Author Topic: Allure of the Stars/LambdaHack (now at v0.6.2.0, see the Early Dev thread)  (Read 2498 times)

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Please give your feedback on the Early Dev thread:

- make fireworks slower and so easier to spot
- make rattlesnake deeper but more common
- announce no effect of activation
- describe original and current faction of an actor
- highlight dominated actors
- mark organs with comma instead of percent and gems with dollar
- make the healing cave dangerous to prevent camping
- slightly balance various content
- by default move item the same as last time
- often spawn between heroes and stairs going deeper
- fix totalUsefulness computation for negative effects
- fix abandoning distant enemy target despite no alternatives
- fix slow pushing of actors
- fix a crash when many actors run towards stairs
- hotfix: Pass zoom keys through to the browser
- help players find the info about changing the font size
- depend on GHC >= 8.0 and new vector
- specialize client code already in SampleMonadClient.hs
- enable StrictData in all modules
- replace 'failure' with 'error' that now shows call stack