some messages could be printed even though their subjects weren't visible.

If you have any questions, feedback, or problems, head to  or  #forays on QuakeNet.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Good job! Does the AI do anything other than trying to execute its move? It works surprisingly well. I'd love to see the concept implemented in a full-blown roguelike :)


No, the AI doesn't try to avoid your attacks or anything else fancy. Each enemy type updates a Dijkstra map each turn that leads to all valid attack positions for its attacks, and then they simply roll downhill on that map if they aren't already in position to attack.

Hey, everybody. This is a 24HRL that I finished yesterday, inspired by a discussion I had with magikmw about position-/movement-based combat. I thought you all might appreciate the concept: It's an arcade-style roguelike with randomized attacks based on cardinal/diagonal/knight's move/far cardinal/far diagonal positioning.

Here's the download:

And, if you're curious but not convinced yet, here's the readme, which describes the gameplay in more detail:

I'm happy with the result - it illustrates the possibilities of an entirely movement-based combat system, and it's even fun once you get into it. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

-I found what seemed to be an area I couldn't escape. I jumped down without a balloon, tried max-height jumps, tried searching in several spots, and didn't find a way out.

For several reasons, it's always possible (though not especially common in earlier levels) to find places which are escapable only with some manner of flight (or other transportation...), so it's a good idea always to keep your balloon nearby if you don't have another item/skill allowing you to fly/levitate/teleport etc. - and there are also some places you can encounter which are deliberate traps, and several ways to maroon yourself through bad forward-planning. ;)

This is a good time to use the "Abort Mission" option in the in-game menu, which lets you fail the current mission with your life intact, and without needing to restart the whole adventure (just so long as your good reputation with the Brotherhood permits it...)

Ah, okay. I've been playing almost entirely without the balloon (once I figured out that you recovered 1 heart between levels and nothing else).

-The score tally should be skippable, too.

You can hold down the return key (or your jump/attack keys) to speed through the countup more quickly. :)

I gave it a try. It could be faster. (like, instant)

-There's a typo in one of the death messages: despatched -> dispatched.

Actually, both spellings are correct, to the best of my knowledge. :)

(I tend to prefer the former when using it - as in this case - in the terminal sense, for some reason...)


Apparently this is a UK/Australia spelling that I've never encountered.

Also, I found what seems to be a bug: If you've used all of your various jumps, double jumps, and umbrella jumps, you can't grab hold of a ladder as you're falling. (Might only happen once you're fully in the 'falling' animation.) This has killed me a few times now.

It would be really nice to be able to Look Around quickly, too - just let me wrap around that menu to the bottom so I don't have to scroll past the items. It gets worse as you get more items.

Thanks for reading. (I've almost reached the 2nd boss now.)

A few more notes and thoughts as I stop playing for today:

-I found what seemed to be an area I couldn't escape. I jumped down without a balloon, tried max-height jumps, tried searching in several spots, and didn't find a way out. (although I don't know exactly how searching works - I didn't think it was directional. I assumed it covered the entire visible screen.)
-Am I supposed to figure out what the items do myself? I didn't see anything about them.
-I still like the music. One bit sounds a little like Doom.
-The score tally should be skippable, too.
-There's a typo in one of the death messages: despatched -> dispatched.
-More minor stuff: You could have a "submit personal bests only" option.

Just tried the game for the first time. I've been playing for an hour or two now, and having a lot of fun. Here are my thoughts so far:

-I haven't reached the 3rd level yet, but I'm getting better at handling enemies, so I'll get there soon.
-The tutorial was nice, although I didn't feel ready to handle enemies when I first encountered them in the real game.
-The most difficult part of the controls so far has been throwing bombs from the balloon. I just can't get them to go anywhere. (Dropping them downward is fine. Throwing the umbrella is fine. Throwing bombs on foot is fine. It's just throwing them from the ballon that I can't do. I gave up and popped one of the tutorial balloons on foot. )
-The UI could use a few enhancements:
  -In the trait screen, left arrow could collapse the current branch in addition to right arrow expanding it.
  -The trait branches could be colored to indicate whether you can afford anything in that branch.
  -Some quick-start options would be very helpful: A way to skip the pre-level chats, and maybe a "Try again with the same item" choice.
  -If the engine allows, a way to change keybindings in-game would be great.

That's all for now. I'm going right back to the game - I really am having fun with this. Thanks!

