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Plans for 2023?
« on: January 17, 2023, 12:02:52 AM »
Greetings, hope you all have had a good start of the new year. Although the turn of the calendar year is really an arbitrary date, many pause around that time to reflect on where they're at and the path ahead … So I thought maybe someone would jump on a thread about plans and ideas for the upcoming year.

I'll go first, there's not so much time for RL dev these days, but I do get in a little bit; still tinkering on my cowboy fantasy rl Land of Strangers, where I've been rewriting a lot of the engine (cleaning up and porting to Python 3 and pygame-2, as well as adding native terminal support : ) It's been a while since the last release, so I hope to get a release or two out in 2023. Maybe even start a git repository.

Atm, I have a very stripped down version where I still haven't ported some of the more involved systems, like map generation and complex NPC behavior. To have a roadmap, I may essentially remake an earlier version of LoSt, that played out in a mine (you're a mine slave trying to escape). I can copy some of the old content and get basic map generation and AI. The scenario can also function as a sort of tutorial if I scale it well, and it can open up into the overworld through a literal exit if you beat the mission. There will also be the main option to start in the overworld, of course. Once systems are up and running, I'll be pulling in most of the content from the old version, and then start adding more new stuff again (more missions and encounter templates, though one of the things I still really don't know how I will design, is dialogue).

What about you? Post about yer games.

As always,
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