Author Topic: Golden Fall, a short rogue like you can complete in 4 hours. With a twist.  (Read 4090 times)


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TL;DR Golden Fall on Steam:

Golden Fall is a short rogue like with only 9 levels that can be completed in 4 hours.
It tries to have new things every level, so it never fills like you are playing filler content.

The game is a bit rough, but it's kind of fun.
The key point of this rogue like, it's not random generated!
The levels are premade, so it's kind of a static levels with rogue like movement/battle mechanics.
The enemies might change the way they wander and behave a bit from run to run.

Since the game does not have a tutorial, you can read this quick guide here:

The game's steam page is here:

Please try it out, and tell me if you have any questions.