Author Topic: Into the Dungeon++ v.0.7 Beta 24.02.2012.  (Read 3686 times)


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Into the Dungeon++ v.0.7 Beta 24.02.2012.
« on: February 24, 2012, 11:47:45 AM »
Hello everyone! It was a while since the last time I showed up here but I'm alive and still trying to get the game to a state I'd consider finished.

Without further ado I present you the new version of Into the Dungeon++! This time I even have a website where I will post updates so feel free to comment on things.

Name: Into The Dungeon++
Synopsis:  Fantasy, graphical roguelike with original sound and music
Version number:  0.7 Beta
Release Date:  Feb 24, 2012

Linky link


This is my 1st game project that I do in my free time. Written in C++ and uses SDL API, Into the Dungeon++ is my take at a coffeebreak roguelike intended to introduce people to roguelike genre with atmospheric pixel art, music and sound. Pixel art is done by Psiweapon and music & sounds by Foox.
Dungeons and items are procedurally generated while monsters and spells have fixed looks and stats. Every 5th level a player encounters a Boss with specialized AI and Spells. Instead of food there is a corruption mechanic represented by the candle. It allows the player to see the loot through the fog of war but prevents staying too long on a level. It will feature a choice driven storyline and multiple endings.


#Bugfixes & Tweaks
- Items no longer spawn on statues (being unable to pick up)
- Dead Enemies are rendered below everything (so not to obstruct items)
- No longer able to use scroll of ID on identified item
- Character Sheet is now properly rendered (minor graphical glitch)
- Other minor bugfixes

- New Menu! Still Work in Progress but looks heck of a lot better
   than the old one. Courtesy of Psiweapon.
- Exe and Tray bar Icons added!
- Added the basic particle effects (e.g. on torches)
- Tweaked certain text pop-ups (like Level Up, damage display)
- Added the death animation and corpse for the boss

- Mouse support in menu! Left click selects, Right goes back
- Tutorial tips added to the game (they turn off after some play time)

- Traps added!
- Dead Skeletons now may give free tips if you press Enter on them
- Items and Monsters now have special properties (e.g. LifeStealing)
- Item generation tweaks (e.g. greater chance of being unidentified)

This time don't restrict your criticism on the game only but feel free to criticise the website also!
Oh and if you want to support Psiweapon, Foox and me there is a donate button. (although I think it doesn't work because my account isn't verified yet... and probably because I'm in Croatia)
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Current project: Into the Dungeon++


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Re: Into the Dungeon++ v.0.7 Beta 24.02.2012.
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2012, 12:31:12 PM »
Fantastic to see this arrive at last---I see an ever-brighter future ahead for this one!   8)

Congrats to all on the hard work behind the scenes, keep at it.
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Re: Into the Dungeon++ v.0.7 Beta 24.02.2012.
« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2012, 06:22:31 PM »
WHOA... nasty traps :-X
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