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7DRLs / Phage [7DRL 2015]
« on: March 13, 2015, 08:28:46 PM »
You're an alien bioweapon. You kill things and animate their corpses. Game is done in Rust. 7DRL is finished, though missing a bunch of planned stuff like ranged attacks, mob infighting and being able to trick the AI with infiltration.

Phage is forked off the same Rust roguelike codebase I've been working on since early 2014 as my last year's 7DRL Morlock Hunter was. Phage is a much better game since I had more engine machinery and more time to work on it this time.

Github with source and screenies.

Downloads for Windows and Linux

I wanted a library for bringing up a graphical terminal window, drawing characters on it, reading user input, and doing nothing else. Here's the one I made:

The header is all there is to the interface. The screen buffer is an array to 32-bit cells, which contain the 8-bit character and 12-bit background and foreground colors. You draw on the screen by getting the pointer from the interface and modifying the array. The demo program provides a more detailed usage example.

My use case for this is calling the library through a foreign function interface from a non-C language, so I want to keep the library free of any kind of application logic that could just as well be implemented on the host language. Sodna's role is to stick to the window management, graphical display and input handling which has to access external systems.

It's MIT licensed, feel free to pick it up if it looks like something you could use.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / ARRP 2010: Teratogen v003
« on: September 19, 2010, 10:48:47 AM »
Teratogen started out as a test to see if the new Go language from
Google was any good for game programming. It turned out to be pretty
nice to work in, with only the lack of generics getting somewhat in the
way of library-building. After 10 months of work, Teratogen is still
unpolished interface-wise and quite sparse in late-game content, but it
does have working gameplay, and might even be winnable.

The game has hex tile geometry, with buildings made to look isometric by
geometric trickery. Shooting guns and doing other projectile attacks
only works in the six main directions. This allowed making the main
shooting interface a Robotron-style one key to fire system, which works
very nicely.

The Windows support for the Go language is still pretty spotty, and I
didn't manage to get a Windows binary built. Currently only the sources
and Linux binaries are available.

The game is poorly playtested, unbalanced, and can probably maneuver the
player into situations where there is no reasonable escape from. Have

Home page:

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