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Once upon a Dungeon (now available)
« on: February 17, 2018, 01:33:15 PM »  $4.99 Win/Mac

Once upon a Dungeon is a roguelike game with a dense atmosphere and challenging gameplay. Explore dark dungeons full of dreadful foes. Defeat them using physical power or mighty spells. Craft magic items, collect unique ones, enhance your attributes and face the main antagonist – Fallen One.

The game has following features:

    turn based
    procedurally generated levels
    permanent death (optionally)
    hack/slash oriented
    tons of loot (ordinary, magic, enchantable, unique)
    spells system
    trading system
    interesting quests
    cool crafting system
    door/key/lever mechanics
    different monsters (ordinary, champions, bosses)

Weapons have different capabilities depending on their type:

    Bashing – enhanced chance for stunning
    Axes – enhanced chance for tear apart
    Daggers – enhanced chance for bleeding
    Swords – enhanced chance for hit

Spells can cause different effect depending on their type:

    Fire – burning
    Ice – freezing
    Poison – poisoning
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