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SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition (now at Early Access v1.1.6) $
« on: December 12, 2014, 11:57:12 PM » $4.99 Win

What the developers have to say:
Why Early Access?
“The game is almost complete, but our goal is to make the game as replayable as possible. Early access will give us time to work on these features as well as expand on the game's content. It was either that, or make everyone wait another two months, and we know how terrible waiting for something can be. We aim to carefully design each element of SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition to ensure that you can open it up a thousand times and be entertained by every single playthrough.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?
“The game will be in Early Access for approximately two months while we continue to add new content! This includes even more art, new features, and quality of life changes that we hope will make the game even more enjoyable to play! We're working closely with our team of experienced artists and writers, as well as our amazing composer, to guarantee a quality, polished game.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?
“We will be including more art, music, writing, and many new features! We're going to refine the game as much as possible to ensure that it'll be as perfect as it can be for when the game officially ships. There are features like new areas and characters, as well as a whole new set of songs, that are in the pipeline currently!”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?
“Very much complete, it just needs a bit more polish and content. We'll be working hard to ensure that the player gets the best possible experience. We aim to refine the game as much as we can, while still taking in feedback, to make sure that the version that's out now gets better and better as we continue development.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?
“The game will be discounted in Early Access. Grab it now and be a part of the development process with us!”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?
“We plan on taking feedback from players and using it to help improve the gameplay experience for everyone involved. Community is very important to us, and we truly value feedback from all of our players. We're active on reddit and other forums, and make sure to read through and reply to players' feedback and questions.”

SanctuaryRPG is -37% OFF its regular price during Early Access!

As the world's first fully-ASCII game to grace the Steam platform, SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition is a humorous and strategic turn-based dungeon crawling adventure. Drawing heavy inspiration from both Roguelikes and Japanese RPGs, the game was meticulously designed to offer a truly compelling role-playing experience complete with a robust action-rpg inspired combat system.

Black Edition builds upon the classic SanctuaryRPG formula with all new procedurally generated artwork, as well as a plethora of areas to explore, races to experiment with, skills to master, and loot to collect. Whether you're a valiant hero or a dastardly villian, the fate of Sanctuary is in your hands.


    Enjoy a blast from the past with retro ASCII graphics
    Travel through vast dungeons with classic roguelike action
    Experience hundreds of hours of immersive gameplay
    Put your strategies to work with a sleek combat system
    Over 160 class and race combinations to experiment with
    Wreck your enemies with over 1400 weapons and armors
    Rock out to an original 8-bit chiptune soundtrack


