Author Topic: Caverns of Xaskazien II Ver. 1.32.01 released!  (Read 2963 times)

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Caverns of Xaskazien II Ver. 1.32.01 released!
« on: January 21, 2024, 01:40:48 PM »
This is a pretty small update, but it's got some crucial stuff in it.  During a playthrough I recorded for Youtube on my RogueLove channel, I found a few critical bugs, as well as a host of very minor ones.  There was also a glaring balance issue I felt needed addressing, and further bugs were brought to my attention by players (most notably Keleva), and I was able to patch those too (in part, thanks to a welcome suggestion from a player named Yard).  I didn't want to wait 3 months to get these to you, so please enjoy the fixes and small QOL updates, and I promise a much more sizable update in 2.5ish months time!

As is often the case, this update introduces a new variable, which means your old save files may be problematic if you launch it mid-game.  I can't predict what will happen if you do (nothing, if you're lucky) but your best bet is to finish any ongoing game before updating to the latest version.

You can download the game or the latest patch here:

Here's what's new here:

Major Improvements:

- New Game Concept: Satiation. Eating any form of food will invoke the Sated effect (displaying as a queryable temporary negative effect, screen left). Eating meat (or at a Banquet Table) will do so for 201 turns and eating anything else (including at a Mushroom Patch) will do so for 101 turns. While Sated you cannot eat more, though you may still drink. This was done to help curb abuses of the Gluttony Miracle and the newer Conjure Food spell, and also to help suspend disbelief on your character gorging himself on endless food sequentially.

Minor Improvements:

- Gluttony miracle raised in cost from 15 Faith points to 45 Faith points, to keep it in line with the cost of the new Conjure Food spell, and to curb abuses for characters with high Cooking skill.

- To Hit multiplication effects for monsters and player should now happen after the game has calculated base chance to hit - i.e. things like standing in Mist will not halve the monster’s Attack rating but rather halve the monster’s chance to hit after it’s already taken into account your Defense (and the same applies in reverse when calculating your odds to hit). This should make the effects of things like Mist and Blindness, etc., a little less vicious. Note - this affects specifically being in Mist/Smoke, etc., and Blindess, but NOT Dizziness, which still modifies your or the monster’s base To Hit chance, before applying the enemy’s Defense.

- For anything you or a monster could break through (Ice, Rope Bridges, Rope Ladders, etc.) the calculated odds of it happening will now round off to the nearest whole number instead of dropping fractions.

- Straw Covered Pit Traps should now calculate your odds of falling through more accurately by rounding off fractions to the nearest whole number instead of dropping fractions.

- Acidic Vapour should now round off damage to the nearest whole number instead of dropping fractions.

- Querying Raging Flame of any kind or Spreading Water or Spreading Lava will now include text explaining the mechanics of its ability to spread.

- The phrases “Angered Good Gods” and “Angered Evil Gods” should now scroll by in white rather than green because they are religion affiliated.

- The Low Light Vision perk will now take precedence over the effects of Cellar Sight and the effects of a Darkness spell.

- Any time the game puts a text prompt in the Situation Panel that you need to acknowledge, auto-wait will now automatically be interrupted. This is in case the information alters your decision to wait.

- When querying Weapons or Armour, the “Type:” info is written in red if you’re not trained to use the item, and black if you are, but wasn’t previously taking into account all variables that affect your ability to use the item. The game will now take into account many more variables when determining which colour to print in.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed major error causing Yorick’s Dimension Hopping Trunk to appear with incorrect contents.

- Fixed identical error with Melgrim’s Teleporting Trunk.

- Fixed error allowing you to Call Yorick’s Dimension Hopping Trunk via miracle when the trunk already existed on the level, allowing for duplication of both it and its contents.

- Fixed major error messing up what’s highlighted/selected in the Selective Combat Tab, whether using mouse or keyboard.

- Fixed critical bug that could occasionally allow Xaskazien to die without winning you the game, for unknown reasons.

- Fixed error making it impossible to rebind the Keyboard Look key.

- Fixed error that was messing up the math surrounding the rounding off of some fractions at various points in the game.

- Fixed error only lowering Bragoth’s Attitude when you kill a monster in combat while dual wielding, instead of if you do it while you happen to be using any 1-handed Weapon.

- Fixed error where a couple pixels overlapped in the query process if you were either trying to query a temporary bad effect icon (left of screen) or the very leftmost 2 pixels of a map tile at far left of screen. (The effect of which was text overwrites in Info Panel 1).

- Fixed error that could place the little smiley face or frowny face or whatnot for a given deity’s attitude too far left, embedding it in the text, when listing the deities in the Stats tab.

- Fixed error when casting Punish Weakling at a monster too powerful to be affected where it would still play the sound effect and flash the lights before telling you why you couldn’t, and then it would tell you you couldn’t a second time. Now, if the monster is too powerful, it won’t seemingly cast the miracle first, and it will only inform of you of the issue once.

- Fixed error outputting “You don’t leap far enough!” twice in the same text output if you try to leap over a Hole and fail.

- HOPEFULLY fixed an error incorrectly outputting a monsters odds of escaping shackles when you query them (though the actual odds of them doing so were accurate).

- HOPEFULLY fixed error allowing charmed/summoned automatons to join you in your square when you’ve already got a monster there.

- Fixed error covering some of the Situation Panel text with the OK button when in the Sharpen screen (when using a Whetstone).

- Fixed error covering some of the Situation Panel text with the OK button when in the Lastaviark’s Blessing screen.

- Fixed outdated query in Mirror of Location, neglecting to mention that it won’t reveal Automatons.

- Fixed typo in query of Grave Protection Spell Book.

- Fixed spacing error in query of Wand of Featherfall.

- Fixed typos in queries of Pear, Cherries, Plum, Parsnip, Coconut, Cabbage, Leeks and any form of Cooked Pheasant.

- Fixed typo in query of Air Summons spell claiming that “Summon Creature” could only be cast in an unoccupied space (which is true, but rather unimportant in this context).

- Fixed typo in query of Whetstone.

- Fixed incomplete text when querying a Shrink Scroll.

- Fixed typo in query of Acid Augmenter.