Author Topic: Cosmic Commando v0.3 (LttARRP)  (Read 3398 times)


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Cosmic Commando v0.3 (LttARRP)
« on: September 24, 2013, 01:32:09 PM »
Cosmic Commando, a space opera roguelike featuring a simple but not too shallow tactical positioning gameplay and unorthodox game structure, has arrived to the Annual Roguelike Release Party a bit late, but hey, I've gotten encouraged to release, so mission accomplished! ;)

Don't get discouraged by low version number, this is more like a beta for a game with half the scope I aim for eventually.

This release's major features:
  • Optional hybrid real-time/turn mode - with a time limit for each move (like in Tetris)*. Increases difficulty and gives the roguelike a nice action feel. The player's accomplishments in this mode are scored twice as high as they would in the base game.
  • A new level (mission), in which the Cosmic Commando eschews combat to chase a fast moving pirate through an asteroid field in zero gravity. The player controls the character's acceleration and must grab their quarry without smashing into an asteroid at high speed.
  • Primed grenades will unprime if not thrown in three turns to prevent pre-priming after a fight.**
  • Annoying lag between moves eliminated in the turn-based mode.
  • vi keys support added.
  • A bunch of bugfixes and interface improvements (mainly in the targeting subsystem).

See screenshots

Download link below:

*sadly, I didn't get around to implementing excellent suggestions I've received on this during IRDC
**though I already suspect the error of my ways, in which my half-hearted attempt at a fix exacerbates the issue instead of actually fixing it, so next version will more faithfully follow Jeff Lait's advice on the issue given during IRDC - the grenades gonna explode in Cosmic Commando's hands if not thrown.


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Re: Cosmic Commando v0.3 (LttARRP)
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2013, 09:32:54 PM »
Welcome as a fashionably late arrival---some nice screens and good feature gains with the prospect of even more yet ahead.   8)
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