    Added Vassian race
    Added Slythin race
    Added Krogg race
    Added Distance mechanic to combat
    Added Talent system to library
    Added Adventure special event
    Added numerous side quests
    Added Octavius dialogue lines
    Added Brother Thomas dialogue lines
    Added Johanna dialogue lines
    Added Library to town hub
    Added Temple to town hub
    Added Player Residence to town hub
    Added Day and Night cycle
    Skeletons are tougher at night
    Added hundrecds of new art assets
    Added several new music assets
    Added mining mechanic to campground
    Added thousands more lines of text
    Added weapons scaling with your stats
    Added three additional perks to assassin class
    Added player body type selection
    Added six new class perks
    Added extra side quests
    Added Character graphics customization
    Barbarian, Hit Confirms deal 300% damage, up from 50%
    Paladin, Critical hits have a 10% chance to cure all status effects
    Assassin, Combocount has a 50% chance of going up by 1 on attacks when using a dagger
    Wizard, +1 INT every level, but decreases max hp
    Druid, Deal bonus damage equal to 33% when combocount is greater than 10
    Ranger, Using a bow or crossbow will increase your crit chance by 10%
    Typing "?" in combat will bring up affix reference list
    Added recruitable Mercenaries to Blacksmith
    Using basic fists allows you to increase combo count by double per attack
    Added faction allegiances upon character select
    Added faction allegiance meter in character screen
    Added faction allegiance milestone rewards
    Added The Resistance pamphlets
    Added The Brotherhood pamphlets
    Player gets +10% bonus damage if weapon matches current allegiance
    Implemented lootable Wardrobes
    Wardrobe levels are capped at 20
    Bear Garb grants Offensive perks
    Turtle Garb grants Defensive perks
    Panther Garb grants Rage perks
    Lizard Garb grants Regeneration perks
    Wardrobes are dropped by keystone portal bosses
    10% Chance to drop in Normal, 25% Chance to drop in Inferno
    Once dropped, they are accessible in the wardrobe section
    Only one wardrobe can be equipped at a time
    Wardrobes can be leveled up via Adornment Shards
    Added news ticker to main menu
    These shards have a 33% chance to drop in the keystone reward chest
    Added new pamphlets and additional writing
    Added post tutorial battle enemy graphic
    Added new blacksmith mechanic: Imbue Weapon
    Imbued weapons receive a 10% damage increase
    Weapons can only be imbued once
    Imbued weapon's attack glows orange
    Added Body Type selection at character creation screen
    Added Drinking mechanics to Tavern
    Drinking Beer will increase your entertainment willpower
    Every time you start drinking while sober, drunk tolerance goes up
    If you drink over your limit, you'll be drunk during battle
    To relieve drunk status, engage in combat
    Added 10% damage bonus to fully stacked kill streaks
    Added Entertainment mechanics
    Added Clarity to cursed weapons
    Added additional backstory lines
    Added new screens for certain sidequests
    Added Other gender select
    Added SFX to augment drops
    Added affix references to loot drops with "?"
    Added nine more affixes
    BLOODRUSH enemies have more powerful bleeds.
    CAUSTIC enemies start players with 50% Max HP.
    DANGEROUS enemies will wound players up close.
    DEMONIC enemies deal more damage, but are melting.
    LYNCHING enemies deal more damage when your HP is low.
    MASOCHIST enemies gain 1% ATK when they take damage.
    MIRRORING enemies gain 5% of your ATK every turn.
    OPPORTUNE enemies deal more damage when you\'re bleeding.
    RANGED enemies will expose you if you\'re very far away
    Added Six additional character slots
    Added Wind Up mechanic
    Added new weapon affixes
    Bashing: Grants 3% chance to STUN on hit.
    Cleaving: Deal damage equal to 1% of your current HP per turn.
    Coldheart: When enemy is frozen, 10% to re-freeze each turn.
    Confirmed: If combo count is 3, deal TRIPLE damage.
    Deceptive: Grants 25% chance to shock enemy when you’re bleeding.
    Executing: Deal +50% damage to enemies below 50% health.
    Furious: Grants +3 to RAGE meter on critical hits.
    Icetoad: Rolls with 50% stats, but has 10% chance to freeze on hit.
    Lunar: Deal +33% damage during nighttime.
    Parrying: Deal 50% of your ATK as damage on BLOCK.
    Seeker: Grants 100% chance to bleed both self and enemy on hit.
    Serrated: Grants 10% chance to bleed on crit.
    Solar: Deal +33% damage during daytime.
    Unholy: Drain 5% of your HP per turn, but bleeds enemy each turn.
    Added new Charm affixes
    Holy: 10% chance to clear all debuffs on you each turn.
    Hopeful: Heal for a bonus 15% of your current HP on Heal.
    Hunter: Enemies start battle at 90% health.
    Jinxing: While CURSED, has a 10% chance to BLEED enemy each turn.
    Spudly: 66% Bonus Damage when using a weapon named Potato.
    Tetra: Gain 2% FREEZE, 2% BURN, 2% SHOCK, 2% BLEED chance.
    Vamp: 20% Lifesteal on hit, but HP is capped at 66% of Max HP.
    Vile: Gain 33% bonus damage when poisoned or bleeding.
    Voodoo: All damage taken is also dealt to enemy each turn.
    Added victory screen weapon graphics
    Added combat tips to game manual
    Barbarians will regain 25% of their max hp after each battle
    Paladins will deal 25% bonus damage to skeletons
    Assassins will deal 25% bonus damage when not exposed
    Wizards Barrier will not drain mana if their HP is below 33%
    Druid's summonable companions will deal 1.5x damage
    Ranger's first-turn attack damage will deal 2x during night time
    Barbarians get atk reduced by 25% when using ranged weapons
    Druids get atk reduced by 25% when not exposed
    Assassins get atk reduced by 25% when wearing heavy armor
    Rangers get atk reduced by 25% when wearing heavy armor
    Wizards get atk reduced by 25% when using axes and polearms
    Paladins get atk reduced by 25% when not having a heavy shield equipped


