Author Topic: T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta41 aka "Flash of the Blade" unleashed  (Read 2590 times)


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"As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta40 ! See
Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !"

Release highlights:

    Important bugfixes
    Many balancing changes
    Many talents & classes updates to make them more fun
    New "events" system, sometimes .. things happen
    Rares are less deadly at lower level
    New "rare" item kind, droped by rare NPCs
    Updated SDL for, hopefully, a better support of windows7

Expanded changelist:

    Blood Vengeance has a sustain cost
    Right-click on beneficial buffs allows you to remove them (like removing a weak regen to cat a better one)
    Object tier is written in objects tooltips
    Added new projectile param "friendlyblock", if set to false it will travel through friendlies
    Party reward selection dialog can not be closed without choosing
    Randelites only start to appear after completing the first zone
    Random bosses/elites that can multiply/split will only spawn normal version of themselves, not bosses/elites
    Can not get random elites bosses
    Random elites rodents (mouses, rabits, ..) that get Warshout will now instead do Warsqueak. Yes. Just because.
    Clear Mind torque will not remove brainlocks
    Fixed teluvorta bug on load
    Teluvortas now only swap 50% of the time
    Teluvorta swap now has a saving throw
    Fixed riposte not giving crit bonus
    You can tell the Eidolon you just wish to die now
    Random elites of low level ( <20 ) will now have a damage penalty based on their level. Starting at -40% at level 1
    Fix realtime mode
    New horror creatures, just because you all love horrors!
    Random elites do not appear in Easy mode
    De-activating Willful Tormenter will also disable other sustains until the max vim is > 0
    Keyboard movement updates tooltip in shops
    Rend, Acid Strike and Dark Surprise correctly refund vim when dealing a deathblow
    Goodbye Fake Skullcleaver!
    New artifacts
    Accuracy is based on willpower for mindstars
    Fixed offhand penalty for mindstars
    Switching to and from ambushes should be quite faster
    Updated SDL, should work better on windows7
    The Overpowered Wyrms on vor armoury can breath water
    Right click map menu can not go over the bottom of the screen
    AutoID is back in tutorial
    Psionic Grip/Bind is now a pin effect as the description suggests
    Temporal Reprieve has correct requirements
    Robe of Spydre buffed
    Slight nerf to Mind Sear damage
    Fix Hat of Arcane Understanding
    New object class: "rares" that work by additing random powers to a base item (not egos)
    Rare monsters now drop a "rare" item
    Fixed talent level restriction for rares (it was not working at all sorry for those fearscaping levle 2 trolls)
    Talent level checks for rares is doubled, that is to be able to use a talent requiring level 12 a rare would have to be level 23 (because of rounding)
    Duck and Dodge now is an Evasion effect triggered when the halfling takes damage
    Militant Mind now starts off capping at 5 foes and grants saves too
    Indomitable now clears existing stuns, dazes, and pins as well as prodiving free action
    Fix mindstar in telekinetic grasp
    Fix naming the lost merchant artifact when using #
    Updated fonts to use google's 'Droid' series
    Fixed random escorts spawning on daikara 3 and messing up the paradox mage unlock
    Fixed epoch spawning the player on daikara 4
    Fixed wormhole targeting at level 4+
    Fixed non-functioning bow and sling egos
    Fixed Storm Fury
    Weapon Mastery, Knives Mastery, Exotic Mastery and Combat Accuracy now have only 5 levels instead of 10 (scale end benefi, just spread over less points). So melee classes will have more generic points for "other" toys
    Unarmed Mastery reduced to 5 levels too
    Bow & Sling Masery also reduced to 5
    Loadscreen now have little tips/lore pieces displayed at random
    Renamed Linaniil's sister
    Walking on a level changer popups a flyer to notify you
    Escorts will flee foes instead of attacking them
    Eternal Bone Giants will not ressurect 5 times
    Necrotic Aura updates when learning Aura Mastery
    Fearscape now has a negative vim cost per turn
    Knife Mastery renamed Dagger Mastery
    Anorithil escorts do not provide Providence but Healing Light (you can still learn the tree if you need providence)
    Alchemist escorts do not provide Imbue Item (you can still learn the tree if you need imbue item)
    Nerf a bit Gwai's Burninator
    Improved Higher talents:
    Overseer of Nations now also increases lite, infravision and heightened senses radius
