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Hey Brian, thanks for posting this! Much appreciated. Once the dust settles, I plan on writing up a proper post mortem, but it's been a wild ride!

We just launched on Steam! To celebrate, we're offering a 20% launch discount on top of our already low early access price.

We're also finishing up work on Update #19 "Troubling Troll", which adds the warrior profession and a bunch of new monsters, and also includes a bunch of bug fixes and features.

Thanks for posting this Brian!

FYI, there is an old thread on the "Early Dev" board about our game too:

The game used to be called "Fury", and has been renamed "We Slay Monsters", partly as a result of advice I received on that dev thread :)

Posted patch 0.9.12 today.  As always, we still welcome new folks that want to help test (


  • New dungeon tile graphics have been introduced.
  • A new off-hand item has been introduced
  • The on-screen character now properly reflects the equipment that has been equipped (the character sheet graphics have not yet been updated and still show the old character images).
  • Monsters now use pathfinding to try to get to the Hero if they are aggressive, and have a limited memory for when they last saw the hero and will continue to pursue the hero in the direction they were last seen for a short time before they get bored.  This lays the foundation for different types of monsters that will pursue the player more aggressively in the future.
  • A small version of the "suit" is on the cards now, instead of text with the name of the suit.
  • Keyboard based attack (web version) have been improved, you can now use the arrow keys to make a ranged attack as long as a valid target is in the direction pressed.
  • Monster distribution has been improved so that monsters "near" the player start location (as the crow flies), but far (as you crawl through the dungeon) are properly leveled.  Placement is now based on pathfinding distance and should be more even.
  • Improved the movement animation
  • Vampire cows are a little more dangerous.  I'll leave it to you folks to discover the exact nature of the danger :)
  • Loading of saved games and generation of new games is faster and the loading animation should play smoothly now; there used to be a large framerate drop at a certain point toward the end of loading.
  • When zombie chickens are beheaded, the beheaded version keeps all of the status effects on the original chicken.
  • Lightning animation has been improved.

  • Chilled status (from crystal cards) now properly applies on the first turn
  • A monster's hate list is now properly saved with the dungeon
  • If the hero was at the bottom of the screen, there were times when the coin animation would play behind them

Thanks!  Look for a PM over on our forums for more information.

Signed up for the forums (and alpha testing) since it shows great promise.

When I originally made Fury for a 7DRL contest back in 2010, it was just the first thing that came to me, and it stuck.

I agree it may not be so great, in terms of uniqueness.  The idea of "Fury" was added as a gameplay mechanic, but I have been giving serious thought to just ditching it, so that would be another reason to think about changing the name.

I'll kick it around with the rest of the folks that are helping, see what they think.

Patch Notes 0.9.10

This patch is a lot of balancing; the game is significantly harder, and it really matters now how you play.  Since the Wizard is the only playable class currently, you need to remember that wizards do best when attacking from range, and the cards the wizard have been given give them many changes to stay well away from monsters.

Some highlights of the rebalancing:

  • Orb card is now a non-ranged attack.  It was too powerful that all but one of the wizard's attacks were ranged. And it makes sense, the Orb is the wizards "off-hand" weapon.
  • Hero hitpoints have been reduced
  • Monster hitpoints and attack values have been significantly tweaked.  Attack values of higher level monsters are *much* higher, so be careful attacking yellow or red monsters, they will hurt!
  • Healing potions have been changed to heal more as you level up.
  • All of the "of a kind" (2 of kind, 3 of a kind, etc) combos now grant bonus damage
Other items in this patch:

  • Added more graphical effects around attacks (lots more on the way!)
  • Added some keyboard support for web version (web page will be updated with information)
  • Added "swipe-to-move" on ios devices. Swipe in the direction you'd like to go and you should move that way
  • Meandering shrubs now won't create so many saplings, and saplings won't create other saplings
  • Dungeon generation shouldn't generate abandoned rooms, or weird corridors.
  • On higher resolution devices, the loading panel didn't properly cover the underlying screen
  • If you tried to tap to move and you were near the edge of the dungeon, it wouldn't work
  • You can no longer move if you have cards selected
  • At level 10, the new xp bar would grow super big
  • Hero damage multipliers weren't shown in the UI anywhere, and weren't being restored when loading a saved game (these can now be seen on the character sheet).
  • Monsters that were "chilled" would cause weird stuff to happen when the next game loaded during the same session
  • Monsters now move in order from closest to hero to farthest, which fixed some weird movement patterns
  • Panels that slid in from the top (like the monster information panel) didn't slide all the way up before disappearing
Still looking for more alpha testers; both web and ios versions are available for testing:

Patch 0.9.9 Release Notes

This is a major patch, and introduces the first of the all new profession-specific card sets.  Also, there
has been significant work done on dungeon generation and monster placement (still work left to do though).

As of this patch, the only playable profession is the Wizard.  Two main reasons: the other profession-specific
cards still need to be implemented, and I wanted to get some feedback on the new card system and do some
balancing before too much work is done on other professions.

The Wizard's new cards are explained in more detail in this blog post:

Dungeons have also gotten an overhaul.  The character starts in an empty room at the edge of the dungeon now,
and dungeons are a bit shorter with some larger rooms to give the player more room to manuever.  Hopefully
dungeons are more interesting as well, and some of the annoyances (like doors right next to each other) have
been addressed.

