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3079 (Now at v2.18.2)
« on: October 26, 2011, 09:47:45 PM »

Think of 3079 as an independent, original and unique combination of Minecraft and Fallout 3 (both great games I recommend!).* 3079 is a sequel to my older games, 3059 and 3069.

3079 runs on the Java platform. Windows, Mac OSX and Linux are all supported by a single installer. Any machine purchased in the last 5 years (with 3D graphics acceleration) should play 3079 smoothly. Multi-core processor highly recommended.

The latest version available is 1.6.9 BETA.


3079 uses a modern, awesome 3D engine called jMonkeyEngine -- proving fast, fully featured 3D games are possible with Java.
* Practically endless, open-world exploration
* Futuristic weapons and items procedurally generated for endless character equipment
* Smart artificial intelligence -- enemies and allies will dodge, follow, inspect sounds etc.
* Difficulty that increases as you explore further (don't worry, items get better too!)
* Complete storyline that has a start, middle and end
* Procedurally generated quests for rewards and story advancement
* Skill system for things like engineering, charisma and camouflage
* Body-part specific damage calculation: Head Shot!
* Soft ray-traced lighting (makes for nice shadows to hide in)
* Different biomes (grassland, mountains, snow, desert, sea etc.)
* A very fast, efficient multithreaded engine for smooth, high FPS gameplay almost completely free of "lag"
* Oh, and a touch of mining and building blocks :)

* Fixed problems with the demo not saving graphics settings
* Screen pain overlay and detection meters are properly cleared between games

v1.6.8.1 BETA (DEMO only)
* Increased the demo time by 30%

v1.6.8 BETA
* Cleaned up the installers so the full version would correctly overwrite demo versions

v1.6.6 BETA
* First public release

Full version as it happens is up for $8.99 USD via BMTMicro direct while the Beta period is on---all future updates included.   Quite nice to see the dev back in action on desktops and such again after the rather complex, far less known than they should be entities that are 3059, 3069, and unusual Gentrieve.

Latest Trailer:
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Re: 3079 beta begins/orders available
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2011, 01:44:17 AM »
Some nice gains of late:

* Sloped surfaces! 3079 is now less blocky :-)
* Added 'Game Help' to the main menu
* Tweaked weapons a bit (rifle uses less energy, sniper rifle shoots slightly slower etc.)
* Improved "chunk" saving format to something faster and more reliable (old saved games will automatically be converted)
* Tweaked garbage collection to further reduce lag (which is already very low)
* Changed the main menu's look

* Really fixed the "blue screen" bug -- it should be gone for good!
* Fixed the heights of snow-capped mountains
* Improved performance a bit on generating new terrain (in preparation for sloped surfaces)
* Players will no longer start over an ocean

* Fixed the "blue screen" bug -- saved games affected by this should now work
* Improved internal handling of memory allocation
* NEW BUG: Snow-capped mountains are all the same height (preparing for sloped surfaces, will be fixed...)

* Improved handling of models
* Significantly increased the time of the demo
* Made it clear what triggers the demo to stop when it stops
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Re: 3079 beta begins/orders available
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2011, 10:33:30 AM »
Watched the video.. this one looks very promising, I hope it will keep the roguelikeness of 3069 and 3059.
What I enjoy the most in roguelikes: Anti-Farming and Mac Givering my way out. Kind of what I also enjoy in life.


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Re: 3079 beta begins/orders available
« Reply #3 on: November 03, 2011, 10:08:21 PM »
The rapid pace of 3069 seems to indeed live on and live strong!   8)

* Destructible terrain! All soft terrain (snow, leaves, dirt, grass etc.) can now be blown up
* New textures sprinkled about (flowers, cracks in walls, knots in trees etc.)
* Fixed a bug with some sloped terrain not being aligned correctly
* Added more space for fonts on the main menu
* Fixed a bug that caused damage when getting "hung up" on edges of terrain
* Interior walls and floors will no longer use the same texture in a building
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Re: 3079 beta begins/orders available
« Reply #4 on: December 15, 2011, 01:32:53 AM »
phr00t has been...busy, on 3079.  The latest v2pre9 release is just about the biggest yet, so behold this last chunk of goodness and perhaps consider a pre-order to save a few dollars.

