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Shiny Gauntlet is a Dungeon Hack n Slash, Bullet Hell, Rogue-Lite Adventure.
Select your champion and explore the Gauntlet. Collect weapons, enchanted rings, bottle and/or consume the mysterious remains of defeated foes, all the while chasing the wily cultist who has stolen your Shiny Shard!
Inspired by games such as Binding of Isaac and Legend of Zelda, Shiny Gauntlet is a game designed for players who like short play sessions of intense difficulty.

  • Fight your way through a randomly generated death labyrinth!
  • 20 playable classes!
  • 60 enchanted rings!
  • Bottle the remains of your foes and consume them later for powerups (if you're into that sort of thing).
  • A really SHINY shard!

Grab the playable demo Here

The game is currently on Steam Green Light

~It would be awesome if you voted~

or shoot me an email at:

Early Dev / Shiny Gauntlet (WIP)
« on: November 05, 2014, 03:35:49 PM »
Hello everyone.  Very first post here.  This is my current work in progress

Play as Patch, the flickering spirit, in this action rogue-lite adventure. Explore the ever changing Gauntlet. Use different weapons, and collect shiny things to survive as many floors as you can!

The game is an infinite dungeon runner that draws inspiration from legend of zelda, binding of isaac and nuclear throne.  You explore the depths of the Gauntlet as you try get the highest score on the leaderboards (score is recorded on death).  The game is still in alpha but development has been pretty consistent (I update once a week).  It would be great to hear your thoughts and feedback! (Always appreciated)

Feel free to give it a go here


Follow the games progress here





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