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Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: IVAN (release 0.54)
« on: October 03, 2018, 06:34:18 AM »
Release 0.54

Available here.

* New OSX binary!!
* More interesting TX final level.
* Improved look mode by using showItemsUnder.
* Limit golem spawns to GC and TX.
* Fluid rework! You can now sip only a part of a bottle's contents rather than always drink it all.
* New animations!
* Mini-map notes through engravings.
* Mouse support!
* Mouse hover over silhouette equipment will show a detailed descriptive message on log.
* Hotkey for quick weapon switching.
* Improved lights!
* Text font options added.

* Balance patch for the new materials.
* Fix load game in wizard mode.
* Fix some crashes on iOS.
* Fix many crashes that may happen on death.
* Fix memory leaks of message system and sound system.
* Chests that spawn with broken locks are automatically unlocked.
* Anvils and forges will no longer block your path.
* Fix memory overflow in commandsystem::ShowMap().
* Fix duplicated player after crash.
* Lower resolution to better fit scaled window.
* Warn about severe injury from mustard gas while resting.
* Many minor fixes.

For developers:
* Add define.dat validator for script files.
* Use chrono for rng seed instead of random_device.
* Commands console.

Pre-release 0.53

* Optional xBRZScale now used to stretch the: full dungeon, Silhouette, inventory items, NPCs on lists.
* FrameSkip optional functionality for slow machines (or heavy CPU load as in "play while you work" :))
* You can now optionally review after death events/items/msgs using Ivan3D mode.
* Optionally always center on player after exiting LookZoom mode.
* Optionally show full dungeon name with roman level numbers.
* Grouped config options in categories.
* Custom stack list length (items, drop, throw etc).
* Several new monsters added, including five new uniques.
* Monster AI now knows how to zap wands at you!
* Show items at player position, side by side.
* Nearly 400 new materials added.

* Mainly when toggling full screen mode on linux, it will now wait until you release the key to apply.
* Imprisoned necromancer can cast spells.
* Elianise will no longer steal from you.
* All the ambassadors will stay in the Cathedral and not wander around.
* Nerf mind worm damage a bit.
* Fix unlocking hexagonal and octagonal locks on chests.
* Fix unicorns neighs.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: IVAN (release 0.52)
« on: March 24, 2018, 07:11:06 AM »
Release 0.52

Available here.


* Enhanced scaling/stretching graphics using XBRZScale code!!! (only in "zoom in (l)ook mode")
* New Mind worms!!!
* Sound files from IVAN3D, plus other new sounds!!! (utilizes more advanced config file syntax than before)
* UT vault added.
* Headless ghosts.
* Outlined graphics from IVAN3D.
* Option to display the turn number on log messages.

Tomb of Xinroch, now with MORE evil:
* Buffed both Xinrochs.
* Buffed Xinroch's grave keeper.
* Slightly better rewards for bosses.
* One more vault for Catacombs.
* Maze on ghost Xinroch's level made more interesting.
* Tweaked dwarven gas chamber.
* Added two hidden vaults to TX.
* Added a small TX shop.
* Plus other slight tweaks to TX.

* Shields also give AV.
* Shield strength modifiers adjusted.
* Shield materials added.

* New bugs added!!!

* Zero!

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: IVAN (release 0.51)
« on: December 23, 2017, 12:35:52 AM »
Release 0.51

Available here.

* Skeleton puppies!!!
* Buffed chilling axes and scythes of terror.
* Buffed regeneration.
* Item graphics from CLIVAN ported.
* Beast claws from alien mod ported, they are rather rare weapons using unarmed combat skill.
* Mangos and sausages added!
* Masks, a new headgear, added. Necromancers wear them.
* Taiahas ported from CLIVAN.
* Cauldrons added, but not randomly generated.
* Some potted plants and clocks added to the Cathedral, to make it more homey.
* New Fearless (Panic immunity) and Fasting status effects.
* Ring of bravery!
* Artifact armor "filthy tunic of martyr Bessica" grants disease immunity, fearless and fasting.
* New scythes of oxidation, axes of sharpness and rune swords.
* New horn of healing and horn of plenty.
* New wand of webbing and alchemy.
* New dwarven gas traps.
* Golem room in Tomb of Xinroch now spawns only bone golems.

