Author Topic: [7DRL 2020][Success] A Streetcar Rogue Designer  (Read 1136 times)


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[7DRL 2020][Success] A Streetcar Rogue Designer
« on: March 10, 2020, 04:47:47 AM »
.. is a turn-based racing game. In classic rogue fashion top-down, ascii-graphics on a 2d grid but with a complex car physics simulation under the hood.

Also featuring an innovative Car Designer Mode that provides a building system for virtually infinite possibilities to create your own custom car from components you collect along the way.

Car components include wheels, brakes, coolers, doors, seats, turbo chargers, steering parts etc and by arranging them in a certain way you are able to boost your cars stats including horse power, drag, rolling friction, steering responsiveness, maximum steering angle, grip and trunk capacity.

You have to race against time (an one-hour deadline) down a randomly generated road, going around static obstacles and moving pedestrians while collecting car components and cash. You'll have to pay fines for speeding, running over people or operating an unsafe vehicle or else the officiers along the way will open fire.

Gameplay Trailer

Download here