    Modified handcrafting progress bar colors
    Modified crafting names
    Changed Options to Settings
    Guardian now activates with G instead of T
    Purchasing heals now cost 999, up from 500
    Rebalanced Keystone boss HP and ATK
    Rebalanced Keystone boss rewards
    Improved Boss cutscene flow
    Rebalanced chance of getting gifts in Tavern
    Modified Curse enemy affix
    Modified ult scroll display
    Modified Marketing key to R
    Modified skeleton hp roll
    Modified kill streak bonus
    Improved Keystone boss UI
    Modified random boss exp and gold scaling
    Reduced chance for enemy charge if plvl < 5
    Modified run tutorial
    Modified mastery tutorial
    Modified intro cinematic
    Modified PUNISHING affix
    Modified achievement unlock display
    Random dialogue now rewards exp
    Random dialogue now pauses for less time
    Modified Erase all save data wording
    Modified no key for detailed perks prompt
    Modified chance for random NPC encounters
    Champion+ enemies will now enrage more often
    Pamphlets now grant exp
    Modified lyssa sidequest
    Modified vending animation
    Modified global enemy scaling
    Clarified Empowered affix
    Rebalanced Crippling enemies
    Removed Survival mode
    Skeletons and Robots can no longer be bled
    Augments can now be respecced in house
    Modified lyssa quest layout
    Modified save file structure
    Modified wizard MP regen passive
    Modified many character perks
    Modified many race perks
    Modified Flammkin Brick Oven perk
    Improved Combat AI
    Grapples can only trigger if you\'re close to the enemy
    Hit confirm only leads to grapple if enemy is close to the enemy
    Increased chance of relevant main stat on weapons
    Rebalanced Keystone enemies
    Clarified Focus attack
    Clarified Training in Colosseum
    Gift boxes have a 25% chance of rolling premium
    Modified achievements
    Modified all subclasses
    Rebalanced The Terminal boss fight
    Modified slime tutorial display
    Reposition now swaps movesets after two
    Modified ranger SFX
    Accurized health bars


    Fixed abilities doing very little damage bug
    Fixed Quest finished SFX not playing bug
    Fixed Enemy charging immediately after Hit Confirm bug
    Fixed Enemy guardina immediately after reposition bug
    Fixed Grammar issue in randomized backstory
    Fixed Focus priority bug in autocombat
    Fixed global experience bug
    Fixed Chargelot enemy damage bug
    Fixed tavern patron display bug
    Fixed Virtual Machine running back to town hub bug
    Fixed Heat display bug
    Fixed Quality spacing issue
    Fixed leveling up during crafting bug
    Fixed autocombat infinite Virtual Machine fight bug
    Fixed arena gladiator graphics bug
    Fixed pamphlet event giving two pamphlets bug
    Fixed several grammar bugs in act 2
    Fixed several grammar bugs in act 3
    Fixed options music resuming bug
    Fixed Classic character savefile lingering bug
    Fixed skeleton not playing music bug in act 4
    Fixed Gigantic enemy hint bug
    Fixed character select swap graphic bug
    Fixed Ragemeter display bug
    Fixed premium weapon purchase color bug
    Fixed save corruption bug
    Fixed numerous discipline bugs
    Fixed equipment salvage tooltip display bug
    Fixed weapon name display bug
    Fixed keystone enemies not rolling adlibs bug
    Fixed enemy encounter music bug
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Re: SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition (now at Early Access v0.9.2) $
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2014, 06:12:58 PM »
Is there still the free version?