* Magic weapon price increased.
* Magic weapons and artifacts made more rare.
* Scroll of body switch can be wished for.
* Sirens no longer always sing.
* Headless NPCs can no longer see.
* Possibly fixed overpowered zombies appearing early.
* Necro chamber now has divine room configuration, it will no longer crash on sacrifice.
* Goblin berserker danger restored.
* Wishing fixed.

* Windows releases now via Travis CI.
* Added a code of conduct for the Attnam/ivan project.
* Better tracking of segfaults.

Merry Christmas!

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / IVAN (release 0.58!)
« on: October 27, 2017, 01:13:13 PM »
Release 0.50.9

Available here.

* several hundered new dialogue lines added,
* story of Xinroch added,
* 45 new items, including several artifacts, added,
* full helmets grant sound resistance,
* tin helmets block ESP,
* several potions added,
* two new optional minibosses are generated,
* spider level added,
* improvements to Attnam and its underground,
* more people in Tomb of Xinroch,
* sirens can be generated,
* science talking with more NPCs possible,
* several materials added,
* scaling option for graphics added,
* switch to .png graphics,
* show height and weight of creatures.

* assorted balance tweaks,
* fix digging stopping after single turn with NumPad,
* many, many more fixes.

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: October 12, 2017, 06:29:06 AM »
I managed to fall through solid ground:

I was trying to get into the underground vault of the Bank, but one of the policemen spotted me and gave a chase. I tried to jump over a table, but crashing into it, I fell down through the ground to z-level -2 (or which is the lowest) and got stuck there, able to look around and use abilities, but unable to actually move or escape.

That's what you get for being a greedy theif, I guess. Being buried alive under the Bank. :P

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: September 22, 2017, 05:33:38 PM »
Whoa, another bunch of cool ideas and I only started to implement the previous ones! I'm afraid I am losing this race  ;D

Ideas are easy, it's the developers who are hard-working heroes. ;)

Yeah, I thought myself about jumps (though not about sprinting). Not sure I'll be able to implement all the interactions with windows and such, but jumping will certainly be done at some point. Sprinting also seems fun though I wonder if it will make the thief nigh invincible. Right now no melee can get him, with these changes he will have even less incentive to get down to the ground and if he does his superior speed will save him in the pinch. But we shall see :)

I actually die to demons and such only rarely with my thieves, mostly when they corner me in a house with no nearby escape route. Climbing really is powerful. :) However, as it takes me some time to carefully creep around collecting the gold, the arriving army is generally the thing that kills me - one mistake has you spotted and shot, even if you try to disappear in smoke. Even if I could sprint, I think I would be dying to soldiers. :D

Your writing is awesome! I am not sure I want half-breeds in the lore, but from the gameplay perspective, this sounds pretty solid. There are too many corpses in the city so we need more characters that can make use of them.

That was my original line of thoughts - some creature lured there by the scent of so many corpses, something like a ghoul. And devouring corpses would work pretty well as a grisly way of gaining power, IMHO. :)

Someday for sure, when the game is more fleshed out and there is a kind of campaign mode, where the city is subdivided into districts, and the battle we have now is only a battle for a single district so you can carry over experience and items from one level to another. Oh, the glorious distant future...  ::)

That sounds cool. I guess I'll wait and see in a few years. :P

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: September 20, 2017, 09:23:30 AM »
Wow, that's a quick and big update! :D Be warned, I'm going to write a very long rant below. :)

Trinity mimics are very interesting and very weird. :D I will have to play with them more to get the hang of that turn-jumping between your bodies. It's really strange to constantly jump between your bodies (and I love that you are now highlighted, that would be very hard to play otherwise), but I like the synergy of your bodies and how they can fight together in an organised assault!

I like the shadow teleportation, but I feel it's a bit underpowered right now - it is great for quick movement, but it would work very much better as a way to suddenly appear next to your enemies, or run away in a pinch. That's currently very hard, though, because of the light nearly all creatures emit. You can still jump towards your enemies by extingushing them first, but that costs power. Teleporting away is out of question - it would cost you two turns (first extinguish, then teleport) and you can't loose two turns by the time you will have the need of an emergency teleport.

Maybe your extingushing ability could cost no power (balanced by either longer cooldown, or shorter duration)? That would make at least ambushing from afar much more interesting option, plus would give more incentive to use extinguishing on even lamps and such, like a good shadow demon should. :)

And/or, and this would be IMHO very cool, but probably hard to implement and compute, all creatures could have dynamic shadows - depending on the position of nearby light sources, all creatures could have an adjacent shadowed tile. This would allow all shadow demons to jump next to or run away from any fight by standing in this shwadowed tile, making positioning matter more and making their teleport machanic more prominent.

