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Lost Cavern
« on: March 29, 2020, 01:45:34 AM »
Hey, I'm here to present you my first roguelike: Lost Cavern.

It's totally free and opensource, but run only on Linux.
In Lost Cavern, you are an ecological activist in a futuristic world who struggles with a huge multi-planetary corporation, MultiplexCorp, which is destroying an antic cavern to build a mysterious weapon...
Fight enemies in a cavern where all the walls are destructible (modify the map as you want !) but don't break your weapons...
Fight bosses, talk to NPC, solve their quests, find the 3 legendary items of crystal and kill the Architect !
You can even take some drugs, such as medipacks, stims and LSD.

The project is open-source, check it here:
(A big screen is recommended, however you can run it in minimal mode by executing "./LostCavern 1")

The page, where you can download it:

I need your feedback to upgrade it, I hope you will enjoy it !
Feel free to share your high scores.