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Into the Dungeon++ New [ALPHA 0.2] LF Pixel Artist
« on: May 03, 2011, 03:17:53 PM »
Hello everyone!
I joined couple of days ago and I said in newcomers topic I'm working on a roguelike.

Game overview:

Developer: Teon Banek (that would be me)
Graphical Artist: also me, but if anyone is willing to draw sprites that would be awesome! (my pixel art is pretty bad)
P. Language: C++ with SDL library
Licensing: Closed Source, Freeware
Platforms: Linux, Windows
Influences: Rogue, Diablo, 100 Rogues, NetHack, Dungeon Crawl

About the game:

This is my first roguelike and my first project like this.
Items are taken from a basic pool and randomized by giving them better stats, cursing them or making them unindentified. Depending on the bonus they get suffixes to their basic names. The same thing is applied to potions, although cursing them makes them take away your health.
Spell system is implemented via one use scrolls. Scrolls are hardcoded and some damage spells get better based on the dungeon level. So far there are scrolls: emergency random teleport, hp regen, fireball, identify, bless (remove curse), enchant item (gives +1 attack/armor)
There are no classes nor magic points of any sort, what you find is what you use and need to use to survive.
Inventory can carry up to 20 items. Each item takes 1 slot, even potions. This should result in choice strategies when more items are brought up.
There are 7 equipment types (headgear, weapon, shield, armor, amulet, ring, boots) and equiping items does not free the inventory.
So far there is an endboss randomly selected from possible monsters on level 10 which ends the game.
The game was imagined as a coffeebreak roguelike, played in short bursts with boss fights after certain levels.
Items and Monsters are easily modified and added via editing the text files in data folder and drawing the graphics and adding them to gfx folder.

To get it working on Windows you will need some dll files:
Extract those and put them in /windows/system/

And then download my game and run the exe:

Linux version, you will need SDL library, Use your favourite software manager to install necessary SDL libraries (SDL, SDL_image, SDL_ttf)

The game is obviously work in progress and I will appreciate any help you give me.
Feel free to point out both good and bad things with the game.

A pixel artist willing to work with me on this game would be amazing!

Edit: A friend found a bug when encountering Dragons. Sometimes HUD disappears, save & quit then restarting fixes it. I'll look into it.
Also, apparently the game is now too easy (was too hard before)
It seems I forgot to save highscore after finishing the game

Edit2: I don't want to double post. I've released a new version. Here are the important changes (rest are in .txt included with the game)
Code: [Select]
- Made the game harder (less drops, stronger enemies)
- The game now has a minimap toggled by TAB
- Added Fog of War mechanic toggled by F11
- Damage over Time effects now display HP damage/regen over characters
- Items are now color coded for your convenience (white<blue<green, cursed=red)
- When viewing items a new window of an item you already have equipped next to
  the item you are viewing (for easier comparing which is better)
- When spawning on a new floor the Dungeon Level is now displayed briefly
  above the main character
- HighScore List now has pages (Left & Right Arrow Keys change the pages)
- Added HelpScreen/Control list toggled by F1
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Re: Into the Dungeon++ New [ALPHA 0.2] LF Pixel Artist
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2011, 12:40:45 PM »
I could pixel some tiles for you, if you're interested PM me and tell me what you're looking for :)
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