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Re: SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition (now at Early Access v0.9.2) $
« Reply #2 on: December 15, 2014, 09:19:13 PM »
Yep, that's still there the same as ever---just obviously much older now with this new push for the Black Edition.
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Re: SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition (now at Early Access v0.9.2) $
« Reply #3 on: December 19, 2014, 05:53:30 PM »
Is there a way to get the black edition without steam?


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Re: SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition (now at Early Access v0.9.2) $
« Reply #4 on: December 19, 2014, 06:56:11 PM »
Doesn't seem to be the case at present.
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Re: SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition (now at Early Access v1.1.6) $
« Reply #5 on: January 24, 2015, 12:28:54 AM »

* Added Mercenary Perks
* Barbarian: Grant 25% chance to break enemy GUARD every turn
* Paladin: Grant 25% chance to reduce EXPOSE by 2 every turn
* Assassin: Mercenary will deal DOUBLE damage to BLEEDING enemies
* Wizard: Grant 25% chance to CONFUSE enemy every turn
* Druid: Grant 25% chance to reduce BLEED by 2 every turn
* Ranger: Mercenary will deal TRIPLE damage against FAR enemies
* Added new Boss music
* Added new indicator for equipped stats
* Added Graveyard folder for fallen heroes
* Added New Act 2 music track
* Added potatoes to the game manual

* Modified stat sheet mace/maul clarification
* Modified display of time played
* Modified item drop animation speed
* Modified various text for clarity
* Modified help index for clarity
* Modified Vamp charm affix for clarity

* Fixed event background not working bug
* Fixed invisible grapple bug
* Fixed skeleton keystone ambushing bug
* Fixed Mega Pummel doing low damage bug
* Fixed enemy special attacks not working bug
* Fixed several dialogue bugs
* Fixed Nimble affix tooltip bug
* Fixed colossem reward text centering bug
* Fixed minion mob ambushing in arena bug

* Fixed damage mitigation bug

* Different classes gain extra bonuses with certain armor types.
* Barbarian: HEAVY armor grants +5% damage mitigation.
* Paladin: HEAVY armor grants +5% damage mitigation.
* Druid: HEAVY armor grants +5% damage mitigation.
* Assassin: LIGHT armor grants +5% dodge chance.
* Wizard: LIGHT armor grants +5% dodge chance.
* Ranger: LIGHT armor grants +5% dodge chance.
* Added Tiny body type, -1 STR, +1 DEX
* Added Muscular body type: +1 STR, -1 DEX
* Added additional body type graphics

* Druid's summonable now deals 200% ATK, up from 150% ATK
* Druid now scales slightly better with intelligence
* Wizard now scales slightly worse with vitality
* Wizard now starts with slightly increased attack power
* Wizard now gains +2 Intelligence per level
* Tutorial defaults ON with a new save file
* Modified ult tutorial for clarity
* Shock no longer has 100% chance to increment each turn
* Shock has 25% chance to incremement by one each turn
* Enemies will now cure status effects more often
* Modified Light Path from FOCUSED to BLINDING

* Fixed randomized backstory grammar bug
* Fixed various pamphlet bugs
* Fixed Wizard description grammar bug
* Fixed pummel distance bug
* Fixed last act dialogue bug
* Fixed mana thresh overriding feral archon bug
* Fixed game restart bug

* Many bugs have been eliminated!

