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Hello everybody,

Inspired by Monster Girl Quest, Dwarf Fortress, and Nethack - I'm currently developing one of the first hentai games for the roguelike genre called Seduction Quest. SQ plans to resemble a mix of a Monster Girl theme combined with Dwarf Fortress adventure-mode style gameplay. There will be a rich history and strong story telling element to SQ that so many porn games lack. Additionally I want there to be a good emphasis on gameplay so that it's not JUST a sex game.

I had initially tossed the idea for the game around the translator blog for MGQ a while back. There was some good feedback so I went and pursued making a demo. The game is still in EARLY alpha, and it has been developed in my spare time between work for a few months. I should mention that the graphics are ASCII based, but the option of sprites/textures will be available at a later time.

Website for the game and download are here - Hentai Game Maker

Also, I launched a crowdfunding campaign via Offbeatr (kickstarter site for porn) to help fund development. If successful, then I can work on the game full-time, if not then I will have to continue developing it with my spare time. Regardless - the game is going to be made. If the Offbeatr goal is met, it happens sooner than later.

For more info check it out here - Seduction Quest Kickstarter

Any and all feedback is appreciated!

(edit - Offbeatr campaign is over, I guess this will have to be developed in my spare time)

Early Dev / Seduction Quest (ages 18+ Hentai Roguelike) (now at v0.21)
« on: November 21, 2012, 05:46:33 AM »
Hello everyone!  This is my first post here so allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Codex, and I am a novice programmer who has been learning Lua in conjunction with a game engine called LOVE2D for the past few months.  Seduction Quest is my first official project, and one that I'm taking very seriously.  I've played Dwarf Fortress and Nethack and found both games pretty fun to play.  I needed something to hone my coding skills on and rather than make clones of tetris, asteriods, etc. etc. I wanted to try something different and so this game was born, mostly as a joke at first, but then I saw greater potential in what it could be, and so now I'm trying to achieve it.  The final goal is to have solid gameplay with strong sexual elements involving game mechanics.  Though that won't be the sole focus, I still want others to enjoy the game even without interest in the sexual aspect so I plan on adding a lot of other features as well.   

Some screenshots so far -

There is more 'adult' stuff in the gameplay, but I decided against posting any screenshots of that here...  Anyway, looking to get some feedback on this.  There is a dev blog that contains info about upcoming releases and updates.  Let me know what you all think!   


(edit - Website for the game located here.  There is a download section that will have the most recent version.) 

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