Author Topic: UnReal World: Stuff happening!  (Read 4314 times)


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UnReal World: Stuff happening!
« on: July 25, 2009, 08:05:12 PM »   Been quite awhile since anything on this longstanding game, but apparently a bit over a month back it gained some juicy update bits that are in the works.  Check the site for the actual color coding since, well,....

"The biggest and the most time-consuming changes in the version in development are about the maps of the game. There's a whole new random world generator and also zoomed-in map generation is going to be pretty much overhauled. Some other interesting new features have been also mentioned in the list below, but the minor changes and squashed bugs will stay unlisted.
...and here we go:

* A new random world generator.
- the world is six times bigger than previously having a bunch of whole new terrain types
- all the cultures can be found on the very same map
- the land of the Njerpez is also there!
(...and this is only a scratch of this HUGE addition put in brief)

* A working character migration from the previous version also bringing your homestead on the new map.

* Zoomed-in map generation overhaul.
- there will be more diversity, more detail and more beautiful graphic presentation

* A working terrain height curves on zoomed-in maps resulting in crags, cliffs and hills of different height etc. giving a new graphical and tactical approach to zoomed-in traveling, hunting and combat.

* NPC combat AI and maneuvers improved including archery for NPCs

* People do pay more attention to your behaviour at their territory; making fires and setting traps all around the village won't be overlooked no more.

* Tracks on zoomed-in maps.
- animals do leave tracks on zoomed-in maps also for you to spot and follow
- this may sound like a simple addition but just wait for the effect to wake up in the morning to find some bear tracks circling around your animal pen"
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