Finally, there are the beginnings of new images in place, working toward full-retina capable images.  We're not
there yet, so only the low-res versions are currently available, but we're making underlying changes that will
allow us to make the change once all of the images have been re-done.  Along with this change comes a new style for
the art as well; we'll be rolling more of this out over time.  We have decided also to make the images generally
bigger, so more detail can be shown.

Other Changes

  • Removed animated effect from "Monster Turn" indicator
  • Introduced new top UI, still needs many tweaks
  • Poison will now only apply when the attack is done with the main-hand weapon
  • Haggler perk has been removed from the game; it was too powerful if you luck was high


  • Fixed damage display sometimes showing up under the monster
  • Fixed 10x point multipler showing up as 1x in the UI
  • Fixed Level indicators for monsters that where sometimes missing

Given the extensive nature of these changes, we're hoping for lots of feedback, so please play and let us know
what you think!

Still looking for more alpha testers; both web and ios versions are available for testing:

0.9.7 Patch Notes

This patch upgrades to Unity 4 and Xcode 5, so the game is now build for iOS7, but should work
on previous version.  Testers using iOS devices should let us know right away about any weirdness
running on the devices.

FYI, this version also resets saved progress.


  • The full story for a dungeon now shows on the loading screen; an abbreviated version shows when you click on a town on the map screen.
  • When you get new wild cards from the shop or from a treasure chest, they are now placed in the discard pile and won't be seen until the deck is re-shuffled
  • On iOS devices, the animations for monsters moving now shows one-at-a time instead of all at once; this should improve framerate

  • If not all tutorial signs were viewed, treasures on a real dungeon could have been blinking
  • Scrolling on the character sheet to see all equipment shoudl work now
  • There were some z-ordering bugs where characters/effects/equipment would sometimes show on top of creatures in the square below the hero
  • Fixed a framerate drop when showing centering the map after pressing the play button

Still looking for alpha testers, more info available here:

Just posted a new patch. Also, we have a web version available now, so if you don't have an iOS device you can still help!  Sign up on our forums to get in the alpha:

Version 0.9.6 Patch Notes

Saved dungeons, maps and academies will be wiped with this patch due to rebalancing of monsters.


  • Monsters have been rebalanced
  • Boss should be much easier (but not too easy)
  • In the shop, item chooser and level up screens, there is now a way to view your character stats
  • Finishing the tutorials no longer grant badges

  • On the ipad, the map wasn't properly centered when clicking on a city
  • On the ipad, the map didn't rotate correctly behind the main menu
  • Aggro indicators weren't properly being reset between dungeons
  • Effects (like fire) weren't properly reset between dungeons
  • Monsters that die with the frozen status effect were throwing an error
  • Changed floating text to add a delay between damage display when more than one damage happens at the same time
  • If a monster regenerated, it wasn't properly showing floating text
  • When resuming a game with a monster that had multiple poison effects applied, the game would hang

Just posted a new build to TestFlight, patch notes below:

Patch Notes, Version 0.9.5


  • Water and lava pits are back
  • Walking Squid has been removed as a monster, to make a grand re-appearance at a later date as a Boss
  • Icons have been added to the Item Shop in the Academy Screen
  • A few tutorial screens have been added the first time you visit the Academy Screen
  • Combos has been added for 4 & 5 of a kind flushes (same face, same suit)
  • Card damage and combo damage has been rebalanced, as well as monster health and defense
  • Fixed a bug where monster buffs/debuff descriptions would sometimes poke off the edge of the monster description popup
*** Note, this version will reset any progress and you'll need to go through the tutorials again ***
The rebalancing of card combo damage and monsters may have been drastic, I need feedback on how this effects gameplay, please
share anything you notice on the forums.

Thanks for playing!

We're making the game in Unity, so a PC port is definitely possible, but the UI is currently optimized for mobile.  It will take some re-work to look good on a PC, add keyboard controls, etc.  Certainly in the realm of possibility, but we're targeting mobile first, so if we have any level of success there, we'll likely turn next to a PC port.

Yup, still actively working on it, in fact I just uploaded a new build to Test flight for the alpha testers.  If you have an iOS device, hit the link at the top of this thread to sign up for our forums and get access to the alpha.

Here are the patch notes for the version just uploaded:

0.9.3 Patch Notes

  • On the phone, monsters far away from the player don't move now during the monster turn to speed up turns (ipad still moves all monsters)
  • "Monster Turn" indicator has been made bigger and moved to the top of the screen to make it more obvious why you can't do anything
  • Increased the size of the Monster sheet to allow more information; added more information about the monsters, including how much damage they will do if they were to attack the hero
  • Added text to earned badges on the win screen so you know why they were earned
  • Added version number to main screen
  • Changed the ways games are saved to be more resiliant to change.
  • Added a tutorial to explain basic gameplay

  • Fixed a bug with new aggro indicators where monsters that could already see you but weren't aggressive changed to be aggressive and the aggro indicator would not start blinking
  • Fixed a bug where even though you would win or lose a dungeon and be taken back to the main screen, when you re-started the game you would be back in the dungeon with no way to win.
  • Fixed a bug where the rogue description would show the last line from other characters

I'd forgotten that I had posted about this a really really long time ago.  It's amusing to go back and look at these old screenshots :)

We're looking for some folks to help do some testing for our roguelike (iOS and web versions available).  The game is playable but needs polish and balance, which is where you come in!  We'd love feedback on how the game progresses, relative power of the heros, etc.

Some information on the game on a woefully out of date site:
Some more information on the game's facebook page:

Anyone that helps test will get a free copy of the game on release.

To sign up, join our forums here and we'll grant to access to download the game (via testflight).


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