I haven't played as a priest much, but I like how powerful can theri abilities get in the right situation - I had one smite me for 10 damage when I was playing as a demon. :D

I'm going to be incredibly nitpicky and say that you have inconsistent capitalization. :) Chrome angels and trinity mimics have their first word capitalized on title screen, but both on highscore screen, while both types of imps have a reversed problem. ;)

I may have missed something, but when I started to get randomly wet, I was quite sure I'm standing in rain - but it would be nice to have some notification. Maybe there could be a "Rain" status next to the wind direction?

Speaking of wind, what if flying creatures had a small chance to be blown by the wind, moving in its direction? No reason for this change except that it would make the wind tiny bit more relevant.

One thing I always long for as a thief is a way to cross from one roof to another faster than by climbing all the way down to the street and back up again. The City is dangerous enough for one fragile theif even without having to run through blood-smeared streets. :P The thief is already quite acrobatic character with his or her climbing and Death from Above, what if they could also sprint and jump? (Ninja thieves!)

Sprinting could be an active ability that would speed you up for several turns, with cooldown long enough for you to catch your breath. ;) Sprinting should be mutually exclusive with climbing - you wouldn't be able to activate sprinting in climbing mode, so no sprint-climbing walls for you, but you can still use sprinting in a pinch when caught next to dangerous enemies in the streets. The no-climbing rule for sprinting would also give the thief an incentive to not be in climbing mode all the time and ignore that you can switch it off. ;)

Jumping could also be active ability with a cooldown, this one compatible with climbing, so the thief could jump from the side of one building to another wall nearby. Alternately, you could sprint before jumping, increasing the range of your jumps (but with no climbing). Maybe you could also jump over some obstacles (furniture, the hedge fences), or by jumping into a window, you would shatter it and jump through (and maybe take damage). All jumping would generate quite some noise, though. Maybe horses could also jump, increasing their jump range by their momentum.

Could we maybe get the end-game screen with achievements and score saved as a .txt log? It would make hunting for the most achievements much more exciting and easier to share. :D

And I have one more proposal for a playable faction: You could join the Criminals as the Cambion.

You hate your heritage. You were born of an unholy union - and it left its marks on your poor parent forever. No matter what you did, you always ended on the slippery slope. But you are still human at the heart, a bad human, but human non the less. And when the infernal and celestial forces clash and threaten you world, you cannot stand idle. You didn't ask for your powers, you don't want them - but you can make the best of them now. You just want your world back to normal - maybe it's dark, unjust and unforgiving world, but at least it's normal. And if you have to walk over rivers of blood to bring the world back to normal - so be it.

Normally, you are a human criminal. You are as weak as any other human, with no special weapon, and all factions are hostile to you (demons because you are human, angels and humans because you are criminal). However, your half-blooded demonic nature gives you several gruesome powers that should allow you to achieve your goal - slay all supernatural creatures.

You are Unholy and cannot be possessed. You can sense good and see even disguised demons, just as other demons can. You also have two active abilities that give you advantages necessary to survive - Cannibalize and Demon Rage.

Cannibalize lets you heal and gain power. You can use it to devour any corpse, healing 1 HP and gaining 1 power from it. With the amount of corpses left in the City, this gives you much healing and power, but with low HP and no armor, you will need it.

Demon Rage gives you a fighting chance against angels and demons, because your fists won't do. It costs 2 power and for a short time, boosts your speed, dodge chance and armor, plus growing you a pair of demonic claws. Thus, you gain a weapon on par with claws of demons (or slightly more powerful, because you are on your own), but maybe you claws could deal high flesh damage instead of vorpal. Maybe your claws could also cause several turns of bleeding.

Thus, you have to balance your playstyle around being very fragile most of the time, with short bursts of fighting rage and healing from corpses in between. If your claws also caused bleeding, it might be interesting to try to deal as much damage during your rage as possible, then retreat and let the bleeding do the rest of the work.

Cambions should start inside the police station, in one of the cells with other criminals.

Finally, it might be only mine love for descriptions, but maybe there could be inventory descriptions for even other items than the ones with active use? Right now, you can pick up coins and corpses which will have no description - what if they had a short quote for a description?

