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We're looking for some folks to help do some testing for our roguelike (iOS and web versions available).  The game is playable but needs polish and balance, which is where you come in!  We'd love feedback on how the game progresses, relative power of the heros, etc.

Some information on the game on a woefully out of date site:
Some more information on the game's facebook page:

Anyone that helps test will get a free copy of the game on release.

To sign up, join our forums here and we'll grant to access to download the game (via testflight).


Fury is a roguelike with a collectible-card combat mechanic.  Screenshot (updated as of 2/25):

*Updated *
Alpha 1: Ornery Orc has been released for iOS.  You can sign up for the alpha by visiting our forums and signing up:

New art:

Screenshot (a few weeks out of date):

I started work on Fury as part of the 7DRL challenge last year, and never finished. Off and on over the last year I have tried to get it going again, but it seemed to be missing something.  Anyway, about two weeks ago I decided to re-boot it and learn unity3d at the same time, and I have made good progress. Some of you may be interesting in following the progress, and I keep a devlog here:

There are a couple of posts there which outline the gameplay ideas. I'd love to hear feedback on the ideas I have posted about, so let me know what you think!

I also have a facebook fan page, if you like that kind of thing (I know that many don't):


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