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Re: Vagante (now at Early Access Alpha v41a) $
« Reply #30 on: April 27, 2016, 12:04:00 AM »
Alpha v41

Game default resolution increased from 800x600 to 1024x768
Some areas, graphics, and offsets will be fixed to match the new resolution
New in-progress character select menus
Plants can now digest crates/barrels
Player can now cancel a melee charge attack Divine Weapon
Changed the Enchant Affinity

Reverted rendering library version to an older, stabler one
Fixes issue with the game not launching on Windows 7
Should fix issue with game sometimes freezing at level transitions
Fixed a crash with level generation in Act 4 NG+
Added NG+ to save games
Fixed Boss Goblin interacting strangely with grabbed frozen players
Fixed Zombies sometimes getting stuck in pits instead of digging to players

Fixed food not cooking properly in networked games
Fixed Boulder and Dart trap sfx not triggering
Fixed sfx not playing when crates/barrels hit some things

    New Wisp Boss graphics
    New Abomination Boss graphics
    Act 4 entities added to online multiplayer
    Improved Zombie Dragon’s path-finding
    Changed ranged lightning attack of Elemental Mage
    Drastically reduced all Elemental Mage attack cooldowns
    Increased damage boulders deal when hitting player in mid-air
    Abomination Boss changes
        Reduced gore ball fire rate
        Reduced gore ball launch speed
        Reduced gore ball damage
    Bear Stomp & Wolf Sprint no longer hits single units multiple times
    Wolf Sprint now deals stun damage to enemies, instead of instantly stunning them
    Holy knight’s Divine Weapon is now a skill, and does more damage

    Reworked USB gamepad code to now use XInput and DirectInput*
        Fixes intermittent lag when using certain controllers
        Fixes being unable to start the game with certain controllers connected
    Fixed graphical issues with Zombie Dragon
    Fixed cases where Swooper would tele-frag the player when frozen, or otherwise
    Fixed Fish & Divebomber frozen sprites
    Fixed a crash when transitioning between levels in non-Steam games
    Fixed Act 4 monster frozen animations
    Act 4 monsters now correctly update their stun gauges
    Fixed a stupid bug in Brood Demon AI causing them to freeze on top of physical objects
    Act 4 Teleportals can no longer be destroyed
    Fixed a bug where BossEvilMage would not aggro when a stealthed player picked up the rune orb
    Fixed a few broken rooms
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
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Re: Vagante (now at Early Access Alpha v42a) $
« Reply #31 on: May 10, 2016, 09:04:35 PM »
Alpha v42

New golem boss sprites
New Act 4 boss fight music theme
New alternate catacombs music theme
Increased contrast between background and foreground elements of the game
Increased width of Act 4 islands
Reduced size of Ruins
Will of Elements wildling background improved (no longer sets 1 damage, but deals reduced physical damage)
Two new item attributes: Throwing Gloves, and Triple Jump boots
Added visual tell to Abomination’s state changes
Lifesteal item brand reworked to be based on accumulated damage dealt, instead of chance
Bosses will no longer spawn on Spikes, Spike Traps, Boulder Traps, or Shrines
Shrines will no longer spawn on Spike Traps in Act 3
New rare scroll-type: Enchant Item
Enemy frost novas now give player temporary freeze immunity afterwards to prevent freeze locks
ManEatingPlant damage increased from 8->10
Act 4 Swooper collision box decreased

Fixed Abomination’s visual offset being off
Fixed Shadow Knight’s giant bow shooting wrong-sized arrows
Fixed enchantments not being removed upon player death
Fixed holes in character select screen
Fixed binded spells not being visible while configuring Quick-cast D-Cast
Fixed rune orb giving permanent defense bonuses
Fixed a couple of untraversable rooms
Fixed reincarnate effects reviving you in the air (it now reincarnates you on the last position you were safely standing)
Fixed entities being able to push each other into solid level
Fixed music not fading out properly when game-overing during a music transition
Fixed a rare crash with Goblin AI
Fixed Poltergeists instantly triggering on creation
Fixed bug where projectiles did not’ properly dispose of their attached item objects
Fixed electricity in water spawning too many effects when hitting neutral objects
Fixed shopkeeper forgetting to close his shop door sometimes
Fixed ground underneath Teleportals being destructible
Fixed god-cursed Homing Bow behaving as regularly cursed arrows, despite tooltip stating otherwise
Fixed unstable level event boulders dealing 33 damage
Fixed alternate forest theme unlocking only after beating the catacombs, instead of forest
Fixed crash when starting a game as warrior after having selected Luck affinity in a previous run on a different class

