Author Topic: Triangle Wizard R 7.02 released!  (Read 3573 times)


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Triangle Wizard R 7.02 released!
« on: October 25, 2009, 09:37:50 PM »

Patch R 7.02 Notes:

-Health bars are now invisible when the player is confused.
-Higher levels of Corpus Furia now decrease time the corpses take to explode (i.e. they explode quicker).
-Doubled chances for Manipulate Device to work.
-Liches regenerate health faster.
-Harmful enchantment spells now correctly seek out targets randomly if put in to a Prismatic Sphere (or is cast on death by some monster or trap).
-Poison Nova will now correctly work with Prismatic Sphere.
-A single creature will only take damage from Poison Nova once.
-Haste now increases speed in a more continuous way. Increases faster, but starts lower.
-Changed damage of Dark Gift spell.
-Changed the Fury spell damage.
-You can now switch items regardless even with Fury, Haste or Slow active.
-Leveling up no longer removes Fury and Dark Gift enchantments.
-Weird Shrine and damage powerups now works with Dark Gift or Fury enchantments active.
-Player will no longer walk away after starting a new level.
-Entangled creatures will now correctly drown/burn.
-You can no longer gamble during the tutorial.
-Spell level cap is now more strictly enforced.
-Using a scroll of Death while undead will now grant the user +15% max health.
-Dropping an item in a shop will prompt the player if he/she wishes to sell.
-Stoning now has a small knockback effect.
-Added support for "on_cast" GML scripts for unique and normal creatures.
-Added many new item suffixes and prefixes mostly designed for casters.
-Added the Fey race.
-Increased chances of rings and amulet drops.
-Added the Archmage class.
-Lowered unique item quality level (thereby reducing shop price).
-Lowered gold drop rate (to counter the fact that you can now sell items for increased profits).
-Lowered halfling magic finding chance (you have to admit it was a little too high).
-Added the Treasure Hunter, Priest, Dungeon Master and Paladin classes.
-Addedsupport for items to boost individual spell regeneration and castingspeed as well as ignoring resistance, extra spell damage and extradamage for all spells.
-Persistancy and Channeling will now also benefit from increased casting rate.
-Almostevery class now has an additional bonus to set it more apart from the others. (I would list them here, but it would make the notes a bit long).
-Added 11 new unique items.
-Fixed a few typos.
-Items taken from corpses will have the name of the victim in the description.
-Flame Arrow now looks slightly different.
-Fixed the very persistant bug which could cause the game to crash and lead to item corruption.
-Added more modifiers to random generated champion monsters.
-Creature info screen will split into two when it becomes so long it can't fit into the screen.
-Shopkeep will now comment if you identify an item and it has no properties.

Such a fantastic update, yet still an incremental one version wise!   :o
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Re: Triangle Wizard R 7.02 released!
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2009, 10:44:09 PM »
Sounds good!!
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