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Design / An old wild west roguelike? Ideas.
« on: November 17, 2013, 07:10:27 PM »
Hello all.  ;D (sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, but I think this is the right place for it?  :-\)
Ever since I was a little fella, I've been wanting to make a game... but I think that having my ideas in one would suffice. (I could do concept art, but I'm still just a beginner artist and I'm only practicing, still not evolved enough, I could also try to sprite for someone who is willing to do these ideas, but I'm not sure if they would even come out good)
I'll be throwing all of these for you guys who might be interested in making an Old West Roguelike. (and with a tiny bit of fantasy!)

An open world of:
--A vast, randomly generated world, consisting of:
A Desert, where there would be:
Ruins as Dungeons (deep in the dungeons there could be cities like El Dorado and other lost cities);
Towns with shops, a diversity of NPCs and random quest givers (some towns with mines as dungeons);
Nomads, some hostile others paficic/neutral;
Desert animals, and maybe an option to catch them and make them your pet/mount!;
Maybe monsters? Like, giant sandworms.
A Jungle, where there could be:
Tribes, some hostile where you could maybe dialog with them, some paficic/neutral;
Ruins and temples as dungeons (and maybe deep in them lost cities too? :D)
Jungle animals too, of course, and maybe, too, an option to catch them and make them your pet/mount!
Maybe monsters?
Maybe even more if it's possible? Like, some isles, some full of dangers and others paradisiac to build your house :D

--Weapons: all of these weapons from the 1630s to the 1880s old wild west, and some not, well, it's up to whoever picks up these ideas, I did say, though, that they'd have some fantasy
Spears (from the indian tribes or not?);
Shields (from the indian tribes or not?);
Maybe "we" can even put a bit more of fantasy and include more, for example, warhammers, etc... ?

--Armors: all of these armors/cloaks, too, from the 1630s to the 1880s old wild west and some not, well, it's up to whoever picks up these ideas, I did say, though, that they'd have some fantasy
Cowboy hats (normal hats too);
Ponchos as cloaks (and maybe indian cloaks);
clothes as armor (maybe vests too?);
armors (what you normally see in a fantasy game and such)
Leggings (leg armor too);
Boots (cowboy boots, armor boots, etc...);
Indian headwear (you know what it's like)

--Mounts & Pets:
Raptors as mounts? (come on, that'd be awesome! :D y'know, part of the fantasy stuff I talked about)

--AI Companions

--Character Generation/Creation:
Humans (sub races: Caucasian, Hispanic, Indians?, etc...);
and more fantasy races? :D
and more (I just don't know the right names for them. :/)

Real time roguelike (or turn based, but real time would be different (and imo, better), and perhaps, the old cowboy duels would be possible in it?);
Plot? (I don't really like to have a plot in a roguelike, but that's me, and I'm just giving ideas)
Random quests and bounties;
The ultimate goal would be up to you, for example, conquer this old wild fantasy west, become the best cowboy, help people; survive, etc...;
Cowboy Duels (if it's possible);
Any mount Races?;
Multiple choices (chose to be good, bad or neutral, well, I think that's covered in the "The ultimate goal would be up to you", oh well xD)
And more?

That's it from me, folks. If anyone is willing to pick these up, please do say so here and let me in on the dev updates! (I also want to test it!!)
Also, I don't know if anyone has these ideas tho, can't read minds, unfortunately, and if there is already something like this in developtment, which I doubt?, link me to it!!! :D

Temple of the Roguelike / How do I use NotEye?
« on: June 15, 2013, 08:50:05 PM »
I'm sorry for this dumb question... but it's been like a week and I still haven't found out how to use it properly, I can load a game listed there but I can't change the view nor the graphics... please, help me.
I've searched everywhere for something like a tutorial... something that'd help me, but I found nothing, I do know the commands to open the NotEye menu, but it doesn't open it. :/
So, could someone explain me how to use it? I've no clue...   :-[  :(

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