* New special effects: anti-aliasing, damage & underwater blurring
* Capital ships: rare, huge ships that destroy everything!
* Poison biomes: don't walk in these areas without protection!
* Overhauled the way characters find targets and engage: much smarter!
* Effect Transfer Units now should work reliably in multiplayer
* Silenced weapons now work and sound as expected
* Fixed bugs with health and statistics being synchronized in multiplayer
* Fixed a crash with sunlight changes
* Fixed another crash when receiving data before the game was fully loaded
* Improved the cloud texture to look seamless
* Made underwater detection more accurate
* Renamed "poison" items to "decay" to remove confusion with the new biome
* Improved the "cone of sight" for characters
* Item drops on killing is now limited to 1 or 2 items, 4 for capital ship kills
* Dismembering characters will now work in multiplayer
* Made kills more likely to cause dismemberment
* Slightly extended the day/night length, and as a result, the demo
* The /goto command now requires full health & costs 50% health on use
* Assault Rifles now do a bit more damage
* More changes to internal code to improve performance

* Multiplayer should be "fully functional" -- no known bugs
* The final battle with the Demon King now works in multiplayer
* Grappling hook is now functional in multiplayer games
* Fixed a crash when receiving updates before the game fully loaded
* Fixed the objectives info key to properly detect if you have a Demon Smiter
* Flying characters will now lower their arm correctly after attacking
* Improved performance in object processing (should help with large servers)
* Servers will no longer draw characters very far away (near other players)
* Your faction will no longer change when attacking/killing other players
* You can no longer steal from other players
* You can no longer send useless "follow" requests to other players
* Increases in base statistics are now properly synchronized in multiplayer
* Slightly increased # of leaders in buildings
* Fixed a crash when loading a game for a multiplayer that had no single-player component
* Fixed a collision bug that caused players to get locked together in multiplayer
* Tweaked Demon King respawning code to happen quicker & closer to the ground
* Other minor adjustments to improve network bandwidth usage & performance

* Added fancy new horizon graphics
* Extended the demo: you can now travel much farther
* Multiplayer models are now unique, determined by your name
* Updated the main menu's screenshot
* Fixed the blinking "You are dead" message in multiplayer
* Fixed damage inconsistencies in multiplayer
* Fixed players spawning in the same location after dieing at start in multiplayer
* Fixed a few server crashes, improving stability
* Fixed a bug that caused some characters to not be updated remotely

* Multiplayer is functional (but not complete) with Twitter integration, start playing and report bugs!
* Added an 'Objectives' option to explain steps to progress the main storyline
* Added a console used for multiplayer chatting, server and location management
* Fixed projectile collision detection accuracy
* Fixed a bug with HUD messages piling up
* Other minor fixes

* Fixed the nasty projectile damage bug in v2.0-PRE5
* Improvements to multiplayer bandwidth use
* Shortened the version number :)

v2.0-PRE5 (BUGGED!)
* Character models will now be more proportionate
* Closing the game window via the "X" will now properly bring you back to the main menu
* Added more detail to character face textures
* Improved memory usage
* Mutliplayer is almost fully functional: still needs name tags, chat and bandwidth improvements

* Fixed crashes on Windows machines when quitting game (other crashes may be fixed too)
* Further multiplayer improvements: damage/models synchronization & reliability improvements
* Multiplayer to-do: clean up item duplication bugs, held item synchronization, name tags, chat etc.

