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GodoRogue (now at v1.6 final?)
« on: October 10, 2023, 11:55:07 AM »  Win/Linux

In the mystic land of Nulbadush, darkness spreads as Sakku's malevolent forces rise. GodoRogue casts you as the realm's last hope, delving deep into treacherous dungeons to reclaim the fabled Amulet of Yendor—a beacon of power and salvation. Every step in these haunted mazes is a test of courage against menacing foes. Your mission: retrieve the amulet and restore hope to Nulbadush. The destiny of an entire world rests on your choices.
Game Features

    ⁉️ Procedural Generation: Dynamically generated dungeons, poems, songs, and events for a fresh experience each play.
    💀 Permanent Consequences: Death is final. Each decision has lasting impact.
    📑 Turn Based: Strategize at your pace. Every move counts.
    📐 Grid Tiles: Precise and deliberate dungeon exploration on a grid.
    👁️ Top-down perspective: Explore the dungeons from a clear bird's-eye view.
    🍖 Resource Management: Balance food, items, potions, and scrolls for survival.
    🔎 Item Identification: Use scrolls, potions, rings, and wands to boost your power.
    🏹 Hack and Slash: Strategy, skill, and luck determine combat outcomes.
    📺 ASCII & Graphic: Choose between ASCII or graphic TileSet visuals.
    😈 Dungeon themed: Brave deadly dungeons, traps, and monsters with every choice critical.
    🧙‍♂️ Character Centric: Level up and gear a single character against deepening threats.
    🔮 No Meta-progression: Each adventure is a standalone challenge.

Can You Reclaim the Amulet of Yendor?

Choose from 17 distinct classes, each offering unique playstyles and abilities. Your journey won't be easy. The echoing halls of Sakku’s lair are filled with formidable enemies, each possessing unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Adapt, learn, and exploit their flaws to advance deeper into the enigmatic world of GodoRogue.

With every level descended, the darkness grows potent, the enemies fiercer, and the secrets of Nulbadush more tantalizing. Do you have the courage, the wit, and the skill to reclaim the Amulet of Yendor, bring light to the darkened realm, and etch your name in the annals of Tharlone’s history?

Dare to step into the enigmatic world of GodoRogue - where every corridor holds a mystery, every room a challenge, and every echo a tale of heroism or defeat. The fate of Nulbadush is in your hands!
How to Play: Basic Controls

Navigation: Use arrow keys or Numpad (recommended) for character movement.


        x to descend stairs
        X to ascend stairs (with Amulet of Yendor)
        . or Numpad 5 to rest a turn
        i to view the inventory and read descriptions
        s to search and detect
        p to pray to your deity
        ... and many more!

🔎 For a Complete List: Access the Help Section in-game with F1 or H. If you find yourself overwhelmed or unsure, this is your best companion!

📚 In-depth Guides: We strongly recommend checking out the provided PDFs, both the User Manual for a detailed game guide and the Monster Compendium to familiarize yourself with the creatures you'll face in Nulbadush.
Dive into a Dynamic Adventure!

With every game session in GodoRogue, you're not just playing, but creating a new legend. Whether you're uncovering the history of an artifact, being entranced by a newly generated song, or facing an unexpected event—each playthrough offers fresh experiences


Today is the day! After months working again on this project, here is the major update ever. More than 100 additions/changes to the game. New classes, passive skills, Gods, etc...



    New scene when player wins. Show procgen text, score and statistics
    Each class have unique skills
    Procgen history intro, so the player will know the quest.
    New gameover scene, with procgen epitaph and score and music
    Special levels 10-20: One level with more gold, other more items, and Two with more monsters
    Flying monsters can now move+attack in one turn
    Added action to rest until full HP (comma key)
    Map/light scroll on every dark map
    Visual effects when using magic
    Visual sprites for magic projectiles
    Effects FX when hit, miss and amount dmg over head
    Miss sounds for magic on immune monsters
    Key controls for music and sound volume
    Selectable text from console
    Autorun on rooms too, stopping at doors
    Zombie monster now walk slower and deal more dmg
    Aquator monster is immune to projectiles
    Enchant staff will grant charges
    Character Selector with random traits and history
    You can now Pray to your God
    Devotion stat, used for praying
    Reading monster statues gives monster info
    Extra Healing potion gives +5 max hp
    Final score when you win the game
    Can't search if player is under bad status effect
    Cat Eye cures blind
    Sprite for items will be more variety
    Random starting equipment
    Smooth animation when moving and attacking
    Play will drop blood after getting killed
    Sprites for splash dmg when using staves
    Destroyable statue/slabs, to avoid path blocking
    Statues of gods, heroes and monsters
    Slabs of dead heroes
    Killing monster leave a blood splash
    Bones on the floor
    Fortune Cookies
    Sound when level up
    Random music every 5 levels
    Better door tileset and open doors
    Starting with a fruit in your backpack
    Starting heal is random and affected by body type
    20% chance to auto-search traps and secret walls when moving
    Reveal and identify traps using "search"
    25% chance to not activate a trap when stepping on it
    New sound effects
    Torch decoration on walls
    New champ sprites
    Adding deities


