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Project gnh20 (now done!)
« on: November 14, 2012, 01:19:17 PM »

Hello, kind gentlemen! First of all, please forgive me for my bad English.

In 11 of March I started a game project. The game is planned as something near to 2d Minecraft, and sometimes near to a roguelike.


Realized game features:

1. A large and mysterious world that lives not around the main character, but by itself. And the hero must investigate, explore the world, to understand his life and to survive in it.

Each game step calculated entire whole world map, not just an area around the hero.

The whole world lives regardless of the protagonist. Trees grow and dies, floods, breeding and dying animals, in the depths of the earth erupt volcanoes, earthquakes shifting layers of earth, pressure and temperature are produced minerals, underground creatures built the treasury, and mined ores.

All of this is already in the game, but should be even greater.

2. The gameplay is basically "the search and survive". The player goes through the caves and searching, searching. And sometimes it runs on who found it.

Crafting and blocks set are present in game, but these features is not the main gameplay features.

The dev log is long and packed with more clarifications, there's quests afoot, etc----tested to work under WINE.   Looks like quite an effort indeed!   8)
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