Author Topic: Ebony Spire - Heresy (now at Early Pre-Release #1)  (Read 2741 times)


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Ebony Spire - Heresy (now at Early Pre-Release #1)
« on: May 22, 2016, 10:02:35 PM » Win/Source

Attention: This is a pre-release! Early access level. The game is mostly feature complete. What's missing is about 80% of the required items and enemies. Remember this if you download the game! There's a github page here that you can use to submit bugs or check out progress. Please let me know if you encounter any crashes or performance issues.

ES:Heresy is a first person roguelike in which the player (a berserker, night shade or scroll mage) invades the sacred tower of Dae'eria, the Ebony Spire, in an attempt to slay the fervent goddess! The player has to climb up all 10 tower levels to reach the most sacred of places. Each floor contains one or more portals to other realms that the player must visit in order to obtain equipment that can aid him in his quest.

ES:H is played from a first person perspective. You can move around using W, A, S, D and look/turn around with Q and E. Inventory can be accessed using the I key. You can pick up items with P, equip them with Space (from the inventory) or throw them using the T key. Gameplay revolves around acquiring items and using them to defeat enemies you encounter.

Enemies have access to the same items, spells, and potions as the player and will use them, and their effects, against you! Each level contains two sections:

    Tower Levels - where Dae'eria's follower, servants and guardians reside. Tower Levels contain no items (except those dropped by enemies). Each tower level has a staircase in the middle (that takes you to the next level) and a portal to another world under Dae's influence (cave or dungeon).
    Portal levels - accessed from the tower, are dungeon or cave-shaped levels filled with creatures and items! Exploring these levels is optional, as the player can advance by just reaching the staircase but important items needed to aid in defeating Dae'eria can only be found here.

The game's source code is licensed under the MIT License! You are free to do pretty much what ever you want with it! If you want to create derivative works you are free to do so, without having to ask for my permission! And here's where things get interesting: If you just want to add new items and/or creatures you don't even have to edit the code! Content for this game is handled via 3 .csv files under /data. Creatures can be setup from there. You can set their graphics, stats, behavior and fill it's inventory from there. Same goes for items. You can even add flavor text and set their distribution in the dungeons (where to spawn from and what spawn chance)! So, yeah, there's this! I haven't documented the code but I'm available if you have questions!

You can download the game for free and if you like it feel free to tip me for a beer (~1.5€/2$). I keep track of how many beers I drank during development and if I can recover the beer-vestment then I'm happy! The source is also uploaded on github! Feel free to submit issues if you want!
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