    All texts for monster and item descriptions
    Player sprite now faces the direction of the attack
    Bug with random number generator
    Black screen on dark maps until you move
    Bug Monster attacking while you are already dead
    Bug when using staff of monster creation
    Bug player stuck when using magic wands
    Bug when using scroll of monster creation
    Message Log shows last 200 events, to prevent crashes
    Visual bug with the Amulet of Yendor
    Reduced some audio files to improve the game experience
    Throwing projectiles near a wall
    Staff of Drain Life will kill you at 1 hp
    Deal negative dmg when have low STR
    Nerf ring of protection, from 5% to 3%
    More Medusa confusion
    Blindness potion and effects
    Hallucination potion and effects
    Monsters sprite behind dropped items
    Droped items while blind are invisible now
    Aberdeen Bestiary now show monster tileset
    Auto-identify scrolls of identify
    Throwing cursed weapons
    Bug with trap pathfinding
    Pressing Shift+H will not move you
    Vorpalize scroll will not work with staves
    Nerfed staff of Ice Beam
    More dmg for Venus fly-trap
    Maximum enchant is +9
    More damage from hunger
    Poison potion with some rings
    More XP from fruits
    More Xerocs
    More monsters can fly now
    Reduced time animations (walking, attacking)
    Less damage from bare hands
    Nymphs and Deities now steal random items
    No secret walls on garden level or dark maps
    Better damage for vorpalized weapons
    Nerf Griffin HP
    Dropped items are invisible while blind
    Balanced drop loot from monsters
    Better random scroll names
    Increased secret walls, 40% chance. At level 5
    Bug with STR at level 25
    Less dark maps, 15% of the time
    Better maze algorithm
    Less dead-end-corridors levels
    Fruit is now a stackable item
    Auto-run with Shift key
    Identify failed scrolls
    Balancing potion effects/duration
    More gold items in dungeon, less value per stack
    Some typos
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Re: GodoRogue (now at v1.5)
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2023, 11:19:12 AM »

Thank you very much for the warm reception of the previous version 1.4. I've received a lot of feedback and wanted to quickly release a new version considering the advice and bugs reported by all of you. Here is the list of new additions and improvements. This new version implements Field of View (FOV) and support for playing with the mouse. The main keys for accessing help (?) and using stairs (<, >) have also been changed, and some classes have been balanced. Enjoy!

    Line of sight (LOS) and Field of Vision (FOV).
    Mouse support to move and explore.
    More special levels from depth 10 to 20.
    You can view all your inventory (identified) after death.
    Dungeon generation spawn more rooms, especially from level 10.
    New command "x" to "examine" secrets/objects. Alias for "s" search.
    Warning messages if player is on special level or near the amulet.
    Secret wizard mode (for debug/cheats).
    New sprites for potions. Every color has a sprite.
    Ranger and Rogue have +1 DEX.
    Warrior and Barbarian have +1 DMG.
    Studded Leather armor for bard and noble.
    Noble start with 1 devotion.
    Sleep (zzz) effect over sleeping monsters.
    Staff/wand of cancellation now reveal phantoms.
    Staff/wand of slow monster now slows monster movement.
    30% chance to spawn a monster after hitting a monster statue.
    Destroying a monster statue will spawn a random monster.
    Destroying a tombstone/slab will spawn a zombie.
    Leprechauns and Nymphs disappear after stealing.
    Default command key for help is now: ? and F1.
    Default command key use stairs are: < and >.


    Fix: Improve some performance with the RNG implementation.
    Fix: Spawned monsters are now invisible if player is blind.
    Fix: Winning music never stops on new game.
    Fix: Monsters past level 26 are now more dangerous.
    Fix: Walls stay visible in dark maps.
    Fix: God punishment on your wielded staves show wrong name.
    Fix: Avoid vorpalize a weapon to add more than +9.
    Fix: Throwing some projectiles may waste a turn.
    Fix: No more bones/blood if playing in ascii mode.
    Fix: Reveal map scroll/blessing don't break blindness.
    Fix: Paralyzing monsters affect 40 turns.
    Fix: Some monsters/statues may not clear pathfinding position.
    Fix: Some passive skills may leave uncovered tiles.
    Fix: Adapt window size on computers with small resolutions.
    Fix: Avoid unnecessary calculation on decorations.
    Fix: Less food spawn per level.
    Fix: Less started food and scrolls of identify.
    Fix: Balance amount of devotion from statues/slabs.
    Fix: Shift+H now autoruns to the left.
    Fix: Invalid monster name for venus flytrap statue.
    Fix: Venus flytrap may deal negative damage.
    Fix: Edited some strings from bookshelves.
    Fix: New method to detect special commands like <, > and ?.
    Fix: Balance height/weight ratios.
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Re: GodoRogue (now at v1.6 final?)
« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2023, 12:01:53 PM »
v1.6 final?

Thank you very much to all the players who have taken their time to try and play GodoRogue. Special mention to those who decided to make a donation. You have greatly helped this project and motivate me to continue working on new ideas.

Today, I am releasing a small update that adds a minor change and finally resolves those small bugs that were still lingering in the GodoRogue code. I would like to conclude the development of this project (unless a future bug appears, which I would obviously fix) to focus on new ideas and games.

I hope you enjoy GodoRogue as much as I have enjoyed programming it. Thanks and go for the Amulet of Yendor!

    Added: Playing on a dark map halve your vision
    Fix: Adjust score values for weapons
    Fix: Short string when wielding weapons, to avoid UI bug
    Fix: Throwing things to sleeping Xerocs blocks the game
    Fix: Xeroc will not show sleep animation when they are mimic
    Fix: Gold score was 0 when player wins the game
    Fix: Deleting unused string when using scroll of identify
    Fix: Reseting all after win the game
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
In Training