* Fixed pressing enter in town hub bug
* Fixed various crashing bugs
* Fixed skipping post combat screen bug

* Save file stability has been massively improved
* Stunned enemies can no longer charge or pummel
* Increased ULT damage scaling with combos
* Modified Brauthir race

* Fixed weapon allegiance bug
* Fixed Matron screen text bug
* Fixed blacksmith item redeem bug
* Fixed frozen enemies being able to charge bug
* Fixed stunned enemies being able to charge bug
* Fixed combo count ult scaling bug
* Fixed bloodthrust maxhp cap bug
* Fixed salvaging nothing in blacksmith bug
* Fixed infinite null square bug
* Fixed last Act boss music bug
* Fixed Blue Slime damage bug
* Fixed infinite days bug
* Fixed minor crashing bug
* Fixed blacksmith tutorial bug

* Modified softcore player death text
* Modified Act 4 enemy affixes
* Rebalanced lunatic mode enemy HP scaling
* Player will now get fully healed after arena fights
* Bloodthrust damage is now capped at player's max hp

* Fixed Wizard HP going into negative bug
* Fixed Act 4 dialogue bug
* Fixed minor dialogue typo
* Fixed Machinist boss cutscene bug
* Fixed enemies charging during stun issue

* Added new dialogue lines in Act 4
* Added a new battle music track

* Rebalanced Infernal Guardian
* Rebalanced Lunatic skeletons
* Rebalanced Lunatic Alpha mobs
* Rebalanced Lunatic scaling
* Modified Act 2 enemies
* Modified various dialogues for clarity

* Fixed heal charge purchase bug
* Fixed resilient affix curse bug
* Fixed Lyssa rose quest inferno bug
* Fixed tutorial turning itself on bug
* Fixed mining return screen bug
* Fixed mercenaries walking into closed camp
* Fixed Talent screen point assignment bug
* Fixed Pentinent dialogue bug
* Fixed enemy type not showing up bug
* Fixed handcrafting durability spacer bug
* Fixed grandmaster achievement bug

* Added Steam Trading Card support
* Added detailed stats to the classic death screen

* Modified Infernal Guardian abilities
* Modified character screen for clarity
* Modified Seeker weapon prefix
* Browsing help screen during fights no longer wounds
* Affix reference screen is now dynamic
* Modified permanent bleed display for clarity
* Modified music in help index screen
* Modified initial matchmaking display for clarity
* Increased max number of sellable beer at a time to 10
* Modified Act 4 dialogue with placeholders

* Fixed skeletons being too powerful in Lunatic
* Fixed enemies charging during stun state bug
* Fixed music not playing after certain crafting kit bug
* Fixed X background events not working bug
* Fixed perma-bleed indication not showing bug
* Fixed status text clipping bug
* Fixed minor adlib grammar issue
* Fixed augment screen spacing issue
* Fixed Act 4 walk animation not playing bug

* Added a couple hundred new backstory lines

* Increased walking transition animation
* Modified character select descriptions for clarity
* Modifed dialogue for clarity
* Modified orb moniker
* Modified cave exploration events
* Added Unlock indicators for clarity
* Modified Enchant in handcrafting
* Reduced Ranked Matchmaking exp/gold gain by 33%
* Reduced Bloodthrust damage by 50%
* Decreased skeleton spawn chance in late game

* Fixed colosseum quest town hub bug
* Fixed running from VM display bug
* Fixed VM giving free heals
* Fixed wardrobe unlocking graphic bug
* Fixed matron dialogue grammar bug
* Fixed portal graphic not showing bug
* Fixed wardrobe only dropping from first portal bug
* Fixed certain act 4 enemies not playing music bug

* Added new event walk away variations

* Modified keystone help text for clarity
* Modified weapon imbue page for clarity
* Modified character customization screens
* Modified character portrait selection for Other

* Fixed skipping straight to post-combat screen bug

* Added new game mode: Lunatic
* Added new game mode: Survival
* Added new weapon affix clarity to weapon drops
* Added new shield affix clarity to weapon drops
* Added new armor affix clarity to weapon drops
* Added new charm affix clarity to weapon drops
* Added affix display to character details sheet

