Author Topic: Interhack 2.1.33 released  (Read 4091 times)


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Interhack 2.1.33 released
« on: December 06, 2009, 10:27:20 AM »
Note: This is still an alpha version (despite the version number).

The server can now recover from crashes. Players can save and load games too, and monsters are now saved to disk as well. I have also made some more changes since then, including lots of little bugfixes, more multi-threading issues sorted out. Work will now start to shift towards more monsters, improved AI, and more types of magic.

(For those interested, multiplayer can be simulated using the script. Open the server in one terminal, open and run the script in a second terminal, and login on a third terminal).

Note: Soon I may be looking for people to assist in coding more AI, monsters and objects. Interhack uses a plugin based system, so you can develop say, AI for rodents. Or write a new type of magic, and simply create a few objects than can use it. Plenty of examples for objects and magic already.

You can find more information here:

And download the source from here:

Release notes are also available: