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Programming / Re: Picking The Right Language/Game Engine For My Idea
« on: April 23, 2013, 11:22:11 PM »
I thought I would drop this here, but Lua and Love2D are good choices to work with as well.


And I won't judge your sex fantasy if you don't judge my murder fantasy.

My lips are sealed!    :-X   

Hello everybody,

Inspired by Monster Girl Quest, Dwarf Fortress, and Nethack - I'm currently developing one of the first hentai games for the roguelike genre called Seduction Quest. SQ plans to resemble a mix of a Monster Girl theme combined with Dwarf Fortress adventure-mode style gameplay. There will be a rich history and strong story telling element to SQ that so many porn games lack. Additionally I want there to be a good emphasis on gameplay so that it's not JUST a sex game.

I had initially tossed the idea for the game around the translator blog for MGQ a while back. There was some good feedback so I went and pursued making a demo. The game is still in EARLY alpha, and it has been developed in my spare time between work for a few months. I should mention that the graphics are ASCII based, but the option of sprites/textures will be available at a later time.

Website for the game and download are here - Hentai Game Maker

Also, I launched a crowdfunding campaign via Offbeatr (kickstarter site for porn) to help fund development. If successful, then I can work on the game full-time, if not then I will have to continue developing it with my spare time. Regardless - the game is going to be made. If the Offbeatr goal is met, it happens sooner than later.

For more info check it out here - Seduction Quest Kickstarter

Any and all feedback is appreciated!

(edit - Offbeatr campaign is over, I guess this will have to be developed in my spare time)

Programming / Re: Peril: Experimental Survival Horror Roguelike
« on: December 07, 2012, 12:29:04 AM »
  Scariest roguelike I've ever played is Aliens RL.

Tried it just now.  Scare factor: 4/10, Fun factor: 8/10.    ;D  Although it pissed me off how weak your secondary weapon is.   ::)

Early Dev / Re: Left Field Hotel (Horror Roguelike)
« on: December 05, 2012, 05:22:22 AM »
1. When I pressed "u", it took me a long while before I figured out what to press then to select a flashlight. Expected [enter] or [space].
2. Player is unable to control movement with arrow keys, only numpad arrows seem to work.
3. No 'Look' command or something that would allow to learn what certain objects are.
4. No way to comfortably pick up several items in a row.


And these,

1. - Breaking out of windows, need some kind of z-level warning that your about to jump out of the side of the building x-stories down.
2. - Stairs?  Bugged?  I kept trying to go down the stairs but never got to the bottom.
3. - Health system needs more use. 
4. - I don't really like how you slowly kill yourself when in darkness.  I suggest some other type of negative effect.  (smaller FoV, paranoia, slower movement, etc.) 

Other than that, it looks promising!   ;D  The scary sound effects go with it pretty well. 

Early Dev / Re: Seduction Quest (ages 18+ Hentai Roguelike)
« on: December 05, 2012, 05:13:59 AM »
Welcome to the Temple of the Roguelike----so it would appear Noxico isn't the only project in this realm of sorts eh?

As per your latest blog, it seems you've got a good handle on what to tackle next in terms of the core gameplay/UI concerns of the game to get it in a good game state---keep at it.   I do believe there's at least one method or so to produce LOVE2D games without the players needing to download the engine, I'd suggest looking into that as another step forward.

Thank you for pointing out Noxico.  I wasn't even aware there was another eroRL until you mentioned it.  I know some people can make .exe's on different platforms which would likely make it easier to download.  (and probably encourage more people to download)  The thing is, LOVE2D is already cross-platform and I don't want to be splitting my focus on making different .exe's for various platforms.  I do know there is a LOVE2D Webplayer, which would require no downloads and people could just play in their browser, but it's still in development.   I may get around to setting it up on the webplayer, and probably the .exe's eventually, but those are in the "last tasks" part of my development checklist.


(edit - I looked into the .exe's and it didn't take long to make)

Programming / Re: Peril: Experimental Survival Horror Roguelike
« on: December 05, 2012, 05:04:59 AM »
Sorry for necro'ing a dead thread but I wanted to discuss some of the stuff jim mentioned because I would love to see a horror RL that is procedurally generated. 

You would have to be an artistic genius to make this work.

Then again, maybe you ARE an artistic genius.

You will need to be a complete master of the minimalist aesthetic in order to make letters on a screen scary. Don't get me wrong; I understand that ascii games are powered by imagination, but it's a fanciful, surreal sort of fantasy offered by the roguelike toolset - not anything gripping.

There's also an inherent problem you will have to overcome in that a major part of fear is the "what is it" factor, and roguelike players are inundated with that question from start to finish anyway. The "what is it" factor is de-mystified in roguelikes.

Another integral part of the experience of fear is immediacy. There can't be this comfortable distance between the @ and the player. How do you overcome that?
The turn-based nature of most roguelikes is also a handicap.

What you will need to do is make the familiar (the roguelike tropes) and make them unfamiliar. That's the key to good horror. For instance, what if you were wandering around in a grey room with grey little g's that you killed and looted, then, as you suggested, were confronted by a crimson Q... most players would take a moment to stop and think. What if the Q suddenly moved between turns? THAT would get a player's adrenaline pumping. But to procedurally generate fear.... hah, like I said, you'd have to be a genius.

I suggest watching David Lynch films for a while.

First I wanted to point out, the limitation of RL's applies to all genre's, not just horror. Yet a good few of RL's manage to overcome those limitations.  Why do some of the more famous RL's not get boring after a while?  Usually because there is plenty of entertaining stuff to do (in the case of DF) or a tough and interesting challenge. (nethack or ADOM)  I think this can be done for a horror RL too, but it's going to be more of a challenge, more so than making other types of games.

(although I'm sure you already know this jim, I'm just pointing it out for others)

But back to the horror.  Yes, horror is very different type of game compared to the others and for many reasons.  Jim made a lot of good points.  Most horror games lose their 'scare' factor once you've seen the scary cutscenes or died a few times to monsters killing you.  So I feel like the biggest issue here is this, can one make enough procedural generated content/environment/items/etc. so that it keeps players guessing?  I think music is a MUST for any horror game.  I think it would also be fine to add procedural generated music to certain parts.  (like a static noise, muffled noises, creepy sounds etc., but probably not so much for background music)  Setting up the environment is a biggey too!  Knowing what amount of lighting to give to certain areas (or any light for that matter) really tilts the fear factor.

Now as for game structure.  Turn-based?  Real-Time?  Or a mix of the two?  (have x-amount of time to make a turn)  As far as that goes, I think the developer would need to try out all three to see which is more befitting.   

One idea I had was something along the lines of "The Thing" in sci-fi space station/ship setting.  (note this is almost exactly like the game Space Station 13's - changeling mode)  You start out in a procedural generated station with a human crew:  engineers, scientists, medics, security, assistants, and so-on.  They all start slowly being killed by 'it'.  As people start dying parts of the station/ship start to fall apart from lack of maintenance.  Engineers die, the engineering section is caput causing the engines to go offline which results in huge power loss.  (no more lights, life support, machine power)  Medics die, higher rate of fatalities.  Security members die, more danger on the station.  Assistants die, less stuff gets fixed.  As the station slowly starts to decay it provides a more hazardous environment to your character.  Most of the hazards create the mood for a paranoid, "shit, fuck. Im-going-to-DIE", state of mind.  Which would go along nicely with the terror of 'The Thing' hunting down crew members and killing them one by one.  I might actually try to make this later, probably not for a long while, at least until I finish my current project.  :P         

Early Dev / Seduction Quest (ages 18+ Hentai Roguelike) (now at v0.21)
« on: November 21, 2012, 05:46:33 AM »
Hello everyone!  This is my first post here so allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Codex, and I am a novice programmer who has been learning Lua in conjunction with a game engine called LOVE2D for the past few months.  Seduction Quest is my first official project, and one that I'm taking very seriously.  I've played Dwarf Fortress and Nethack and found both games pretty fun to play.  I needed something to hone my coding skills on and rather than make clones of tetris, asteriods, etc. etc. I wanted to try something different and so this game was born, mostly as a joke at first, but then I saw greater potential in what it could be, and so now I'm trying to achieve it.  The final goal is to have solid gameplay with strong sexual elements involving game mechanics.  Though that won't be the sole focus, I still want others to enjoy the game even without interest in the sexual aspect so I plan on adding a lot of other features as well.   

Some screenshots so far -

There is more 'adult' stuff in the gameplay, but I decided against posting any screenshots of that here...  Anyway, looking to get some feedback on this.  There is a dev blog that contains info about upcoming releases and updates.  Let me know what you all think!   


(edit - Website for the game located here.  There is a download section that will have the most recent version.) 

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