* Rebalanced Act 4 boss fight
* Removed doombringer mod from Act 4 boss
* Modified book binding display for clarity
* Modified character display for clarity
* Crafting table now costs 1 Wood Splint (down from 3)
* Noxious trigger rate is now 20% (up from 17%)

* Fixed Act 1 dialogue typo
* Fixed assassin 100% atk boost on dodge bug
* Fixed curse issue with Act 4 boss
* Fixed audio issue with Act 4 boss

* Added Steam Cloud support
* Added many new weapon affixes
* Added default graphic to face selection
* Added new events

* Weapon allegiance now grants +20%, up from +10%
* Rebalanced premium weapons in blacksmith
* Noxious trigger rate is now 17% (down from 25%)
* Modified run chance vs normal enemies
* Modified run chance vs bosses
* Modified face selection buttons

* Fixed list of affix display bugs
* Fixed wall of text pause bug
* Fixed tavern beer increment bug
* Fixed shared stash music bug
* Fixed gift box sfx bug
* Fixed revenant grammar bug

* Modified intro splash screen speed
* Modified Range Mechanic help index for clarity
* Modified Mercenaries help index for clarity

* Modified Brother Thomas dialogue
* Attach Shell in handcrafting now produces heat
* Attach Shell in handcrafting now reduces durability
* Medium hit in handcrafting now decreases durability a bit more
* Baneguard has been renamed to Thornguard

* Fixed Tavern patron display bug
* Fixed Act 4 enemies not displaying graphics bug
* Fixed int overflow bug
* Fixed character stat display bug
* Fixed book binding bug
* Fixed minor boss zone issue
* Fixed matron clone bug

* Unlocked additional races retroactively
* Modified character selection text

* Fixed tutorial forcing itself on bug
* Fixed Vamp prefix not displaying in town hub
* Fixed library book binding bug
* Fixed race select display bug
* Fixed stranger dialogue bug

* Added new levelup music variation

* Riposte will now cleanse all debuffs on player
* Modified Riposte unlock text
* Increased Barrier ability effectiveness at layer 1 by by +10%
* Blinding affix will no longer blind players under level 5
* Swapped Personality and Discipline unlock zones

* Fixed up softcore player death bug
* Fixed Guardian trueshield bug
* Fixed campground uppercase talk bug

* The Matron's base atk is now ~400 (down from ~800)
* Doombringer now has 14% trigger chance (down from 20%)
* Restored the original level up music track
* Reposition moves player further away from enemy
* Reposition is now more consistent at removing lock
* Increased run chance vs bosses by 10%
* Increased guardian attack speed
* Additional races are now unlockable via Classic mode
* Reduced chance of skeleton spawn in Act 4
* Revised tavern-lyssa quest dialogue

* Fixed Marketing Voucher bug
* Fixed cave exploration event bug
* Fixed save corruption bug

* Added THREE new playable races
* Lodunia - These humble guards defend the strongest nobles.
* -10% Chance to move FARTHEST per turn
* -If BLEEDING, gain 20% increased DODGE chance
* -Increase CRIT chance by 10% when CLOSE
* Brauthir - Their penchant for strong beer is quite overt.
* -3% to fully restore HP and MP per turn
* -5% to deal 800% ATK as damage each turn
* -10% to SHOCK and BURN enemy per turn
* Sestarne - Their whispers echo through dimensions unknown.
* -If MP is full, combo increases by ONE per turn
* -If HP < 25%, Gain 50% chance for FULL MP
* -Immune to the CURSED status effect
* Added many more lines of dialogue