* Collision detection between player and other characters added
* More multiplayer functionality: characters are shared within server player's area (still a "work in progress")
* Fixed the bug with terrain data geometry not being removed in multiplayer games
* Anti-gravity packs no longer "lift" the player when activated in air
* Slightly extended day and night time
* Added more help to the main menu (make sure you read it!)
* Internal efficiency improvements

* Added an 'Invert Mouse' option ('END' key)
* You no longer can toggle antigrav packs while using a sniper scope

* Multiplayer preview #1! Terrain data is shared; more to come...
* Tweaked "look" of 3079 to make world seem more alien
* Fixed the "stuck in sniper scope" bug (let me know if you may still have this problem)
* Updated the main menu

* Added an in-game option to adjust mouse sensitivity (using page up/down keys)
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Re: 3079 beta begins/orders available
« Reply #5 on: December 26, 2011, 02:43:24 AM »
v2pre10 now out and about
* Multiplayer networking improvements: should be smoother with slow clients
* Added game exit confirmation
* Item information pops up quicker
* Weight information is now displayed
* Generators and batteries have an activation count limit of 4
* Items can only be customized / engineered once
* Tweaked which items can be customized
* Faction-specific forts are now implemented
* Added a /history command to view past messages
* Added a quest to destroy capital ships
* Added a quest to infiltrate an enemy fort and install a trojan
* Fixed doors closing on people
* Added "health" consoles in buildings that recharge health & energy
* Slightly reduced overall health regeneration
* Slightly reduced the amount of flying characters
* Tweaked building floorplans to be more "sneaky" friendly
* Added messages when a player kills another player in multiplayer

v2p9.1 (full version only)
* Fixed the Demon Smiter (Demon Smiters collected in v2pre9 were broken, sorry!)
* Capital ships will no longer "walk" if they touch ground
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Re: 3079 beta begins/orders available
« Reply #6 on: January 22, 2012, 04:17:14 PM »
On it goes, at one point thus far it became the best selling game on Desura!   8)

* Multiplayer has been completely redone & should be much better
* Z shortcut for antigrav device fixed
* Demon pull has been reduced to 90% of your movement speed
* Extended the allowed name to 9 characters
* Multiplayer client should no longer get hung up waiting on incoming chunks when trying to quit
* "Life support brownout" now reads "Insufficient energy to fire!"
* Will now try to detect whether your machine can support my anti-aliasing shader
* Fall damage will no longer be calculated on the server
* Grenades are now less bouncy
* Added a "/help" note on the console
* Added more help to the "Game Guide" on the main menu
* Added an "Easy Mode" to the game, set when starting a new game
* Added an option to change the "Field of View" when configuring graphics
* Multiplayer server tweets now show version number
* Fixed a memory leak in collision detection
* Made chat text a bit brighter
* Added some help about getting the right IP address when sharing multiplayer info
* Fixed a crash that would happen with certain graphics hardware
* Fixed a crash with multiplayer grappling hook use (may still have some minor bugs...)
* Fixed a crash when a merchant dies while trading with them in multiplayer

* Added more backwards compatibility with older graphics hardware

* Using an updated version of jMoneyEngine that should improve reliability

* New textures by Deon (from Bay12 forums) -- thanks!
* Fixed: poison status carried over into other new games
* Fixed: you could steal character's effects
* Fixed: you could activate multiple antigrav devices
* Fixed: quest targets sometimes didn't spawn correctly
* Fixed: characters sometimes spawned with higher than normal levels
* Fixed: items couldn't be picked up in downward elevators
* Fixed: multiplayer lag (hopefully!)
* Fixed: leaders would always be waiting for details on a quest in multiplayer
* Fixed: players using camo in multiplayer should now always be correctly synced
* Fixed: a rare crash when saving game
* Fixed: conventional anti-aliasing will always be disabled to prevent crashes
* Fixed: biome edges are now smooth
* Made grappling hook/antigrav device use weight to determine if it can be used
* Game is now saved periodically to prevent loss during unexpected exit of game
* Updated crash window to say "Try turning off Advanced Graphics before contacting me"
* Extended the day/night cycle a bit
* Reduced the number of demons at night at the start of the game
* Reduced the number of capital ships being spawned
* Reduced the number of flying characters in general
* Assault rifle now has a "burst fire" behavior
* Stamina increases are now easier to get
* Strength points now support more weight (causing less increases in Strength by being overburdened)
* Characters will now hold items properly, and they will be sized correctly
* Made elevators wider & easier to use
* Cancelling the graphics setting window will bring you back to the Main Menu
* Added a "Poisoned!" warning message when poisoned by terrain
* Other small tweaks to improve performance
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Re: 3079 beta begins/orders available
« Reply #7 on: February 03, 2012, 10:33:30 PM »
Yet more gains, including being available on Gamersgate!   8)