Eg. for coins:

"So you think that money is the root of all evil. Have you ever asked what is the root of all money?" – Ayn Rand

And for corpses:

"Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow." - William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet


"Since we're all going to die, it's obvious that when and how don't matter." - Albert Camus, The Stranger

And one more question: Do you have any plans about making the attacks, defense and maybe light radius of creatures into actual inventory items (eg. a rifle, an army uniform, a torch or a lamp), or will they stay as abstractions as is?

Thank you for reading through so long posts as mine. ;)

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: September 08, 2017, 06:42:10 AM »
As I'm playing more, I have some more thoughts: ;)

Could we have some way to easily distinguish the player from other creatures with the same glyph? It happens mostly with angels, but generally when you get into a fray of creatures with the same glyph, you can easily loose track where exactly you are, especially when dodging messes up with you position. And you don't want to loose turns to missteps in combat because you thought you were the other "a". Maybe the player could eb underscored (if that's an option with the tileset)? Or have some light background color?

As a scout, you best option is to always shoot your rifle - it does so much damage that even in melee, it's better to reload and shoot than get two melee attacks. As scout seems to be intended as a ranged fighter, maybe he could be encouraged more into never getting into melee? It hard to use a rifle in melee, so the scout could be unable to shoot at adjacent targets. You could either bash melee opponents, or run and shoot them when you get away.

I love the new mind-linked angels with fire abilities and their avatar, but I'm still loosing pretty often with them. That's not to say that angels are weak - they are pretty tough to kill, with their healing and powerful attacks. The avatar's flying is cool, but unfortunately very limited by the short duration of your transformation. Would it be too much if all angels could fly in their revealed forms? They can only attack in melee, so it would be more of a movement/escape option, plus because they would be revealed, they would need to be careful about enemy snipers (both archdemons and human army). It would still give them something to counteract being swarmed by demon summons and zombies. :)

Maybe the angels could also get a Resurrection ability (cost cca 5 power) that would bring corpses of angels (and all other things) back to life? That's a tradeoff of getting one ally back in exchange for some power you will need to defeat archdemons. You could of course bring back humans who died innocent, but why? There's no advantage to do so. :P

Falling into water could grant temporary "wet" status that would increase you fire resistance to 25% (or so). That would stack with natural resistance, so angels could get pretty much invulnerable to fire by jumping into a river. :) If there ever is a rain, it could wet everyone not inside a house.

I'm really looking forward to the next release. Those mimic angels sound wierdly interesting. :D

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: September 02, 2017, 11:48:53 AM »
Could we please have the actual rank/form of the player at the end of the game shown in the high scores, instead of the starting form?

Here, Xorel died as an imp, after being chased by angels all over the map and not killing anything for the whole game. Lyceodamus, though, survived as an archdemon, singlehandedly killing three angels and a gargauntaur, actually winning the game for demons. It would be great to be able to distinguish this in the high scores. :)

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: August 30, 2017, 08:23:08 PM »

BTW, smoke bombs are also consealing you. ;)

The only problem I see with this is that all satanists will likely die without any effort on the player's part, just because the RNG dropped you on the other side of the map while putting them near a couple of angels. Maybe it is better just to find their lair while being in possession of some body and kind of perform a ritual of rebirth or something, or vice versa - a ritual that will put the ghost to rest.

I like the mental picture of a ghost performing an exorcism over his own dead body to lay himself to rest. :D What if you needed to find the church, evade the priest and get a holy book, then find the lair of the Satanists and read the book over your body? Your need for a body would come mostly from being unable to carry the book as an intangible ghost (plus, it's a meatshield).

Maybe the "kill all Satanists" objective could only be one of the prerequisites for a ghost win? If angels help you, good for you. :P The game is about relying on your allies anyway. Only after you sever your ties of hate on this world can you successfully exorcise yourself. :D

For now, in the upcoming release, I plan to add two more factions beside priests - the shadow demons and the trinity isolationists. Stay tuned  ;)

I saw the shadow imps. Teleporting sounds nice. :)

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: August 30, 2017, 04:29:57 PM »
This is beautiful!

I love the empowered zombies as a Satanist. Avatars and Archdemons are just cool. :D Also I'm starting to play the thief a bit more like a robber. :P I'm rather curious about the new playable priests. :)

By the way, shouldn't angels be able to conCeal their divinity, rather than conseal it? And a minor convenience request - many roguelikes use [g] or [,] for pick up command, could we have those as alternate keys? Similarly, maybe [.] as alt key for waiting a turn?