* Armor drops now scale better stats-wise
* Modified Redemption Guardian toggle
* Redemption toggle now increase rage meter
* Modified guardian toggle button for more clarity
* Unlocking act 1 gate now only requires three keys
* Modified display when using keys
* Modified status effect help page for clarity
* Modified Lyssa kill event options
* Modified Lyssa warn event options
* Added more graphical variation to arena enemies
* Modified Act 4 enemy scaling
* Modified level up screen atmosphere
* Light armor now reduces trample damage by 10%
* Changed help index to reflect changes
* Reduced Skeleton ATK scaling in late game by 10%
* Modified weapon imbue screen for more clarity
* Modified crafting screen unlock

* Fixed weapon stats retention bug
* Fixed Marselon race tooltip
* Fixed Keystone music changing on flub bug
* Fixed new characters being drunk bug
* Fixed autocombat not summoning guardian bug
* Fixed notes grammar issue
* Fixed Marketing Voucher patron bug
* Fixed text centering issue in river event
* Fixed grammar issue in river event
* Fixed tutorial on override bug
* Fixed imbue gold display bug
* Fixed Krogg grammar bug
* Fixed guardian speech bug

* Hyper Trample now deals 50% less damage
* Normal Trample now deals 30% less damage
* Enemies cannot deal more damage than player's max HP
* Modified weapon drop scaling for more frequent upgrades
* Modified Heal SFX to decrease and vary in pitch
* Reduced skeleton ATK and HP scaling by 33%
* Reduced Act 4 enemy scaling by 33%
* Modified charging display to [[CHARGING]] for better visiblity
* Modified mega-pummel to [[WINDING UP]] for better visibility
* Double brackets will indicate that the charge connects next turn
* Wardrobes now have 25% drop chance, up from 10%
* Wardrobes can be found via Keystone bosses
* Cursed weapons no longer roll high ATK
* Cursed weapons no longer curse player
* Cursed weapons now inflict bleed on player
* Updated help file to reflect changes
* Guardian lasts twice as long in battle
* Changed Dismiss All mercs to Dismiss All Other mercs
* Added additional help in mercenary help page
* Matron now blocks 10% less
* Matron no longer has Mesmerite affix
* Modified Act 3 enemy atmosphere
* Reduced The Matron's ATK by 20%
* Reduced The Matron's HP by 17%
* Matron now has LOCK-ON boss ability
* Binding books now rolls from 1-3
* Reading and binding books now passes the time

* Fixed preparing to charge color bleed bug
* Fixed hyper trample display bug
* Fixed negative gold bug
* Fixed monster graphic spacing issue
* Fixed minor grammar issues with npc dialogue
* Fixed reaper tooltip text
* Fixed grammar issue in combat text

* Modified campground upgrade clarity
* Modified character stats display for readability
* Modified tavern display for readability
* Modified monster color display
* Reduced The Doctor's ATK by 10%
* Reduced EXP gain from reading by 50%
* Modified heal purchase display for clarity
* Hyper Trample now deals 25% less damage
* Heavy armor now reduces trample damage by 66% (up from 50%)
* Medium armor now reduces trample damage by 50% (up from 33%)
* Updated help file to reflect these changes
* Modified grammar in randomized backstory

* Fixed several market tooltip bugs
* Fixed guardian tutorial bug
* Fixed guardian meter spacing bug
* Fixed mantra spacing bug
* Fixed keeper grammar issue

* Replaced guardian display in combat
* Vassian race heals if HP is < 50%, as opposed to > 50% HP
* Modified augment selection screen
* Modified character creation screens
* Purchasing heal charges now plays SFX
* Error SFX should play when keying incorrectly
* SFX should play when losing HP via event
* Modified splash screen

* Keystone "A" bug
* Weapon Help grammar issue
* Fixed character creation music bug
* Fixed reading books exp bug
* Fixed intro cinematic display bug
* Fixed heal display

* Fixed portal guardian freeze bug
* Fixed guardian grammar bug
* Fixed image spacing issue with bosses
* Fixed pamphlet color bug
* Fixed pamphlet display bug
* Fixed mercenary spotted display
* Fixed minor cinematic text issue
* Fixed 1-500 gold bug
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
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