Author Topic: [7DRL 2020][Success] The Infiltration of Citrus Fortress  (Read 1117 times)


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[7DRL 2020][Success] The Infiltration of Citrus Fortress
« on: March 09, 2020, 06:15:03 PM »
The Infiltration of Citrus Fortress - (play in browser at

Your village has been terrorized by the evil Lemon King and his horrific minions for far too long. Countless heroes have tried to infiltrate the fortress, but none have ever returned. You are but a simple goatherd, and arrive empty-handed. But you are their last and only hope. Good luck and godspeed.

Citrus Fortress is a traditional roguelike, developed in about 50 hours over the course of the week. I had loftier design ambitions at the start of the week, but ultimately settled for trying to do a nice job with the traditional formula.

Some features that made it:

    Variety of weapons and monsters

    Items with customizable effects

    Decent combat system

    Player advancement system with player option each level


    Multiple levels that scale in difficulty



    Weapon effects (e.g. "sharpness")

    Player/monster conditions (e.g. "bleeding")

    Health restoration over time

And some that didn't:


    (Wearable) armor

    Monster special abilities

    Vendors, or any use for gold at all :P

    Speed system

    Missile weapons


    Rest until healed

    Loot scaling

That said, give me another week, and I'll get to those too!

Hope you enjoy it, please let me know what you think... (Warning: it's hard, especially at first. Get a weapon ASAP on level 1.)
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