Development Process & non-technical / Re: Gettin it done
« on: January 24, 2014, 12:37:26 AM »
Iteration.  Realizing that even if you spend weeks agonizing over the design, it's likely to need some changes once you actually see it in action. So, pick something that sounds good and try it. Change what doesn't work and keep the awesome stuff.

Organically adding things is great, though I do try to keep a vague idea of what I want to add (and not add) in the future. When adding new stuff, try to get an idea of how much code you'd need to change. I'm willing to do some refactoring, but there are some things I won't implement - it would require changing some basic assumptions that are present throughout the entire game. If it'd require that much work, it might be better suited for another game.

And, like Jo said, believing that the end product will be worthwhile is a huge boost.

Early Dev / Re: KeeperRL (formerly Zagadka)
« on: January 24, 2014, 12:02:04 AM »
I've never tried this game before, so I thought I'd play a few games and share my thoughts:
(starting in Adventure mode)
-The intro gives a good idea of what to do. The commands all have sensible keybindings.
-I'm not a big fan of the font. Some of the letters (and especially numbers) seem too large, and the font design doesn't seem right for a game.
-Pushing past townsfolk instead of attacking them is a nice feature to have. (I was surprised when I killed a chicken instead of pushing past - I think this might be a bug because it only happens while I'm standing in a door.)
-Scorpions are almost invisible. This might be intentional.
-So far, I've been to 2 or 3 towns to get quests, and I definitely want to explore more and see what's out there. Nice job capturing the feeling of some previous RPGs.
-It would be nice to be able to move to the bottom of the inventory easily by pressing Up while already at the top.
-The ADOM-like equipment slots are nice.
-The list of visible items on the side can sometimes grow too large and overlap the "wielding" line.
-When you leave a shop without paying, the shopkeeper is kind enough to remind you that you've forgotten to pay instead of attacking you. Thanks for that.
-The way vultures work is cool.
-Randomly placing the images on the start screen is cool.
-The wound system wasn't quite clear to me. Can you only be Normal, Wounded, or Critically Wounded? I took a few steps while Critically Wounded and bled out. I guess I should have used a first aid kit immediately.
-There are some spelling errors, like choped -> chopped, peseant -> peasant, and snorring -> snoring.

Overall, I'm glad I decided to play this game - I had fun! (I played several more times while typing this.) It's off to a good start.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Forays into Norrendrin 0.8.1
« on: December 21, 2013, 08:46:32 PM »
Hey, everyone, I've got a new version already! It's in the usual spot at - I wouldn't normally push an update so quickly, but this one fixes a fatal crash in addition to making some cool changes.

I even have a proper list of changes, this time:

-Added a new type of level: Garden.
-Defense skill improved: Now increases your chance to avoid attacks by 3% (up from 2%). This was a much-needed improvement.
-Staff improved: If you attack an enemy that moved last turn, the staff now hits automatically (in addition to swapping places).
-Item rarities changed for fun & balance.
-Added two new traps: Fling & stone rain!
-Examining a monster will now reveal whether it is aware of you or not.
-Plate armor is now more taxing to wear: Exhaustion upon blocking an attack increased from 2% to 3%.
-Base rate of critical hits increased to 1 in 8 (from 10%).

Minor changes:
-Item descriptions can now be accessed from all inventory screens by pressing the uppercase letter of an item.
-Arcane interference now empowers your spells for several turns when it affects an enemy.
-Cavern hag will now only curse you if you've damaged her directly.
-Corrosive ooze's attack is no longer blocked by armor.
-Added new tutorial tips: Unidentified consumables & critical hits.

-Skittermoss crash bug fixed.
-Armor now properly protects against arrows.
-Fixed a bug where maces didn't always punch through armor.
-Fixed a bug where staffs didn't always swap places with fast monsters that moved last turn.
-Very obvious traps will no longer be generated in the middle of brush/water/etc.
-Wandering monsters should walk into webs less often.
-Improved suggested targets for arrows and similar abilities.
-Improved corpse handling code to prevent bugs when multiple knockback effects are triggered.
-Fixed a bug where darkness dwellers ignored magical sunlight.
-Goblin shamans can no longer cast spells from an unlimited distance.

