Author Topic: Forays Into Norrendrin 0.8.3 is here!  (Read 5102 times)


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Forays Into Norrendrin 0.8.3 is here!
« on: October 02, 2014, 10:37:32 PM »
Hey, everybody! I've got a new Forays for you, available at !

Major gameplay changes:

-The rate at which you learn new feats has been evened out:  Every other dungeon level, when shrines appear, one shrine will grant you a feat in addition to increasing your skill.  This means you won't go several levels without learning any new feats, and it also means you can learn more than 2 feats belonging to a single skill!

-Wands have been added! There are seven different ones, including the wand of dust storm and the wand of flesh to fire.

-More new items! In addition to the wands, there are several new potions, scrolls, and orbs to use.

-Several feats have become stronger: Drive back now increases crit chance against cornered enemies; Arcane interference now stuns enemy spellcasters in addition to cancelling their spells; Conviction gives a better bonus to Combat skill; and Deflect attack can now cause enemies to hit one another even if they're not adjacent.

-Monster changes! Several monsters are more interesting opponents now, for an extra tactical challenge. (Several monsters can now dodge attacks. A few monsters are now tanky opponents, while a few became glass cannons.)

-Spell learning and failure has been changed:  You can now be much more exhausted before your spells will start to fail, bringing spells & exhaustion more in line with armor & exhaustion. You'll now choose from 5 random spells each time you increase your Magic skill.

-Dungeon improvements! Cave levels and mine levels use new algorithms, for much better-looking results.

Other gameplay changes:

-Burning deals less damage per turn but lasts longer, which makes flammable terrain and water more important.
-Wandering monsters will eventually spawn once enough time has passed on a dungeon level.
-The mace now knocks enemies back 3 spaces, from 2.
-The bow can now become low on ammo, eventually running out. This is a form of equipment damage and is repaired when you rest.
-Firing an arrow through fire will now ignite it, burning your enemies.
-AI handles hazardous terrain more consistently now.
-Poppy fields now put you to sleep directly instead of causing a drowsiness effect.
-Unstable teleportals will now transport items away, too - make that exploding blast fungus someone else's problem!
-Blast fungus will now ignite and start its fuse when picked up.
-Different types of gas will no longer mix - the new gas now replaces the old.
-Enemies no longer devastate the player when their sneak attack scores a critical hit. (This is now a player-exclusive ability.)

UI improvements:

-Confirmation prompts for stepping into dangerous gases and for stepping too close to fire while covered in oil.
-Right click now opens the inventory on the map screen.
-Message log expanded to hold the last 1000 lines.


-Fixed a bug where monsters could sometimes find an invisible player too easily.
-Fixed a bug where you were unable to tumble through fog.
-Fixed a bug where sleeping monsters weren't as helpless as they should have been.
-Fixed a bug that could cause console mode to slow down while drawing.
-Fixed a bug where font scaling or custom DPI settings could cause display and mouse input problems.
-Fixed a bug where attacking with the staff could swap places when and where it shouldn't have.
-Fixed a bug where missing or empty highscore and option files could crash the game.
-Fixed a bug where dodging a free attack could result in a permanent doubling of speed.



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Re: Forays Into Norrendrin 0.8.3 is here!
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2014, 12:05:02 AM »
Fantastic---some massive progress in here!   8)  Between this and The Ground Gives Way, I know Dewaldo on Youtube is going to be one happy camper for sure---doubly so that he was wanting to revisit everything he's checked out in the past to see what's new and happening.
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Re: Forays Into Norrendrin 0.8.3 is here!
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2014, 04:19:06 PM »
Super!! I very like this game. I'm very happy that this project is still in active developing.