* More fortress building blocks implemented: storage, traps and "home" blocks
* Fixed animations to be much smoother and natural
* Fixed Demo length bugs that caused the demo to end much sooner than it should in some situations
* Fixed a bug that allowed quests to succeed when killing non-quest targets
* "Getting stuck in other characters" bug should be fixed
* Distant sounds should be more quiet
* Lighting improvements: more accurate, faster & less resource intensive
* Added a limit to using recharging stations
* Improved placement accuracy in building / construction
* Changing construction modes no longer spams message area
* Updated jMonkeyEngine which should improve reliability & performance

* Characters now have more polygons, giving them a less blocky look
* Fortress building preview: you can now build things with a construction tool; not finished yet!
* Multiplayer servers will now detect a public IP address to share
* Added a placement indicator for building blocks and the construction tool
* A red "X" will place itself over your crosshair when energy is too low to fire
* Finally fixed the level bug; you should no longer see excessively high level characters for their area
* New games will no longer start in mountain areas that can be difficult to traverse
* Increased performance by reducing the rate at which characters scan for new nearby characters

* Fixed a grappling hook crash with some saved games
* Items can now be swapped in your inventory
* Added a /compass console command to get your heading
* Updated the /location console command to reveal current area's level
* Increased the maximum mouse sensitivity setting
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Re: 3079 beta begins/orders available
« Reply #8 on: February 19, 2012, 02:43:32 AM »
Gains in the A/V sphere and otherwise, appears some helpful folks are coming outta the woodworks.

* Many multiplayer fixes: disconnects & chunk loading problems should be all fixed!
* Fixed the "Multiplayer Servers" link on my homepage -- much easier to find servers!
* All new character textures: new Neanders, Humoids, Ships & Demons! Thanks to Urcheon from Desura
* Improved AI: characters will now follow and jump more intelligently
* Performance improvements
* Fixed a bug that allowed you to stack items on top of each other in storage
* Character heads now pivot correctly at the neck when looking up or down
* Humoids now always have 2 legs, Neanders have 4
* Added more help and tips at the start of the game, especially for first-time players
* Maximum grappling hook and antigrav device support is now shown in inventory
* Characters should no longer spawn on top of each other
* "Action" key now closes the storage screen in addition to opening it
* Fixed a crash when a remote player uses a grappling hook on a demon in multiplayer
* Added an option to the dedicated server to specify the directory to save chunk data
* Dedicated server now can run without any graphical interface correctly