    Born into Magic gives a higher benefit to spell resist and also +arcane% damage
    Higher's Bloom now lets your use any active talents without cost for a few turns
    Death Blow only uses half stamina and cooldown/cost are greatly reduced
    Blood Frenzy cost reduced and is instant use
    Juggernaut is now instant use and grants more damage reduction
    Onslaught costs less and has a lower cooldown, also uses much less stamina per turn
    True Grit also raises your all damage resists cap
    Undending Frenzy bonus increased
    Heave cost reduced
    Reduced cost of Cripple and Evasion
    Shield blocks now trigger a on_block(self, src, type, dam, eff) call on the shield if it exists
    +def gems now give +2-10 to all saves as well
    Citrines give +2 infravision in addition to their +1 lite radius
    Turquoises gives +10 see through stealth in addition to their +10 see invisible
    +damage gems now give +1-5% crit rate (phys, spell, and mind) as well
    on_resurrect event
    Undead Explosion now works on max life
    Sacrifice now provides a very special shield
    Improved higher undead chances on Minions Mastery
    Thunderstorm mana drain is now on hit, the hit is now a radius one ball and the sustain cost decreased a bit
    Defensive Posture penalty removed, mana cost reduced and also increases Armour
    Blunt Thrust now stuns instead of daze. At level 5 it always hits
    Nerfed a bit Eden's Guile speed boost at high Cunning
    The Teluvorta Swap effect now checks for line of effect, preventing the player from getting stuck in walls and making the encounter a bit more controllable
    Gnaw reworked to a special disease that can make a ghoul pop.
    Invoke Tentacle should work anywhere
    Fearscape will not trigger if the creaure casting it dies in the same turn it casts it
    All creatures that use arcane powers will now never spawn with antimagic equipment
    The automatic zone/level save on zone/level change will also trigger a main game save, so crashes can not "destroy" zones
    New demon unique and his nasty axe
    New feature: 'events'. Sometimes, in certain zones, there will be a special event, this can be anything from an old graveyard to a falling meteor
    Fix psi/equilibrium on crit
    Mindslayer talents now use mindcrit
    Physical Power is only increased by the mastery applying to the current weapon
    Quests grant/update are displayed much more evidently
    Duplicate entities protection
    Fixed a duplicate actor bug on talent change
    New levelup screen. Much faster, lighter, smaller and with less wall of texts!
    Grand Corruptor & friends will become invulnerable for only a few turn at the end of the fall of zigur quest
    Detect and remove player clones automatically
    Some Afflicted fixes
    New bows, slings and ammo egos
    New more "complex" traps to replace, in most places, elemental ones
    Life rating is shown on birth screen
    Rebalance gloves for non brawlers
    Rares under level 10 have their talent cooldowns x3, under 20 x2
    Catalepsy can not crit, because it works of dieases which can crit, so it wont double crit
    Stun will not put instant talents on cooldown, such as wild infusions
    Nerfed Overkill damage a bit
    Fix Fearscape when having an escort
    Overkill does not double-dip on +blight damage
    Detrimental status effect are not on the same line as beneficial ones in the HUD
    Gestures correctly will not work with two handed weapons
    Arcane Blades start with Aegis, Conveyance and Dirty Fighting unlocked
    Arcane Blades now use Cunning instead of Dexterity
    Arcane Blades now can unlock Battle Tactics and Superiority
    Arcane Blades, Arcane Combat now triggers less when dual wielding
    Arcane Blades Frost Hands changed to Shock Hands
    Arcane Blades Fire Hands now also regens stamina on hit
    Arcane Blades Shock Hands now also regens mana on hit
    Arcane Blades Arcane Destruction buffer, also upon a melee crit a random radius 2 ball will trigger
    Arcane Feed also increases physical and spell critical chance
    Thorn Grab now does not take a turn to use
    Merchant artifact reward will not give arcane items to antimagic users
    Killing a slaver will free its thralls in the slavers compound
    New achievement for saving many thralls
    Running over a trap stop running
    Using vim based talents will increase equilibrium a lot if the creature has any (nature hates corruptions!)
    Acid, Lightning, Cold Infusion now also benefit from +%damage gems
    Shockwave Bomb is not increased by Fire Infusion
    Items in the transmo chest will appear with a greenish background in the inventory
    Counterstrike also works to increase archery damage

Have fun!

Lots of good stuff, some pretty significant game changers.
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