If you have questions, feedback, or problems, head to  or  #forays on QuakeNet.



v0.8.0 is out!  Not sure of the changelog yet, but this is still probably awesome considering.   8)

Hey, everybody. The game is here:

The changelog is actually so big that I'm sure to miss some things, but I'll give it a shot. (Holsety, I think you might like these changes, especially the final level):

The dungeon is much more than walls and floors now - brush burns, gravel makes noise when stepped on, and pools of water provide relief for burning adventurers.
There are a lot of interactions between all the new elements, especially fire: Water, slime, and thick poisonous gas can all extinguish it. Oil will ignite when the smallest ember touches it.
(Lots of new dungeon features and traps, too, like webs and the explosive blast fungus.)
Forays has an item identification system, finally! (There's a twist on the usual ID game: There are no scrolls of ID, and there are no purely negative items.)
The item list has been expanded, too, with some weaker items being replaced by more dramatic versions.
Yep, the enemies have been expanded & rebalanced too. In addition, each type of monster has its own critical effect now, not just max damage and stunning!
The weapons also have their own passive & critical effects, and all 5 are now viable choices. (All the melee weapons have the same base damage now, instead of the staff and dagger being too weak.)
You can now find magical trinkets with passive bonuses when you open a chest. For example, the ring of keen sight doubles your chance to spot traps.
One more major change to how equipment works: Weapons and armor can be affected by temporary statuses, like possession, weak points, or infestation. These are indicated on the equipment screen. While [r]esting, you'll also repair all of your equipment, leaving it as good as new.
Skills & Feats:
The feat system has been changed too, and I think the fun & balance have improved a lot. Feats no longer have different point values - instead, you simply pick one feat when you take your first point in a skill, and another feat when you take your 6th point in a skill. (New players will actually be able to get a feel for how they work, even if they don't make it very far!)
You still learn one spell each time you increase your Magic skill. You now gain 5 mana, too: Spells are now divided into 5 tiers, and a spell's mana cost is equal to its tier. Spells no longer have a failure rate based on their level. (Instead, only exhaustion can make your spells fail - see below.)
(I wanted to reduce the number of random spell failures while also limiting the number of times you could cast a spell like Blink on a single level. Now, you can cast Blink many times, but not infinitely.)
The spell list has also been updated - again, I tried to make sure all of the spells were actually worth learning and casting.
Exhaustion results from various things: struggling to break free of a web or ice, scattering a heavy pile of rubble, blocking an attack while wearing heavy plate armor, or casting a spell without having enough mana.
Resting will reduce your exhaustion back to 0%.
At certain thresholds of exhaustion, you'll find it hard to cast spells, wear armor effectively, and even swing a weapon.
Spells of a higher tier will be affected first: If your exhaustion is at or above 10%, your tier 5 spells might fail. (Failure chance is equal to exhaustion.)
Every additional 10% affects another spell tier -  at 50% exhaustion, all spells are affected.
Likewise, heavier armors will be affected first: At 25% exhaustion, you get no defensive benefit from plate armor. At 50%, chainmail, and at 75%, leather. At 100% exhaustion, half of your attacks will fail from sheer fatigue.
The UI has taken a few tips from Brogue:
Selecting an item in the 'i'nventory screen will give a description, as well as allowing you to apply/fling/drop that item.
The '>' descend command will now offer to take you directly to the stairs if you're not already there.
Don't want to go to the stairs? The 'X' command will let you travel to any other location.
Additionally, the in-game tutorial tip system has been expanded again to explain statuses, terrain, and item effects.

I'm sure I've missed something there, but that should cover most of it.

Finally, I've created an IRC channel and a forum! The channel is #forays on QuakeNet, and the forum is .


Design / Re: Robot roguelike?
« on: November 20, 2013, 08:25:17 PM »
You definitely want to play Scrap. Description of play & link to the download site are here:

It takes a little while to figure out, but the systems are great.

Programming / Re: Dijkstra Map
« on: September 26, 2013, 12:04:44 AM »
Couldn't you just have the monkey move toward the furthest point away from the player whenever the monkey is within x spaces of the player. Spaces are determined by the player's dijkstra map. I don't understand why all the multiplication and number fiddling.

If you mean that the monkey (using the original map with the player as the source) would look at the tiles directly around itself and pick the biggest number, that's one of the main things the dijkstra map technique avoids - the monkey would always flee directly away from the player, getting stuck in corners or against walls. (the Dijkstra safety map fixes this when it makes distant tiles more attractive by giving them lower numbers)

If you mean that the monkey would find the furthest point from the player on the entire map, that would involve searching the entire map and then figuring out how to get there - which would involve either bumping its head on walls, or more pathfinding. (the Dijkstra map only requires examining the local surroundings at each step - cheap even for TONS of monsters)

Hope that helps. Let me know if I said anything confusing.

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