Author Topic: [7DRL 2022] Metro 2KRL - The Metro2033-Based Roguelike - Success!  (Read 235 times)


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Play it online at: (Sorry I can't post with external links).

In this game you play as a Metro resident looking for a safe heaven, the hidden parallel subway system called Metro-2. In this journey you face several dangerous creatures and a tight resource management.

Inspired by Metro-2033, I tried to invoke a claustrophobia and nyctophobia (fear of enclosed space and darkness), the same feeling I had reading the book.

The development was pretty intensive, but I could finish with all the planned features, which include:

  • Ranged and melee combat system
  • Stealth system based on vision and sound
  • Group AI that responds to threats and perception
  • Aim system that is affected by lighting, you can turn your lantern on, but then you may be also become a target
  • Weapon accuracy and sound system.[/li
    • Radiation level per floor
    • Random events between floors