* Music! Different music for questing, wandering and fighting with smooth transitions
* Projectile/bullet trails: smoke trails for rockets & grenades, energy trails for others
* Dedicated server run via command line with java: java -jar 3079.exe --server [name] [population count]
* Limb damage effects: high-damage shots in the legs slow target, arms cause bad accuracy
* Items now show their individual weights in inventory
* Fixed bugs that caused weight inconsistencies
* Fixed a bug that caused weight to not be updated when buying / taking something from storage
* Reduced overall resale value of items
* Removed "resale" penalty from gems, making them worth more
* New fist graphics
* Limited the rate at which you can get free items at the end of the game
* Characters now will have a maximum leg count of 4
* New HUD indicator to notify player of current effects
* Grenades are no longer perfect cubes
* Grappling hook doesn't shake you anymore when reaching the hook point
* Minor changes to performance and memory management
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Re: 3079 beta begins/orders available
« Reply #9 on: February 25, 2012, 01:40:53 PM »
Just bought the game through the IndieRoyale alpha bundle and have to say it's already pretty neat in its early state. Random quests and weapons, skills and stats to improve, a dynamic world including ongoing war between rivaling factions... 3079 already outruns Minecraft in terms of possible meaningful actions.

I do not really see why this gets classified as a roguelike though. I know the first game in the series (3059) was a roguelike, but now it's much more a (real time) shooter mixed with RPG elements and lots of random content (which makes it overlap with some roguelike elements, but not really a roguelike in itself). It feels more like Minecraft meets Fallout meets Borderlands somehow.
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Re: 3079 beta begins/orders available
« Reply #10 on: February 25, 2012, 08:11:10 PM »
Eh, close enough in my reckonings, especially considering the lineage of his games and the leveraging of features.   I'm not one to get on incredibly well with classical checklists written in stone and moreso look to feeling out the spirit of things.

Besides, outside of something loopy like asking for a turn based mode, odds are that any more "expected" Roguelike features may well continue to arrive over time as much of what has gone into the changelogs thus far is based on player requests.
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Re: 3079 beta begins/orders available
« Reply #11 on: March 04, 2012, 12:53:02 PM »
* Mini fighters "Work in Progress": Buggy in multiplayer, missing cockpit graphics etc.
* Huge 3D performance improvements: Intel HD cards should work much better now!
* Character collision problems / getting stuck in buildings should be fixed
* More polished & detailed textures from Urcheon -- thanks!
* Characters will no longer auto-follow you in multiplayer
* Fixed underwater textures
* Fixed a few rare crashes, some that only affected servers
* Fixed a bug that caused some projectiles to not show up in multiplayer games
* Fixed grappling hooks from not disappearing in multiplayer games
* Added password protection options for servers
* Added banning ability for servers
* Made explosions a bit quieter
* Extended the demo time period by 30%
* Made the sniper rifle require a bit more energy to fire
* /history now shows a chat log that can be toggled with the ~ (tilde) key
* Fixed a bug that made quest item names not appear in a quest description
* Using /goto or /home now disconnects you from a grappling hook
* Tweaked some logic in the "protection" quest to try and resolve a bug report
* Other more minor performance and bandwidth improvements

* Humoid and Neander cities/complexes now implemented!
* You will now start right above (and wake up in) a friendly Humoid city/complex
* Combined keys into one "interaction" key to talk with leaders, merchants & toggle doors
* Many updated textures: trees, dirt, buildings, grass, storage etc.
* Friendly characters should no longer attack each other when fighting in a group
* Reduced the number of free, random items found in buildings
* The server name you are trying to connect to is now trimmed of extra spaces
* Increased the demo time limit a bit
* Mining drill now destroys all soft terrain in addition to rocks
* Corrupted items with no graphics will no longer cause a crash, but an "error" item instead
* Changes to how items store data, which should help multiplayer network performance
* Followers don't cause other characters to auto-follow you anymore
* Followers don't disappear after death now
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Re: 3079 beta begins/orders available (Now at v2.12.12b)
« Reply #12 on: March 18, 2012, 12:23:27 AM »
* 3D Weapons! No more paper-thin items when held!
* Radar item! Now you can use this item to plot nearby targets
* New high-resolution font
* New face textures from Urcheon
* Added another lower graphics setting for slower graphics cards
* Added configurable keybindings for console and chat logs
* Tweaked the cockpit images to give a little more perspective
* Fixed a multiplayer data corruption bug (which fixes the "missing chats" bug)
* Fixed a graphical glitch on concrete blocks
* Normalized the sounds further to give a more consistent listening experience
* Improved movement of network entities a bit
* "Start New World" option is now disabled when loading a player for multiplayer
* /goto now stops the player from trading with a merchant
* /goto now is limited by the distance you've traveled, not your level
* Fixed a bug that made everyone friendly when going to a "protect target" quest
* Improved resource usage by only initializing item graphics when needed
* Added dynamic network compression which should improve server CPU usage
* Simplified OpenGL shaders, which may fix the "black terrain" problem
* Open doors are no longer closed when loading a game
* Replaced the sniper sound with a new one
* Raised player name tags in multiplayer