May I also have one more suggestion, this time for a new playable creature - a ghost? (Sorry in advance for the wall of text.)

You once were a normal citizen of the City, that is until you were abducted by the cabal of Satanists that used you as a human sacrifice to open the gates of Hell, which in turn prompted the Heaven to respond with an angelic interference and started all this. Not that it matters for you now, because you are dead. However, you are a restless dead, not at peace with your murderers.

Your goal is to kill all Satanists, no other creatures matter. There is a catch, though - you are a weak apparition of fragile ectoplasm and will be killed easily in a fair fight. Alternately, you have to kill all Satanists and then reunite with your dead body on a Satanistic altar in their hideout.

You only have 1 HP, thus dying from any damage taken. You can detect living (like detect evil/good), their life is a beacon to you. Coincidentally, Satanists are living humans. :D You also have good advantage in mobility - you are intangible, thus phasing through walls, doors etc. You also make no noise. You cannot move through solid ground or into water, because the natural world rejects you undead nature.

You could have some active abilities: Levitate, that allows you to temporarily phase through ceilings and roofs, or moving through open air; and Invisibility, making you imperceptible for a short time. Plus one more active ability described below.

Being intangible, you have good dodge chance and good armor against flesh and fire, but no armor against iron, which hits true against all undead. I'm not sure what vorpal damage is exactly, but I suppose it's magical, so you probably don't have armor against vorpal, but your attack (ghost touch) could deal vorpal damage (no other damage type really feels appropriate for ghosts, and unless there will be some new shadow/dark/drain/cold damage one day, vorpal fits ghostly touches the best, IMO).

Most creatures are hostile to you - angels see you as an abomination, demons as prey, humans and beasts fear you and will try to destroy you, Satanists know you are coming for them. Only undead ignore you - you are one of them. Which is very nice for you, because the zombie hordes of Satanists will ignore you even as you try to kill their masters.

Now, you would still not be able to do anything with only 1 HP without your main ability - Possess. You can possess humans and corpses, a bit like demons can. Unlike demons, though, your host works as full armor for you, taking damage instead of you for as long as you are possessing them. (This could be something like riding the host with 100% chance of enemies hitting the host and not you.) While possessing a host, you use their attacks instead of your ghost touch. Your possession is also a ranged ability, thus it's advisable to possess the first thing you see, unless you wish to be one-shotted.

You cannot use Levitate and Invisibility while possessing (nor can you phase through walls, of course), but you can use Possess and you gain an ability to Release Control. You can body-hop by possessing one target, then waiting out the cooldown and possessing a new target directly from the old host, without loosing your meatshield. You cannot possess angels, demons, zombies made by Satanists (their demonic magic prevents your intrusion), or lesser creatures (even though possessing a horse or a gargantaur sounds cool :P).

When possessing a human, they have the normal chance to rebel against your influence, making you stumble. Your possession ability also has a chance to fail against the willpower of your target, forcing you to wait for its cooldown. However, angels and humans will not be hostile to you, as they only see the human host (your human soul possessing a human body fools the true sight of angels, unlike demonic soul in human body). Zombies will become hostile to you as long as you possess a living body.

When possessing a corpse, you will raise it as a special zombie. Your zombie body will not rebel against you, as you are the only thing holding it standing, plus your possession will never fail on a corpse. Demons and even Satanists will not be hostile towards you, fooled into thinking you are one of their ranks. If you release control, the body will immediately collapse into a corpse, as you didn't truly animate it. However, angelic attacks are devastating against undead - if your zombie body is slain by an angel, it turns to dust - and you with it. Thus either have your zombie body killed by something else, or use human hosts around angels.

All in all, the idea is of playing a body switcher, changing bodies into those more advantageous at the moment, trying not to be caught without a body. With phasing, invisibility and levitation, there will be still some temptation to use your very fragile ghostly form, though. ;)

Thank you once again for this game. :D

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: May 18, 2017, 09:35:39 AM »
I like the game more and more. :) So please forgive me for the barrage of thoughts and ideas below. ;)

That new angel power is quite useful! Could we maybe get a PgDn/PgUp scrolling for the "seen monsters" sidebar, so we can more easily check how many monsters do we actually see through the shared mind?