Online Multiplayer
Added a way to specify game name and private or public game for steam games
Fixed(?) players being unable to connect to each other using direct IP connection
Fixed crash on certain item cleanups
Fixed crash when displaying desynchronized items in the HUD
Fixed crash when transitioning to Act 4
Fixed teleportals not functioning
Fixed Wildling’s animal affinities
Fixed intermissions not having the correct backgrounds
Fixed explosions not showing correctly
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
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Re: Vagante (now at Early Access Alpha v46a) $
« Reply #32 on: July 06, 2016, 03:06:19 AM »
Alpha v46
Wall/floor phasing reworked. It’s now possible to control the direction you phase.
Holding down allows fast-falling with featherfall
‘Sink like stone’ now allows for unlimited jumps while underwater
Sound effect attenuation increased, distant sound effects will now sound softer
On first game playthrough, the main entrance now leads to the tutorial.
Spriggans now have idle behavior.
Mimics are no longer physical, players can now move through mimics.
Swooper’s magic boulder spawn cooldown increased.
Chickens can now drown
Reworked ranks one and two of the Knight’s Sword affinity.
Reworked rank three of the Knight’s Holy affinity.
Wand of pestilence effect and bombs can now ignite

Fixed player sometimes not being able to grab ledges while facing rightwards
Fixed a crash with Necromancer bone summons
Fixed electricity sometimes shocking water 30 times instead of once, lagging the game
Fixed Spriggans never losing aggro despite losing vision of you
Fixed teleporting in Act 4’s portals not revealing stealth
Fixed bats sometimes spinning infinitely while stuck to walls
Fixed a GameSave bug where some items received additional stats
Fixed Spell book descriptions showing UNK for a couple frames after use
Fixed shop signs sometimes dealing damage to you on contact
Fixed Wisps not revealing fog of war
Fixed Shadow Clone + Enchanted Boomerang
Fixed a random crash that occurred due to a bug in OpenAL
OMP: Fixed stackable usable items behaving strangely when used up
OMP: Fixed some bonfire issues.
OMP: Fixed synchronization of ManEatingPlant damage

New Shrine Graphics/Effects
Act 4 Background Polish

Fixed arrows and other projectiles getting stuck on the borders of Act 4 map
OMP: Fixed Ruins entrance door sometimes not unlocking
OMP: Fixed many particle effects and sound effects
OMP: Fix many crashes
OMP: Fixed many skill effects
OMP: Fixed player revival sometimes not costing anything
OMP: Fixed dropping stacks of items at bonfires
OMP: Fixed spellbooks sometimes not teaching you spells
OMP: Fixed being unable to use items on other items

ManEatingPlants can now accidentally eat Spriggans and Spiders
Dart Trap sprites updated
Shrines now take 25% normal damage in new game plus

Fixed crash when starting the game with a Steam Controller
Fixed(?) Steam Controller not working correctly on Mac/Linux
Fixed Golem’s swing not properly disappearing when they die
Fixed certain large monsters (like golems) not being collidable sometimes
Fixed level generation case where ladders were not able to reach higher areas
Fixed Ruins sometimes not generating book pedestals. Changed number of guaranteed book pedestals to 2.
OMP: Fixed numerous random crashes.
OMP: Fixed empty backgrounds being selectable during character selection
OMP: Fixed invisible dummy player lighting up the top left of levels
OMP: Fixed graphical Death is easier to encounter armor not showing correct hp on other players
OMP: Fixed receiving extra level up events sometimes
OMP: Fixed Boss Golem not changing animations when rolling

Act four islands now sometimes have small paths between islands
Act four Swoopers reworked
New sprites:
Compassionate familiar
Arrow traps
Mage orbs limited to 2 per element
Reduced attack speed of Shadow Knight’s dash attack

