Author Topic: Adjust thy eyes: Egoboo 2.7.4 stable is released upon the world  (Read 4466 times)


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This has been an insanely long time coming.  This would be like a v2.0 of SoulFu popping up someday.

Version 2.7.4 (19.07.2009)
- New Feature: New menu section for Game Options where you can change the game difficulty.
- New Feature: New town module! Visit Sandweg city in the deserts and taste the juicy Kabobs!
- New Feature: Another new music track for Sandweg by Edward Blakely!
- New Feautre: 4 new divine spell runes.
- New Feature: Added a new secret class into the game - The Tourist Starter!
- New Feature: The first Hero class has been added - The Archmage! The Hero class system
allows characters to evolve into a new specialized class after beating a quest.
- Update: Improved model for the Katana weapon.
- Update: Spell Books are priced individually now. Rarer and better spell books are more
expensive than common and low-level books.
- Update: Finally a new updated Game Manual.
- Update: Added new Medkit item to the Archaeologist Starter.
- Update: Rust Eaters now deal extra damage to characters wearing metal armor.
- Update: A new NPC added to Bishopia.
- Update: Confusion effects no longer stack, instead now only the longer effect is applied.
- Update: Life and Mana potions can now be Enchanted into super potions.
- Update: Poison bottles can now be thrown with the Poison Use skill.
- Update: New sound effect for speed potions.
- Update: Truesight now allows characters to read scriptures and even use scrolls.
- Update: Minotores now have grab, drop and parry animations.
- Update: Various new and improved title images.
- Update: Added some more extensive debugging and graphics initialization routines.
- Update: Major updates to the lightning engine.
- Update: Rings now sparkle so that they are more visible.
- Update: Improved Linux and Macintosh compatability.
- Update: Some various rebalancing.
- Update: Improved the Hell Rover AI and added some new animations.
- Bugfix: Scrolls, books and torches now properly ignite in contact with fire.
- Bugfix: Fixed endless particle spawning bug in Catacombs 1.
- Bugfix: Fixed backstabs not being properly triggered.
- Bugfix: Fixed numerous bugs in the K'nife's Heist sidequest module.
- Bugfix: You can no longer put random items in a detection passage to keep doors open.
- Bugfix: Fixed regeneration spell giving mana when sustained instead of costing.
- Bugfix: Changed the bounding box for various objects so that is matches it's size.
- Bugfix: Fixed Bargel still using old version of Burning Hands spell
- Bugfix: Fixed some bugs in the Book of Rot spell.
- Bugfix: Added a fix to ensure that shop items are never Kursed.
- Bugfix: Particle reflections work properly again.
- Bugfix: Jungle warriors are now properly afraid of water.
- Bugfix: Invisible chests in the Shadow Palace should no longer be visible.
- Bugfix: Fixed bug that halved the mana cost for deflecting projectiles.
- Bugfix: Switches can no longer be killed.
- Bugfix: Egoboo should no longer crash in 24-bit color mode.
- Bugfix: Fixed some minor particle rendering bugs.
- Bugfix: Significant tweaks to improve the physics engine.
- Bugfix: Land Mines should work properly again.
- Bugfix: Fixed numerous bugs in the final boss fight.
- Bugfix: Ghouls should no longer return from the dead when already alive.
- Bugfix: Fixed impassable passage in Catacombs 1.
- Bugfix: Fixed a serious bug that caused the quest system to fail.
- Bugfix: Fixed bug that made the Global Object Repository to fail on Windows.
- Bugfix: Minor graphics fixes.
- Bugfix: Fixed the Unlock spell having unlimited range.
- Bugfix: Mosquitoes should now properly increase size when filled with blood.
- Bugfix: Intelligence and wisdom bonus effect to spells should now work properly again.
- Bugfix: The Giant Scorpion boss music should now play properly.
- Bugfix: Mephits stop flying when killed now.
- Bugfix: Fixed experience bonus from high intelligence and wisdom not working.
- Bugfix: Beneficial spells can now properly target allies.
- Bugfix: Enchantments that give Kurse Seeing should properly work now.
- Bugfix: Looped sounds should now work again.
- Bugfix: Fixed some buggy spawning points.
- Note: The Worldmap module was removed until it is in a more finished state. "

The "real" changlog is freaking massive in terms of the mini-devs up to this stable point....I'll just link it.

90MB file dl....what crazy times we live in.   8)
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Re: Adjust thy eyes: Egoboo 2.7.4 stable is released upon the world
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2009, 10:49:47 AM »
Aaah, Egoboo! I've tried to get into it at least half a dozen times, but have never managed. It basically seems I get thrown into some dungeon that I never manage to complete and just go around killing monsters, without really levelling up or skills or anything of the like.

Is there anything I've been missing?
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Re: Adjust thy eyes: Egoboo 2.7.4 stable is released upon the world
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2009, 11:57:25 AM »
I THINK, emphasis on the word THINK, that is supposed to be a starting challenge mini-dungeon of some sort that varies depending upon starting---perhaps with one or more puzzles to it.   Best bet would be to check around their forums, possibly even post, and see how it might be relayed to you proper to make more sense out of it.

This is definitely one that I'm going to want to try out myself, at long last, now that it has made it to a stable yet active point in the hopeful near future.

There's also still a person or so trying to get the spark back in SoulFu but having no luck in cobbling together something resembling even a partial team.   Far too soon for me to extend any olive branches, so if other folk on here feel gutsy...
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Re: Adjust thy eyes: Egoboo 2.7.4 stable is released upon the world
« Reply #3 on: July 28, 2009, 12:53:25 AM »
Whoah, I remember this from a million years ago.

I'm guessing there's still no actual way to complete the game though?