What about archangels getting wings, so they can fly around the town? Having a map with z-levels is very cool, but unfortunately only thieves really use it to a greater extent. It would also make archangels feel very different from archdemons. Speaking of archdemons, maybe they could get a new active ability Breathe Hellfire? Not that they would be too weak, but giving them a ranged attack would again make them feel unique. It's not really common for me to get up to arch-anything, so if both archangels and archdemons had a special ability, it would make it quite a nice reward for getting there.

I like the new Satanists, their abilities definitely make them play uniquely. However, what if they also got an ability similar to teh "follow me" order of chaplains, that would only apply to undead? That way you could actually lead a force of zombies against the angels, not only sit back and try to bolster demonic forces.

Speaking of undead, would it be too much of a hassle to split the demons counter and add a new one for only undead? My last game I won as a Satanist, I had a total of 100 demons... I was creating undead like crazy, plus I haven't actually seen a living demon for most of the game, so I would like to know if any demons survived, or if the angels were overwhelmed by my zombies. :D

The new ability to sacrifice a host makes hosts actually have much more use, IMO!

Maybe soldiers could get a very limited amount of consumables, so that they have a resource to use in need, just as angels and demons have power? Something like starting with a medikit, or several grenades that damage everything in a 3x3x3 globe. It could also be fun to try to assassinate soldiers with a thief to get to their medikits. :) Of course, supernatural creatures would not be able to use medikits. :)

BTW, is it guaranteed that the map will contain the required 1500$ for the thief? On some smaller maps, I don't know where else to look to find enough. :) What if all humans dropped a small amounts of cash, so the thief is pushed a bit into exploring the battlefield and looting the dead? And if a Satanist sees him there, the thief could get a nasty surprise. :D

Finally, what if the end game screen always shown how many (and maybe which) creatures the player killed? To compare with the creatures that earned a title. Some new titles would also be fun:

The Necromancer: who raised the most zombies, so that the player can see how good he was in comparsion :)
The Evil Spirit: most possessions, now that it's quite possible and useful to possess multiple times
The Scrooge: most gold collected (because I sometimes collect it even when I'm not a thief, why would you leave money lying around, right?)

Once again, thank you for the game. :)

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: April 26, 2017, 08:34:49 AM »
I haven't played the original 7DRL, but this game of yours is great!

I quite often die with my angels when I try to slay a demon and get jumped by several summoned ones, or archdemons. :/

I like playing demons - just find somepeople to slaughter and gain power, then find an angel, summon help, wait for the summoned demons to kill the angel, or try to get the last hit yourself, then attack the demons weakned by the fight. :P Only thing is I wish I didn't automatically try to possess the first human I attack - it's often better to kill it and gain the power than possess it and have it revolt at bad times.

Thieves are cool now I can sneak through windows and avoid everyone much more effectively.

I once managed to kite an archdemon to death with a scout on horseback. I felt so proud of my guy. :)

I wish Satanists could raise all the dead humans as zombies, if they survive long enough. Thus you could have to prioritize finding and killing them if you don't want the endgame to become a chatoic battle with a new threat.

7DRLs / Re: Hero Trap [7DRL 2017 - Finished!]
« on: March 20, 2017, 05:02:31 PM »
Haha, I think you haven't played recently,  ;).

I'm caught red handed. :P Yeah, I was travelling these past few days - it's great to get yourself outside for a night or two. :)

Shiren The Wanderer has a monster that turns your items into riceballs, and it's one of my favorite roguelike monsters.

I haven't played Shiren, but that does sound good. Monsters whose attack can sometimes actually be beneficial to the player are cool. :) In Ragnarok/Valhalla, for example, there is a mage whose spells polymorph your inventory - a true disaster if you get your equipment and priced scrolls tunred into junk, but you can also drop everything but junk and do some third-party assisted polypiling for better items. I personally like such trade-offs.

However, in Hero Trap specifically I think an unlucky roll on an item destruction could make the game unwinnable really easily.

Yeah, that's definitely true.

Finally beat my own game.

Wow, congratulations! :)

7DRLs / Re: Hero Trap [7DRL 2017 - Finished!]
« on: March 17, 2017, 10:24:56 AM »
I wanted to ask: can we expect to see a monster similar to Brogue's monkeys? They could make quite a nice easy monster.

Thinking about it, a monster that can polymorph items / teleport items from inventory, but is slow and thus can be generally avoided, could also be an interesting encounter. :D

(BTW, I'm the same kangaroo from reddit.  :) )

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