Fixed bug where you could equip multiple familiars
Fixed hands giving zero experience
Fixed crash having to do with the Steam Controller
Fixed spell books sometimes changing their spells
Fixed being unable to enchant already enchanted boomerangs
OMP: Fixed crash with Zombie attacks
OMP: Fixed infinite throwable items
OMP: Fixed Golem boss and Necromancer still colliding after death
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
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Re: Vagante (now at Early Access Alpha v48a) $
« Reply #33 on: August 03, 2016, 03:26:48 AM »
Alpha v48

New branch, The Tower, added to the Catacombs
Dedicated bind for walking removed; walking is now done by holding down.
New WIP walking graphics
Added more information to the stats tab of the player menu
Added a new dialog for exiting the game from the pause menu
Standing in front of a grave now shows a portrait of the grave’s dead player
Boomerang return path improved
Skeleton revival no longer depends on a player being nearby
Bomb Arrow crafting now yields 3 bomb arrows.
Bomb Arrow damage increased from 15 -> 20
Items and frozen units now fall slower underwater
Lurkers no longer attack if you walk over them (they still attack if you jump or land on them)
Wildling Pummel reworked
Wildling Wolf Sprint reworked
Shopkeepers now get angered when you teleport them with a portal
Landing on a boulder now pushes it a little in the direction you move (this allows you to push boulders away from walls)

Fixed players eaten by a plant or being grabbed being able to exit through a door
Fixed minor draw offset issues with new, wider, player menu
Fixed draw offset of overhead swinging weapons
Fixed pushed boulders pushing items off of pedestals
Fixed book pedestals not spawning in the Rift
OMP: Fixed double instances of Bloody shrine text
OMP: Fixed several crashes

Added a new bindable in-game emote menu
Increased size of inventory by one column
Unexplored areas now have smoother edges
Reworked Plant Boss behavior
Units now have a 3-second stun immunity after being stunned.
Moved device/input polling to a separate thread.
Enchant is rebinded to Interact
Removed Refresh Devices button in Controls
Increased Protected by Spirits / Spirit Emitter damage

OMP: Fixed certain backgrounds not working correctly.
OMP: Fixed certain Doodads rotating strangely
OMP: Fixed being unable to create private games.
OMP: Fixed certain NetEvent triggers colliding with entities and the level
Fixed softlock where Holy Level 3 knight would fall off the map and not be able to die.
Fixed Crawler stun sprite not getting drawn when stun by things like Lion's Roar.
Fixed FrostNova being able to freeze unfreezable units.
Fixed the issue where alternate slime types can be generated in a Slime level.
Fixed hold down to fall faster not working for Featherfall status effect.
Fixed Bats staying sticky when thrown. Fixed bats sinking fast through water
Fixed some issues with Weapon behavior when frozen
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
In Training


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Re: Vagante (now at Early Access Alpha v50a) $
« Reply #34 on: September 07, 2016, 01:35:21 AM »
Alpha v50

Reworked Rogue’s Shadow affinity
Attacks now break stealth upon hitting an enemy or finishing an attack, rather than at the beginning of an attack
Arrows can now critically hit from Stealth
Shadow Clone replaced with Smoke Bomb
Reworked Knight’s Holy affinity
Divine Weapon is no longer a skill with charges, activates automatically
Holy Shield is no longer a skill with charges
Iceball now shoots extra projectiles in a straight line
Thief hp lowered from 19 -> 15
OMP: Players will be unable to start the game until all players have chosen a character
OMP: Host is now able to kick players by typing “/kick”

Fixed cycling of a single ranged weapon causing permanent stat changes
Fixed certain items being spawned with no attributes
Fixed bug that pushed you into the wall when walking on boulders
Fixed players not being able to crouch fall hang off of one tile high ledges
Fixed slimes being able to see through walls

Reverted removal of Walk bind. (Default is still down, but is rebindable to a dedicated button)
Shopkeepers now have increased stability
Switched button for changing facing direction while drawing bow from Walk to Interact
Health of enemies in The Tower increased
Now possible to pick up items while moving

Fixed interaction of cursed familiars grabbing you off ledges
Fixed accidental rolling when turning around too fast
Fixed bats sometimes having strange unroost velocities
Fixed being able to interact with things while attacking
OMP: Fixed Boss Golem’s roll angle becoming visually desync’d
OMP: Decreased bandwidth usage of The Tower
OMP: Fixed being permanently frozen if frozen while exiting a level
OMP: Fixed some small bugs involved with level transitions.
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
In Training