* Turrets! Now you can build and find automatic defense turrets
* Mini-ships are almost complete: cockpits added (thanks to Urcheon) & many bugs fixed
* Mini-ships can now be safely stopped by holding the "stop ship" key
* Mini-ships are now immune to crashes for a few moments when taking off
* Mini-ships now have a thruster sound
* Mini-ships now have an afterburner ability by holding forward
* Added options to restart new worlds and delete previously saved games
* Fixed the ESC key to close out dialogs without popping up "exit game" message
* Added a confirmation dialog to committing suicide
* You can now build elevators
* Fixed a bug that caused mini-ships to spawn inside buildings
* Fixed characters being alive while showing 0% health
* Fixed a crash that happened when clicking "cancel" on the connection address dialog
* Fixed many server-related crashes, which caused "frozen characters" for clients
* Added new Humoid & Neander face textures (thanks again to Urcheon)
* Added a new "Very Basic" graphics setting for slow hardware that reduces draw distance
* Construction options can now be cycled quicker by quickly clicking the right-mouse button
* Fixed the storage box's construction point cost
* Improved starting faction with Humoids so accidental attacks won't cause global hatred
* Disabled camouflage while in a mini-ship
* Demons should no longer spawn in air when the Demon King is dead
* Attacking mini-ships will now affect the player's faction
* Removed rounding errors when characters are finding the correct rotation to look & aim
* You can now immediately activate batteries & generators when purchased at merchants
* Fixed a bug that caused the chat history log to stop updating after awhile
* Limited the console text entry length to avoid really long chat lines
* Found ways to improve networking performance by pre-compressing known item names
* Fixed a bug that made players stay invisible when using ships outside your view area
* Made tweaks to AI so characters investigate when losing a target, instead of still "attacking"
* Found some areas to improve CPU performance
* Made some tweaks to hopefully fix characters not showing up for other players in multiplayer

As is generally the case, yet another wide assortment of gains to be had here.
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Re: 3079 available to buy (Now at v2.14.10b)
« Reply #13 on: March 30, 2012, 06:51:14 PM »
Last update of the Beta period folks, said period ending come April 7th so now is a good time to purchase for the discounted rate it has been up to then, as it shall rise to $12.49.

* Mini-ship hijacking! "Interact" with mini-ships to use your strength to attempt a hijack
* You can now grapple to mini-ships (and big ships) using the grappling hook
* Extended the main storyline (level 5 requirement on demon heads & new demon influence challenge)
* New item: night vision goggles! (with a new key mapping to toggle goggles)
* New textures, including a unique player texture for multiplayer games from Urcheon
* Made cities spawn more often
* Added item attribute percentages to better explain/compare bonuses
* Giant enemies now can crush you when very close
* Players now start games with a level 1 radar
* Melee weapons will now hit more accurately according to the crosshairs
* Demon Smiters now do "normal" damage to higher level Demons, instead of none
* Tweaked the difficulty scale (starting game is a bit easier, but gets harder quicker)
* Gave mini-ships a little more health
* Really fixed the bug that caused mini-ships to stack
* Fixed a bug that caused quest targets to be turrets
* Normal (non-merchant & non-leader) guys will sometimes spawn in city fort buildings now
* Fixed a bug that caused some key mappings to not save correctly
* Fixed demon head coloring in inventory
* Generators will now generate more energy
* The "effects" indicator will now properly display on loaded games
* Improved performance a bit with day/night changes
* Added in a "Detects Level: 1-X" for radars (and night visors) in their descriptions
* Fixed the "ESC" key at the end of the game
* Fixed the "player killed by" messages in multiplayer games to be more accurate
* Fixed a bug that caused rare crashes and other oddities with held items in multiplayer
* Reduced the energy bonus caused by using items until your energy runs out
* Radar plots will now be removed immediately on target death
* Effects will now be properly cleared after respawning from death
* Lowered turret health a bit
* Fixed a bug in damage calculation when using the mini-ship weapon

* Dialog with characters! Normal guys now say something when interacted with
* You no longer drop items when dieing, which should resolve "lost all items" issues
* Added "Damage Per Second" and "Energy Per Second" to item descriptions
* Merchants will now properly respond to trade requests in multiplayer
* Doors will now open and close as expected (even bigger ones)
* Characters should no longer spawn in floors or walls in multiplayer
* Lights now should shine as expected past "chunk" edges
* Hopefully fixed a bug that caused item duplication with storage boxes and merchants
* Characters now will always drop 1 item, instead of sometimes 2
* Increased value of gems a bit more
* Further improved "chunk" building performance
* Fixed some radar plot coloring bugs
* Commands are now case-insensitive
* The "home waypoint" block now works in air
* First floors of buildings are no longer created locked (fixes "spawning in locked room")
* Fixed a bug that made grappling hooks not disappear when using a ship
* Grenades now bounce as expected when viewed remotely in multiplayer
* Mini-ships should no longer spawn on top of each other
* Explosions & hit "puffs" should no longer linger in multiplayer games
* Tweaked some networking code to improve bandwidth usage a bit

* Fixed a shader problem that caused a crash on some hardware at start

New, current trailer:
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Re: 3079 available to buy (Now at v2.16)
« Reply #14 on: April 14, 2012, 12:14:04 AM »

* Map system! Default "M" key toggles map, movement keys pan
* New destructible item: satchel bombs! They can destroy all terrain & building exteriors
* New controls to adjust sound effects and music volume independently
* Construction tool can now be charged up to 256 build points, in increments of 48
* Capital ships will no longer spawn over the starting city
* Capital ship weapons will now destroy terrain like satchel bombs
* Items should no longer spawn inside turrets
* Other blocks are now placed in buildings to give rooms more "character"
* Antigrav device will now be disabled and unusable when flying in a miniship
* You can no longer use /home and /goto commands while flying in a miniship
* "Protect target" quest timer will no longer count down if you are too far away from the target
* When protecting a target for a quest, the target will always accept a follow request
* Local IP address is now shown in addition to public IP when starting a server
* Made the starting Main Menu more space efficient
* Quests will now be generated a bit farther away
* Radar image was slightly improved

* Fixed a hanging crash that happened randomly
* Fixed a Windows crash when returning back to the Main Menu
* Items will drop from targets you've done significant damage to (instead of just getting the last shot)
* Exterior building walls (and doors) are now destroyed by capital ship fire
* Mini fighters now shoot accurately when banking and rolling
* Confirmation key (default F2) is now configurable
* Player lists in multiplayer games now show levels
* Levels are now properly synced between players in multiplayer
* Buildings will no longer be generated near (or within) city border walls
* Added a new multiplayer command "/givecredits" for exchanging credits
* Camouflage increases in multiplayer now require at least 10% damage to be dealt
* Accidental bullets and splash damage won't hurt your faction so much anymore
* Mining skill should increase a bit quicker when using a higher level drill
* Automatic player saves now happen more regularly
* The demo version of 3079 can now run dedicated servers for full versions
* Characters and mini fighters now rotate up & down correctly in multiplayer games
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
In Training